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Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The importance of praying and following the Prophet's instructions during a state of mind is emphasized, as it is essential to avoid pain and suffering. Prayer and following the Prophet's instructions is also emphasized, as it is important to avoid causing harm and preserving one's health. The segment also touches on the importance of forgiveness and embracing history, as well as preserving the lives of non-B apologists and organizations. The segment ends with a recap of the class and a request for participants to remind themselves of the class.
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Slovak man that hamdulillah behind amin salatu wa he will tell me who and who Karim a photo of Salah to attempt to slim. proficiently Southern. He was the Emily that Emily said, Cody, my brothers and the sisters said Mr. Market why he will buy cattle.

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First off, apologize for the delay in starting up. I was having some technical issues. And I was literally going to cancel the class. And I'll make it easy. I mean,

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so we're looking at the fifth Joseph court and today and it is Saturday, April 17 2021. And the fifth day of Ramadan, which means tonight is the sixth night of Sharla to add. So we're looking at the fifth Joseph and of course, it's the beginning of a new sewer and Allah subhana wa dannah saw earlier and on places water

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and in Salton nice, Allah subhana wa added begins to swell with multiple different topics related to marriage related to family related to

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you know what's right and what's wrong. It's not only between spouses and so on and so forth.

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the last verse of the fourth *, Allah subhanho wa Taala points out the people that man is not allowed to marry so basically for men is not allowed to marry these women. Men are not allowed to marry that man. Well.

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Just to make it easy, awesome. Henry to add it talks about it from the position of the men of men cannot marry or it's forbidden to marry. For example, your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your eternal and maternal aunts, your brothers, your sisters, daughters, your foster mothers, your foster sisters, your mother in law, your stepdaughters on your guardianship and so on and so forth. You can read through that on your own inshallah.

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And then it continues into the very first verse of the next juice fixtures were sent out to me in a nice Isla de mano con Kitab a library called what we call now that there will be a mighty mighty Nina Vita muscle pain center to be aiming for 200. net, Eva Birgeneau her feet FEMA to be here forever in a lockout and even hiking that's almost a panel with Anna then continues the context of or the discussion of who is permitted to marry who. So that's where we can get that information from some people ask how do we know who we're not allowed to go to the end of the fourth of June, the beginning of the fifth? Okay, as a quarter NRC, that's what you call

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within those verso, leading up to

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the beginning of the fifth just loss of habitat course talks about you know, many issues or many items I should say related to sisters, women and at the beginning of the next joys, if we look at

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verse number Saif Allah subhana wa says to appoint someone as an arbitrator if there's issues within marriage. So he says we don't ship our club anymore. So that can mean

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you either is perfectly level beta warmer in the lava can even hakima so if you anticipate a split between the two people that are married, to mediator from his family and another from hers, if they desire reconciliation, lower restore harmony between them, she allows all knowing, all aware. So this is an indication of how bossa nova with that encourages that we seek help from those who can help us who are going through hardships and difficulties. That doesn't necessarily mean that the person has to be someone who is from their family specifically.

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It could be someone who is appointed by family, right, someone who is appointed from

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someone was appointed from his family and someone who's appointed from her family in order to try to rectify those issues that are found within

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that Allah Subhana Allah reminds us to worship Allah alone, wherever Allah would have to be he Shea will validate the Salah will be the whole valley a temple in Misaki well, Jerry, Jerry,

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can you have any savvy? Amen, amen. Oh, come in by lay your head woman cannibal for hora, Allah Subhana Allah in verse number 36 reminds us to work

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alone and

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Associate none with him. And be kind parents be kind to relatives Be kind to orphans Be kind to the poor, be kind to our near and distant and neighbors. Be kind to close friends behind to needy travelers and be kind to those

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that are in your possession right all America to a man upon.

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Sure law does not. Whoever is arrogant, boastful and Latina calluna. NASA will book The way to moon and tell him informally were entered in a cafe Nina mahina. How are we to Anna said,

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Who are these people boastful. Those who are stingy promote stinginess amongst people and withhold applause bounties always bless you with something, don't withhold it with someone who is in need. So for example, someone comes and says, you know, what, can I borrow your dollars, you have $100 you just feel like

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you just feel don't want to lend it to them.

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You might have a valid reason.

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And that's a completely different topic. What we're talking about Gemini is someone comes in, they are in need of something, and we have, but we refuse to give it to them. So how to add it joining us that these are from those qualities of people who are arrogant, boastful, stingy, promote stinginess, most others and they withhold from the bounties of Allah Subhana Allah to add, and he then says, Why didn't Cathy

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prepared for the disbelieved? humiliating punishment? Okay.

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Verse number 43, Allah subhana wa tada says here, about those who now of course, at the beginning of the time of the revelation of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam drinking alcohol, or intoxicants was something that was common amongst the Arabs of the time. And

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it was not something that was made compulsory right away, okay, it was drinking or consuming something that was intoxicating, was slowly transitioned out. And people will say,

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Why? Well, it was advertised taala knows why and he knows human beings. He knows that it's difficult for people to stop things immediately. And so there was a transitional phase out of that. But in this verse number 43, of Surah Nisa, Allah subhana wa, is pointing out the fact that we are not allowed to it is prohibited to pray when someone is in a state of mind where they are not conscious of what they're doing. Okay, where they're not conscious what they're doing. So he says

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ballerina man, hula karagoz

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Tara matapalo. Now, john O'Brien is the Sabine

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Tessie No.

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Fnm, dejima

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somebody who would be would be equal more equal, no.

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One of

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in this verse is letting the believers at the time know that it is not permissible to prey

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upon and it is permissible to pray in a state of

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intoxication. Okay.

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That also applies to that even though it is not permissible islamically to

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drink Okay, is completely Holland forbidden for us to consume some sort of intent.

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However, for someone who does,

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and goes to pray, it is not possible for them to approach the prayer while they're intoxicated. And this teaches us

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by extension, that if a person is not in the right state of mind, then they should be attempting to pray in that condition. For example, if days ago a sister called me she's about to have a surgery for a few days after that surgery. I know that when a patient is in the ICU during that time

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They're in a very strange fees, right? Where there's a lot of painkillers or medication, I should say, pain medication in person or a patient at that stage after the surgery is not in the right state of mind, right to the point that they are able to communicate with you. So if you ask them, are you okay? They'll say yes, right? Or do you have any pain? Your finger? Do you do feel me squeezing your finger? You might say Yes, right. But if you ask,

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are they recovered from that phase? They don't remember anything. If they don't remember being there, they don't remember that. They don't remember being asked, Can you feel my you know, can you put me squeezing finger or, you know, how do you feel and stuff like that, they won't remember it. That's because the amount

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and the condition of their body, in that state in that condition, if a person is not mentally there, they're not entirely sound of mind, then that's the time when it is permitted, and in fact, are exempt from praying those prayers.

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What that means is that when they're to be able to pray those prayers, they must write. So if someone has to make up some prayers, then they're able to make up those prayers. Or they have to make up those prayers at a later point in time.

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But in this case, we see a number of other things, right, somehow we can also talk to him. Okay, well, I do have an inner heavy civilian that have Jesse look, we're in control mirbeau we're suffering Oh, Joe had to minquan

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hola mister money, sir. for them. Did you do that? Hmm. Or sorry, I didn't buy you from several Voodoo econ wadey. Allah Subhana data shows us what we do. Wash or what we need to over when we are making take him take him home, for those who don't know, is

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the purification for prayer or ablution, for prayer that is dry. So it is the dry ablution of the

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right people do you wash your hands with the water and you take some water and you put in your mouth in your nose and your mouth, sorry, and then your face, right. And then you're going to wash your arms all the way up to the elbows, and both sides. And then you're going to do massage over your head and in your ears and your feet right foot, then foot up to the up to and in up to end including the ankles.

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person is not able to find water. So the times when it is permissible to perform tinium are if someone cannot find water, so they are not able to access water. Okay, they might know that

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it's time to pray, but I have no water with me the water I hotter than I need to consume.

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They need to consume that water in order to survive. So they might keep that water for consumption and not used for will. Therefore a person who may have water will use that water still, at one time or two times time when a person can perform to is they are going to risk their health by performing Whoo. And this example of how islamically there are times when we need to look after our health. This could tie in with the fact that tagit are slowly closing up until tomorrow. And then from now onwards, you know the Ontario for mental for here. Those who live in Ontario, we've been told that you know, the massage at the places of worship, whether we're church or synagogue has to remain

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at a maximum capacity at any point in time. 10 people can't go over that right.

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So some of the massages are closed to the public and just allowing the management or the staff to enter and pray in order to maintain the prayer within the massage. Right.

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And so when you look at this example of Lou and Taya now to be made when water is present, but you fear for your

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Health by performing that will. And when we say fear for your health, we mean fear that you get so sick, you would die. Okay? Not like oh, inconvenient for me to perform whoo right now, because my sleeves go tight, they don't roll up. So I'm just not going to make although I will just make no, that's not a reason. I know especially when you go to weddings or events, conferences and stuff like that sometimes

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brothers and sisters but mainly system where you know dresses nowadays the sleeves are so tight, right the leaves are so especially the part of sleeve that goes on the forearm, it's so tight that you cannot roll it up above your elbow. So how do you make Where do you get the water in naturally, you would probably have a cuff with a button that you can open and you can access your arm. But nowadays with fashion and the style. And of course this goes into the you know the, the teachings, the Sunnah, to be able to raise your sleeve in order to perform well.

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So it is not permitted to just perform to mum because you can't use your sleeve, you need to go and remove your arm from it and wash NyQuil properly. Now I remember I was at an event once and a sister was was asking me on behalf of other sisters. She's saying, you know the districts can't remove their arm from the sleeve, because that means removing their entire dress. And of course, they went to the women's bathroom area and do that. But you know, we'd have to remove our children. And I was like, well, this is a learning experience for us to teach others that the we all of us should not be wearing clothing that does not allow us to perform with them. If we cannot roll our sleeves up to

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perform with it, we should not be wearing that piece of clothing in the first place. leavers what's more important to us looking fashionable and nice and impressing the people around us and missing at the same time, or is more important than anything else after belief in the loss of power? Of course, the answer to that. And so if prayer is the most important thing, and we are going to prioritize prayer, and we should prioritize prayer in every aspect of the way or every step of prayer, and that includes our clothing that our clothing should be clothing that we can not only make rule in, but we can also play in such people say oh, my sleeves are not tight. But there's t through right you have

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nowadays, especially in the Indian Pakistani culture,

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of the clothing is being sold sleeveless or seen through sleeves. So the sleeves are see through. So a sister would say she's at a wedding or an event or something and other people are there. Her I would say is being exposed, right? Her whole arm is being shown and exposed.

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But she'll say what can pray because my arm is showing.

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Take a table, put it around you pray.

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Pick a tablecloth put you in pray.

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We have to do what it takes in order to pray. Do it to take her to avoid prayer. Okay, so that's really important for us to keep in mind. I'm surprised that no one has pointed out the homework so far. Right? No one has mentioned anything about the homework that they had to do from yesterday. And I'm hoping that some people will and shall

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move on. Okay, now, before we move on, we didn't mention how to perform tam

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tam, as on how to add it shows us you would you know before before wiping over your face, you basically tap your hands on,

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you know, some sort of natural

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object, for example, it could be a stone could be found outside, right, you basically tap your hands once to the ground. And then if there's any excess dirt on your hands, you can blow off or, you know, tap ends like this to get the dirt off. And then you would wipe your face and wipe your right arm to the elbow and your left arm to the elbow. And that's it. That's super easy and simple. And

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of course that's to be done when a person can not access what came up. Okay.

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No less water.

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Okay, still looking for homework assignments to be put

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We move on in Montana.

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Number 48 of attorneys loss of data says in no more you're going to sorry, in

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Kevin carry a wild dog Ernie kamy

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can be

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Eastman novoline Indeed Allah does not forgive,

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associating others with him in worship, right? So Allah subhana wa Johanna does not forgive, shift in the love of shock Hubby, he does not forgive associating others with him. But forgive anything else of whoever he was, whoever associates others with Allah has indeed committed a grave sin. In fact, it is the worst of crimes. According to Allah. The worst crime is the crime of waiting other than a loss of what.

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Han says, Let me just lift my binder up because the pages are white and I can't read. I told my kids to put some money aside for kids in need. Very good. Very, very good. Charlotte.

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So she did a robin Maru for annulment. Right she encouraged goodness

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for her children to give some sort of sadaqa put money aside for that set up. That's very good. I see the body Hamid says I saw you did and today when I was in a superstore

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very good right you encourage good upon yourself Anyone else? Any do something or you know stop one from from doing something that was no good.

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Please share that with us. right because remember our homework was to do some sort of encouragement good or discouraging. If

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control my temper.

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You drove your temper. I need your advice on my temper.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala here setting the love layo funeral at Shaka be here all funeral my daddy Kenny manesh up a law

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does not permit us to worship other than Him.

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And if we associate partners to subhana wa tada that is also considered shift. So if we trust other than Allah subhana wa botad. Right, that is not permissible.

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Now, someone asked this question, what if a person was a muchnick in the past? Okay, what if someone was apostolic or someone worshiped other than Allah subhana wa tein it in the past and no longer does that? First thing is that person needs to repent and make. Okay, once they've made tope 100 and just move on. The point is,

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as long as we are not

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committing ship at the time

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of our lives that leaving a loss of returning to a loss of time, so we make sure that if someone committed to in the past, they seek forgiveness and pardoning from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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repent to Allah for those sins and don't go back to them. And sha Allah that we'll be putting them in the clear, okay.

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But the 90 says I told my brother to

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yawn his hand covering his mouth, very good. right over your mouth when you you're hungry love. Anyone else up to Hasib says he smiled at other people while biking. Very good. I'm going to learn

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a new rule.

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rather odd says keeping people off sitting rooms on

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clubhouse and open court and recitation rooms under law.

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Right? We need to encourage people to leave those rooms and to go to rooms, and sister said, is requesting. It seems less of how do we tap to bless you with the best of this life in the best of the year after

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good soil humbler? Quite a few of you did some work. And I appreciate it, really appreciate it. So if a person committed in their lives, they need to repent to seek forgiveness from awesome had dad, and He forgive everything in any. So what we've learned in this area is the law will not forgive.

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But if someone committed any sin of loss, and which are hanneke is that now people will say Allah doesn't give shipped, as in he will never give it. What it means is what forgive those who live their lives upon ship, or who even die. Their last condition is a condition of ship. Those are people who almost died and will not forgive the ship, associating partners with a love that they committed in their lives.

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Something that they refused an invitation humbler? That is unbearable for Monica actually is in a condition where there's a pandemic and we need to

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need to stop going over to people's places and stuff like that. So you're saying the kid helped grant with the packing hampers to get very good of the law. Very, very good. People were able to do their homework.

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So Allah, Allah says that forgives everything else, which means someone committed a major person in their life and feels Allah will not forgive them or feels like a lot. You know, what they did was so bad that Allah would not forgive them. We should never think about Allah Subhan Allah, Allah Subhana Allah is telling us, way over futile, doing that daddy Kelly manjusha anything other than that, then schilke Allah Subhana Allah can forgive it if he chooses to forgive. So seek forgiveness from hanaway with regard to the sins that we've committed, and leave the rest with him. And Allah will forgive us of sins that we've committed in our lives. So never hold on to the factor of feeling

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never hold on to a feeling was somehow Newtown will not forgive of the sins that we've lived. As long as we are not on shift and we are not returned to Allah in that condition. Insha Allah who, with the help of a lot when we ask for forgiveness, grant that forgiveness to us.

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First number 59 Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah,

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up the

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wazoo. Would he marry me?

00:28:23 --> 00:28:23

So you

00:28:25 --> 00:28:29

can finish you could do more, he was so nice.

00:28:31 --> 00:28:32

To me,

00:28:33 --> 00:28:34

he won yo.

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accent that we

00:28:44 --> 00:28:51

possibly can avoid. And it says in verse 59, you have to let me know Oh, you will appear on

00:28:52 --> 00:29:04

my soul. Right? May Allah and obey His Messenger, the messenger, Allahu Allah, he was what? Emily minko and those in authority on you.

00:29:06 --> 00:29:26

Should you agree upon anything, then refer it's in his messenger. You truly believe in Allah and the Last, this is the best and fairest solution. My brothers and sisters, sometimes we disagree with the decisions that have been made by those who are placed in positions of authority.

00:29:29 --> 00:29:54

And this goes within a team. There's principles, you know, dealing with this. However, with regard to current situation, I want to say that I think as Muslims, we are doing our part to try to stop the spread of this epidemic, while still maintaining our prayers, still, you know, able to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala still fulfilling

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

the command was somehow

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

Hello by fasting throughout the month of Ramadan.

00:30:04 --> 00:30:20

We may not agree with the decision of closing down the masajid. Or the fact that only 10 people can go in and access the sajit. But that's okay. My brothers and sisters in, in spite of

00:30:21 --> 00:30:34

or in efforts I should say, of trying to help others trying to preserve your society. Yes, we all need to pray some people you are stopping people from praying. No one is stopping anyone from praying.

00:30:36 --> 00:31:00

But one of the problems with our oma today is that we feel that we can only be Muslim in the masjid. Right? Islam only exists in the masjid. That's true. I should try to work our way around on that. Yes, it is better to print a massage it Yes, the massage would be open. Yes, yes, yes, we understand that.

00:31:01 --> 00:31:47

When there is a spread of a virus pandemic, we have to get other times in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when the masajid were closed for when he encouraged people to stay at home, when the weather was really bad when the weather was bad. Not that you would die from the rain. But the weather was that Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had printed the Sahaba Viola and home to pray their prayers at home. And for those that prayed in the mustard or those that gathered in congregation to pray, remember, people will say but what did the prophet SAW where it was sent them? Do? he bring the mustard? Didn't he? Yes. But his house opened up into the mustard. You open

00:31:47 --> 00:31:54

his door to his house long wherever you send them and you are in the must. Okay, so

00:31:56 --> 00:32:05

for those were away from the masjid, you know, that's one thing. Also, we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam encouraged when there is a

00:32:07 --> 00:32:15

an outbreak of some sort a, what's the word I'm looking for? It's not pen make? It is a I

00:32:16 --> 00:32:19

can't remember the name? What's the word that I'm looking for?

00:32:21 --> 00:32:22

Basically, when there's some sort of

00:32:25 --> 00:32:26

break brake,

00:32:27 --> 00:32:28


00:32:29 --> 00:32:39

do not leave that area, and you do not enter that area out of efforts to preserve the lives of those fake very good, folks. And

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Shawn, hope you're doing well in shop. Is that okay? Then for that, at the end, in the last hour of fasting, the brain just goes to shut down. Right. So when the plague the prophet SAW longer, it was encouraged that we contain it, those who are in this area remain in the area, those outside of the area remain outside of the areas. So now with the closing of our borders, provincial borders, we are within plague area. Those of us who live within Ontario, we are with area right now.

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we ask Allah subhana wa to protect us all and to preserve the lives of not only humans, but the non Muslims to allow us to spread Islam and convey that message to them.

00:33:30 --> 00:33:39

And a Muslim is not supposed to wish for evil or any sort of harm upon any being or any of the creation of US patent.

00:33:41 --> 00:33:47

We always promote goodness and encourage goodness towards Allah subhanho wa Taala guidance, right.

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But if borders are closed, and we should respect that we stay in this area, we stay within arms, we stay within our fi units, right? We try not to interact with others to try to avoid the spread and tried to minimize the spread with which will eventually lead to

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no virus whatsoever in sha Allah Tada. So that's the efforts that we need to embark upon now as an Ummah and it is the responsibility of every one of us as leaders. We may not like it may not like the decisions being made, we may not be happy with none of us are happy with it. None of us are happy with staying home. So people I don't like it's not doing it. The people who are staying home don't like to stay home either people wearing wearing masks, don't like to wear masks. People who are social distancing, our physical distancing, don't like to do that. But we're doing it in EFS to help everyone and that's the way of the believers. We try to help everyone in what is good and what

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is right. ask Allah Subhana Allah to add it to help

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First of all, and I see brother mentions, if one person on long term sickness is unable to fast, what can do?

00:35:13 --> 00:35:20

So a person is unable to fast throughout this month, I'm Yvonne. And

00:35:21 --> 00:35:42

they would be able to fast even after Ramadan throughout the year. And that person would have to pay Cydia, which is $10. For us here in Toronto, most of the GTA, Imams and scholars that $10 seems reasonable $10 per day of fasting

00:35:43 --> 00:36:34

would be the amount that you would give to an organization that would feed a poor person that day. Really, aesthetically, what we are looking at is not a monetary amount, what a person has to do is feed one poor or needy person for every day that they're unable to fast. And so if we don't see it, when we don't find any, we don't have that ability to do so we can do it through a organized nation that will carry out that responsibility for us. And the minimum amount for that the sorry, the amount that the scholars have agreed upon. For us here in Toronto in the GTA is roughly around $10 in some massages, they're promoting $12 in US added $15 but we you know, try to make it easy upon

00:36:34 --> 00:36:57

everyone. And also try to see what is doable for someone who's not fast in one day, very different than someone who's not fast and for 30 days and not be able to financially afford that. So for someone who's not testing for 30 days, they would pay for the 30 days of being able to fast 300 to one of the organizations to be able to carry out that responsibility and child long time.

00:36:58 --> 00:37:22

That's all the time that we have for today's class once again Forgive me for the delay at the beginning I was having technical issues getting the live stream up it just was not turning on the camera is not working. Everything is up and running now. And hopefully the sound is working well. Just a haven for attending botica lo fi COMM And I know that it's very difficult for all of us to

00:37:23 --> 00:37:43

acknowledge to accept it, but our mustard here notes in the seven community session epistemic community for Milton, the management has decided to go ahead and suspend prayers and any sort of activities within the masjid effective immediately. So it was from today.

00:37:45 --> 00:38:33

So even though the provincial guidelines will take effect on places of worship until Monday morning at 12 01 am to do our part as a community center, we management I should say decided that we would not open the masjid to the public moving forward until the province has lifted the current, you know guidelines that are in place. And we ask Allah subhana wa attacchi easy for every single one of us, I do know that it is difficult for every one of us to go through them upon not being able to access the masjid again for a second year. But we will get through this together in short a lot of time. If this is what it takes, then this is what we will do for the sake of heavenly dad.

00:38:35 --> 00:38:44

So but then you're asking can this idea be paid to one person? Or could it be paid to multiple people it can be paid to multiple people that drink

00:38:45 --> 00:38:45


00:38:47 --> 00:39:00

they cook a pot of food and they hold 30 people call 60 people and feed them from that pot of food. Okay, so you can feed multiple people at one time. Okay.

00:39:05 --> 00:39:17

All right, that's all the time we have medical ofI comm please do remember me do our own during this time because it's a time when I was accepted and make your own for myself and my family as well. Just like a little Hayden or some local American entity

00:39:18 --> 00:39:21

to sell them or sell them or anything like that.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:27

And in our community

Ramadan 2021

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