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Jumuah 04.10.2020

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Sudoku, diverse fields and Halina. After praising Eliza Jen, while recognizing we can never praise Him as He deserves and asking him to send Salutations and Peace and blessings upon our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our master and our guide in this world and in the next

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we remind ourselves and everyone here and everyone listening What's up, blah, blah, blah Zilla, Jen at the age old covenant between us and Allah is being observant of him and his duties and being conscious of him and his rights. So proud of him with the odd agenda. To begin, I wanted to share a few thoughts for this Juma in Sharla. Regarding stressing over money,

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it brought him let him know Allah was one sitting with a man who complain to him about

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his large family and his shadow finances. And he said to him, you don't have so many people that are depending on me, and it has stressed me out. So an E and Rahim knows him he said to him, listen, go to your house and check any one of your family members, whom a lot is not the provider for sending them over to my house, I'll take care of him.

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He right that was obviously trying to tell him listen, you are not the provider for your family a lot as though Jen is the provider for your family. And if you lose sight of that you will drown yourself in stress.

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A lot asila Jen said to us, when mom and dad met him fill out the Illa Allah ma here is to her there is not a beast, forget humans, there is not a beast on this earth, except that it's on love to provide for. And it's not even the beasts on the earth of law as though it just said even in the other is a one minute one I mean dead but it will all do whatever. It will be a high heat in human and fallible. There is no piece that tracks the earth nor even a bird that flies with his two wings through the sky. Except they are nations just like you the same way there's a human race, there are worlds nations civilizations have all these different creatures, all these different animals on the

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earth and in the skies. Then Allah says men, often Africa tell him in shape, and we have not lost sight we have not neglected in our records, anything at all, whatsoever. Everything is accounted for. So don't stress yourself so much regarding your accounting, regarding your money regarding your, your finances, and this is something that we fail to appreciate even more so in our times when things are so standardized, and things are so available and things are so automated, like the ISS, even the birds in the sky. And that's similar to what the prophet sallallahu wasallam said, if you would trust a law rely on on law, the way you should be relying on Allah, he would provide for you

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like he provides for the birds they set out in the morning, it's not automated, they fly out in what are seemingly random directions they set out in the morning with empty stomachs and they return every night with their fill. So that is what sometimes when you have like a standard date and a standard direction, where you get your paycheck from every single month in like just the modern dynamics, this could eat away at that concept a little bit that it is not any more secured than it is for the bird every morning. Just because you see this structure you see this automated there are so many reasons why it could get interrupted it could get disrupted. This issue you know among

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nowadays, for example, you know, you look at the rain, rain is nothing to us rain is like a nuisance. Oh, it's raining. I'm gonna get my clothes away. A long time ago people would watch for the rain because it's seemingly random the rain like is there rain or is there not rain? doesn't rain every Monday never happened before. And so their hearts were clinging to hope that maybe there's a rain cloud today. Maybe my mom's gonna have crops this season, maybe not.

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And so when we find ourselves worried about our finances, the finances of our family

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that in mind, and this is this is actually possibly a treasure for you.

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That moment that stress, it's a goldmine, you know, to report that about.

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Many of the early Muslims, they used to say that it came to follow the late 70s, early 70s seven Beatty that pick one of my most pleasant moments is when I'm told there is no more flour or no more food in the house. It doesn't mean they enjoy, like suffering or enjoy starvation. What they mean is, when it's like down to the bare minimums, when things get like disturbed, uncomfortable that the supply chain the streamline gets shaken. I remember that really isn't about anything else. It just hinges on a loss of data. So I'm not depending on anything when everything is gone. And so that moment they see it as a reset button, or reminder

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that things ultimately rely on Allah subhanho wa

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and hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala via

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Mohammed Abu whenever you are solo.

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You know, it is even reported that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say at the end of his life, hopefully, this was the last stage of his life. He went through poverty, and then he went through riches. And then Allah as dogen guided him at the end of his life to say, of love and legeartis, early Mohammed infowater Oh Allah make the provision there is of the family of Mohammed to be quote unquote, is that which is enough, like just enough, they said perhaps one of the reasons why he was guided to this, though he was dealing with money when he was rich in the best way he was spending it left and right, caring for people serving the creation serving humanity. They said,

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because he still was fearful of going to run directions with lots of money. And so that's why the Oh Allah enough, because so many problems come with money, stress comes with money as well. Also, money gets you overly comfortable sometimes. So he was afraid of that it is still up to a setup enough sometimes is a treasure that we don't realize just enough.

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And sometimes we discover just how little is enough. That's of the treasures there as well.

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And at the end, the last thing I do want to say very quickly is that no one lives without food. Nobody lives with oxygen, nobody lives with others. That is why so long as you have a life to live means will be opened up so that you can be provided for to live that life. Sounds like you're going to be destined to live another 10 years and there's going to be no food around for those 10 years. So long as there is a lifespan to be lived as the prophet SAW send them said gibreel told me lentils and I've seen have done this second minute agenda or discovered every spot, no soul will die until it lives its lifespan in full and collected and full, they go hand in hand. And so our job is to

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seek it beautifully to make sense. Or the Prophet Allah is supposed to then relate that from Djibouti. He said for Tacoma, it's riddled with bugs. So just fear God, don't seek wrong measures. Don't panic into deviant ways or straight on threaten you with poverty. And so he commanded you within decency as a result of that. He said don't do that. He said beautify your requests, you're going to work hard, you're going to make sure it's how to you're going to donate because you know that's of the ways to increase your money. And you're going to also keep ties with family because the profits of the love or money or send them an IRA and you saw that movie risky for us and

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hopefully fit for you so rahima whoever wants the risk to be expanded

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and their mark their legacy, their positive effects on this world to be extended. Then let them reinforce reestablish strengthen the bonds of their families keep ties with family. And so you're going to ask for a beautifully in a highlighted way and ask for the way a believer asks for it as well. By by seeking it through a law of syllogism in the best fashion possible. Mama Filipino a lovely lady can lead to kidney I'm loving that he never said he will tell a friend Emma said he and my children I

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love my job is to add in a 14 year old better love FF and well then NFC America 38 I had a lot of muscle segments to mean mushroom are going to mean what far better and if Oh, yeah, Kareem was

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gonna be in 108 or something.