Moutasem al-Hameedy – How prepare yourself for Dawa

Moutasem al-Hameedy
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Then the Prophet sallahu wa salam was given the instructions to worship to build, build a foundation for the Dawa. So that means in Islam before you go public with your Dawa, and your advice, which is very attractive today and very accessible with social media, everyone can become a teacher a shave,

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a figure a celebrity, right?

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Before you do that, you have to build a very solid and strong foundation within. And that's private worship.

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You know, going public with any kind of endeavor is extremely risky business.

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If you haven't developed a strong heart, if you haven't developed yourself, internally,

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with so much to Ischia with so much knowledge of Allah, with so much fear of Allah with so much devotion, Eclass selflessness, it's very risky to go public. Very risky. I'm audible photography, Allahu anhu, used to say, the first couple of learn to sell word,

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seek an understanding, and we need to keep in mind that when the early generations spoke about knowledge, when they spoke about education, it's not like what we do today.

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When they speak about knowledge is what this called what the companions or the Allahu Anhu used to do. They would take five versus feta and Lamone MFE Amina Lamy will Amman, they would take five verses and they would learn everything in them in terms of information and in terms of lifestyle, in terms of actions, they would live by it. Most of us have turned the religion into ideas that we store in our heads, but we never conditioned within ourselves. We never train is just like someone who studies human physiology, and proper kind of workout and exercise. But they never lift the weight. They never go to the gym.

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And they can probably coach you.

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They literally can coach you give you instructions, or might be very good advice. But they themselves can never benchpress they can never do pull ups. They don't have any strength. They don't have muscles. They don't have any stamina.

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A lot of Muslims, and a lot of Muslims who learn Islam, that's their state.

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They can tell you everything about driving, but they cannot sit behind the wheel. They've never been behind the wheel before.

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It sounds ironic, and absurd. But that's the reality. A lot of us can talk about Islam can reason about some of the principles of Islam. Although most of us do that without proper education, and with a lot of misunderstanding, yet, there is most of the practice of Islam. Most of the practice of Islam is private.

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We don't know that most of the worship that we do is public. It's our obsession with people's attention, people's recognition.

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