The Barakah Is from Allah

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The "will of Islam" and "will of god" are struggles communities, but the "will of Islam" and "will of Islam" are blessing communities. The speaker discusses the importance of finding the right mastermind for one's mission and using their mentality to make their own luck. The speaker also touches on the struggles of the Prophet's guidance and the importance of being mindful of one's words in avoiding "drink" and "Grind" in the context of Islam.

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Oh salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was a huge rain. First of all, it was like late rather fast him for, for saying though he said too much.

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Half of me wants to say yes, absolutely much happens behind the scenes. There's so many teams working there, you know, with intentionality with deliberation, you know, with passion, seeking to be perfectionist. So what they're doing and we do want to recognize and appreciate that the other half of me wants to say no, absolutely not. This has nothing to do with the EMA. And really al baraka and Allah azza wa jal, I do believe this is truly a blessing community and ask Allah to increase them in that and protect it for them.

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And the baraka is from Allah that actually was sort of or related to the reminder I wanted to get from tonight.

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You know, when amazing things would happen in the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi, wasallam, like when 1400 People would drink and make will do from a small jug of water, or when you know, they would run out of food and they're about to slaughter their camels mid journey because they have no other choice, and then almost to zero, so Allah just have everyone bring their leftovers and make their eye on it, maybe Allah, they would all eat for 500 people. That's why historians can't even explain this. Like there's no way for 500 1000 people can collude on a lie. These miracles actually happen. So when they would happen, these amazing miracles, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would

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always tell them hello, Malcolm, take your share of the food, take your fill from this tiny pile, he would say hello Mu albaraka Two min Allah. And the blessing that you're about to see here is from Allah azza wa jal, no one else.

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And for sure, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the most blessed human being ever. Allah channeled through him more blessings than anyone else in human history. But the fact that blessings come from Allah means they will continue to come for those who seek them. That's important to understand.

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For so many reasons, right? Like, I do believe this is a blessing community. And I have every right to believe that. And you know, I always tried to figure out, I actually have a diary that you guys can't see. For the past four years, I document things about this community that I feel like are just gifts, like subtleties that are just miracles from Allah azza wa jal, to be honest. And I truly believe that there's like a discrete reason behind it that I can't figure out. It makes maybe someone here who doesn't have the microphone all the time. Maybe it's one of our parents who's never been to Allentown in their life who has made that for us that's allowing things to move forward. I

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don't know. But we should always be seeking the baraka from Allah azza wa jal, you know, me and brother Qasim, actually, one thing leads to another.

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We were talking about other masajid

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that think it's all about them. Right? No, one particular issue just in general so there's certain masajid that don't allow anyone else and I've grew up in research like this. Don't allow anyone else to come fundraise inside their Masjid because they feel like we're really strapped, we have a deficit. But actually, we all have deficits, right? We all run on on donations. And so they limit the opportunity to the needs of the Masjid. Right. And these are the masajid actually who struggle the most financially you can actually notice this, like you know, or you may not know every year this Masjid allows organizations to come in and Ramadan, no matter what they make their appeal, they

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come to the middle to Saturday, so tomorrow night, by the way, and next Saturday, they will make their appeals right for very worthy causes. And they'll direct you to a table in the front, the massage that actually allow more and more, they are actually the massage that struggle less financially. The Baraka is from Allah azza wa jal, and he is in the aid of a person when he's in the aid of his brother, our mentality nowadays in the masajid or outside, you know, even just the secular mindset, the godless mindset is that you are the master of your destiny, you are the master of your risk. It's about the hustle and how much effort you put in to carve your own outcome when

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this is not true. Al Baraka mean Allah azza wa jal and

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that was four minutes. I will write I will he said I said one more minutes and I have to like you know, perform and pretend that I'm actually punctual. I try my best I really do. But Abu Hurayrah the Allah Allah and there's a beautiful Hadith about this installation of Bacardi one of the many examples of the baraka of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Xlife.

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Abu Hurayrah says, We were AnnaSophia you know, Lucifer, the people that traveled to Medina and had nothing had no wealth had no family, no one to depend on, but they wanted to be near the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and so they would come live in the masjid until they developed some sort of independence, financial independence. This could have been dozens of people could have been 80 Plus could be way more than that at a time. You know, it fluctuates it. He says, I used to sit in the masjid and I would just move about to the point that people would think I'm crazy or I'm possessed by a devil, and it would be nothing but hunger. And at times I placed my stomach on the ground or

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tie stones to my stomach, all of that only out of hunger Subhanallah you know, the most righteous people ever went through time.

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It's like this by the way, right? The coolness of the ground or the stone offsets, like the heats that your your stomach's on fire. That's why they would do this in their societies. He said and I would go up to our workers to do he said I went one night to a worker so they're asking him as he's exiting the masjid about a an iron the Quran Can you explain to me this idea?

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And I intend to nothing by it ill you should be funny for him to realize that I'm a hello Sophia and take me home and I get to split a meal with him. But he didn't notice. And then I went to Walmart and I asked him what I have the Quran so that he will take me home and give me a meal.

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And he didn't notice. And then I crossed paths with I will ask him salAllahu alayhi wasallam. That's what he said. It's slightly cloudy. And he noticed. How could you not notice if the best people in the world didn't notice? The Prophet SAW Selim would notice he said he saw it in my face and I was starving. So he said to me about Geraldo Abu Hurayrah he said At your service, what can I do for ya rasool Allah, cada il how Kobina catch up with me follow me.

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He took me home, he sought permission for me to enter because there's women in the house. When I entered, we found other hangman Lebbon a small jug of milk. And so he asked he would always ask because if it was charity, he wouldn't touch it at least salatu salam would only distribute he asked Carlu there who Elaina fool and so on so gave it to us as a gift. So the Prophet SAW Selim picked it up he said Abu Hurayrah go call on the sofa. So Abu Hurayrah the Allahu Allah azza wa jal Qaddafi is soft like what can this jug possibly do? With a hell of sofa? 80 people or so? Just no way it's gonna be enough. It's over I'm not drink. And he said one I cannot live RTR Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi Salah Bucha but I have no choice but to obey the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam so I went out and lost all hope in getting any of that milk. And I went and got a philosopher, they would come in, he would have them drink and leave and I would go get someone else. Have them drink and leave. And then after everyone is gone, he said, Yeah, but hoorah. Hoorah. I said, Yes. So messenger of Allah, Allah and Allah and no one's left with me and you.

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So he gave it to me and said it Judas, sit down. It should not drink. So I drank all the issue of the drink again. And I drank he said drink again. Until I said to him, let me do my slug, and I can't find any room for left. I can't there's no more room. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Alhamdulillah you know for the blessing of Allah azza wa jal, the baraka.

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By the way, side note I hear you sometimes these days is a new word like so. And so my friend blessed me with a glass of water blessed me with like an app or something. Youth please don't use that term. Baraka is real. This is the whole point of the reminder. People don't give baraka Allah sends Baraka don't pollute the word. Baraka is real, tangible, real. Right? And so he said, Al Hamdulillah, and then he said, Bismillah, and he drink sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So think of Subhan Allah and how generous he was Ali salatu salam to always invite people how humble he was to drink last Ali Salatu was Salam. How blessed he was Ali Salatu was Salam. That blessing was not from

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him. It was from Allah and we all have access to it. May Allah fill our life and you and transform our lives with his Baraka. He can do it overnight. subhanho wa Taala we and there was Allah Allah Azza levada kind of Unum hamadryad early he was happy he marry