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The concept of people's hunger and their behavior are discussed, highlighting the physical and spiritual hunger of the Spirit and the importance of avoiding sin and being in love for a long time. The speaker also emphasizes the need to find the right place in life and use the Internet to connect to oneself, stressing the importance of being mindful of one's actions and not just living like fools.

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alameen wa sallahu wa Salaam Arusha Celine heilala he was made by

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many brothers, and

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promised us

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something which you call head and diva.

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And that promise comes with a condition that is higher than the EVA is for the one who's obedient to Allah.

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This strange thing in life is

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that if we look at

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the human being,

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whether it's a Muslim, whether it's a non Muslim, whether it's an Indian, whether it's an American, whether it's an African, or an Asian,

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every race, every nationality, every religion,

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every human being is seeking only one thing.

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And that thing is, hasn't they've

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a good life, a beautiful life,

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a life of comfort, a life of safety, a life of harmony, a life of tranquility, a life of contentment,

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that is what everybody is seeking.

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The person who is getting drunk is getting drunk because you think that in that intoxication, you will find this, I hadn't even the person was taking drugs, things that when he takes that drug,

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then that drug will take him to a place somewhere where this is advantageous to be found. Where you can get peace of mind.

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The person taking drugs is not taking drugs to torture himself.

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See his intention? What is the intention? Why does somebody drink? Because he thinks I want to destroy myself as quickly as possible now

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he drinks because he thinks it will give him happiness. Somebody who's taking drugs he also knows that one day this thing will destroy you. But he is detected why because he thinks that will not destroy me it will it is something which is good for me.

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So anyone who does something like who's chasing something they are doing it with the intention is good intention is that they should get happiness.

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Now this will get tranquility this will get peace of mind.

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But where is this peace of mind?

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Is the key thing to understand is that if you go looking for one to go buy a car and you go to hospital, you will not find the guy so there are no cars in the hospital for sale. Right I got in the hospital maybe somebody has my job what is the hospital is a good place? Of course it's a good place. But what do you

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do you get sick you go to the car showroom. I want to I want to I want to have an operation go to the console. It's crazy. You want to find something in a place where it is not there.

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So where is this hat? And Deva? Where is this tranquility? Where is this peace of mind? Allah subhanaw taala daughter's very good ally with the gorilla he's at we're in Norco.

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Israel, none of the

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the visa Mine isn't one of them.

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Now, why is that because there is two kinds of hunger.

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There is a physical hunger. And there is a spiritual hunger, there is a hunger of zero.

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If you have physical hunger, to give you an example, if you have somebody very hungry,

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and this person will show him beautiful 3d images of all kinds of lovely foods does it fill is very

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no matter what you do, you can put it on a huge you know 70 of screen and join these beautiful pictures of wonderful food. It will not will not only will it not fill his belly, it will actually make his suffering more, the more he sees that for that vote, he will start celebrating his hunger will become more, the more he's used the vote. Without seeing the vote. Maybe he would have forgotten anger after a while. But when you seeing these images of the vote, his anger actually gets worse.

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I take the anger of the Spirit.

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What is the world trying to do? The world is trying to fill that anger of the Spirit by chasing the world. So for some people, the intoxication is in liquor. For some people the intoxication is in women. For some people, the intoxication is in power. For some people the intoxication is in buying things possessions.

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What therapy is a valid

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retail therapy or

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retail therapy? Somebody you?

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You have Yeah, you know, you're sick. So you go to the mall. They met you, you know you are sick internally and seriously think about it. Why is the person going on by you're buying and buying and buying forward because you think you're trying to solve this sickness. But a sickness is a sickness of your spirit.

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And you're going to find the cure of that in the model. By buying six

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regions. There'll be somebody assigned to

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In this

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to fulfill his hunger by taking drugs.

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So for each one there is something for each one there is something but all of them are in the wrong place.

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Because just like a hungry person, you can show him pictures of the most expensive, the most exquisite the most beautiful vote it will not fit his belly but giving one piece of bread

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give him some you know overs or some basic food

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for dummies or something basic food to give him that is enough for him dorial worth of food will village belly but you can join pictures of a million dollars worth of food it will look very very similarly the hunger of the Spirit

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you can buy to drop that is also incidentally one of the one of the one of the quotes there nowadays.

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Shop till you drop. You can shop in your drop, but the anger will not go

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to rocket Upsala. The wireless router

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today will go because the man is connected the soul is correct to tell us about that.

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My brother I find myself when you let us stop looking for things in the wrong place, we'll find them we can we can look, look and search for them till we die we'll ever find. You have to look for the play for the thing in the right place. Because believe me every instance of our life, whether we are saying anything, we are doing anything, every waking moment of our life, one of two things is happening.

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And both of these are in our control. I want you to listen carefully, every waking moment of our life. one of two things is happening.

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Either Allah subhanho wa Taala is being pleased with us. Or Allah Subhana Allah is being displeased with us.

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Every action of ours, every speech of our results in one of two things, the pleasure of Allah, or the anger of Allah,

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there is a third situation.

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And both of these are in our control whether we want the pleasure of Allah, or whether we want the anger of Allah or both in our control, unless neither of us can look into what you're

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We can get the pleasure of Allah or we can attract the anger of Allah.

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You're gonna save us from his anger.

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Because there are many people in the world who will spend one night laughing and enjoying themselves and having a really nice time.

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In the disobedience of Allah.

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They spend one night in great happiness. And then this spend the whole of eternity, weeping about that night.

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And there are other people who will spend one hour in the night standing before Allah subhanaw taala and weeping and repenting and making Toba and connecting to the rub. And then they spend the whole of eternity in the agenda, dividing

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both choices on this

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you can love for a short time and cry for a long time. Or you can cry for a short time allow for our love for a long time.

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And the solution to this is two things. shocker, a one has run out data that he gave us life, that he gave us the week that he gave us the knowledge that he gave us the opportunity to connect.

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And the second one, you Stober whatever has happened, there is no sin that Allah will not forgive.

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As long as the person is alive and mixed over there is no sin that Allah will not forgive ALLAH forgive sure color will cover Allah will forgive any sin. As long as you make Toba. Once we die, then the door is closed.

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Once Bob comes in, somebody dies, I'm sure God if somebody dies on Google,

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but as long as the person is alive, he could have been committing for 1000 years. But as long as he is alive, he makes the one last vital data will not only forgive, but Allah subhanaw taala will convert his sins into good deeds a lot more than anybody else.

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Despite that, if we don't want to make ours and this is on our own it

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then it's our honor. We cannot blame anybody else for this. Allah subhanaw taala opened the door of our alleged murder give us the opportunity to make Toba. He gave us a W still we don't want to do it. We refuse them. It's up to us.

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And that's what I said when you let us make Toba whatever we have done let us make Toba let us make sure that we clear our record

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while it is still in our power to do that, that reconnect with Allah subhanaw taala so that this hunger of the Spirit gets fulfilled so that we then live a life of hat on Deva and

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level of beautiful contentment in this world and when we die inshallah we die with the man and then the dollar will be ready so we ask Allah subhanaw taala for this, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to his knowledge and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to open our eyes. If we call ourselves intelligent, then it does not make sense for us to live like fools if we are intelligent and let us live like intelligent people. If you are intelligent people then why do we live like fools? Why do we live like people who have no sense and no knowledge and you know we like like animals just going from sensation to sensation and our hunger in the ideas and getting behind

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that power. Even if you get that thing it is like sawdust in the mouth. It has no it has no pleasure in it even after you get it. So what is the sense in running behind it? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to Zika to open our hearts to his knowledge to open our hearts, to his to the love for Him and to fill our hearts with love for Allah subhanho wa Taala and the love for Muhammad Rasul Allah subhana wa lives I was alone and to enable us to live our lives according to the sun nama mother Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to give us the Baraka of this life for dunya Allah Farah, for some Allah Allah, Allah, Allah de salvias, me