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AI: Summary © The importance of belief in Prophet Muhammad's teachings and acknowledging one's actions is discussed. The third proof of his message is highlighted, including the use of the Prophet Alayhi's message and the importance of learning from history and the church's actions in shaping behavior. The success of Islam's first three leaders is also discussed, including Jesus, Muhammad Ali, and Islam's prophecies. The challenges of society and racism are also discussed.
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what Apple was a journey that's gonna be given on hand in Allah again Aliko viva. Yeah, you had Lavina Harmon kappa law how a voodoo fold and said either you select like whatever field left in the Nova companies are monitoring our solar rooftop advisor fellows and Halima All Praise be to Allah we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness.

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And we turn to Allah for protection from the evil whispers within us and from the consequences of our evil deeds. Forever Allah guide is going to lead a street and whomever our blood leaves the street and can die. And we testify that none is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our obedience of love with Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was undoubtedly His prophet, and inserted within His messenger.

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Oh, you have embraced fake Oh, you have believed Omar says have the Dupois of Allah in your life at all times, to the extent that you can muster as best as you possibly can. And do not die Do not leave this life exactly in a state of complete and total surrender to Allah state of Islam.

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To begin after welcoming my brothers and sisters once again.

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So Allah's favor over us of being in his house.

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We began two weeks ago, our discussion, our visiting or revisiting why we believe in him or his auto setup.

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And we said that why we believe in Him,

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does not necessarily mean that we are doubting and our belief in him whatsoever, I need someone to sit up. But it's more about recognizing

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that the belief in Him is not something that is inherently born inherited. In side of you naturally present the same way believing in God is for example, to believe a particular human being was the prophet of God, you may have inherited that by who you associate with your family members, your relatives, your circle that you grew up with. But that type of

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inheritance is very easily taken away from a person

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as opposed to someone seeing it for themselves being convinced of it personally. The statement seeing and believing has a degree of truth to us as Muslims. In fact, it's been reported that our prophets of Allah who didn't listen Listen,

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listen, move work, and why the one being told is not like the one see.

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And the one being told about the fact is also not like someone who sees the factory himself.

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And also we are talking about this subject because we believe that although we believe in the prophets of Allah, Allah, he'll send them we have to continually climb upwards in our beliefs, because there are so many factors around us that will continually work downwards against our belief, that belief could be eroded could be eaten away like rust eats away at metal, that can happen. And because a person even though they have enough European to be Muslim, meaning to act on what they believe that's what you need to be Western. That's it. If you're acting on it, that means you believe in it. But that does not mean that the upward climb, and being totally still in where you

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are inside of your faith has been reached here. You have been itself has levels being positive, even being positive as levels. And that's why I brought him on in salatu salam. He said that I would be educated in Rota, he was not waiting to become Muslim. He was a Muslim that was devoted, dedicated, practicing. And then he asked Allah and humility without demanding no one is allowed to demand anything of Allah. But he was asking Oh Allah, can you take me to another level? Can you show me how you get right to the dead? All the LLM took me and he said Don't you believe you have enough?

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Fake. The problem is in your life to begin with, though he says, Well, of course I believe when I can lead to my enough I will be what I want. I'm looking for the stillness of my heart, to stop to be untouchable to be unfeasible to, to be beyond curiosity anymore.

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And so Allah azza wa jal showed him, because seeing is believing. And so we want to see the facts that we've inherited, for the most part for most of us about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, why we believe in him. So they are not eroded so that they are not weak, so they are not subject to attack.

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And we set up the first proofs of his profits, which was set up was how suddenly overnight overnight attacking

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he did not perfect an art of those before him that he had access to it all came out of nowhere. And that's why some of the simplest facts of almost all selling drugs in the world that were common knowledge to a different time in a different place. Like the stories have been on this thought yet.

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They said no one would know this little profit How did you know the story of

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when goons him in public? He learned that a lot of us had I not told you this you would no way he would have known it living in Arabia isolated by desert. And that's why those that hear from him say how did he know that story? That story is only in another part of the world in Jerusalem only 600 years ago, I didn't get read covered uncovered. So the suddenness on so many levels through this profit center, and we discuss that. And we discuss a little bit about how his character how the previous Scriptures foretold clearly that something was going to happen in this part of the world from the children of his Mary, our great nation, the Capitol being built and sense of being done all

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of this not for a small event. Everything was leading, including the scriptures, something big was about to happen in America. And everyone knew it. And they recognize that like they recognize their own children. That was the second proof. The third proof is the actual character of the Prophet alayhi salatu was set up his reputation of honesty, his valor, and his bravery was not that of a liar or a coward or anything of that sort. Him having no motives, having his public and private life, so simple. so down to earth, even at the height of his power. His optimism is never moving, losing hope, even in the cave, all of that leads to one thing, and he was certain about faith.

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And thus, he was able to convey it relate to so many others put it in so many people. They saw it from his character, that this was not something that he was acting or pretending or even something he believed but wasn't really sure about.

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He was so consistent in that. This third point we want to discuss today. And I only rehearsed for a little bit of three, four minutes, because big two weeks is look at his message and insight was his message, analyzing his message proves his profits.

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You know, any human being? Can we try to be really creative and think of a philosophy like life is thrive? Why are we suffering, it's all a test, try your best be nice and put together some general values. But when you think about how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam presents proposes to the world, a message that is so shattered, right, so comprehensive, covering everything.

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And we will give some examples in a minute. And then at the same time, all those wide parts are, in essence, right like they're synchronized, they harmonize in a way they fit perfectly together.

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And then there's so much detail, you know how they say it in English, the devil lies in the details. Like yeah, sure, it looks nice on face value, but you did just an inch or two down. There's something clearly wrong here. It's filled with contradictions. Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, that the fact that there are in yon is proof that it's from Allah,

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Aphrodite, the Baboon, and what else can I mean during the lady la he levels up so I think if you

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don't think reflect over the Quran, this message of the Quran, if it was from anyone but Allah, you would have found so many inconsistencies so many contradictions so much conflict innings. How do you have a book that 6200 plus verses long and they all reinforce each other and parts of it resemble one another, and you're doing it over the span of 23 years? This is also an issue. Some people don't realize the power the wisdom of the operands message being revealed over 23 years.

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Hola Arcilla Jen says, and the disbelievers saying Elena, Lindsey the hazard Quran Joomla Tsinghua either they say Why didn't it come down all at once, of the wisdoms why it came down all at once. Can you imagine a person who tries to write a message or thesis or research in his Bachelor's undergraduate level. And then when he comes back and writes another one and his master's level, and then writes, learn as I was writing his second PhD, like 20 years later, 25 years later, when you compare all of that, would see this same person. This is the same message, this is the same author, this is the same writer impossible. The Prophet alayhi salatu, salam, he had a message, he will

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recite Psalm four and two people, those people will hear that Quran and go back to their country and never come back to them for as long as they live. They find out later on that he died in Medina, Ali Santosa. So he couldn't retract and refine and edit and smoking where there's so much harder than meets and worried and deletes and edits. So that's a part of it is the message. And then look, look, look at the content of his message. He is the only person that ever came to the world with such a pure message until he messages logical, a message that is clear message that is firm, unwavering one God, no partners, creator of the heavens and the earth, everything comes from him and everything

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returns to Him. He doesn't need any one or anything for any moment. And everyone and everything needs him at every moment. Crystal clear.

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For heavy CBD at the Royal Allah say this is my path. He's declared it from I call to Allah. And then even when he events would come to his life, as we mentioned, or may have mentioned before, our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he lost his son, Ibrahim, as a two year old when he died in front of your eyes, a lot was set up. It just so happened that the whole zoo or the CUSUM took place or Eclipse a solar eclipse took place on the day of Marlon died.

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And you think you know, this is a very convenient coincidence, that if you want to promote yourself, not God, your message really wasn't God. This is like perfect timing. This is like a strike of luck or fortune, as they say. All those heavens are upset because of where he died. He didn't even have to say it was so obvious that misunderstanding was people started saying to the degree that your Prophet alayhi salatu salam has to give him the new book, though he's going through the difficulties of losing a child, though he's not the one who said it himself and clarifies and why are people see X, Y and Z? He says in the Shem cell and Pamela I attained even I Atilla he you have with Winnie

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Mareeba, who laughs The patty emoji I had it, what are the highlights? But you know, right to whom and for son. He said, The sun and the moon are two of the Signs of God. They're not from 100 children that have an effect on them, to have the Signs of God, that he strikes fear to display on his album, strikes fear and his slaves using them. They do not be clips for the death or the life of anyone. So when you see them get up and break,

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get up and show your brokenness to God show you a submission to God.

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All you have to do is be silent. But his message was that clear. And then he comes with, with a belief on product on faith and this theory that everything is in Allah's hands. And aside from the benefit of that, the psychological benefit of that the clarity of everything is in God's hands. And then he chose to give you a bit of the choice but it's still his because he can cancel whenever he wants. And so within that choice, that small bit of free will, he will hold you accountable. And then he teaches the Muslims five daily prayers. And the genius in this is beyond the textbook. You know, the same way you cannot some people look at five prayers of it's much and that thinks times is

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a bit strict. But he knew from Allah, Allah told him, make sure they take prayer times very seriously. Because the same way you cannot all bundle up your meals, your lunch and your dinner at the end of the week, you'll die before it happens. You cannot bundle up your prayers at the end of your day, you will fall apart before it happens. He knew exactly what the who would be needed. And then he gave you a month in the year called Ramadan. To regulate yourself. Remind yourself behind those that Allah is always watching even if the people aren't and to practice a little bit of self restraint. And then his message goes one step further. He talks about psycap and talks about hedge

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A reminder of the Hereafter when people come from every direction, all the same to stand in front of the same God SubhanAllah. And then from the genius of his message, by the way, is that he left the room for the human mind.

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You know, it's not just what he taught, I saw to sit up that is such a proof of his prophethood. It's the things he refused to talk about. Because how many religions how many philosophers no one can we could not 50 years ago, imagine what's happening now correct? Hat, if you will try to set a tight tight rule for 1500 years from now you will totally fail, because you have no idea what the engineers gonna look like years from now will look like he's message even had that flexibility to last and to survive, and that's why survive.

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And then he spoke about delta human hygiene and clipping your nails and went to be and practicing medicine and that medicine is not magic, which most of so much of the world believe that medicine was just caught off of superstition myths. And he said, No. And that's why the very first medical exams were done in Baghdad, by the Muslims, because hundreds of years before that our province also lives in ever practicing medicine without being skilled, whoever practices sleep, whatever you think, will leave before long and he's liable. Meaning you can't wing it. He knew that medicine was a system that is to be mastered. And he follows that I've said matzo ball coming there and elevens

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Allah did not send out a disease except that he sent for the cure, there's a cure for everything. Those who walk away from patients keep trying. He said whether you know it or you don't, but he did send it. And that's why the medical Renaissance began, you know, in the Crusaders came back in the 11th century, for 100 years after the province. They write in their books, and the records I can give you that they are brought home 400 years later, a beautiful custom to Northern Europe. And that was the Turkish bath and Turkish consulting Turks, they were the Muslims in charge, they brought back to the bath, they were not bathing, they weren't washing, they would put on clothes and keep

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them until they ripped off. That's why they loved that the plague would take care of time and time again. This was also learned from the Muslims.

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All of this message, you know, by the way, even the study of human history was preserved. These are not my words, was preserved by the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad Ali's auto setup. You know that the professor at Yale University, his name is

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Rosenthal, Professor Rosenthal, he writes a book books and numerous books on the fact that the world has given up on history that there is no way to know what happened in the past and stop trying to investigate world history. Let's stop trying to understand how people were for us live and what their mistakes were and how to make tomorrow better than yesterday. He said, and this was only saved by Muslim culture. Because the Muslims believed strongly enough through their plan, that they had an accurate start points for history. We had some general information, we had accurate Stories of the Prophets, accurate facts here and there. And so it gave people enough interest that it's possible

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and they built from there, they built on that. So even history, even the existence of Europe was based on the message of our Prophet alayhi salatu salam who could not read nor write nor saw Europe more could imagine it. Hundreds and hundreds of years before that. So a lot of Don't Be yourself. I only had I was a full believer

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and Hungary so that was salam ala Mandela, we have added sugar learn

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how to do whenever you want also,

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also of the groups of Prophets, of the proofs of Prophets, what

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are his accomplishments is in Jazza, Alex lottosend

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as he promised, you'll hit on more ideally, Ken Cooley, as Allah promised to make it evident clear over all religions, all things. What was the accomplishment of our Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam because some people may overlook this. And I wish to remind our brothers and sisters always that playing with your phone, in gym or app will invalidate the reward of your job.

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When the Hollywood speaking it is your duty to try your best to find something of benefit to extract from his words to benefit you from your weekend beyond jump. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said madness and hustle half of a level whoever keeps playing with the pebbles that Sebastian was pebbles that day and age whoever has participated in idled speech meaning he has rendered is junagarh reward and wisdom are useless, even if it's valid, valid but no reward from it, no fruits.

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So what was the accomplishment of our Prophet Muhammad Ali's a lot of us.

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If you think about it correctly, there was no one accomplishment you can pick

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Like he was not a great generalized auto select only because they were great generals in history. He was not just a founder of religion only. There are people that are found in religions, very few, but they got it.

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He was not someone who's just a source of inspiration for inspiration for so many people because of one event in his life. Like the crucifixion, Christianity, that's the one seed that defines the whole religion. That wasn't it. In reality, what made the Prophet Ali's accomplishments so special was that he was all of this in one manner.

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That is what is different. And we should always keep mindful of that, because so many non Muslims have kept mindfulness. You know, in the book that Muslims love to go the 100 greatest by Michael Hart.

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To keep it very brief, his explanation is what he was trying to charge. The 100 greatest, most impactful people in human history, influence whether you like them or not, it's not it was discussion, how much effect have they had? Number one out of the 100, he said was Mohammed I used to love to sit down. But why? He said, I know because it's politicized, politically, you know, contended with its bad press. It doesn't follow the foreign policies of our country. He's an American story. He says, I know a lot of people are gonna get upset at me for picking him up. But the issue is, he was the only person that was supremely successful on the religious and the secular,

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the political level, I couldn't find anyone else in human history that was able to do that.

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Jesus Christ was successful religiously, right? But he was swallowed up by the people and he couldn't hold his ground. According to the Christian tradition, he was killed. Isaac Newton was extremely successful. He's number two, Jesus, three of these guys was on a secular level inventions wise, great influence, everyone's dependent on on his discoveries today, but on a religious level, people do not consider him a resource or source a legitimate source to inform their religious views. You know, another friendship story. He says, it's not just what he accomplished. He said if you look at what he tried to do, he tried to

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control if you will address have a C guide every single aspect of a human beings life. He said that you Mungus goal he has. And then you look at what kind of resources the means. He says, those are the two ways to measure greatness. Can we really say any man is greater than Muhammad Ali's love was set up. This is a one to the Martines statement.

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A man by Draper says this is a person JW Draper was a huge historian here in the West.

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He says that in 569, a man named Muhammad was born.

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He says who has influenced exercise the greatest amount of influence on the human race ever. And it just might. These are his words, it just might entitle him to, to the title, it just may justify the title, a messenger of God. I saw through a setup. These are people who understand how to compare and accomplishments of people. The last of them also another man, his name was Bosworth Swift. And forgive me for quoting so much of these in a hotel. But it's important for you to know how easy it is to recognize there is something unique here. He said, This is the only person he says by a fortune, buzzword. Smith says, by a fortune absolutely unique in human history. No one's ever done

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this. He was the founder of a state, a country and then an empire. All the countries went under him and their religion in one person. He said he was the Pope. Without all the formalities of the vote. You don't have to go through a million hoops to get him. And he was Caesar. He was the king of Rome without the armies of Caesar.

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He said, None of this makes sense. This was your Prophet alayhi salatu was set up. How does someone accomplish all of it together in a 23 year life?

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And it wasn't just down not just that our prophets are sending off his accomplishments was that he was the most loved men

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in all of human history.

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You know, one time it was they were debating with the famous documentary that Allah they said to me, no one is loved more than Jesus. 2 billion people.

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Loving Jesus Christ used to be a partner. He said you have 2 billion people that profess the love of Jesus,

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where we have 1.5 billion people that practice the love of who Heaven is what was what is you moving the chakras in Salah right?

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Are you not giving precedents to his loving his guidance, his lifestyle, his ways over anybody else's? Why do we Muslim sometimes put up with being looked at weird for dressing a certain way or growing a certain beard or otherwise it's out of our love for Him.

00:25:18--> 00:25:39

We don't care if it's consistent with culture, across time and space sometimes because we love them that much. Nobody has ever been loved by Him. And if you realize the love of the companions, it becomes even clearer, taking arrow after arrow in their backs becoming paralyzed without hesitation being informed their family members have died. They say no worries Muhammad Ali's auto setup

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that was of his accomplishments, and of his accomplishments. And with that I close and we move on to his prophecies, the things that no one could have ever known that he spoke day in and day out. And they unfolded exactly as he said them in detail without ever messing up without ever being mistaking his prediction on a cell phone set up that will be for an excellent one shop. But let me let's see, the last thing his accomplishments is that he accomplished all of this. So it wasn't just a message that was theory that was advanced, beautiful, so impressive, but he couldn't apply. Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he revolutionized the human race in just one generation.

00:26:22--> 00:26:28

Who do you know, takes a whole society from alcoholism, and overnight, it's gone.

00:26:30--> 00:26:45

In this country, 100 years ago, we tried this and we failed. The laws that tried to abolish drinking failed. And so they tried to put like their laws, because they couldn't they weren't able to shut down the industry. He shut it down in one generation.

00:26:46--> 00:27:27

Who do you know has ever been able to remove racism from society? He did it in one generation who do you know has ever been able to get people to stop killing their babies for whatever whatever reason? I they're afraid to be poor and the abortions are everywhere nowadays, or they just prefer girl boys over girls and that's still prominent. Do you know for the past 100 years, with the ability to have extensive surveillance and the tightest laws and the advancement of technology, people are still killing a culture still exists all over in India today. They're still unable to stop. He Alex AutoSelect. Stop what dude, bananas, female infanticide, killing babies. And when they find out

00:27:27--> 00:27:29

they're a girl in one generation.

00:27:31--> 00:28:15

And these people were not just ready for a button to be pressed. These people were a people that had savagery, had brutality had lack of organization, lack of civility in their homes. Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam was set to perhaps the most difficult people, the Arabs of Arabia so that the transformation that will happen overnight is just so impressive. And that's why Allah azza wa jal said they'll infect the mafia out the Jimmy on my left, you spend every penny on earth you won't be able to pull this off, pull these people together and unify them and turn them into a bright spot for planet Earth. If you spend everything on earth, you will not be able to mend their hearts with

00:28:15--> 00:28:58

that King Allah had never been with Allah made all of these warring brutal hearts together that was off his accomplishments from people that could bury their daughters alive as they stared into their eyes, people that would kill each other over a drink of wine. People that were worried about their food and their drink and barefoot and cold and they get in so many respects to people who spend their nights. There's tears streaming down their cheeks long from Allah reciting his word, and living their day giving up for others selfless, sacrificing, writing out to all the tyrants, liberating humanity, allowing them to enjoy their freedoms, caring about a bird and a little animal.

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This is his accomplishment, a sloth was set up, he brought out of that come to hide on creating us the very best generation that ever came out to humanity. These are his accomplishment these are this is of the strongest proofs of his property. Who can match it it's a standing challenge no one would ever come close with the peace and blessings of Allah we have our Prophet Muhammad Ali's Otto set up Allah fill our hearts with conviction in him and all our hearts with certainty in him Allah He saw those set up among them that bluebella Kubelet up Allah Almighty Fluvanna didn't have political my habits in every above Muslim Muslim enormous amounts once we need a frequently my cat Allahu Allah

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dedicated many of us have in our own dad you know when he said and I will hold off you may

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Allah there's no cap on hola and welcome to a verbal Summon, and today see Bexar County How am I lemon badass

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Hola, Miami. Majid Yes sir.

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as you relax Allah in His in whom was sitting on sadhana when let lay up in a big

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era was not only because

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was education magic was very didactic when I said look upon when said email when he said I'm sorry when I said okay we play events out when our little became a charity my time when I said federal getting my time in the Kansas blue bubble send them a lot of condominium