What to say to the deceased person

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of avoiding assumptions and not giving up on one's own feelings. The speakers also mention a woman who was supposed to be a good husband but did not seem to want to work together. The segment emphasizes the need to be hopeful and not give up on one's own feelings.
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Last week, there was nothing on Thursday night was what to say when it goes into the eyes of the disease. But the problem is so Bob is going to talk to us when he attended or arrived after death. And that was set up probably about a while ago he closed his eyes and said to the people in the eye follows the soul as it exits. And then he said, Oh, nobody ever said

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that drive around, so love it.

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This next section, which in our

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title, manual, are brain dead MIDI, what I opposed to memorize enable me to what is to be said in the presence of the deceased person, or by someone who has lost some meaning in their presence or in the times when

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around the death of a relative or a loved one is 500 million people have been included here. The first of them is about seeing incidents on the previous Hadith, which is a death but probably a lot more.

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So only set them up for the Allah mana who later became the wife of the prophets of Allah while he said that she was widowed. And I will say don't die. And then ultimately she married the prophets of Allah said, Jesus also

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lost some of our body he wasn't upset.

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Either how to evaluate Allah led me either, who knows later on when you attend the safe person's presence, or the deceased person, then say good things. We've covered this issue of saying Good job. Let's obligations staying positive, being hopeful was diligent aspire for the bounty that is with him?

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Getting them early that you agree No, not at all. Because the agency I mean to that which you are great for that what you're saying, Carla, she said, he said that towards me when I was I was sick, forever man that I will send an amendment I will send him a die or a Bongo and say to me, so blah, blah, blah.

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I came to the product robot as a consumer and then I said to him, yeah, rasool Allah Messenger of Allah, in their bestsellers apartments, I will say that has finally passed.

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Or that he said polisi also say, Allahu Malfi, Murphy Lee, wherever we're at, we need to work

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on God forgive me and again, and compensates me or allow air to come after this event. That which is good, or that which is better.

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According to the app, other than any

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other in Danville men who are finding meaning. And so Allah granted me someone that was better for me. Then everyone said, the hammer than somebody who said that which was a broccoli, so a lot of it was said that himself himself. And this was an arrogance in every journal. You know, it was interesting and other narrations. The prophets have a lot of artists assessable, per se, a lot more than I do, maybe we'll see. But you all but forgive me and him and grant me a good outcome out of this. And he says, All reward me for this trial of mine, and substitutes me with something better in the future. So she says she says, this is an authentic narration. She said to herself, women played

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on any set of a book and possibly literally episode. He was the best husband in her head that moment, she said, but I'm not going to wear them. And I said, meaning I don't know how this would work out because I can't figure it out. No one's ever heard of that I was set up. It didn't cross her mind never crossed her mind that she could actually find my husband. That was better than me said I get a lot of time.

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Because but I still said this Bronx occidental PSA. And so I said, Oh, well Bob, reward me for my trial and love for me and better outcome from replacing you with that, which is better. And then I found the profits of a lot of buyers and sellers proposing to me.

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And so, you know, interestingly, it never crossed their mind for many reasons. Other than that, she never saw herself able to marry someone like Rasul Allah was just that he was so embedded in her. He just didn't seem like he would be international, as much as she glorified because when he did propose to her, I saw those that actually, she said, I don't know

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And I have a jealous woman, you have to minimize jealousy. And I have children. He said to her ask for your age, I'm older than you. He said, and as for your jealousy, he didn't say it's fine. He said, I will ask a law to help you work against the floor to help you get through.

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I don't mean to operate that helps you control that jealousy of yours.

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Because jealousy is natural controlling it is really a good thing in this type of situation, and he said an escalator shelter and they are a bunch of people on screen their responsibility a lot of messenger will take care of. And so she, of course, was overjoyed at the opportunity once they actually said something good actually want to share but it never crossed their mind. So she made me go, I didn't want and I love paving the way and battle all of those conventions in our athletes, and she married in the province of a law school was and will always be the greatest husband at all time. So

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that's exactly what it's all about.