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The speaker discusses the importance of being aware of your companions and not just looking for them. They also mention the use of Islamic online universities for educational opportunities and offer free courses for undergraduate and graduate education. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of your companions' the importance of learning from your companions and not just looking for them.

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God is

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moving on to another topic, another theme from the best concerning companions, who are the best companions. The prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him was quoted by Eben amor as saying hi to us hub in the law, hello home Lisa, hubby and hydrology Iran and the law, hydro home luxury. The Companions, whom Allah considers best are those who are best to their companions.

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And the neighbors whom Allah considers best are those who are best to their neighbors. What the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is stressing here is that

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when we consider

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who are the best, who we should consider to be the best, should be those who are in their own auctions the best to others. Because if they're bad to others, if you see them, you hear of them, you observe them being bad to others, these should not be your best companions. The profits are seldom wonders to choose our companions well, because we will be raised on the Day of Judgment with our companions.

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Therefore, we must be careful with whom we choose as our companions, meaning those who we hang out with, because

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as the promises and also said, that a person will follow the religion of his friend, the way his friend is, is the way he is likely to be. This is the nature of people, that they're influenced by their companions. So we should be very wary about who we take as our regular close companions. Another example of the Prophet gave me God's peace and blessings be upon him that the good companion, he said is like

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the perfume merchant. Either

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you are going to walk away

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with some perfume which is given or

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you're going to walk away,

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smelling good because of all the bottles of perfume that he has opened. So one way or another, you're going to go away.

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Smelling nice. That is like the good companion. The evil companion. The professor salamanders is like the blacksmith who is beating iron over

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coals, sparks are flying. Either sparks are going to hit your close and burn it burn holes in it. Or at least you will go away stinking of smoke. That is the nature of the bad companion.

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And the West they say if you like with dogs, you will get up with fleas. Same idea. The example of the Prophet game is a little more elaborate and more nice and eloquent. But that's the point. The point is that you are influenced by those around you. So be careful. So the private homes I sell them at said given us a sign in a way for us to know who are the good companions who should consider to be a good neighbor is the one who is good to his other neighbors. Not just one who is good to us. Because if he's good to us and bad to other neighbors really is not a good neighbor. Maybe he's good to us because he wants to get something from us. He's seeking some benefits or whatever.

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You know, this is the nature of people, that they may be good to us, but they're not really good people. So we should be careful. Beware of who we take as our

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companions. As our good neighbors in the sense that we spend time with them. We go to visit them regularly. We invite them to our homes, we have a kind of relationship with them. We should be careful with that. Their viewers, we're going to take a brief break, and then come back to look at some more of the best in Islam.

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