Why Death Spares Nobody

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All throughout the Quran Allah azza wa jal reminds us about the reality of life as a temporary short lived face.

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For instance, he says could Luna have seen that a cartoon note

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or a NEMA to a phono or Jura communal piano? Every soul no exception shall taste death and you will only ever fully be repaid on the day of judgments.

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From Z Han in natty Oh dpll Jan netofa differs And so whoever is inched away from the fire and admitted into paradise, then that is the person who succeeded one mile higher to dunya Illa material roar and the life of this world is both a deceitful enjoyment

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and elsewhere in the Quran, he says Kulu Neff seem to melt every soul will certainly taste death. Then what happens before death when a blue Combi Sherry will Heidi Pfitzner where Elena total Geron and we will test you all with evil and with good with sour and with sweet as a trial and then you return back to us

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and this week in particular it has of course been very heavy to hear of Back to Back deaths of major figures in the Muslim community with a static more either pneus and with now share how Bala camel Rahim, whom Allah may Allah have His mercy shower continuously down upon both of their graves and accept their good deeds and be with their families, Allah whom I mean. So it has certainly been heavy and uncomfortable.

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But is that always a bad thing? Sometimes too much comfort is no good.

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And what is better, a comfortable, very temporary lie or an uncomfortable truth that can set us free that can revive and liberate us. You see, being discomforted by the thought of death is very natural and very expected and very human. Even when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Whoever loves meeting Allah Allah loves meeting them whoever hates meeting Allah Allah hates me think them the Sahaba his wife Aisha Radi Allahu Allah said Yara said Allah, we all hate to die, He doesn't hate to die. He said, No, no, it's not what's meant. What's meant is at the point of death. The believer sees his reward. So he wants to meet Allah. And so Allah wants to meet that person. That's

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when it counts this notion, and the wicked person, the disbeliever, a hypocrite sees the punishment ahead. So he wants to escape it by any means doesn't want to meet Allah. So Allah hates me that person. So in other words, there's a degree of this that you're not supposed to fix. Hatred of death is natural and normal.

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But there's a degree of this that is extremely unhealthy if you give into it given to it categorically, absolutely. Which is ignoring death altogether. Right? Being avoidance of the topic of death, which is actually very common in our culture. Allah azza wa jal

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chastises in the Quran, those who fled from this reality and sold themselves a lie, and thought of at least and so prepared for at least, and he said, What jab at Sakura to melody will help and then there comes the

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disorientation of death Sakura is like intoxication, that pain of death that throws you in a blur it arrives been hacked with the truth with the reality you are in denial about that he can koonta mean to mean who the aid that is what you kept running from. He's holding it against them for running from it at their at their own expense. And to that later he says what luckily they couldn't feed off let him in Heather, you deliberately in a criminal way you deliberately remained heedless of this or was it accidental? Forgot it for a moment or No, no, you deliberately were heedless of this *a Schaffner and cathartic and now we've removed the cover. We've lifted the curtain for about Soroka

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Yolanda Hadid and now today, whether you like it or not, your sight will be sharp, you're gonna see clearly. And so the believer is to find that healthy balance of recollecting on death in a way that is empowering, not a way that destroys you and deflates you and makes you feel like it's all doom and gloom, and there's no hope and just despair. No, no. Continue to reflect on that. Those who reflect on it best. Prepare for it best, those who think of it most in the right way.

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They will be best prepared on the day they meet it. May we never be of the majority, who only get the curtain lifted against their own will as the moment that they breed their last I mean,

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and now that we're going to face it, and treat it like it's certain, because that's the whole idea, right? As it Hassan Versary Rahim Allah said, I've never seen people, not just Muslims, people

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consider something more certain, the way they consider death, like I've never met someone who said, I'm not going to die. Everyone believes that is certain. He says, but I've never seen people universally treat something, you look at their behavior now, not their words, treat something like it's so uncertain. The way they treat death.

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They operate in a way, like it's so unlikely it's so far fetched, it's so distant from me, it is so predictable, and so later,

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but when you recollect on it correctly, and you begin to consider what is the wisdom, the greatest wisdom of remembering death, by the way, is the greatest prize you can come out of life with, which is what led ILA ilaha illa. Allah,

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to recognize through the phenomenon of death, through recognizing your mortality, everybody's mortality, everybody's death boundedness, that you are not God, that only God is God Subhanahu wa Taala because everyone dies and he doesn't. As he said, In the Quran, throughout the Quran, this message is there.

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Well, who will call hero phulkari bad in one verse, and he is I'll call him the dominant over his servants. Not like in a cruel way, but meaning he subdues everyone's power, and nobody can subdue his power. He is the dominant over his servants, while you receive your alaykum half over. And he's the one who's constantly sending guardian angels over you.

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In other words, the only reason you're not dead yet, is because from Allah has great power. He's constantly sending you security.

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Millions of viruses are right in front of your nose, that you're not inhaling, millions of complications can happen in a second inside of you. It's not because you're so tough, not because he's so smart, not because it's so healthy, not because of your immunity that you're still alive right now. It's because he is the dominant, and he's currently sending in succession in shifts, guardian angels over you. The verse continues to say had II that jet had that cool mo to tell affair to Soluna were homeless you for return. And that continues to happen until death comes to one of you and our messenger angels, the angel switch now. Now it's the Angel of Death, not the angel of

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protection. But it's all him, right? Until I pull this one back and send this one forward, different angels, and they put him to death and they never mess up. They never slip in their mission.

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And so it's the universal, the common denominator that reminds us all we are just his subjects. We are not inherently entitled to life. We are not living beings. We were gifted life for a period. And then they will happen to us what happens to everybody, whether they're pious or they're wicked, whether they're rich, or they're poor, whether they're young, middle aged, old, whatever it may be king, subject, celebrity or unknown, whatever it is, it's all the same. Some of us will get sick, some of us won't, some of us will go to the ICU for a few extra, it's just death in the end. And the almighty remains the only one who is eternal subhanho wa taala. That's one of the greatest benefits

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of recalling death.

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It levels us all as creatures and singles him out as the creator.

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Go elsewhere in the Quran, you will find the same message to show you how important it is to recognize through that, that we're not in control. We're not gods. You know, we have so many reasons to No, we're not in control. Behind you. Look at what happened in your past, that you choose what day you were born, or how handsome or cute you will be or how tall you will eventually become or to what family you were born none of that was your choice. You're not in control. But because we're so forgetful, Allah sticks something in front of us all not behind us. That if we're paying attention, we will remember he's in control.

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I was about to say elsewhere in the Quran sutra walk there, one of my favorite passages in the Quran. Allah says fellow hula either Bella in Hong Kong, why don't you consider that moment when it reaches the throat? Meaning the soul was exiting. We're into pain or even tumble rune. And then at that moment

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You are all there watching. In other words, it's all you're gonna be able to do is sit there and observe the dying person die when a new ACARA buoy lay him in qumola Kyla to bassoon and we are closer to this dying person than you are you just can't see it meaning with our angels were closer.

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But then he says what Falola in contou Maria Rama de Nina Sergio owner in Khartoum Saudi teen and so if you owe this believer are not subject to our power, then send it back. Send what back? The soul? Send it back where I just pulled it up, send it back down, if you can. If you are not really if you are gods like me, I remove it you reinstate it. Total G Aruna have put it back in quantum Saudi clean if you are truthful in saying you are not subject to my power in saying I am not the one true God deserving of worship. And so that mortality is what educates us on the most important factor in life, which is Allah has unique divinity subhanho wa Taala a whole Holy hell that was tough for

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Allah Allah Allah Allah

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via via the shadow hola ilaha illallah wa Tada hola Shadi color or shadow no Mohammed and Abdul whenever you who are solo

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this recent scholar and global Khalid

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Sheikh Abdullah camel who died two days ago Rahim Allah

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rumors used to go out about him for several different years it would circulate that he has passed away and so there are many videos for those that know floating the internet of him saying it's a false it's false news. But he would always attach a reminder to these videos and say but so what if it happens?

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It's gonna happen one day What difference does it make life goes on? Right? And in one of those videos that came my way yesterday he was saying you all need to know that Abdullah Cameron is not candid.

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Right Abdullah camera is his name. Camellia means complete, I'm not complete, only God is complete. Only To Him belongs complete ETERNAL LIFE nobody else

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as Allah said in the Quran, once again K for tech for una villa, how could you deny God? What couldn't tomb and Wyatt and for here come when you were dead, and he brought you to life, this current life here and now. filmer you need to come and then he will put you to death. Again, that's another reason not to disbelieve in him his power right, he will put you to death, and he will bring you again back to life. The second time if there was difficult, it will be even easier. So don't disbelieve in God when he has the power to put you to death. And he has already shown that he can bring you back to life once because you are non existent and are living. So when you die, you will

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come again. How could you disbelieve complete and total power. But that is not the only benefit. Of course not it is the greatest, but of the benefits of having a healthy dose of remembering the end. The demise of this worldly life is to make the best out of life.

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You will make the best out of an opportunity when you recognize the value of the opportunity. And how limited the opportunity is. If you know that you have a short time span somewhere you try to maximise on the time. So how about life when everything is banking on it, we're standing at the footstep at the doorstep of eternity, should we not take it more seriously. Especially when you don't even know whose numbers next we can't decide which one of us is next and when it's going to be and how it's going to be. And so this should empower us not deflate us. This should encourage us

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not just to stay away from the Haram or displeased Allah, but even to never indulge in the halal at the expense of my relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. And it's a gradient built from the ground up but that's where it priorities with necessity.

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And it's not just about making the best of this life, for the sake of the Hereafter seeing it as this enormous opportunity the planting ground that I'm going to harvest from without ending the hereafter. Yes, but even to enjoy life the most here is only possible by recognizing how temporary here is

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that makes life more pleasant. Death makes life less stressful. As the poet you are

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is really coolly musi, but in what agility show more resilience and that every time some bad news comes your way some negative energy as we call it nowadays.

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Be more resilient be show more toughness. He says how he says why Allambie unelma Aviram holiday lady, by knowing that the human being is not immortal, right? The problem will not last, it'll disappear, or you will not last you'll disappear and leave it behind. That's it, take it easy. Zoom out. It's not going to stay or I'm not going to stay. But either way, the problem becomes trivial in a sense. And then he says what women use of mementos Robbie Mosley button has been on less stuffy, Hibiya hottie, and which one is not going through some tragedy. This is a path that you're not on alone. Everyone's going through stuff. Some people just have the wisdom and the guidance, for

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perspective, to size it up correctly.

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What either the character will see but mostly by 10 when we'll saw that, and if you think of any sorts of misfortune of yours, and how much it hurts, first quarter Messiah Kevin ABBYY Mohammadi. Then think of how hard it was the death of the Prophet Muhammad. How hard it was on you the death of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam The worst is over, which is losing the Prophet Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam. And also the fact that he died means you too will die right or wrong, as Allah said in the Quran, when Matt Jalna Lee Bashar remain public and hold, we did not grant any human being before you immortality to live forever after emitter for whom will Holly dune so when you die,

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do they think they will remain forever?

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That's what makes life bearable. I remember Sheikh Abdullah camel as well. Of course it is crowding the all of the memories. He said, What do you think, keeps me patient about not having my eyesight. He was visually impaired from birth.

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He said my hope in seeing Allah in the hereafter.

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Even that sustainable

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by knowing how shallow what breaks people about this world is their estimation, their delusion about what it can offer, and it can't that's how it breaks them. But when you imagine your soul leaving this world, like as one of my teachers said, You just look down from the airplane. And imagine that day that you're gonna get pulled out. You see that tiny city within which is a tiny house that you can't even see your problems with somebody inside that house.

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Suddenly you get some perspective.

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May Allah azza wa jal grant us the best of remembering death make us of those who remember it in healthy ways to have the best of this world as a result, and the best of the hereafter as a result, and to be the most distinctive people from the fire as a result of Muhammad Amin