Solar – Lunar Eclipse

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It is a hustle for me it is a lunar eclipse

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and Jabara the Allah Juan and then Madeira and others they said in Kesava de Shem so Allah rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the sun Eclipse, meaning that it went dark during the daytime, the sun Eclipse during the lifetime of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, yo Mata while I do who Ibrahim on the same day, that his son Ibrahim Radi Allahu Allah and his two year old son had died. And so the people began to say this eclipse happened because of the death of the son of the Messenger of God.

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And so the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam despite the the grief of the moment the difficulty of losing a child, especially a child in that age, he still exited his home sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he ascended the member of the pulpit, and he said to the people in Amersham soil kamaru I attained a mean iOttie lahaie

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You have with Allah who be himari burdah who lie and Cassie phirni

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Lee moutier Hardeen Hualalai hayati, he for either item che I'm in Delhi, for Hulu for Salou wardrobe with Corolla hackday and Jelly webicon. He said the Sun and the Moon are to nothing more than two signs of God. Meaning the the fact that he causes them to do what's happening. These are signs of God, the fact that Allah created the sun and the fact that Allah can hide the sun are signs of His power, right.

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And he says that he uses meaning at times to strike fear in the hearts of His slaves, a display of his power subhanho wa Taala the One who created light is also the creator of darkness subhanho wa taala. He said, and they do not Eclipse for the death, or the life meaning the birth of anyone, because you know, an old, you know, olden times people think that oh, an important person must have just been born or an important, important person must have died. That's why an eclipse happens. And so he dispelled that notion, even regarding his own son, because his son had died that day. And so people started saying the son must have Eclipse because of the death of God's Messenger son. And so,

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you know, if he was calling to himself, as we often say, this would have been a perfect credibility booster would have been perfectly convenient to promote himself to just let people say it, he wasn't saying he was grieving or a sloth was set up. But he made it a point to clarify time and time again, that I only call to Allah, I don't call to my personality, or the personality of my descendants or anything. This is belongs to God. So when you see at the end of the Hadith now, so when you see it, get up and pray, and perform to and supplicate and remember Allah until it goes away. And so we are going to pray a bit. And you for as long as you're awake this night, I know some of your work in the

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morning for as long as you can just get some dough out and get some Vicodin. And try to remind yourself in these moments in this cosmic phenomenon that's going on with God's power. I remember you know, one very foolish man. He said, You know, this this eclipse prayer these Muslims make is because a long time ago, they didn't understand why an eclipse happened scientifically. And so they would think that they have judgment is about the start. So they're scared so they pray.

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And this is absolutely not true. Because they've always known when it comes to eclipses happen. They happen on a calendar. By the way, this is no different than us knowing when the baby's going to come nine months later, but we still get happy when the baby comes right? This is like farmers for 10,000 years knowing when the harvest season is but when you actually see the fruits, you feel so overjoyed, right so just because the eclipses on a clock, if you will, doesn't mean it takes away from its potential to remember Allah's power. That is the idea so for these moments, and for the remainder of your wakeful hours, use them to remember Allah's power and do what your Prophet

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salAllahu alayhi wasallam did the last thing I will say so a lot of cool stuff is to rockhouse except they're slightly modified anyone know how they work?

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Anybody know what's different about them?

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You're seeing you know

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what you're lifting his end.

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You want it when no one else is raising his hand

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then you go down, then you complete the first rock as you would ordinarily complete a rock.

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Just so nobody dips prematurely into St. Jude sisters, in case you didn't catch it. We're going to pray to rock us except each raka will be split in half. We're going to recite al Fatiha and some Quran. Then make ruku

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or come up, recite some more for ad and then records to do that first record. Got it. Then you're gonna get up and do it again. Faster How with some Quran bow up more for an ROCOR to seduce the shahada slim, Zack clear.

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Does like a little fight I'm just gonna