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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a Muslim community member is trying to convince others to do something, but is struggling to offer the opportunity. The community suggests offering a prayer again as a violation of Islam, and discusses the difficulty of offering a prayer again and the potential risk of embarrassment and embarrassment in public. The community also advises against making it again and emphasizes the importance of remembering to avoid mistakes and standing up to avoid mistakes.
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I was mentioning it

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and he asked should I address it in sha Allah and I think it's something that all of us should know and who probably faced or will face

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how many for me with Jude a cell? So Jude so what does that translate to me Sheikh Mohammed

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when you forget something

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right, so if you forget something in the prayer that you offer to sujood to such this, and you say Allahu Akbar Subhan, Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala are less fun, just to search this. And there's no two here yet at the very end of it is just as soon as you do that, you make Tasneem. Okay, so this is if you have forgotten something in the prayer, right? Whether you have forgotten something that was deficient, so you you said testing is so lots of acid. You said Teslin after the third record, and your third record you're sitting in to shoot, right? of us are for example, for example, and in your third rock are you sitting in to show what you're thinking? It's the fourth

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Slavonic Rahmatullah Slavonic, Rahmatullah. Okay, you get up, you remember that you only offered three, you're sure that you only offered three. So what do you do in this instance, you go back down, you sit down, you say, Allahu Akbar, you make to do this? Okay?

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No, no record, no record. No. So you go and meet the guy and sit down, allow him to just do too stupid to study this

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often, often, now, yes, it is okay. And yes, you get up, you offer the product, you say Allahu Akbar, you offer the fourth Raka. And you will make to do the sale, you make the choice to do so. And again, if you were to add, if you were to add a fifth rocker, right, to add a fifth rocker, and that case, the MC Teslin. After adding the fifth rocker, you got up you realize Whoa, for one more

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record, you go and you just offer to sujood. So, right. Now, if there's a long period of time, say you said to Salim, you offered five rakaats. You said Tasneem in the UN home and then you watch TV and whatever the case may be the scholars differ here, right? Do you still offer the two? Or do you just leave it you will find majority say you just leave it if there's a long period of time. You don't have to offer this dude. So you have to offer this to do so. Now obviously this is if you do this at home Let me backtrack is only offered if you miss if you miss

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a rockin or the salah if it's something that is Sunnah, like raising your hands. Right? And this is you know, offers you this. If you missed it, okay.

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This all goes back to Hadith of the Prophet Salatu was Salam where

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it was a lot lower. And the Prophet SAW Selim offered two records.

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And he left and went home and one of the companions follow him. Because Julio Dane, is someone that too long hands do

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you follow them home and then he asked him was a Salah is there a change in the sila and that's the way of the Salah that is performed. But also salam said No, there's not. So then he informed him and they confirmed with other companions around him that he only offered fish and only offered to send the promise of someone came and completed and offered to do so. So this is where the scholars would differ if it's a long period of time what's considered a false Yeah, Talia, what's your long period time? One just offers us to do this. So if they remember it, and that's what they will see a huge minute feed off just to be safe. Okay. What happened here? The other day at the masjid is that the

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Imam led salata acid was an officer. He left a lot to the officer, and he offered a fifth raka

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Okay, so in the fourth Raka, he was raka Thani. He did to hit rock I fell here he stood up regular rock Robbia. So raka raka

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raka Rama he didn't make what? To show. He's, yeah, he didn't make the show. He stood back up. And he offered the fifth one.

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After he finished offering the fifth one. The congregation

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was not sure the congregation went well about the Humala belting

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But they are asking each other what happened and then finally they I think they all concurred

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that yes, you did offer a fifth record. So at that time blackmud suggested that he should offer what

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should do this. So hear him offerings to do this oh is the correct way. As soon as you remember oh Subhan Allah He comes back he says Allahu Akbar. Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw taala

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Santa Monica to la note no to he had to leave the house.

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And so, so means to forget. And the background of is shaytaan pasta made you forget and these two sides would repel that inshallah to Allah. But what happened was they they repeated the prayer

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the whole prayer it was suggested that you should repeat the prayer. Okay. Now, the issue is this is what I was I was bringing up is this a controversy that He repeated the prayer or not.

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Now, the only problem would be is if he knew about the hook and loves to do this, so, and he left it and just repeated the prayer that could possibly be problematic. And that could possibly even enter into the category of legislating something that was not, quote unquote, legislated. And that's what I

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was leaning towards. But from what I'm understanding Allah knows best is that he didn't know

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the hook was to do this. So number one, and number two, didn't know how to offer it.

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So the safest thing is what somebody said to him is just offer the prayer again. So him offering the prayer again, is that something that is haram or not?

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And this is where Allahu Adam, I say it's not actually the fact that he offered the prayer again, because he didn't know us to do this at home and the Torah and I mean, the the situation and the and the what is happening proves to me alive and talk to him yet proves to me that he doesn't didn't know about to do this. So and how many Muslims even know how to

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offers the jute. So, right. So him just taking the safest route? Praying again, Inshallah, you can look both

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ways one that

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comes to look at, let me let me add it, we have obeyed the seven.

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So here we

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go the whole sudden,

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to add a solid, even

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So the chef is saying right now he's saying that the fact that he offered five records he didn't do he didn't make a mistake in any action in the prayer. So he offered the prayer and then something. Right. Right. And then he said the province of Allahu Allah was

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he must only makes you good sir. He's saying in this situation, he only must make sure do so and him offering another prayer is like the Prophet saw some it goes against the process. Some said that there's no prayer after Salaat ah, alas. But my rebuttal to that is if there is there's some, some of these scholars say, feel cotton now he either Canis a lot to that suburban, for those of you that kind of sell out to the Janessa. Know that,

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for that to some. So if some of the scholars said if there's a prayer that has a particular reason behind it, which needs even Tulsi leaving explanation. So it's thoughtful Janessa after slaughter, awesome, is it allowed? Yes, this doesn't fall into the category of the prohibition. And in this case, if he offered it again, in this case, in sha Allah, this is for a particular reason. Now he's saying he should have offered to do this. So Right. He should have but did he know?

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This is the debate? Right? And if he knew and didn't know how to add a shot,

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what would be preferred for him to do at this point?

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He knows what he knows. But he knows. So that's where I'm saying for him offering it again, Inshallah, but metal outlet. This is not the best situation. Best situation is to follow suit into offers to do this. But if he doesn't know, he's falling back on what he knows that he made a mistake in prayer in his mind, and he offered it again

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to know as allotted

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victory input?

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No, this of course, now had you call it like if you that gonna work issue. So.

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I sent that to the people here to know to be Jaha Oh, he say? Could you saying what it was upon him was to ask the people of knowledge if he didn't know what I'm saying. But at that particular time, what does he do? He's saying no, I'm saying that just in general for the Muslims to know.

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These I can which is he's totally right.

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This is only what for daily regular Fridays. Friday prayers and prayers in this gathering. There is a status

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That's the same if you make surgery if you need any prayer you actually do this.

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Yeah if you make a mistake and make a mistake you still do this

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now because the prayer itself has our can in wedgie but regardless

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not to mix up the cell because that's yeah, see this goes back and this goes back to and this is the real question. I remember when I was studying fic I remember I was studying filk like with certain mazahub I want to get too deep but there's different numbers of arcana in the habit of this 14 on camera right. How many of us know the Arcana of Salah

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This is the real question now we have Druce footcare every Sunday we're gonna see 23567 people

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what I understand is if you missed

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the locker wouldn't

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you if you don't resize

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it doesn't count. So salute struggle is not enough you have to make less NO

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NO NO so if you miss a rockin you have to come with so for instance just like what we said earlier was

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so that reminded me said you know if you made three and he was supposed to make for you made to sleep he remembered that he only did three so do the cell was not enough yes to come back Allahu Akbar and offer the lesser icon because he missed the arcane of Salah he missed the issue or counsel and this is important for all of us to know this is finalized this is fun nine upon us to know the the the account of the Salah tour when you miss something, you know what you missed and what you didn't miss and what you have to have to do Inshallah, so that was

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five, they repeated the fall again, like they chose as a scholar in a way you have an effort and how does

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the Quran the context you wish they prayed five and then they remember

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he prayed five he made Teslin and he realized he prayed five

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Now, which one is

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funny at the last the second one was fourth?

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Right and inshallah Ujjwala Hello.

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is asking that the four that he offered? Which one is five now? The five or the four? We say the four right inshallah because the four was done correctly in the five in sha Allah He received a reward for it being the light on

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different for one we did right and

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we did

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exactly but the intention was right to both

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person is like

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you finish the

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essay next rather you don't miss anything.

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So during the salah if someone makes a mistake,

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yeah, you say subhanallah your interviewer says Subhanallah and if someone makes a mistake

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can you remind him like okay you miss

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Of course. Yeah. Yes. Please remind him

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whatever he missing it and then just

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Yes, yes.

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pray and mother

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make one raka once you do and Stan

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continue the salah. When he

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gave us Allah

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he makes a huge sell.

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When we asked him why you made it. So, he said that I am and I made one situation.

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So it is rockin here it is open and he cannot be excluded. So, he must neglect the fact that I which make one sujood and consider to raka necessity Rata he must come again stand up and make

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Raka and make this

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one yes.

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You have made to say yes. If you are only missing one in three replan

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tools, such as doesn't fulfill it.

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You have to stand up and make, like, if you miss if you miss

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if you miss you No, no, no.

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No, you're supposed to do two things. One is stand up, if you need

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to remember that he only made one sense

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when he did the whole raka

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considered that the first step I would make the mistake is not

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so when you make makeup you're

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you can you can't and it's not obligatory, the sort of episodes of fat has not obligatory.

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Anything else? Which is like well here, Jack Welch, for reminding us of that and Sharla because this is important and hamdulillah and this happens. And one time in Serbia, this was even worse. It was everyone it was it was it was and this can happen to anyone. So what happened to the promise of a lie there was

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some American

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