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My brothers and sisters while I have always been citing the greatest students and greatest companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, as they are the doorway to understanding Islam, constantly citing them throughout the various themes we speak about in Joomla. I have for years consistently shied away from dedicating a whole tuba to the greatest of them.

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And that is because I'm not sure it's even possible to speak about them in a court of law. However, at the same time, I have decided to stop doing that because familiarizing ourselves with them

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is of the utmost importance.

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For a Muslim to be a Muslim and not to know who Ali is or the Allahu an or Earth man is Radi Allahu Anh, or Omar is Radi Allahu Han, or Abu Bakr is Radi Allahu Anh is a gaping hole in our pathway to perceiving Islam correctly, and being inspired to live Islam holistically.

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You know, I will spend these few minutes speaking about Arman himself Radi Allahu Allah and

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said if there was going to be a prophet after me it would be Omar.

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If I were to recite to you just the ayat and the Hadith, that reference aroma alone I will need hobas So I'll just stop there. If there was going to be a prophet after me. It would have been Omar Radi Allahu Han.

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He is the one that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shown his palace in particular, among the 10 that were promised Jenner of the sahaba.

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In a well known Hadith, he was shown paradise and he came across this glorious estate. And then this mansion, this palace and he said, whose Palace is this? The angel said to him to a man from the Arabs that I'm Arab, whose Palace is this eager for it to be his?

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They said for a man from

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Quraysh he said I am Karachi I'm a crocheted, whose is it? They said this belongs to a man from the imagination of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said, I am Muhammad himself. Is it mine? He said they said this belongs to Roma, even though hubub Radi Allahu Allah.

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And in some narrations that filled the picture for us inside al Bukhari authentic narration, he got closer and then he saw a beautiful woman washing up at a fountain outside. He says so I turned back, remembering how jealous of a man you were Omar Sama, wept and said, Yeah, Rasul Allah like, this is my chance. You have a sort of like, I will be jealous about someone like you, we will accept anything from you.

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Or Omar was the greatest man in the history of Islam, after Abu Bakr sadiya

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Zuma, the second to none was Omar once you get past Abu Bakr, the other one who was in a league of his own, of course, but Omar was actually second to none without exceptions whatsoever. When it came to being impactful in the world, he was the single greatest, most impactful, Sahabi companion in Islam.

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This is actually one of the ways that Omar has merits and virtue and biography are proofs for the truth of Islam, Islam being the true religion from Allah, and this can be appreciated from many angles, or Omar as a proof of Islam.

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One is that this impact that he had that was so unique and so unprecedented and match was foretold by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which meant that Allah was communicating to him. You see in one Hadith in soil Bacardi ignore Omar narrates Radi Allahu Anhu uma that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I was once shown a vision, a scene from the future.

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And I was shown that I had a hand hold on a bucket and I was pulling from it for the people. And then when I finished I handed it to Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Anh.

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And so he pulled one or two bucketfuls out of the well, but it was he was struggling for NASA and S and V he lives wherever the fetal Allahu Allah when Allah will forgive him, meaning it's not something to be held against him.

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And this was foretelling the fact that Abu Bakar will take the reins of the OMA and provide for this OMA its well being water is the source of life but he

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would not be able to do it for long. He was only around for one or two years. He says and then rumor in the vision he foretold before any of this happens and then Omar took hold of the bucket. First the hell at Corbin. And so this DeLeeuw this bucket became like a huge tank. It wasn't a bucket anymore. To symbolize the exponential growth, the huge leap that would happen when this OMA was in the hands of Omar. He said financial analysts and shady then he kept just pulling from the world pulling from the world from our aid to Abba Korea and yeah, free free yo. I never saw anyone as skilled as Omar was in that moments.

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For ruya Nurse, while Baraboo be outdone, and so everyone was able to drink from what Omar pulled and they Dora will be out on means they pitch their tents started building their homes, they settle down around the well, because Omar was providing so well for them so good. And this was foretelling the unique impact and the stability that would happen for this OMA at the hands of Omar Al Khattab Radi Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah.

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Omar would benefit the OMA after Abu Bakr in a unique way.

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And stability would be had during his reign. All of that is of the proof of Islam. You know, even non Muslims, when they look at this, they find it like a historical riddle. Like how did this happen? You know, if you look into the history, Encyclopedia of Columbia University, the Columbia history of the world, they say this man Omar, produced a superior government system to grow the OMA so well and so fast, like a centralized government, but he still had control over the, you know, the wider regions that they said he did all of this. But how like they said it was superior bureaucracy to the Roman Empire that's been around for hundreds of years, he pulled it off, and he had no

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interaction with them. He had no trial and error phase. He wasn't like the 15th to the 30th ruler, how did he do that? It's still a mystery until today, to every honest, honest historian. And even if you look at, you know, the famous book that Muslims love to speak on the 100 greatest, you know, most influential, it's not whether he likes them or not, he's a non Muslim author. He's not particularly you know, biased towards Islam. No, he's not. And he put the Prophet SAW Selim as the most influential man in human history, who made the top 100. Number 52 is Ramadan cooked up, he was a global personality,

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somehow, some way.

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And the Prophet SAW Selim foretold that he would be another way that Omar is of the proofs of Islam is where Omar came from, even among the Sahaba, even among the people of Quran wish, he was not at the forefront of what you would expect. And this shows you also the redemptive power of Islam. You know, maybe it won't be appropriate to say that Omar was heartless, or an alcoholic. And sometimes, you know, some people have said this, but Omar was a regular drinker. And Omar was extremely aggressive. And that is why when one non Muslim historian was like, reflecting on his life, he said, This man, Omar, the beginning he came from, you would expect that he would not have lived to see 30

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years old forget help the world, or Omar would have probably drank himself to death, they're saying, or he would have picked a fight with the wrong person, because he's always getting into fights. And he probably wouldn't have even had a grave, you'd probably just got killed on the side of a mountain somewhere by some revenge of some tribe of some guy that he beat up. That's it, he would not have had a grave, let alone be able to lead the world.

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And this is for a lesson for all of us to that many people in the world are captives of their past. And Islam comes to tell you, you don't have to be defined by your past. Don't take your negative self image, how you see yourself, how pathetic or how powerless or how, you know, seal the buffet or how shallow your recent whatever it may be, don't project how you think of yourself. If it's so negative on Allah Azza Qian, Allah azza wa jal has better plans for you and your past does not have to determine and define your future. In a moment's notice. You can be ahead of the pack. You know, think about the amount again, or Omar did not become Muslim early. He became Muslim about five or

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six years into the message. That means dozens and dozens of people were Muslim. Yet he outrace them all. He outdid them all. He got ahead of them all. To become number two in the OMA right, the pace the lateness to the game, he missed out on some of the most difficult years of Islam, but somehow he got there.

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Because your Lord is Allah, your future does not have to be defined by your past. And so don't lie to yourself. Don't sell yourself short. Remember the story of Omar always. It tells you what Islam can and will do for

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Are people

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you know, even when we throw in bento is thrown in there is a well known story that shows you how well wishing your Lord is people think you know Allah azza wa jal is all powerful perfectly just but he's indifferent like you know,

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sink or swim I gave you the rules give you everything you need. I'm just here to make sure you know your exam gets graded. No, Allah has a preference. The preference is that you be concealed and that your flaws be forgotten and that your sins be forgiven and that your soul be saved on the day of judgment. He prefers that it's very clear, Allah Tabata Kala, Allah says, Man, if I don't Allah who be either become in Chicago to momentum, what would Allah get out of punishing you? He doesn't want to punish.

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He will certainly punish some people, but he does not prefer that. He stacks the odds in your favor. Always remember that. And in a moment, all of it can be turned around. The story of bento is Raji and that was coming to mind was that they say that Musa alayhis salaam, lived a stretch with bento, it's about eat with his people, his tribe in which they were all going to die from drought, no rain. And so they came out to the deserts all begging to Allah showing their humility. Give us rain, Oh Allah, please, Oh Allah, we're gonna die here. And Allah finally revealed the reason to Musa alayhis salam after everybody felt the pinch, that there is a man amongst you, oh Musa, who's been

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confronting me

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for 40 years challenging me with sins with defiance. Tell him to leave from your mids, and then I'll give you rain. So Musa alayhis salam stands up and gives the sermon to Benoit Sorry, there is a man amongst you that has done so much wrong. Shameless, consistently doing all this, at least don't kill us all. Let that be your one good deed to not be responsible for our death, our collective death just leave, do us that just leave.

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And so this man knew it was him. And so he begged Allah azza wa jal in private to not humiliate him, begged Allah to not expose him begged Allah to accept his apology, his repentance and to turn to him in forgiveness.

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And without anybody leaving, the rain begins to fall. And so Musa alayhis salam Zia, Allah nobody left. I don't get it what happened?

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And Allah azza wa jal reveals to Musa alayhis salam that the man turned to me with a sincere repentance and I buried it all buried for two years.

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He said, Yeah, Allah, allow me to meet this righteous servant. Skies like a celebrity in the heavens. This is an amazing, let me meet him, show me this person. He said to him, oh Musa, I concealed him for 40 years while he's defying me.

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The day we clean the slate, I'm going to expose him.

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He wishes not just to forgive, but to conceal as well. Subhanahu wa taala. And of course, there's so much else to learn from it, you know, is the one that reminds us also to not be dogmatic to not be unrealistic in our understanding of the world, that we will not rise in Deen until we also rise in our strength in this dunya. You know, they say we were never able to pray publicly in those first five, six years, the persecution, the barrage, they were going through the violence, the torture, the murder. We were not able to pray publicly until Omar became Muslim. That is not strength in Deen. That is strength in dunya, isn't it? The Prophet SAW Selim was already there. He has great

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faith and workers there great faith, so many of their great faith, but strength in dunya is also required to advance the cause of his great Deen. And when Omar took reins of this OMA that was his greatest complaint. That isn't many different wordings that people would catch in his whispers in his prayers in his sujood in his dua, he would say things along the lines of Allahumma inni ash qu e Lekha. Mean IGSA fiqa Woman Gela that he fetcher? Oh Allah, I complain to you that I can't find the total package. Basically, I complained to you, he said, from the incompetence of the trustworthy person, good person fears Allah but they're not good at it. And from the toughness, the endurance,

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the resilience, the hard work of the wicked person. Look at the person trying to lead the world astray. They work 18 hour days. Look at the people that actually have good hearts. They don't have the endurance, the stamina, the commitments, and so he would complain this to Allah till the end of his life. When he made that famous die on his return from Hajj just before he was martyred. He laid down on the ground and he raised his hands to the sky. And he said, Allah Who macabre Sydney

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Well, Beaufort pulwarty we're careful. rothera Yeti, sir COVID ni La Cava Yamaha.

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written while I'm over here, oh Allah I have gotten very old and my strength is starting to fail me strength and my subjects my responsibilities are getting so much

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and I can't find help so he says So take me back before I mess up. Take me back before I to lead without strength.

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A call Holly has stuck for a while Emily welcome

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and hamdulillah Hua salatu salam ala Milena Be sure to Allah, Allah illallah wa hola Shetty, Cara, who eyeshadow and Mohammed Abu whenever you who are pseudo.

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Also of the incredible, extraordinary qualities of Omar is that he understood that strength was meaningless, until you're able to use it against yourself first, Ahmed would wrestle with himself all the time,

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in terms of his character in terms of his God fearing this, you know, when you have great power, they say great power or absolute power corrupts absolutely. He was constantly fighting himself to not be corrupted by it. Right.

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There is a very famous telling incident I'll share with you quickly here and then I'll close out that when he was on the verge of breaking the strongest, oppressive regime, but the strongest regime bar none and because they were oppressive, the Sassanid Persians. They said to him, there is a mastermind in this empire, he strategizes for them, if you're able to get him you'll save a lot of lives and and a lot of heartache. His name was at Holden was in.

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And so when he was finally captured in one of the battles, I'm gonna bring him forward to execute him. And then hold on was Anna was the mastermind. And so he met Omar and he heard about the integrity of Omar, he said, he said to him,

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you Muslims say you don't torture prisoners. They said, Yes, we give a painless death if needed, but we don't torture. He said, I'm tortured by my dehydration. My thirst right now you're leaving me here without water.

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So almost says Give him water.

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And so he sticks out his hand trembling like this. He's actually pretending.

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And he says to him, what's the matter? He said, you're probably tricking me and you're gonna kill me even before I drink this water. So I'm gonna promise him that I will not kill you before you drink this water. So the man takes the water and spills it on the ground. Because now you can't kill me. You're a man of your word. And Omar conceded, he wanted to end the turmoil of the world but he stopped and he was a man of principle. And he turned that strength on himself. And Allah still gave him purpose still allowed him to liberate those lands and free its people and allow the light of Islam to be shared there. The last thing I will say to you quickly about the biography of Omar is

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that if you can't be Omar

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be Abu Bakr and that sounds like a contradiction. But it's not. I will work through is the man who brought the Omar to Islam, and therefore everything Omar did Radi Allahu Anh was in the scale of Abu Bakr so dear, and there's so much so much to be said here, but really assist the next Omar Allah creates the likes of Ahmad for this oh man every generation give birth to the next aroma assistant develop the next aroma, encourage the next aroma and give us your head that to the next aroma gets out of the way of the next aroma. And don't sell yourself short. Look how great Allah is. Look how generous he is. Even though Omar was a unique personality.

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Abu Bakr still got all of his reward because of the great graciousness of Allah Tabata, Kota Allah azza wa jal May Allah azza wa jal teach us and you that which benefits us and benefit us with that which he teaches us. I mean, Allah azza wa jal to be pleased with all of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, except from them everything that came up their efforts, and may Allah bless them uniquely for their sincerity, and may Allah gather us by our love for them in the highest ranks of Jana with them Allahumma Amin