Nouman Ali Khan – Surah Al-Jumu’ah #10 When Jinns First Heard the Quran

Nouman Ali Khan
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He escaped slave bloodied and completely bloodied and muddled and he stands in a corner he finds a place to pray. And at the time some gyms were passing by. So they started listening to the Quran. When they finished listening, they started commenting on what they just heard. So they start having this, this commentary on what they just heard. And this commentary is recorded in the Quran.

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But the question is

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Salam Alaikum before you begin this video, just quickly wanted to let you know that so much of the work on the Quran has been completed on being a TV I want you to enjoy systematically studying the Quran from the beginning all the way to the end, in brief and then in great detail. And to do that I'd like for you to sign up on regular and once you appreciate what's going on and buy in a TV, I want you to become an ambassador for it and share that subscription with friends and family and give it as a gift also, thank you

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our villa Humana shaytaan Waje one lady but as I fill me in also mean whom yet no, I lay him yet he will use a key him while you are Nemo humulene keytab I want hikma why in Kurnool mu probably do the fee bada mobi published actually salary wise Sidley MD Hello Dr. Tamela, Sally of the whole colleague but hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he was happy he made my bad everyone once again cinema de como today Ricardo it's good to see all of you Mashallah. I really like stood guard, but I don't think stood guard likes me very much. The allergies here are my God.

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I decided to go for a walk in the morning, but right next to a

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group like a field of pollen.

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I'm still paying for it. Okay, anyway.

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In any case, the agenda today, let me just make that clear. My hope today is we can finish on number two. That's it. That's all we're gonna do. Okay. It's just that is that loaded, I made a new plan with my team. Hopefully we can finish eyes number three to five tomorrow, and then five to eight, the next day and so on, we can get to number 11. Because the other I don't require as much detail but like I told you, this is the central idea of the surah. And I really do want to do a justice. In fact, even as I'm trying to do with some justice, I want to start by saying that there's an amazing PhD thesis on the last word of this four phrase four term phrase I'll hikma and hit my meeting

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that Dr. Zakir Hussain, one of our colleagues at the Vienna team, our research team, he did a PhD paper on wisdom in the Quran, because wisdom is one of the phrases used in this idea. And it's particular to this idea and just over the entire Quran and in Biblical Studies and in Christian studies and philosophy studies, and how the Quran deals with the subject of wisdom, and what it calls wisdom. So really amazing paper, it's about 350 pages, it's pretty amazing. And I was going to include some of that in the lecture series here, because wisdom is coming up. But I decided not to do that. Because if I did that the next seven days would be just about wisdom. So but what I intend

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to do after this is done is actually go back to that paper summarize it because what I do is I read and research papers like those, like PhD level papers, but then I make them human so that the rest of us can understand what's being said. Right. So that's kind of why you know what I tried to do. So I My intention is in fact to do a series probably end up doing a YouTube series on wisdom in the Quran. And how to understand wisdom in the Quran. In what what, what is the Quran mean by wisdom, some of those things will come up today. So the the warning ahead of time, the disclaimer ahead of time is the discussion I'm having today is not comprehensive enough, yet. It is to the best of my

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understanding some of the things that I find the most compelling about the subject of wisdom that we will talk about that today, but not in a comprehensive way. So let's begin again I'm reminding you in iron number two, Allah tells us the prophet does four things sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah sent His messenger with a four step process. And we talked about the first step of that process, which was yet to do, are they him IoT HE, HE READS onto them, his miraculous signs, his meaning ALLAH signs, just a few takeaways from that first step that I want to finish up from yesterday. No wonder Number one, he brings unfiltered exposure to the revelation exactly as it is.

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In other words, when he's reciting the IRS, he's not saying here's the IRA. Let me tell you what this really means. He's just telling you the IRA, the Prophet was reciting the IRA without an interpretation. He was just giving them the IRA directly. Social answer was revealed and Abu Lahab and Abu Jihad and whoever heard certain answer, they didn't stop at a while sort of say, Hey, tell me about what also give me some details. That's not what happened. He gave it to them exactly as it is right. Now. This is important because in many religious traditions,

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People don't get the original message. They get the filtered message by some group. Right? It's if it's the Bible, maybe it's the Protestants that are interpreting it and telling it to their people the clergyman, right? Or it's if it's the Catholics, they're telling their version, or if it's the rabbi's. There's some group of rabbis that are interpreting and then telling their people and others are telling their interpretation. So everybody's giving their version of what it might mean, against the other version, you understand. So people are getting a filtered version of the message, but the yellow or the Marathi what does it do a direct exposure to the ayat? And what does that do that that

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what that does necessarily is, if you hear the ayat, you'll say, what does that mean? Tell me more about this. I want to know more about this, you'll become curious. So it necessarily created curiosity about revelation by design. By design, like if you hear something interesting, let me give you just, you know, because I come from the world of business and marketing before and tech before I got into Islamic stuff. So like, in marketing, you first get exposed to, you know, like an ad is supposed to be compelling. Right? So you see an ad and it should make you curious, right? Or what did they do with movies did? How did they get people to go watch a movie, they show them a trailer,

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right, in which they put the most interesting scenes of the entire movie. So now you don't really need to watch the movie anymore. But still, the point is, they get you curious, which makes you want to ask questions. I wonder what happens next? Or I wonder how this will play out? It makes you curious. So you have to either MIT the minimum unfiltered exposure, sometimes the unfiltered exposure does raise questions creates curiosity. And that is supposed to make people want to say, hey, if make them interested and make them want to learn more, so that's the first thing, then it makes revelation accessible. Like I said, in previous scriptures, previous religions and many

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religions around the world, the Scripture itself, the religious text itself, is very, it's very encoded. And you have to decipher it toward the people to be able to access it. And there has to be a special group of people that can decode it for you, you cannot access it yourself. But when he says he went to the Amin, and he gave them the IR directly, you see how he's removing the encoding process. Along the side, there's somebody who asked me a question, I was in Minnesota and I was at a gathering. And somebody asked me a question, a really cool question. He said, How come? You know how can you interpret the Quran when the Prophet SAW Selim is already there? He interpreted the Quran

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because the way to understand the Quran is through the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. This is a common misconception. So let me just tell you how to understand that clearly, the vast majority of the Quran, the prophet has no commentary on, you should know that, as a matter of fact, the vast majority of the Quran when you study classical tafsir literature, you study and if you're not going to find the Prophet commenting on that is Allah Morrison, that's not going to be the case. That happens on very rare occasions, arguably, less than 1% of the time, is when you find the Prophet SAW Selim himself commenting on an IRA, of course, there are sayings of the Prophet or the

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Sato salaam that seem to be in line with or seem to help us understand somebody's out of the Quran better. So they think there's a synchronization between sunnah literature and the Quran. But that doesn't mean the prophet is actually sitting and doing the seed of the Quran directly, you understand? So the question that is, why didn't he do that? I mean, he's the best teacher to teach the Quran. Why didn't he just explain every single eye of the Quran? So, you know, there's no room for any other kind of interpretation. The reason he didn't do that is Allah sent this book for people to ask questions I asked on December 18. For people to ask questions. Allah said this book is

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for people who will contemplate His Ayat Leah wrt, if the prophet slice alum spoke, it's like you have the answer key to every question. And if the answer key is already there, there's no room for you to think, or to contemplate or to wonder or to ask, because all because once the prophet has spoken, who is going to speak after that, there's done with there's no there's no need after that you understand? But the design of the Quran the way the Quran was, was given to the Prophets. I saw them and the way that it spread, it was meant for people to think about what's being said for themselves directly. What the most extreme case example of that which I love, so you understand this

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point is when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was coming back from bhyve and if you don't know the story of Allah if he was nearly killed in bhyve, just for introducing Islam, they knew they got hoodlums from the street teenagers, Rowdy teenagers, like stood guard on Friday night. Right They got those kinds of kids to just throw throw rocks at him and bully him and run them out Ramat run him down the street. Right. And when they did that, and he was bleeding, he escaped slide bloodied and completely blood

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He didn't muddled and he stands in a corner he finds a place to pray. And he's just praying reciting Quran out loud the Quran was revealed to him and he was reciting it. And at the time some gyms were passing by. And they heard him pray and recite the Quran. So these gems were hanging out by themselves. Like where would you Where were you last week and Jupiter the other guys like oh, it was up the moon all alone. And then they're hanging out by them and then they hear Sheesh, what does that and they start listening to the Quran? Fella mahalo who call you unsettle? When they came in the presence of the Quran, they told each other to shut up and listen. That's what the Quran says

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they told you to quiet and say to means Be quiet and listen. So they started listening to the Quran. This is in certain aircraft. By the way, if you're curious, this is surah number 46 of the Quran. And when they finished listening, they started commenting on what they just heard. In NASA man Nikita when when Zilla member the Musa, we just heard a book that was sent down after Musa you had the little Hawk guys to the truth, we literally could muster team and it guides to a clear straight path. So they start having this this commentary on what they just heard. And this commentary is recorded in the Quran.

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But the question is, did they learn that commentary from a teacher or they just thought about what they heard?

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They just they heard something and they thought about it and their thoughts were so valuable that Allah included that in the Quran. Another example of that is there were some Christians that came to meet the Prophet sallallahu Relief Center. And the Prophet saw some numbers or did some Quran to them. And when he started reciting the Quran to them, he says, Allah says Tara Ariodante, Filomena Domine, you will see their eyes begin to roll with tears, they started crying when they heard the Quran being recited. And they said, This is what we recognize from the truth. And they even said it no condom and cuddly he muslimin even before this, we were Muslim. We didn't even know it. But we

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were actually Muslim even before this, and this feeling of theirs that they had, what did Allah do? He made that a part of the Quran. So what is that teaching us? It's actually teaching us the Quran was designed for people to engage with it, and to react to it, and to think about it directly. You understand? So this is part of yet you are the Hemmati making revelation accessible? Then the other thing is, its sources clear, which is really cool. When you get really what, why did the Christians hear this? And they started crying, why didn't the jinn stop talking to each other and start listening to the Quran, because they recognize this is from the highest of the heavens, right? It's

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from an ash, this is coming from the highest heavens. This is from Allah Himself. Which is actually cool, because that's where we began. Allah created us right under Gosh, in the genetic and agenda. Right near agenda, we were created in the company of the angels, our beginnings are from the same place in the same area where the Quran is coming from. And so you know, when you meet someone who has the same origin, there's some level of familiarity, there's actually a level of familiarity deep inside a human soul. When they hear the word of Allah. They actually if you've if you survey 1000s, of people that took shahada that accepted Islam, whether they used to be Hindu or atheist, or

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Christian or Jewish or any other religion and they accepted Islam, one of the common things you will find among them is when I first understood Islam, I felt like this is something I've been feeling all this my whole life. I feel like it was already there. You know, it was just telling me something I already knew. Well, that's actually accurate because when you we were created, Allah introduced himself to us allow us to be a lot become and now revelation is reintroducing, and it's actually something we already recognized inside what Surah to newer describes as neuron either nor light on top of light, the light we already have, and the light of revelation, they meet each other, right?

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So this source being clear, and familiar, familiar, meaning we already knew this deep inside, and now it's actually coming back to us again, this is why we don't have in Islam Oh, give me the logical proofs of the existence of God and only then I will believe in God the Quran is actually arguing something deeper than that. The Quran is saying the the first evidence of the existence of God already lives inside you. It deep inside your conscience, there's actually already an acknowledgement of God.

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And that acknowledgement has been covered by culture and your upbringing and society and corruption and your own sense that's been covered up. And now all of that's gonna get cleaned up by the coming of revelation and you'll be exposed to what you had deep inside you again. Right? So it's, it's a really interesting, philosophical argument about how human beings interact with Revelation. Then the other is lead it's miraculous power speak for itself. This is a long subject, the short version of it is as follows.

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The Quran is the first time that Allah combined two separate things into one big

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For this, like, for example, when Allah sent Saudi or the Sudan, or who the other he said out, or Bousada is some of these prophets of Allah, that he sent them with a message, yeah. But when they gave their message, they also Allah also gave them some miracles. So that he gave them two things, a message and miracles. And once you have the miracles, now you have no excuse to reject the message. Right. So the purpose of the miracle was to validate the message. Most people already accepted the message. But some people said, We will not accept it until you show us a miracle. And then Allah would show them a miracle, and they would still not accept it. And now that the miracle has been

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shown, they deserve punishment. So the miracle was kind of the last resort. Right? It's not like the prophets didn't come starting off with their message with a miracle. Like even Musa alayhis salam, when he walked into the Pharaoh's court, he didn't walk in and throw his stick down, and turn it into a snake. And now let's talk. That's not what happened. He talked to him he gave down and when when it became clear that no argument is going to help this guy, then finally he had to what throw the throw the staff and it turns into a snake. And this is because, in fact, if he didn't do that he was about to be thrown in jail. Right? He said, federal law said, If you don't take another if you

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take another God besides me, that gigantic criminal must unit, I will make sure you get imprisoned with the others. That's when he said our logic to publish a movie and can I show you something instead? So miracles were a separate thing. The message was a separate thing. What did the Quran do for the first time in human history? The message and the miracle were one thing, they're not two separate things. They're actually the same thing. So when people said in Macau when people said, Oh, you keep talking about these other prophets who had these miracles? Where's yours?

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You say somebody's dead came back to life. I miss my grandpa, can you bring them back?

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You say this, you know, the dead bird turned into a living bird, the clay bird turned into a living bird? Can you turn the sand and turn into some gold? We could use some gold around here. You know? How about you take these rocks and make them into waterfalls? You know, who knows? I mean, are the umbrella because you say the Israelites when the Moses hit the staff? What happened to the rock? 12 springs, right? The Arabs said we could use some extra water. I mean, look, it's kind of hot out here. So why don't you give us at least once well asking for 12 Just give us one. Just give us one extra waterfall around here, then you will be might be interested in accepting your message. That's

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a good argument. And what did Allah respond with? When they asked for that miracle? Allah said, Oh Allah McPhee him and not until now. They can Kitab Florida him, isn't it enough for them that we're giving them the book that's being read on to them? Meaning Allah is saying this book isn't just a message. It's also what? It's a miracle. And then he's challenged. That's why he shows them what if it's not if it's not a miracle, if it's just any speech, you should be able to make something better, you should be able to make something that that destroys it. That defeats it, that doesn't have the effect on people that it has. That doesn't keep growing the way that it does. That doesn't

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penetrate the souls the way that it does. Bring a soda like bring 10 sodas Okay, that brings 10 sort of bring bring just a surah to be okay tennis to watch for you just bring one photo resulting, you know, this is actually so the as he was reciting the ayat, the fact that it's miraculous was also becoming clear to its listeners. That's why they were scared of it. Dr. samurais has something really interesting in one of his books about the phenomenon of the Quran. The Arabs were very well spoken people they were proud of their language. Right? And when you say something, and I know this because I've traveled a lot and my you know, whenever I go to a community where there are elder

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Arabs, my uncles and my hollows you know, they'll say this was good speech but you could have made it better if you did this this and this if you added this if this hadith Oh, no, I would have been so good.

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They're very keen about the speech being better than perfect. This this this is missing, this is missing. And this is what they used to do with each other in poetry. Right? You have you know, you have poetry slams or you know, rap battles and stuff like that. Well, one, one rapper this is the other one he wrote the other one that the other one wrote him back. You know what the Arabs that didn't roast each other. They did roast too, by the way, there's classical Arabic roasts, they're pretty good.

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But then there's the other thing they would somebody would make poetry and somebody will come out and say, I was good but

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could be better.

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Like learn how to Jaffa natural warriors man, I've been Baja. One poet says, you know, we have bowls, definite. I love shiny balls that shine during the day. What he's talking about is when when the tribes would give charity, they would have these bowls to give charity in

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All right so the he he wanted to show how generous his tribe is so we have shiny bowls that shine during the day and consult comes and says

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what I mean Why did you say Jeff or not you could have said you found Jeff and that means less than 10 bowls so you don't have that many balls if you said you found what I mean you have endless bowls, meaning you got lots more money wrong word broke

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that is he says he has minor bit Doha he has minor means they they they they reflect light she goes reflect light means they're only shine when there's light you should have said you should have now they give off light

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then she says you said a Baja he said the shine during the day I was like everything shines during the day

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you should have said the shine when

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at nighttime was yeah and then in his next line of poetry he said was your phone or your katana manage that in Dhamma and our swords they they drip with the blood of the enemy ser fauna Dr Nam In Nigeria double you know what that means? We go to so many battles we don't even get a chance for our swords to dry up because our swords keep dripping with the blood of the enemy that's he was talking about how brave his tribe is. And she said as Yahuda you only have like eight swords so just eight guys go to battle for you. Nine times is less than this jam Akela You should have said so you

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and you said yeah Karna so you what do you what do you do you do you cut you give Pete your enemy paper cuts your swords drip. If you are real killers, then your sword should have been flowing with the blood of the enemy. Yeah, Derrida. And then he said Dumb and Dumber means blood, but it means a drop of blood. He should have said Dima and rivers of blood. What does this get out of here?

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This is how critical they were on what every word when they hear the Quran because they're so critical. They could have said what should have said what that you said in the in Santa Fe cosa You should have said in the nozzle of equals Ron, should we use a different word? Did anybody say that? Abuja Hello? Is there Ebola better? Well, he really didn't. Makeda is there some of their best poets are there? The rap battle winners are there from last year? Everybody's there. Nobody says a word. How come? And then they say He's crazy. He's a poet. He's a magician.

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Wait, if he's a magician, then what's the magic trick?

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If he's crazy, then why are people so impressed? And if He is a poet, then you should be able to come up with much better what?

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Poetry we're gonna learn as

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we see something I don't know what he is. He's somebody else's teaching him

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to Florida, he booked out and

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you know, he's he's being dictated to his people, somebody else's. We don't know who it is, was somebody's teaching them?

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They could and you know what that the public was seeing. We've never seen our intellectuals so baffled.

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We've never seen them. So this is not being defeated. It's miraculous power was speaking for itself. And then finally, people may now recognize the ayat are all around them. This is really cool. The word I talked to you about that yesterday, right? The Quran doesn't just use the word IR for the statements in the Quran. Those are our two I don't use the word verses I don't like it. I just use ayat.

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And I've explained in other lectures why I don't use the word verse because verse sounds like poetry.

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Right in verse also sounds like biblical, but the Quran doesn't actually have poetic or biblical references. It's, it's actually a unique structure by itself. So just

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a divine sign a miraculous sign. That's what I call it anyway.

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The Quran didn't just reveal what Allah says about profits or about heaven and *, etc. Allah teaches me that there's an iron inside the tree. There's an iron inside the cloud, there's an iron inside the camel, there's an iron inside the desert. There's an iron in the sun. There's an iron the moon is that Iron Maiden day, there's an iron inside me. There's an iron marriage. There's an iron the differences in people's tongues and languages, that there's an idea in people's different skin colors. All of these are also what I ought to have I attend them, all of them. This is what Allah keeps saying, Now what did he do? He made me think, Oh, I thought I was studying the ayat when I was

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reading the book, because the book is made up of, I add, but then he's telling me that has an eye on it that has an eye on it that has an eye on it that has an eye on it. You know what that does? I'm in the eye art when I'm in the book. And I'm also in the eye art when I'm outside the book and I never knew I thought it was just a tree. Now I know it's actually an eye. I thought it was just a camel. That's actually an IRA but then the Quran teaches you and teaches me how is that an IRA? How was the wind Anya? How

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is how is the sun and iron. Without it I could learn a lot about the sun in science class, but I won't learned that it is what? It's an IO. No Quran came and change the world around me and I started seeing Ayat everywhere. And the more ayat I see in the world, it takes me back to what he teaches me about those ayat. And the more I read the Quran, it makes makes me go back into the universe and explore those ayat. So those ayat, pull me back towards these ayat, and these ayat pushed me back towards those ayat and they keep I keep going between the i hat. So when the prophets I said I was reciting the ayat to them, he's changing their worldview, people now recognize that I

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author all around them. Rice is a very powerful phrase that's used as the opening statement of these four steps.

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So I'm ready to come everyone. There are almost 50,000 students around the world that are interested on top of the students we have in studying the Quran and its meanings and being able to learn that and share that with family and friends. And they need sponsorships which is not very expensive. So if you can help sponsor students on bayyinah TV, please do so and visit our sponsorship page. I appreciate it so much, and pray that Allah gives our mission success and we're able to share the meanings of the Quran and the beauty of it the world over

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