What do I do with the Bank Interest (Riba) in my account

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AI: Summary © The customer is discussing with an unknown representative about the use of interest-based banks in India. They explain that individuals should avoid opening an account with a current account, as it is not possible to avoid it. The customer suggests giving away the money in charity instead, as it is not beneficial for anyone to receive it.
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So before for too long, he would walk up to the next question is from Baltimore. And she says, We have deposited some money to a bank and they gave interest to us, which is no, there is no way to avoid it. She's based in India and she says there is no way to avoid it. So what she does is she counts the interest money, and then gives it away in charity Is that okay?

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If you are in a country where there are no Islamic banks, and so you are inclined to open an account with a conventional bank, you should try to offer a current account current account is an open option. However, personally, I have also experienced difficulties in setting up current account nowadays, many

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banking systems are refusing to open up current accounts by individuals. I don't know what is the reason behind it because this was not the case at the past, and individual can open current accounts. However, if a situation forces you to only have a savings account, which is interest bearing, what you're obliged to do is whenever the money comes, you need to take that money out, give it away in charity without expecting any benefit in return. So ideally, you should give it away to some third person in a charity. Some people try to give it away to the servants who are working for them or the person who have been employed to do certain services for them. I find that

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problematic because the moment we are giving it to them somewhere or the other in our heart, we may tend to expect some benefit off of them, we might expect them to be, you know, more responsive to our requests, and so on and so forth. This may happen, which is why it is best to avoid all this, just give it away to a third charity, third person charity without expecting any reward in return. You can't expect any reward in return. This is just dirty money going away in charity, we're just getting rid of that money from your life. You don't want to see can benefit from it. This is the view of the scholars and allows you kind of what Allah knows best.