Mohammad Elshinawy – The Heart’s Missing Twin

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of strong spirituality and belief in Islam for individuals to achieve success in life is emphasized, along with the need for preparing individuals for the "hasha" moment where they will be the only person to receive a spiritual connection. The conflict between the heart and body is a reflection of actions and beliefs, and the importance of learning from experiences to convince oneself of actions is also emphasized. The history and origin of Islam are also discussed, including the story of sold man and the book sold on a wall.
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In 100 rely on a screen over here on a stock photo double HRM and Julian fusina sejahtera Marina Maria de la huhtala la Maddalena lil Farah de la hora de la ilaha illallah wa hula Sheree Cara hatia Donna Mohammedan Aveda whenever you who are solo

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yeah you Latina I'm an otaku la patoka de la la mattina 11 to Muslim oh yeah you Hannah su tiempo de como la de la camino see wahida hola caminhada de salmon humare jaylan caffi Romani

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what's up La La? Luna be here a long time in Allah. How can la Cooperativa? Yeah Latina de la la kulu Colin sadita yusaku mama como la Koo become

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a la hora Sula, who further further frozen Halima all praise and glory be to Allah We thank him we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness.

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And we seek protection with Allah from the evil whispers within us and from the consequences of our evil deeds, from whomever our laws that will guides no one can ever lead us straight and whomever Elisa street none can ever guide them.

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And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and love and obedience with Allah and Allah alone without any partners. The true supreme King at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet, and his servant and His Messenger.

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Oh, you have believed hold fast to the tip of a law,

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a lifestyle, a worldview, a mentality, a state of heart and mind that you are conscious in it of Allah subhanho wa Taala and beautiful to him jell o jell o

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and do not die except in a state of complete and total submission to Allah state of Islam.

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To begin after welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal.

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One of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was exceptionally a standout for his wisdom for his hikma

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was submitted faricy radi Allahu Allahu wa sallam and the Persian

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Selma, it is reported about him that he said once

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to set I guess the the theme of the

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method is called the well just said,

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method use

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the example of the heart and the body

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is like the example of a blind man and someone who is immobile someone who can't walk.

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He says for for kollel mocha, the one who can't move on his own, said to the blind one. In the error term, Ratan familia de La Hoya. I see some dates, I see some sweet fruit in front of me. He's blind, he can't the one, which is the heart that can't move on its own said to the body the body which is blind, but can move said to the body said to the blind man, I see something sweet, something you can't see is sweet, but it's sweet.

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Carry me to it. So I can eat from it. If you don't want to I do. So I can eat from it.

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For Hana Allahu la have Akhil Amina. And so the blind man carried the paralyzed man, if you will, over to those fruits, and he was able to eat from them.

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And you have to maybe say this a few times and think about it deeply to realize just how profound it is.

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For many people, they are not able to benefit from their body and their heart at once.

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They separate between the interior and the exterior, or they act outside

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in a way that doesn't match with what they really believe deep down inside.

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And so they don't really have fulfilment deep down inside. Because there's a disconnect. There's a separation between those two twins that need each other, the heart and the body.

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That the heart knows things but the body is not sacrificing to gain them to secure them.

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And have what is so profound about this example about the inner conflict in all of us or the conflict or the inconsistency in so many of our lives, between our belief and our actions. of the most profound aspects of this is that silver is the one that said it

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because that is the story of someone's life, that he lived to answer the call of his heart.

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Selman story

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was and is so profound that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when you read the hadith of his journey to Islam,

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he is the one that called the Sahaba over and said to them, listen to your brother said, Man, listen to what this man went through the profound Jihad he performed to find the truth, the sacrifice and the struggle he put in.

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And many of us perhaps know the story of Solomon.

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He says, I used to live in Persia, I was from the royal family. I was even the one that used to take care of the fire that we worship. They were fire worshippers, he says, I used to be of those that stoke the flames to make sure it doesn't die down. And this was like the highest honor.

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The High Priests had the highest honor under the Emperor.

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He says, in one day, my father sent me on a journey. And I saw in a sham people that are worshipping the one true God.

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And this just captivated my heart, which by the way, is the most compelling aspect of your Islam. Some people want to bring people to the truth. And we do like gymnastics, we do backflips to try to explain some sort of half thought out argument or miracle in Islam, there is nothing more compelling than for you to tell them what they know, deep down inside, there is a one true God. no greater reason. And more common reason for people to become Muslim is they're like the oneness of Allah, Islam explains it, by the way.

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So he heard this, and he couldn't shake it off.

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And when he went back home, he said to his father, their religion is better than ours.

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And that, of course, is a lesson on its own, that you will never be able to shelter your children from the world.

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So you're gonna have to be able to prepare them and convince them that what they have in terms of Islam, at least not everything they have, but their Islam is more valuable than anything out there before they encounter it, because they will encounter it.

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As for the father worship,

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it was clear that worshiping one true God is superior to worshiping the fire that I have to take care of myself, I have to maintain my God.

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And so his father saw that he was bent on going to catch up with these people. So he locked him at home. Eventually, he couldn't bear it. He ran away from home.

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And he caught up with those in the church.

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And perhaps this was over the remaining churches that were upon to heat they were upon worshipping Allah alone. No intermediaries, no partners, no adulteration, no spoilage of that pure message of Jesus peace be upon him the original real message.

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But he saw that although their religion was right, they can't take care of that church in temples, a corrupt man that was telling people donate, donate, donate the Day of Judgment that's coming. But he was pocketing all of the donations

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himself. And so he stayed with him. He couldn't say anything. He wanted to learn from him. People would not have believed him. It just didn't work until the man died. And when people spoke so well of him, they said, he said, No, this man is just a fun, he's a monster, look, and he showed them where he stowed away all the money. And so the people were so taken aback, so shocked by the betrayal, that they refuse to bury him, they threw his corpse away and threw rocks over it.

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He says, then another man came to replace him that was super righteous and helped me learn the way of God, the one true God to come close to Allah. But even then he came to die. And I, he told me, I don't know anyone on earth remaining that has this religion, except this person and other land. And this happened, as you know, several times each time, he goes to a person, as soon as he finds what he's looking for, he finds this person dying.

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And one after another, traveling across the globe, until one of them says to him, I don't know anyone left on earth that has this religion of ours. But we are in an age when our profit is supposed to be sent in that land by the love of fields that land with all of the palm trees in Arabia, meaning Medina. And so he asked for directions to Medina and he was betrayed by some people who took him into slavery. He was abducted and purchased by slave owners in Medina, and from there he met the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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What I want to point out quickly,

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is that salmela rhodiola han did not do this in a span of six months or a year otherwise, you'd need to realize the extent of the sacrifice he puts in for the question of purpose. You see, how was he able to sacrifice all of this because he responded the first time and told his limbs Listen to your heart.

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So many people, they live for nothing now. And that is why as we say they fall for anything, the devices and the slogans and all this stuff, it's because the sense of purpose has been smothered. And that needs to get revived in all of us. How do I do a better job of living what I believe and matching up the interior and the exterior, the profits of the lower audio setting wanted to call this a hub his attention to that aspect of Sandman.

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And he said to them locale email, or in the laboratory, gentlemen, hula people from where this guy is from from Persia. If faith if finding faith was at the farthest stars over there, they still would have figured out a way to get to it, they would have gotten carried to it, they would have forced their bodies forced themselves, mapped out their lives, to actualize this purpose, to actualize this faith.

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And you know that statement by the way, it's so beautiful, that it's not about who you are, or how good you are, or how smart you are.

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It is about how hard you try. That is what determines how guided you are. When levina gehad rufina

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bolena those who strive sacrifice pushed struggle

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suffered for our cause. They are those who we guide to our path.

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Allah gives you the wisdom and the clarity and that voice inside gets louder, it becomes easier to to heat it to drown out the other voices with it. That is through sacrificing when you see something when you see a light bulb get turned on.

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And interestingly, the scholars even mentioned that that praise of the people from Persia that they are people of such determination

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seem to be

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not just proven or reflected in history, but a source of inspiration for so many Muslims later that came from those parts of the world.

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Like the Hadith scholars, they mentioned that look at the most sick, the six most famous compilers of the sinner, those who brought to us there Howdy, hello, private sauce, lm five out of the six of them were from Persia.

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The people that traveled the globe to make sure he said no was not last.

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Al Bukhari, who Sankara right so those lands Muslim immediately he was an Arab. That would be the only exception to the list.

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You go to a tyranny the NSA even imagine they all have roots their immediate roots there.

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And so they weren't Arabs. So you think this is this is a religion that the Arabs have an edge and know the one who works hard has an edge and the one that demands from his body to listen to his heart has an edge in

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in terms of their wisdom, how they understand the world and in terms of their gains, how close they get to a law and how much they're allowed to serve this oma

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Shangri La Ilaha Salatu was Salam Ala Moana de vida de la ilaha illAllah Alessia Cara hoshana Mohammed Abu whenever you are a solo.

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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move the Sahaba upon the discovering sell man

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to free him from his slave masters to purchase

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his freedom. He also brothers him, made him one of the brothers of the most senior Sahaba around the allowance Allah Allah. You know how the prophet SAW Selim when he came to Medina, he paired up people, right, every two together to support each other to help each other to teach each other.

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One would work while the other one would attend the province. Oftentimes gathering the next day they would alternate he would work and this one would attend to prophets gathering and they will share information at night.

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Sell man was paired with our da da da da da da da da.

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And despite segmen being fairly a newcomer to Islam, Allah granted him such a light by virtue of his sacrifice.

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One thing you always have to check, by the way with the word sacrifice when you speak about sell, man, you may have this image in your head that says man is a young man.

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And he's not. You see, he was a youngster with his father, who locked him up so that image sticks right in the beginning of the story. But Sandman very likely is way older than the prophet SAW Selim when he met him. He's an old man who spent

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Decades looking for him. He sought out to a salon till he finally recognized him and fell on top of him and cried and kissed his body, la salatu salam lifetime.

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So of his wisdom is that he was able to understand things about Islam, that some of the seniors to habit were not able to simply because of his sacrifice, not his education.

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So when he was paired up with our daughter,

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our daughter that was so bent on pleasing Allah, that it caused an imbalance in his life, and said, Man being in his home notice this, that his wife is always depressed, that he doesn't sleep. She said, What's the matter? She said, Your brother has no need for this world, meaning he's ignoring us. He's not even giving them our true rights, which is your spouse's rights. And so sad man kept forcing him when he would find him fasting, he would say, I'm not gonna eat, I'm your guest. I'm not gonna eat until you eat, he will force him to break his fast when he'd get up at night to sleep and say sleep, no praying, get sleep a little bit. Then at the end of the night, they would get up and

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pray with you together.

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Until he complained of Solomon to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam The Talmud is getting in my way

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and telling me I have to give each their due right and he said said man is absolutely correct. So even before the Prophet validated, it said man knew the prophetic path. How did he know it?

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By the wisdom that Allah gave him for his sacrifices, he gave him sharper insight into the deen because you can be very knowledgeable in Islam, by the way, but not able to recognize how that knowledge applies to your life, or how much of it you're misunderstanding.

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And I'll mention one final incident to show you this. From Solomon's life for the lavon.

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At the end of his life, we after the prophets death, so he's even older now.

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When the Muslims finally conquered Persia, and the capital of the Persian Empire, they saw it wise and it certainly was to put sell man who is Persian, at the head of the capital

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of Persia, saga who fosse was the commander he put salamander in left.

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So instead, man entered the major mystery of the central German oven medallion. Everybody flocked to him. This is like a super scholar. They used to call him hovering. keytab been the master scholar of the two books because he mastered the books of Christianity, per se, the pure form and then he mastered the Quran. So he had the scholarship of two religions, if you will.

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So the narrator says over 1000 people sworn to him and he said to them, if

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you want to hear my wisdom, sit down, sit down.

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So when everybody SAT, he began to recite to them so to qc smilla Rahmanir Rahim, Al Islam Ra.

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Until people started getting up and walking away.

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The narrator says until there was about 100 people left 90% of the crowd went away. Oh, he's just reciting

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just for me.

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And that is exactly what said men wanted. He's the narrator says, Listen, man said man became angry

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and said to the people as

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rotten, do you want some fancy words? Is that what you're looking for? That's the thing. Aren't we all like that? We believe the Quran is the words of Allah. But we don't see how weighty it is. So we look for quotes, and we look for lines and slogans, elsewhere. wisdoms elsewhere there are what is the order and felt in our life as the primary source are we caught up in the veneer the shimmer of fancy words. So he said as the host miracoli Otto, you were looking for me to say something fancy

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Alaykum Kitab Allah for the habitus, and then I start reciting to you a large book and you walk away.

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So that was obvious wisdom that could only be produced by sacrificing sincerely for Allah will Lavina gehad rufina then a DNR who superdata those who sacrifice towards our path, we will certainly guide them to our way

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the heart needs to call upon the one that is mobile to carry it where it needs to go, or else we will always struggle with wisdom. Always struggle with faith, because these are the twins of faith the inside on the outside the hearts and the actions. May Allah help us reconcile them both. and grant us wisdom and our dunya and our Deen

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Laughlin Oceana Loma Linda

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Urbana alumna Phil Massimino. Lucy Matt mininova

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Not Aloma. shimogamo muslimeen

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muslimeen wa salatu wa sallahu wa Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi arginine

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