Mohamad Baajour – Surat Yusuf lessons and Exhortations #21 The Brothers meet Yusuf Alayhissalam

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of words like"the" and "the" in relation to their actions and experiences, and how they relate to their emotions and actions. They also touch on the use of Alay bills as a means of supplies and the importance of recognizing people and obtaining supplies from their countries. The use of "verbal" language in Egypt is discussed, as it signal the need for people to leave their homes to avoid further violence and to try to convince people to come back.
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salary comm Rahmatullah here. I gotta get,

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Salam Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna on final Rima alum Tana was hammered I mean, that's called loss of Hannah data to bless this gathering in chama May Allah subhanaw taala

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keep us and our families and our parents away from the hellfire and needle but I mean

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non Muslim and non Muslim and along the journey

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but Salah salem said whosoever say three times Allah muslim and then I will tell Allah Allah keep him away from me

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and I'm so will ask Allah for Jana three times there's no tell Allah subhanaw taala Allah may come from May people may Allah make us well from the people of genuine Sharma I mean

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he made a shape on your routine.

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to yourself further five only fell off her home fell off

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kill on one has a home Beija has he him God Toony EBF he come in we come and tell ona and knee woof he came will earn a high your own moods evening for ylim Toony behave at

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the 30k in

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the top

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call loose no wrong we

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were in lava you know

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last time

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we ended by

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use of honey has Salam getting or becoming officially the Minister of Finance

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and this is a

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according to many Allah ma This is like the highest position that anyone could ever acquire. At that time. He is everything Subhan Allah

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and Allah subhana wa Tada.

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We ended by saying what Agile karate fire on Lilina Avenue what can we tackle the reward of the Acharya one, the word of the Hereafter is

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way. There's no comparison between the reward of the akhira and the reward of the dunya. And then unfortunately, thrown and hated dunya we we

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favor the dunya over the fer to Hambone Elijah what are their own

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Even though Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that this whole dunya

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if it was worth a wing of a mosquito wing of a mosquito Subhanallah Can you imagine all this this wars, all these killings, all these

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trouble and all that it's not even worth a winger for mosquito. So the case, the smart device, one is the one who invest for the athlete. He takes advantage of every single moment to invest for the ACA, as long as

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they have now the story completely switched

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equal to use of feather Kalani.

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Allah subhanaw taala saying the brothers of use of cane they entered upon him and of course he recognized him

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Fairphone he recognized them out of

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worm low monkey rune, but

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they had no idea that he was use of

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Allah subhanaw taala as we know, and as we have noticed, from the style of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala does not go into details until it's needed. You know how many years passed from that statement to the statement?

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Many years and we will find out exactly in a few seconds.

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How do we know? What are the brothers of use of any salon doing there? The i right after that. Explain. When a measure has a homebuilder has a hem.

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That means they came to ask for

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for supplies.

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What does that mean?

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It meant that

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things got so bad.

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The drought became so bad

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that people were leaving Philistine where your crew and his family is and going to Egypt to get supplies. This is how bad the drought spread. This is not the first conclusion. second conclusion is that use of Alayhis Salam is doing such a great job is that people are coming from out the country to come to his country to get supplies

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according to the dream

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which seven years were the bad ones the first or the second seven years

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of telephone

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second, right, first Saba

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sadaqa and see MAN Yeah, Quran that someone HF so the first seven of the good years. So if the if the family of use of the brothers of huge value salaam are coming to ask for help, that means the first seven years are gone. So this is part of the second seven years and maybe second, third fifth Allah annum. So you're talking about at least 1015 years, or maybe no 1012 years are gone

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from that statement, and he took position till his brothers came to visit.

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Okay, now we can imagine, Yusuf alayhi salam,

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the brothers walk in, he recognize them immediately.

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of course, they're coming from a Philistine. They have their own style of way they were dressed. They were talking Hebrew that was said.

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And by that time, he already learned the r&b from the from Egypt. Okay. So he recognized

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they, for him, it's very easy to recognize them. And for them, it's extremely hard use of to them is that useful to them is gone. You can imagine how many years in the palace of the Aziz. How many years in jail, and how many years now? So you're talking about a very long time. 3040 years, they haven't seen him. So they have a certain use of his out of the question. He's gone. So he recognized them.

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But they did not recognize him now.

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Normally, you know, I always discuss everything in details. Normally, does it make sense for someone to ask for supplies to go to them? It was here to the Minister.

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Right. So impossible. Now if you want something you go to, to the President. There are mayors, there are governors, there are senators they are local. You know, so how do you how do you

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Get to the minister How come

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you understand the question? Why did they go to use of I want some

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small grain I want some wheat I go to the best

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How come

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that's the first one excellent

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foreigners, when somebody's coming from a very

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long distance when a foreigner come and ask okay that means there was no planes and trains and automobiles they traveled for a long distance. So that means they are coming

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for a large quantity

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to come to the large quantity, you have to talk to the

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person in charge, right? Plus themselves by themselves. They are telling

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you they used to come to us value salaam or to the place where use of his giving the food and everybody takes for his family, little bit, one basket one bag, whatever, right? So 10 People even if they're taking for their families, only 10 people and at that time, there's too many 234 She's talking about between them and their families you're talking about 100 people with their children. So this is a large quantity it has to be authorized by a bigger authority.

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So they want to use a funny Salam because the smart people cannot give this okay.

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when a measure has a home Bucha has seen

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and when he prepared for them all the food they needed okay

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Carla, he said listen Jaquan because I like to interact with you call that Tony be Akela can mean a vehicle

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he said

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bring me back

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the brother the brother that is from your father.

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is it possible that I just met you?

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I asked you something this

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special this private? Impossible. So what happened? That statement? When a measure has a homebuilder has him of course use what Islam is not himself putting the jazz he's asking his like I said before recording if at any He's telling his people to go and

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prepare for them their food. So at that time, it was said that he started getting to know them. Where are you from? Where from Faustin our father is a prophet

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How many are you? We are 10 and we still have one brother we lost one brother years ago and we still have one brother. So it looks like he got to know them otherwise there's no way you talk to somebody okay, go get me your brother. How did you know that? I have a brother from my father's side only. Okay. And this is something very, very interesting here.

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He said

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Pilot Tony B actually Lachenmann a vehicle. Now this is a Araby touch on the side. Fe Leko Minh Adhikam

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why he did not say

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that Tony be a he come in he come.

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He said let me translate. He said Bring me a brother of yours. That's from your father.

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And he did not say because logically he's supposed to say Bring me the brother that is from your father.

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How come?

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Akhil Leko min ABBYY come out be a he committed a become okay. If he said

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no, no, he they do not know his use of okay. And he doesn't want them to know Not yet.

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If he say if he said he actually committed a beacon. What does that mean? That means he knew that there is only one brother

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from the Father side. They did not tell him. They said we have a brother,

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brother brothers, but they actually come in and become as if as if he's saying I don't know how many brothers you have from your father. Maybe 345 Bring me one of them.

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He's like playing

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Very, very smart.

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Give me How many brothers do you have from your father bring you on? He knows it's only one says brother. This is first brother. So bring me one brother.

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No, no, he wants to bring his brother. Okay. We actually let him in a vehicle could not be a he couldn't become otherwise they will immediately know how did you know that you have only one brother from our father. So he's trying to play it safe to make sure he got his brother. His whole idea is to get his brother.

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And then what did he say?

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He said, Tarragona any Oh, Phil Kaler one, a hireal, mousseline, he wants to show them and convince them, and He wants them to come back. So he first told them,

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he said, subhanAllah, there are few things to indicate that he wants them to come back. First, he told them

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to bring your brother.

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Second of all, he told them,

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If you don't come back, I will prevent you from even stepping into Egypt, which we will find out.

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And I will discuss the others when I get to them. So he told them.

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Go get that Brother, don't you notice that I'm very generous with you? I'm very kind with you. I'm a great host. Look what I have given you. So there's nothing to worry about. All I'm asking for is go get your brother and come back. That's what I'm asking for. Now.

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They know what they have done already.

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To use of. And they know how hard it is to convince the father to give them the other brother, this is lucky. They know.

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The guilty already. And they know that they left Binyamin with, with the Father on purpose just to keep his company otherwise he can't leave all of them. So they said

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and or before he before he doesn't, or if you don't bring your brother tell them tattoo and he said, Kayla, lock them in the club. So now he first told them I'm a good man. That's a great reason to come back. And second Subhanallah you know, when when you talk to somebody and you are in power, you give them your choices. Both of the choices are good for you. And you make them choose from what you want. Just like she said before murottal Aziz

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measures that woman, Erica Swan in Illa I use Jana. She gave him the option. Either you put him in jail or you punish him both are good for Okay, so here he told them. Listen, I'm a very good man. As you can see, I met you myself. I provided everything you asked me for. And if you don't come back to Atlanta Tony be in case you don't bring him back. You will never be able to get any more grain and you will not

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talk robotic baboon, you will not even come close to

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You're not going to come even close to me nothing, you know, you're never going to see me again.

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they answered, call. Sandra we do. And no other were inner Nephi alone. So they said we're going to

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remember Subhan Allah this is the second time the word neurologists were our that will let you who are fee based here. What did we say? Let me see if you're listening or you're just shaking your head and you will have half asleep. What does that mean?

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We said that when we said about the wife of the Aziz trying to do

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Morava the

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rather than who's gonna

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have the means to keep trying.

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This is the Moraga she kept on trying to seduce him, the word routers to try to keep trying to keep trying constantly, they say

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rather than the label rather than the label map means

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the camera is going back and forth to get water. So they she went back and forth trying to seduce him. So they're saying we're gonna go try and back and forth until we convince him first they said we're going to try Sonora with the other. Then they said we're in let failure known known to toe kid with an attack kid 100% We're going to do it. Just trust us. We will do it.

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Were in law fair enough, we will do it.

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Okay. Now

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as if they're saying listen, use of funny. This is not an easy task. This is very hard. But we are going to do our our best. Now. This is something here.

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Very nice Pamela.

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Sandra, Sandra with one who

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out of tour, Nisha Hamish Elena

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is father is your father to

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How come

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Subhan Allah the jealousy is still there.

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The jealousy is still there. Look at this all these years, because they knew that the Father and insomnia loves use of ad Binyamin. They have a special place in his heart to stand around with his father as if it's not their father. You know, when you speak about somebody a third place you something is wrong, you know, you have something against them. So now we do so they said his father, not our father, the jealousy and they know how much Yaqoob loves Binyamin we are going to try to convince his father to let go of him and we will do it.

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And what they think is you know what, we have done worse than that. Look what we have done to use of an insulin. So this is nothing we can do worse than that even convinced them only we will do our thing. We will do our thing. What did you do? At the same time? Subhana wa ha and if at any

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age I do be the atom theory had him long. Yeah, the fauna is unkillable in early him.

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Now he's giving them one more excuse to come back.

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First, he told him I'm a very nice man. Very good man. A good host. Second, if you don't come back,

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I will prevent you from even stepping into Egypt. And third his time them here. He told His servants put their goods here. Ba ba ba ba What does without I mean? B is merchandise. Everyone who comes to get grains from Yusuf alayhi salam, he has to bring something. What's your specialty?

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Your specialty is honey, you bring honey, you take grain, your specialty is leather, your specialty dates. You bring your from your country and you bring it and we will give you back the grace the grayness of the most needed. Okay. Okay. So

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he ordered his servants.

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The biller that they brought with them to trade, put it back on the rehab. Rehab is the place where on top of the camels, okay, the thing that you put stuff in, and you put it on top of the cab of the saddle, okay. So perhaps they would recognize them when they return to their families, and they will come back. Now? What's the benefit of giving them back?

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Their merchandise? Number one is to

00:23:30 --> 00:23:30

show them

00:23:32 --> 00:23:36

that he wants them to come back second,

00:23:37 --> 00:23:41

to give them another incentive to come back. Because if you don't have anything

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with our, if you don't have merchandise, how are you going to come and trade? Right? So you have something now that will give them another incentive to come back? Third, they have the merchandise to trade, it will not take them very long time. He wants them to come back with their brother quickly. Okay, so you have the stuff just dropped that other stuff and bring you bring me and come back right away? You have something to trade with. Okay. Now, somebody might say, How come Yusuf Ali salaam

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you know, took that decision. Just give them back their merchandise back and you know, they did not pay for the stuff and well,

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you know, you have to have something in your heart and in your mind that Yusuf Ali Salaam is a prophet, and he will not do anything wrong. There might be a plan, there might be an authority given from the King, do whatever you want, but we never doubt that the prophet like Yusuf Ali salaam, will try Oh, this is my family. Let me just give them no, no, no, this is not what the prophets do. We don't believe that. We believe that the prophets are the best of people and they do not differentiate between anybody. Okay, so he gave them back the merchandise and he said, when they get to the family, they can

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See that? Our stuff also as he gave us back our stuff, Allahu Akbar. So what kind of man is this? So let's go back and get some more because we always need you know, food.

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So they went back and Subhanallah and of course the distance took such a long time to go back and everything. Again the state of the Quran is so beautiful phantom Raja idiom called Ivana money. I mean alcohol for others in mana Ahana nicotinell were in LA, who? The half earphone when they went back to their father. They said, Oh, our Father, we have been deprived. They told us there's no more grains for us, unless we bring our brother so please send him with us. And what did they said and

00:25:49 --> 00:25:52

when they have evil, does that sound familiar?

00:25:54 --> 00:26:33

That's the same statement they said to about use of Arizona. This will be our discussion next week when they came back and discuss to the Father Inshallah, if Allah kept us alive, may Allah subhanaw taala bless all our families, may Allah protect us from any harm. May Allah subhanaw taala keep our three year living on telehealth and dying until hidden sha Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala unite our hearts again brothers please make sure you tomorrow you come to Fraser in Jamar it's a 6:30am and you will get the huge reward of being under the protection of Allah the whole day and make them out of solid on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can

00:26:33 --> 00:26:38

isolate and Ebrahim earlier Rahim Naka Hamidah Majid, along with Eric

00:26:39 --> 00:26:48

Muhammad cannot direct other Brahim Brahim in the academy Majeed Suhana. From LA Maria Hambrick I should allow the staff to work

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