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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa

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savage nine I, first of all my DNS and prayers and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad Salah. So my brothers and sisters, we are on the homestretch

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doesn't feel that long and honestly shallow, so we can keep going till midnight. And honestly, there was a section of the workshop which was interactive, another interactive

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piece that I will have to do away with because of time. So let me just speak a few minutes that we have maybe a quick q&a. And then you will give me your positive feedback on the workshop and Sharla

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or negative if you really want to get negative feedback.

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So what we were talking about with regards to trial and punishment,

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as the brothers said,

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one thing one way and one approach that this was mentioned by scholars, as the brother first mentioned, is to look at how it affected you later on, but that you wouldn't know until later. The other approach is to look at the past and to say, if I was a consistent sinner, someone who's far away from Allah subhanaw taala, I may very well

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evaluate whatever I'm exposed to and experience in my life as a punishment, Allah's

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equal, we are for and Kathy so whenever afflicts you

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have a

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crisis predicament calamities, this is with what your own hands have Earth.

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So it's because of our sins. May Allah forgive us for Anka, Theon and he forgives much. You think he's holding us to account for everything? My brothers and sisters as Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran. If Allah holds us to account for everything, there would not be a living organism on this earth, whether we have the MaHA nurse of Ibaka, Cebu, ma Tara Kala,

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if Allah were to hold every human being to account for what they have done, and to treat us the way, we are to be treated in an equal fashion, they would be no one left on this earth. But Allah subhanaw taala forgives much, and overlooks much, and this is why we are able to continue and we know also the authentic hadith of the prophets, Allah salah, where he tells us that it is quite natural to fall into service. But the key and the most important thing.

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The most important thing in this case is to repent.

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falling into sin is normal, it's natural, that means you're a human being. What do you do afterwards? So this is the third idea, looking at the way you were in the past. If Europe is worship press, the brother said, Allah loves you. Allah is destined to raise your level.

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Or maybe this is an important point we sometimes neglect, especially when we are in crisis or a calamity.

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Maybe you've just been too far from Allah subhanaw taala too long.

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And there's no other way to bring you back.

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Except to hit you with a calamity that

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makes you fall to the ground. And then you start going back to Allah, Allah.

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I'm helpless.

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I can do nothing with this. You're my only way out. It's impossible. I've done everything I can. Everyone's time sought help from professionals. I've done everything.

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You're the only one who can get me out of this

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last part that wants us to come back to him.

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To seek Him, to complain to him, to cry to him.

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And sometimes maybe even to ask the ostensibly impossible. Trump

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do we ask for impossible things from Allah? Do I ask Allah to show that he can make me fly? I know. I'd love it. Not only the kids. Amazing how many people have dreamt that they're flying? raise their hand. Please don't be shy. Just raise your hand.

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How many people have drafted that they're flying?

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Not that many.

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I'm one of them.

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It's amazing. It's amazing

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is that getting

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was asking for an ostensibly impossible thing.

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To grant him a son,

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when he's an old man, that his wife is sterile, that he's telling Allah, this is my situation, or Allah. He's complaining to Allah, Oh Allah, this is my situation.

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And then he asks for what he seeks. And even when the angels give him the clap timing, you're gonna get it.

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He's surprised how he knows what he's asking is no normal thing. But he's complaining to Allah is telling what he's telling Allah when he already knows that what he knew before he was even born, when he was telling him that I am growing bold, and that my wife is still is saying this to Allah and his prayer SubhanAllah.

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In some cases, the calamity comes

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and is related to the category of one's deeds, whether they are good deeds or bad ones. If you are the type of people that continually

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throughout your life cheats others,

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you're always cheating others and then one day, you are hit by a financial calamity that destroys you.

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Are you gonna call it a test? Of course, it's punishment, you've been cheating people your whole life, you finally got what you deserve.

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So a lot of the times, the reward or the punishment belongs and is related to the category of the deed of desire home and Jensen.

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This is the way you used to deal with others, you got it in the dunya before the ACA. Likewise, if you're doing good deeds, you will be rewarded, usually in the same category. My brothers and sisters

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there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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And sometimes we have a hard time seeing it. Sometimes we need others to help us see it. Sometimes we need to boost our Eman

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to find it. Sometimes we need to

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try to practice taekwon God consciousness so that he can give us that way out that we are looking for.

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It may take time

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or you value Salam is more beloved to Allah than you and me.

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He's a blessed messenger of Allah.

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He got a debilitating disease. We're not talking about a year or two. When I think about it, it boggles my mind. This is a chronic disease 18 years,

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internally and externally, you in every way. So it's not just that he's sick. He doesn't look nice either.

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So that people

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left him and abandoned him except his wife.

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This is His Beloved Prophet, Allah tests whoever he wins.

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Try to remember that hadith, Allah tests those who he loves.

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If we are indeed of the ones he loves Allahu Akbar.

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In a hadith, though, its authenticity, maybe masjid, or a narration, the prophets of Allah Allah Himself was telling Allah.

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When he said to him,

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he lent me a combi Kenny.

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So he was complaining to Allah subhanaw taala. He said, Oh Allah, look at the way this after they

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evicted him from above. And they scoffed at him and threw stones and so on. So so this is where he is to Allah subhanaw taala This is my situation, you see it. If you are not angry with me,

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I don't care. In other words, I can deal with the test. I can deal with the empty lab. As long as you're not angry with me.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to lift his wrath

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from us and to forgive us to always guide us to help us see always that Allah subhanaw taala will make a way out, but the timing in all cases, my brothers and sisters remember this the timing is not your prerogative or mine

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That's what

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you don't know when I

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look at your brothers and sisters in Syria no

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if I start to tell you about the level of tyranny, your your hair will grow gray as I'm talking to you.

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The timing is with Allah, we know, Alaska is gonna save them and Allah subhanaw taala is going to punish those who terrorize them.

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But when

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we thought that the first year, the second year, the third year and the fourth year, the typing is working with Allah subhanaw taala. And with the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala. When we apply it to our own individual predictive and set prices, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us patience, not to try us with something that is beyond our capacity

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to forgive us and to make us always reliant on him and dependent on him.

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Does that highlight this point? I'll open it up to questions if there are questions or comments. And then please just stay for a few minutes until the end, just for a quick survey that won't take much of your time in Sharla.

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Any questions or comments at this point? Yes, but

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other things like

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pressure at work or something like that can affect the level of Eman of a person depends on the person. And it depends on how important that work is. For some people, yes. For Muslims, I would like to think with their understanding of other fish, they have more tools to deal with those types of crises other for other people? Yes. Especially for a non Muslim, it could be suicidal, losing a job could lead to suicide, God forbid, a Muslim should not be like that practicing Muslims should be able to look beyond it. But sometimes, maybe it's that way. Maybe if it was a very important job. They had a very important position. They've had it for a long time they can't find any other

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how does that test of allies justified?

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Or not?

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So that may surprise

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you, you gonna force me to explain this.

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So good example. We are We didn't hear what he's saying. So what if someone commits suicide?

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After this test of tribulation, so how was it then a test didn't allow them,

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test them beyond their capacity.

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And from what I gather from the words of the brother, this is something that he experienced maybe from someone he knows.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that we recited to play ukulele for long enough Central Luzon.

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But let us look

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a little bit more precisely and accurately at these verses. Allah subhanaw taala is saying later you can live for long enough something that was notice the term the term is you can LIFO and this is talking about the cliff and tech leaf means Allah subhanaw taala does not legislate

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in his Deen something beyond our capacity.

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In other words, everything that Allah mandated

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in his deen is within our capacity and is in line with our federal

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law you can live for long enough.

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And this is also not to go into too much detail but in the Tafseer of this if there's a reason of Revelation, in the first I recited Allah Imam Suraj what it took

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for your husband to be Allah, whether you hide that which is inside you or reveal it, Allah is going to hold you accountable to it.

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So the Sahaba were afraid.

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So they tell told the province of salad or messenger of Allah

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all of the obligations of Islam are fine with us. Prayer

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are fasting jihad, no problem. But this one

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this is tough, whether we conceal it or reveal it, ALLAH.

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So he said, Do you want to say like the Jews of the Christian said Submariner wa say, No, we're here and we disobey but they said, No.

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So he said to them, say we hear and we obey me.

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Then, like you can be from love said he loves her love.

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Allah is not going to hold us accountable to that which we conceal, but rather that which we manifest in action. God forbid, some people, maybe they get,

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you know, thoughts of Kufa of disbelief, or we're going to have the can't be held accountable if you don't manifest it in action. No. This is the justice and the mercy of Allah.

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Muhammad Ali, have you act on it,

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then you're going to be held accountable.

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So Allah was testing the Sahaba, saying, we hear and we obey no matter what. But in the end, Allah will only legislate that which is within our capacity. But this will allow you to either honor is related to legislation. What he legislates in the D.

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What we're talking about here is different. We're here we're talking about a predicament, something in life, a crisis. few verses later.

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Well, let me

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tell you,

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what is the use of this your app,

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if Allah may not

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send something your way that is beyond

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your capacity.

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it's a beautiful meaning, but it can be shocking. And it was shocking to two people because there is confusion about this point. So the ISS love to have me

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do not send something our way, or burden us with something that we cannot deal with. So the example he gave us a perfect one. This may have been something that was beyond that person's capacity, because they did not

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obey Allah subhanaw taala the way they should doesn't mean that Allah subhanaw taala is continually sending us things that are impossible to deal with Allah only once for us is you need to now become a nuisance. When are you ready to become universal? He wants is for you. He doesn't want difficulty. But sometimes the test is very hard. And this is why we should always recite these ideas and save this to our Oh Allah do not test them is something I will not be able to deal with.

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I have not been able to deal with it doesn't mean it's impossible. Allah doesn't ask of you anything possible. But because of my lack of Eman, I wasn't able to deal with it. If the brother or the sister was tested with it, maybe she'll pass it with flying colors.

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But that's why we it humbles us when we know that the test may be really difficult.

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And it pushes us to rely completely on Allah subhanaw taala and that's what will enable us inshallah to get past it. Allah.

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sir. 11 I'm

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Malcolm O'Malley, how the hell if it has been revealed for Jews and Christians, and in Kitab that are covered above.

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As you said,

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the Muslims were frightened when they hear this verse.

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To have nothing to do with it. It has been revealed for 400 kita No, but the thing is that this was something when they said salmonella Allah Allah, the now you can live alone so I had this as a scholar said that she had to kind of feed the onion as a thief. Nessa as acerbic Li Hua went to Duma to signal to fool you, Hassan Camila

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you can follow us

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at Tech Lead, or you can

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follow my lead ability. Now now so so the brother is confirming that legislation what Allah subhanaw taala asks us to do in the deed is definitely

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Literally beyond this definitely within our capacity and our abilities Allah does not. This is the meaning of Allah will not

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legislate. That's why sometimes this is a little bit mistranslated and this is where the confusion happened. And this is not only amongst you I tell you this is quite common. So the is usually translated as Allah does not burden a soul beyond its capacity. So immediately our mind is going to what life's

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circumstances and so on. As opposed to that the cleave which is the legislation, what Allah requires of us in the deen, that is, of course 100% within our capacity, and when you think about it, it's really not that difficult. Allah wants to make it easy. The Prophet SAW Selim is telling Abdullah Muhammad, don't do what you're doing. Don't pray all night. Don't fast all day. marry women don't be celibate.