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In the handle the law he's gonna start over he want to stop federal when are we likely to Ireland and surely unforeseen? I will say it I'm not gonna mean de la Huhtala for La Molina What are you playing for that? Hi Deanna well I shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who are there who will actually color for a shadow Anna Mohammedan I will do whatever you who are sort of

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all Praise and Glory be to Allah, we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we ask Allah to protect us from the evil whispers within us and the evil consequences of our bad deeds. From never Allah guides, none can lead astray and whomever Allah leaves with our guidance. None can guide them and testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and the dedication of our lives but Allah and Allah Allah for any partners, the true supreme King, and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed in truth, his prophet, and his servant and His Messenger, whom he said there's a mercy to the worlds

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to begin after welcome my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal and reiterating the age old reminder of the Lord of the Worlds when that was slain and Medina who took Kitab I mean, cobbly como el command in chapel Allah, we've entrusted the early people and those that come after them like us to uphold the tough law of Allah. After stating that and refreshing our commitment to it, and I remind her of it. Allah azza wa jal, he says,

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one man or Selena probably like a menial, mousseline in inner home, let Karuna William Shula field as well,

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which I'll never forget welcome Leibold in fitness and others to be rune work here in our bootcamp of zero.

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This will be our reflection for this afternoon. This verse and so the full con or in Allah azza wa jal says to our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wema Oksana public and we never sent prior to you. meaner mousseline of messengers, we never sent the messenger in inner homeland coluna prime except that they eat food. They eat and drink like anybody else. Well, yeah, I'm sure in the field as well. And they walk through the marketplaces they do shopping, they buy and sell, they participate in trade, which I never I love whom lever

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to be rude. And we have made you test for one another. Will you exhibit patience? Will you persevere? What cannot bookable sera and your Lord is Ever Watchful.

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So what is the relationship between the first half of the eye and the second half the issue of every single prophet and messenger eating, drinking shopping, and between the fact that we are all tests for one another?

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Allah azza wa jal is essentially saying in this area, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I have chosen that every single messenger before you and including you be this ordinary person in reality,

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meaning at least from one of their dimensions, they are ordinary, they can be seen, because it's true, they do have certain typical, nothing special about certain aspects of them.

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And he's selling him and I knew when I did that to the messengers before you like I did it with you, when I set up your life this way, when I determined that you would be human, and then my messengers would be humans.

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I knew that the disbelievers many people would use this against the messengers. Like they would say, No, this is undefeated. This is unacceptable. We refuse to accept the human being as the messenger. I knew that they would do this. I've done this every single time. And I've seen it so many times. And I've known it before I saw it

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that they're going to use that humaneness as an excuse to say we're not exempted.

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They have to be agents

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or they have to be something more special than they are. There's actually a particularly long passage in Sudan that speaks about the absurdity just how preposterous their demands were of the prophets of Allah Allah yo Salim just like the people before them.

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Allah says in Surah Surah Wirkkala new land new Mina raka had that F Jura land I mean an LDM Booyah. And they said to Him, we will never believe in you unless you cause the earth

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to erupt with a stream to bring a river in the middle of the deserts of Arabia. I want Hakuna like agenda to meet Nephin winery for to fight JIRA.

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In the house of Allah, Allah had deaf JIRA or that you have this massive garden in the middle of the desert of palm trees and have grapes and you cause streams to erupt in the middle of it. You have a paradise on earth.

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So to speak, or Salah cameras to Elena Kisa fell over that you cause the sky to come crashing down upon us in pieces. El Dia Billahi Juan Morales he gets your puppy Allah or that you bring God. Imagine how crazy you go bring God

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and the angels Kavita right in front of us.

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We are gonna like eBay to mean Zoho. For that you have a mansion made out of solid treasures solid jewels, solid gold,

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elevator coffee cement or climb up into the skies right in front of us. Then they continue to say, well, last minute little Theca had to let Zilla Elena Kitab and Nakuru and even if you do that, we're still not going to accept you until you come down from the sky with a book for us to read the hardcopy. You want to book from the sky book? No, I need to see you go up and get it yourself and come down with it in physical print.

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That's when we'll believe that you actually went up. And so after all these different demands that Allah records in the Quran, he says to His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I hear what they're saying, I hear everything. You know, if you're gonna tell them cold, super high, not upbeat. Halloween to Illa Bashar Rasulullah say to them Subhanallah we just did I claim to be anything but a human messenger.

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Meaning no, you're not gonna get anything. But to me, you're the one who's ridiculous for demanding this of me. And the IRS, by the way, continue to explain why it needs to be a human messenger. Because if they were angels, an angel would apply. It could be an example for them. But considering they're humans, it would not make any sort of sense to send anyone but a human that they could emulate, they can follow his model, follow his pattern.

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And then if you think about the previous message, and it is something particularly interesting, Allah azza wa jal even sent Prophets and Messengers sometimes that appear to not be ordinary to be like sub under ordinary

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to have some sort of disadvantage. So for example, he says, Mussolini said I'm Moses with a speech impediment.

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Working on the local data, mainly Sally, bajo Foley, he said, Musa alayhis salam and the DUA that we read, oh Allah remove the nut from my tongue so that they can understand my speech, my statements

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and then resolve it. He said, If Jesus peace be upon him, he has sort of like a social impediment that no one knows who his father is. And that's quite problematic, especially in tribalistic lives. And especially when people are going to use that to say that he comes from a family that's unknown, but unethical Allah who some people would hold that against a salary setup, and say, he doesn't come from a moral family. Why?

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You know, by the way, some people can even extend this one step further and say, Why does Allah allow for there to be room for confusion? There are a lot of similarities between humans and monkeys, which causes the lilt Some people use that as evidence that maybe we came from monkeys.

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The same way in the past, they use the impediments of the prophets or the ordinary nature of the Prophet so you're not really prophets. Why didn't Allah azza wa jal leave no room for argument? Because the point was not to make an argument. The point was not to win an argument. You see, when Allah azza wa jal made his profits, at least from one dimension, ordinary or even less than that.

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He gave so many more reasons to believe in them.

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And so the point was really to test them. Are you going to ignore this clear and apparent truth? The sacred truth I sent you, because of some silly excuse that you're going to make up?

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That's why Allah azza wa jal says for example, in other places in the Quran, Hal young guru and Aya T A Mullah who feed Hold on a minute of Emanuel Mala. What

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are you waiting for Allah Himself to come

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and the angels in a canopy of clouds

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It would be all over when that happens. In other words, the tests will be all over. Allah allowed for there to be some tiny room for argument. So that to test them, we are here for a test. Are you going to be stubborn and hold on to these little things that are not arguments are supposedly arguments? Or are you going to stick to the crystal clear truth and humble yourself to it? Because it was a huge fitna, for the godfather of Croatia except the province on Sunday

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for a number of reasons. Number one, they didn't see him as the most noble person among them. Despite his noble lineage, despite him, they didn't see him as such. He wasn't the richest person and he didn't have his father around to defend them. Ali Salatu was set out. And so they said,

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you know, like, Why doesn't he have the full package? That was a fitna for them. Lola Lucila has Al Quran or Allah Raju liminal. They use that as an excuse to have he split the moon and broke the Quran, which you admit you can't match. And all of these sides? No, but why wasn't it sent down on someone more prestigious? You're going to try to use that to run away from your duty. The same way they said about Musa and Sarah who brings them seven signs or nine signs. And then they say what about Musa they set up fanola will clearly he swear to me that if only he was

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filthy riches, they say If only he had bracelets of gold, and he walked in whoever believes in Him became rich. But think about this. By the way, if every single person if the promise of Xlm was absolutely rich, and anyone who accepted him would automatically become rich. Will people accept him for Allah? Would there really be any test and accepting the prophets of Allah, Allah is Allah, there will be no test. Because they will accept him for selfish reasons not for Allah, they would accept him to become rich.

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if everyone who believed in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam became poor, became poor, it would be a really, really, really hard test. And so Allah azza wa jal spared them of it not being the case. What's really happening is here, you're trying to go fishing for an excuse to not accept the truth that another person is coming with. And that is a rule for everybody. Every human being that you will ever interact with, you will never run out of excuses to reject their truth, reject their advice, reject their positions.

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But will you or will you not? Will you be stubborn and hard headed? Because it's not just about money? It's not just like, if I accept the religion of the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam, he's not gonna offer me any money. No, there could be more. It could be my pride, my reputation on the line, Abu Jahan, when he didn't believe it on the leaders of Christ that rejected a Prophet SAW Salem, they said, How can I follow him? When the poor and the peasants have followed him? And not just that they follow him? How could I follow something if I'm not the first one to say, I'm going to be the tail end of that movement? I'm going to accept someone else's advice, someone else's

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leadership. And that's what happened. They said, Well, can I fire on NASA, Pune elite, Allah says in the Quran, they said, if it were really true, they would not have accepted it before us. In other words, there's no way Allah privilege this person with knowing something believing something that is true, that is blessing that is divine before me, that can't be the case. So the humility factor is more is actually harder than everything else. That's why I beloved, Mr. Trudeau, the Allah army speaks about what the Prophet SAW Selim taught them type of personalities he created in them. He said, He that yeah, I can help go

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for cabal who were in Kerala mean, when can I mean men who are very then variable. He said, If someone comes to you with some of them, so you have some truth, don't go looking at the person and not the truth. They're coming with who even if that person is distant from you, a different race or different men have a different whatever.

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Even if that person be distant and believable and hated to you, even if you hate them, even if they're so different, you still have to accept the truth a break. You need to humble yourself to that. That's that's not something small right? Humility is like this lifelong mission of ours, to get ourselves to humble to the point that we accept the truth, regardless of its speaker.

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And then he says we're in Jakob Bilbao, Italy Fernando de la he were in Canada hardeeville cartiva. It must rule it says, And when someone comes to you with something wrong, you reject it.

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Even if that person is very dear to you, and even if that person is very close to the closest relative, a parent or a child or whatever it may be,

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and flytipping riada are the Allahu taala. And who he used to say, when they asked him metal order, what is humility? He says antecubital help me manager Obi Wan Oh, can I add gentleness? Let's see Micah and talk about aminu. What's an Cordilla? You accepting the truth from any direction? Even the most ignorant person on earth is giving you some advice. You got to just give them your ear and consider because some people will give their ear just to be socially smart to look humble. But to actually give them consideration is something completely different?

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Because that's the internal one that people can't call you out on and say you don't know what's in my heart. I actually didn't think about it.

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And no, it's wrong, I refuse. And so he says, to accept it and to comply with it, if it's true to comply with it, even if it's the most ignorant person on earth.

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And one of the early

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men of wisdom, he said, I have trained myself to accept wisdom.

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Even from

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the cat and the dog and the pig and the Raven.

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So like, we're not even talking about someone being young or old or a man or a woman, or a scholar or an ignorant person or even a Muslim or non Muslim. We're talking about someone who's human and someone who's animal. They said, What can you possibly learn from a dog?

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He said Wafaa holy saw heavy weather but who and hairy me that he's very loyal to those that take care of him. And he's very protective of his women.

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They said, What about the pig? Carla blucora who figured out that, that the pig is he gets up bright and early to go chase after what he wants. The pigs are vague, right? You just but he's he's actually like self motivated. Right? The first thing he thinks about in the morning was my goal in life. And he just steamrolled ahead. He has tunnel vision he's trying to say focus determined. He gets things done the things he wants at least. Then he said what about the Raven partnership that the heathery will hoorah. The Raven, the bird, he said of how cautious he is.

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Like it's not praiseworthy for you to be tricky, right. But you should also be vigilant that there are tricky people out there. There are people that are not good out there. You be careful what you say in front of them how you act what you do. He's very vigilant, careful. He's not naive, he's not gullible.

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They said, and what about the cat?

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He said, The Cat in its softness wanting to request things. When cat wants something doesn't bark. A cat comes and rubs up against your leg right now with one steeds.

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He said, Well, I don't care. It doesn't just scream.

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And so this type of mentality of I'm going to blind myself in every interaction to who I'm interacting with, and seeing if there is a play that I can pull out of this personality in front of me. That is what Allah wanted with everybody. That's your test. You can always find the 1001 excuse to stay right to where you are. Never challenge your own convictions. Never change your mind. be stubborn, be closed mind. Yes, that's easy. But what's hard, the path to human excellence that Allah wants from you is for you to take from all and that's why humility is something beyond education and more powerful than education.

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A Buddha polyhouse Halima?

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hamdulillah Hua salatu salam, ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illAllah. Wa, that would actually get up or shut down Mohammed Abdullah, whenever you are a solo, the people that miss out on the wisdom and the world around them. It is also because these people when they're analyzing the person, which you're not supposed to necessarily do, what you're doing is you're only doing it from one side, like when you say I'm not going to accept Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam as the Godfather when they say that because he's inferior, inferior in order to regard you picked one or two things to make it the basis of your judgment. You haven't seen that he's not just the orphan and he's salatu salam,

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even in worldly terms, not even in the sight of God. He has so many virtues and such merit and such

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Word in people's eyes that you chose not to do to chose not to realize. And that's why Allah azza wa jal followed up their words of why didn't the Quran come down upon someone greater someone more prestigious, Allah said,

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national seminar VEDA who Malaysia has been hired to dunya or foreigner, Baba whom folk about indigestion, we're talking about doing bargains of Korea, we divided their worldly life, we gave someone some skills and some prestige and someone else some different skills and assets and prestige, to see are they going to mock one another or not to see ultimately, who are going to be those who failed the test, and didn't realize that nobody's perfect here, I created humanity dependent on each other to begin with. Like if Allah had created everyone, a physician, who's going to build the highlights, right? If everyone was a business tycoon, right, a great investor, you're a

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corporate genius,

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who's going to be the police officer that makes sure the city doesn't become chaotic, and you don't get robbed on your way to your $3 million car.

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Allah created people dependent on each other. And you just like to see that because you're looking at it in a way that will keep you where you are. And so Allah describe it all the messengers had these ordinary qualities which Allah Baba can live out in fitness and others of your own, and we made you all nothing but tests for one another, will you persevere? Will you hold on to the truth, the proper behavior and the proper conduct, despite the variation in the way Allah. So what you need to do now is to be very practical, with five minutes left in the whole book, you need to realize there is this is not just about correlation, the Prophet Muhammad Ali's love to serve all this is

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building up for you to realize that there is no human interaction, at the very least, with humans, except that it is classified, why would you bother going live out in Pfitzner? We may do tests for one another. And so the healthy person is being tested by the sick person. Right? Will he visit him and pray for him? Will he realize the blessing that was given to him and not to someone else? And the sick person is being tested on image the healthy person? Is he going to question ALLAH SubhanA wa, God's wisdom? Is he going to give up on waiting for the relief in his reward? The poor person is being tested by the rich person, is he going to envy him or trying to teach him cheat him out of his

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money wrongfully. And the rich person assisted by the poor person that he meets? Will he take care of him and appease him and look at him as an equal in terms of human dignity? Or will he look down upon him because he was given a hand of cards as they say that you will have given the scholar assisted by meeting the ignorance and the ignorant or tested with the scholar, the scholar? Is he going to appease the masses? Or is he going to take advantage of people and bully them? Because he had a better learning opportunity? And the ignorant person? Is he going to say, I don't care what the scholars say, I'm just like them, I'll make up my own rulings and my own religion.

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And at the same time, will the ignorant person use the scholar as an excuse? When he knows or feels that he didn't really understand my question, but I got the federal I want that. So I'm gonna get out of here. Right? That's another test. The husband with his wife is tested, and the wife with her husband is tested. So when the husband

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is enters the wife's life, is she going to accept the fact that Allah determined that to Captain sink the ship and accept his leadership position in the hole? And she's going to appreciate his contributions there? And likewise, is he going to appreciate your contribution? And is he going to understand that his authority does not equal abuse of authority? Right? Is he going to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of others the weaknesses of of his family members, their powerlessness, sometimes in front of him, all of those, there is not an interaction you will ever go through with anybody at a red light in a hallway somewhere, except that it falls under we may do

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tests for one another.

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You know, what's the benefit of this? The benefit of this is for you to see all these difficulties in your life as Okay, not that big of a deal.

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You know, it was said that when Musa Ali's setup had to face frown, and he was dreading it when he got in. He was patient upon Allah's command go to frown Okay, I'm gonna go as soon as he got to

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that at US Bureau, when are you going to hold on kind of shook

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it needs to perpetually be there and so it's not it's impossible to do at all times. But this is what you need to try to uphold for as long as you do you. Allah revealed to him to keep him firm. revealed to him Yeah, Musa la Townsville Isla Fer de for in knucklebones Sofia de O Musa dato

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kid's clothing and his grand your his heart is in my hands. I crush him right now.

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That's also part of it. And so what when you have that mindset you see through people, some of the biggest challenges in our lives are people. Like when the cold pinches you in the winter, you don't get angry, because there's nothing you can do about it. The cold doesn't have free will, right? But when a person pinches you physically or emotionally or whatever, financially, when someone you just get so worked up because you feel like I can do something about it.

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And you can do something about it. But what are you going to do something that's pleasing to Allah, or something that's displeasing to Allah? Allah, Allah Rahim Allah, He says, so it says, if Allah is selling you, like think of the beginning of the idea we made you were the ones that did it. You didn't have to meet these people. When kids complain about their parents, your parents could have died 10 years ago, this didn't have to happen.

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If you just keep the exam mindset on, it helps so much. And it was that look, we made you test for one of it. We put you in front of each other in this moment. Notice that and then at the end of the AI, Allah says, What are you gonna be patient, we're cannot book above zero, and your Lord is watching. So I set up this, and I'm watching. So you start dealing with people,

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you ultimately dealing with Allah. So when someone your family snaps at you late at night, early in the morning, you say,

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I see a passport or some scarf and I'm looking through the glass this person, Allah is the One Who put this person in front of me now that's my first test of the day, or my last test of the day before I go to sleep. Right? That makes life so much more livable.

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And I know this seems a very far distant spiritual state, but Allah azza wa jal will help you if you try. In order as mentioned that one of the righteous people, one of the righteous Muslims

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and a righteous person, someone who is always trying to show Allah has better sight. Sometimes you all slip.

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He was feeling very down about life, expenses, finances, pressure. And so when he walked out, the worst possible thing happened, someone would death on their mind.

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He saw huge rich guy passing in a fleet of chariots, cars, donkeys, right, whatever it's going to be just passing. Everyone following him passing in his riches. So that probably that was the last hit that was like the straw that broke the camel's back. And so he almost you almost had a crisis, crisis

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of mind of faith, whatever. And Allah azza wa jal had him here right after that someone reciting somewhere nearby whether it was a local masjid or something what Jana Volcom leave out in fitting into an atmosphere or what cannot book embassy? We may do tests for one another. Are you gonna put up with it? And your Lord is Ever Watchful. And so he just stopped for a second he said,

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Now, I'm Rob Bella and Aspen, okay, Allah, I'm gonna be patient. You did this. I didn't even have to see the scene today. Right? I didn't have you feeling this. You said the tough to see how I'm going to react. And this is the person who is watchful of Allah's watchfulness. He enjoys life so much and gets through things easily and does the right thing, not just gets through meaning he just cuts off from the world, that's not an option. And I'm going to read it now from the Allahu Taala Andrew. He says at the end of his life, when he became when things changed, he went from very challenged to very rich. He said, Allah tested me with difficulty and I was able to be patient. And then he tested

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me with riches and I was not able to be patient. Meaning it's all a test for patience. That's from his humility, of course, right? It feels like prosperity changed in Marathi, Allah Allah knows. And so us being vigilant of this, make sure that you do everything right. And then Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that are watchful of him, and make us of those that look for his appreciation above all, make us of those that have the humility to accept the truth from wherever it comes. May Allah azza wa jal guide us and guide with us our families and our communities Allah Ameen, llama filling our hand knowing Aveda to kill

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them Nova Karna Roberta Africa Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala phenoms mean, it should be Morgana, Ramadan steamy and more Hello tournament and Muslimeen benefit Lena Wen Hua, Dina Menachem, whom came out of building as well so Allah was setting up all kinds of e&m. hamadryad he was obvious right?