What Makes Ibrahim (as) the Perfect Example for Every Last One of Us – Eid Adha Khutbah

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AI: Summary © The legacy ofiteration and the use of the word Islam for people to engage in reality is discussed, emphasizing the importance of submitting to reality through humble humility and knowing it is impossible to change. The importance of finding peace and blessings after the break of the archwork and the holy month is also emphasized. The segment ends with a call to action for those who follow the YouTube channel and receive a blessing from Islam.
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Moments of Ibrahim alayhis salam is life and career and ministry, and even the head UCS in which this wreath culminates is symbolic of those major significant moments in his life that are so relevant to ours. And so it produces for us a yearly renewed refreshed relevance by reflecting on it. Allah subhana who was ALLAH says we're EDB tele Ibrahim or who we can imagine that Tenma Hoon, and recall on the 100 and recite the Quran so the believers may recall when your Lord tested Abraham with certain injunctions certain examinations, and he passed them all pass all the tests in the most superb way.

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Allah azza wa jal tested him in ways that we can learn from so much. Ibrahim alayhi salam was tested with a father parents that instead of paving the way for him, God's in the way, God's in the way of him being a truth seeker or try to. And how often is that tests repeated all throughout human history. And then this was a time when his, the city fathers, the elders of this town, threw him out and he had no one in the world at all. He was the only believer on the face of the earth at one point in time, making him a perfect example, for the ally lists the forgotten the neglected refugee in every corner of the world until the end of time.

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And Ibrahim alayhi salam was then tested with the most unbelievable tests,

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not to slaughter his son, but to prove that he was willing, if the instructions were confirmed from God, to do that. This is the most incredible test. It's not even like my father and the world have turned their back on me, a person if their faith is not anchored and their trust in God is not solid. That is a time where it could almost seem like even the heavens have advantages you. Even the heavens wants me to get rid of my son. And that is what you find his success Ali salaam made a peace and blessings of Allah Subhana Allah Allah be upon him. And incense for us the roadmap by that to remind us that the life of the believer is not an easy ride. It was never meant to be and she'd

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never expected to be as such. You know, the the idea for example, of

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fear being manufactured about the believers and what they believe what we call nowadays Islamophobia, right? That was something that was faced by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, just like Jesus peace be upon him, lives were said about him, and people were chased away from him. Just like Moses, just like Abraham, peace and blessings be upon them all. It is nothing new.

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There was there were always these tactics. There were also always these regimes that slap people up without justification, and set classes of society wanting one against another.

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And silence truth because they were not convenient, that always existed. And there has always existed and will always exists tests that cause people to wonder like, why why is this happening to me? Why did this happen to my child? Why did I lose my job? Why are these people suffering in the way that they do? Why did I stub my toe? These are endless questions. And so the legacy of Ibrahim Ali Salam taught us the correct way to deal with them to engage reality to engage life. Instead of thinking we are in a place to interrogate what comes from above the heavens, which is sheer ignorance, because Almighty God, His wisdom is absolute. Whereas us as creatures, our perspectives

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are radically limited. Ibrahim Ali Sanam reminds us of that reminds us of the necessity and the rationality of submitting to what comes from God to Hannah who was God.

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He taught us to humble ourselves and submit, which is literally and exactly what Islam is. Islam equals to submit lovingly trustingly to the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah says about people, Abraham and his son is Mary who was willing to slaughter a man as lemma when the two of them submitted. And likewise every believer is to humble himself, humble his heart, humble his head on the ground in frustration and humble his mind to the decrees of the Divine to Anahata Allah.

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And so may this be the first message? May we be people

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who allow that reality who allow that message of Abraham and his legacy to be the dominant feeling and

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The dominant understanding in our hearts and they meet may we the people who do not ever prep protest too much or question too much after realizing this foundational story that our Islam refreshes for us every year, the story of the archetype the story of the father of the province, the the story of Ibrahim had even thought was set up. After the break, we'll conclude the show.

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And Henry Languedoc or Celeste was salam ala Milena via Adam all and perfect Praise be to Allah subhanho wa taala. It means finding peace and blessings be upon His prophets and his messengers. In that same verse, we began this reminder with when your Lord tested Abraham with certain difficult tests 30 categorical tests for every test in life, he said that he passed them all with flying colors, the following passage says, and the sequence is important in Niger a Kelley Nassima. I have now Oh, Abraham made you an Imam, for all of humanity.

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You know, an imam is understood by us as the leader. But Imam originally does not just mean the guy who coordinates the prayer as I just said, and his follow. His lead is follow. It comes from the same origin the same route. But then Eman is someone who is a righteous role model that is worthy of being followed worthy of people following his lead. And that is exactly what he brought him on Instagram was when he succeeded and all of the tests he qualified and proved that he was a role model, even if he didn't have followers during his lifetime, or too many of them. Look at the Brahim at a salon how he was looked at by people that may even disagree on what he believed it. Whether

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you're a Muslim or you're a Jew or you're a Christian, you still praise Ibrahim Ali Salam has been so admirable, that is of how a loving human Iman there are more tongues that praise Him. And more doctrines that look up to him than there are stars in the sky.

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Even those who got confused about other issues, for a wisdom Allah has already for people to navigate and be tested in that respect as well. Are you an objective truth seeker they were not confused about in Rahim Allah is Allah as a gift from God to him. And then when he was willing to overcome that greatest test of love granted him a project that was so righteous and out there between so much good and so that is what has is really about this healthy season. And this holiday that we celebrate this festival of ours happens right before the new year starts. The new year where we reinstated we are descendants spiritual descendants, meaning in our righteousness we are trying

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to follow an attribute our examples doing Rahim Ali Salam. This is a time when you eat and drink and remember Allah subhanho wa Taala admits Joy upon the believers and feel privileged not arrogant but grateful privileged, that Allah has chosen you for this guidance, chosen to be able to identify his lesson footsteps, and chosen you to have endless optimism. This has happened right before the new year so that we enter every brand new year with that trust and that confidence and whatever challenges the new year will bring. I am of those who follow or try to adhere to the footsteps of Ibrahim Ali who set up so I will not be broken. I am someone that is armored with the protection of

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my trust in God's decisions in the decree of the Divine. So I will not fall apart. May Allah help us and you pass every test of life with flying colors and not allow our confidence in him to ever waver even if the world around us wavers in his Allahumma Amin may we be of those on this day that follow the example and the teachings of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he taught us that admitting Joy upon a believer is of the most beloved acts to Allah. So do that in any way that's been facilitated for you. He wouldn't even come to read from one direction and go home from another road to bring more smiles to people's faces and look for more character opportunities in the

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community. So may Allah make this a blessing for us and do and allow this ummah to strengthen its resemblance of Ibrahim Ali Salaam and understand the beauty and the uniqueness of submission in our deen Allah who met me to humble Allah Minami cool May Allah accept you and evil Bara Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.