Mohammad Elshinawy – The Freedom to Rise or Fall

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the consequences of various actions taken by Adam alay His removed waste from his tree, including using the freedom to eat from the tree to eat from it, which would mean something very different than eating from a tree. The transcript also touches on Iran's investment in college and its use of Facebook to acquire opportunities. The transcript describes a dynamic where Iran is investing heavily in college and doing things that Facebook is using to acquire opportunities, including a loving marriage that is known to loosely. The transcript describes a scene where R remindedational apologizes for his health and a loving marriage that is also known to loosely.
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In 100,000, Madonna Stein over here on

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the island, Julian Cuccinelli Dr. Marina de la Molina para her De La Hoya shadow La ilaha illallah wa Huda De La Hoya shadow nama from as an Abba who wanna be you who are pseudo

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Yeah, you Hello Vina mano de la haka to party he will attend Mouton a la and to Simone

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de fora de como la de colo. Community wahida Allah funding has Oda for best time in humare Jalan at around one it

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was Kappa la la de Luna v he will or hand in namaha con la como te the year you have lived in America for LA pu polenta Dida use Kamala COO, coo coo coo coo para la hora pseudo frozen alima

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we begin in the name of a la phrasing online nogen and asking him to send his finest Peace and blessings upon the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions and all those interactions.

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We have to live those into come from us and you and our families and our and the Muslims everywhere, this month of Ramadan, and all that we were able to exert in this month of Ramadan and to even accept from us what we did not exert but intended on exerting in that month of Ramadan, where he is the most generous, seasonal bountiful to kind of hold on.

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The brief reminder this afternoon

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is around the conclusion of simple as that we're in our lives. dogen says in abdominal manatal smls you will all be well gee barely being in a Mila was upon Amina Mohammed Allah Helene son in law who can have allume and yehudah. We have certainly offered the Amana the trust and responsibility, this trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains and they all declined it they all refuse to accept it.

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And they were fearful of it to a Himalayan insan but the human beings took it on and he accepted the Amana and he accepted the trust.

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What is the Amana? What is the trust?

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The Trust is everything. The Trust is everything we've been entrusted with. It is the responsibility of carrying out the mission of life in a way that will deliver us

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to our homecoming to our return home.

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In a sense, the Amana is freewill as some people put it, though, ultimately free will is for Allah subhanho wa Taala. But it is the degree of willpower a degree of agency ability to act. And that is why in a sense, the man is freedom Korea. It is the freedom of the human being to rise or to fall, and the freedom that was placed on the shoulders of the human being, to either

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raise himself to a level of true freedom and permanent freedom in the hereafter.

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And also the freedom to destroy themselves to self destruct

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for eternity. And that is why it is scary. It is a great opportunity. But it's also a great risk. It is about survival forever, or is about doomed forever. And so the heavens and the earth and the mountains were afraid they decline. And the human being said I would take it on I would take on this freedom,

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the freedom to truly arise the freedom to truly be free. And forever be free means was the freedom to it comes from you using that freedom to listen to choose to listen to a loss of power with Allah. Listen to his instructions, listen to his guidance

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and to remember that he knows your best interest Better Than Anyone Else, including yourselves.

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But at the same time, the freedom to self destruct means the freedom to listen to yourself if you want to listen to your width and your knowledge and your know how, and to listen to your shavon that they know what is in your best interest.

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And the story of the very first human being to carry that trust as a family history perfectly represents this equation as a family Salaam, our father's sin his mistake was what is the symbol of freedom, the freedom to depart if you wish, from the instructions of Allah subhanho wa Taala it was the freedom of Adam alayhis salam to think for himself. That wound of being as family history.

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slipping into forgetting the instructions or luggage

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slipping into doing what he wanted,

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not what Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted from him. And the consequence of that freedom for Adam alayhis salam was what what was the end result is what the human being not just Adam alayhis salam, he is the model, he is the original. He's the prototype, it is the consequences that he could never have foreseen. And likewise ourselves when we use our freedoms in the wrong way, we can never calculate the consequences. Because it's part of our nature to be short sighted. It is part of our nature to not be able to assess the outcome. Adam alayhis salam chose to use the freedom to eat from the tree. And the consequences was

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that eating from that tree would mean something very different than removal from Paradise, where you would now have to remove the waste of what you eat from your body, something you could have never imagined. That didn't exist in general.

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Also, we had to now have the consequences live for an entire lifetime, where he had to toil work hard to invest blood, sweat and tears, so that he could earn the next bite. After that one free bite in general, that he used his freedom to, to use

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or to capitalize on and also have the consequences that he would have to now be relocated to a world where he would have to compete, tooth and nail because the world is so limited in what is available on this world. And all that comes with our emotional hurts of wounds of hard feelings of otherwise.

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That was the end result of the freedom and misusing that freedom. And what it did to our father, Alan is Salatu Salam akuto Polly has our central la Hollywood

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100 in Nevada or further cinemavilla Nevada Chateau La Ilaha Illa de Huda de cada shadow Anima from within our visible whenever you have a rock solid.

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And so while Islam calls us to enjoying our freedoms in this world, and seeing freedom in the right way, in the everlasting way, in the hereafter and prioritizing that, we must always remember the downside of this slogan, which is that it has the potential to destroy us, not just to raise us, that was the freedom that Adam alehissalaam was entrusted with, and it's removed him from gender.

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And the children of Adam alehissalaam have continued to do the same thing. Without the help of Adam alayhis salam most of the time, they continue to use their freedom to do what they want.

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Not what Allah subhanho wa Taala won. And at the end of our lives, you're going to have a, an auditing, you're going to have a calculation of how many times you use your freedom to do what Allah wanted, and how many times you use your freedom to do what you wanted. Every single one of those actions, every moment of autonomy of choice that Allah gave, you will be placed in those scales, and see how many transactions you did with that freedom that were in your favor. And that will raise you and how many of them will cause you to plummet and that will determine your end without end.

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As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam said

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kulu nasioc every single morning people set out

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that Iran epsa who and they sell themselves meaning you invest in a college you use your freedoms in a certain way you do you perform the transaction so that it will never settle, they sell their souls for more fearful her as a result of the transaction, you free yourself you actually free yourself how many people have or they destroy themselves.

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And so even the person that does not step out with his feet in the morning is

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the one who slept through Feds. That was a transaction he made. The one that who actually walked out in the morning and stayed and didn't go out seeking livelihood is an action he made and she made every single morning you set out you set the direction you use your volition, your will your choices in a certain way. Every single one of them is a signature from you on a particular transaction that will determine your rise or your fall.

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And then finally, I mentioned this topic because it is in your hand of love will not wrong you. He said you do this and it's up to you every single morning

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because many times we get the post trauma bond

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Lose and we say it's out of my hands after Ramadan.

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I can't maintain I shavon is back in control. And all of these are lies that we sell to ourselves. Every single morning, Allah has given you a chance to use your freedom to liberate yourself or to use your freedom.

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To destroy yourself a lot though, they'll help us liberate ourselves. By surrendering to him, liberate us from the limitations of this world and the limitations of our understanding and the limitations of everything that manipulates us that we did that which we detected that which we don't make a lot, no agenda to make us be of those that are known on the day of judgment as those who are emancipated otakar liberated by man, I love them. I mean, a lot of them have to learn how to handle a lot of masculine or feminine if we learn about them now. mercadona a woman so now I'm an island woman so often Allah and Allah will be he mean La Ilaha Illa and Ansel mapa de mo and Selma Pharaoh

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La Ilaha Illa and

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Robin Attica Bernina. In the Kansas me, Ronnie for to Ballina in the Kansas or wherever Rahim Mr. fluorocarbon and equally televison man good to have other hi aeroburner aloha Allahu la semana Joaquin and Peter Navarro amin helma botlane. Now the weekend will be less than three times now to become an unhealthy dragon kill.

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A loving marriage that is known to loosely mean work through la humulene mina Mina de la la hawla wala Karna Vienna Mohammed played a video too early he was a free agent demand

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