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Feiz Mohammad
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Verily all praises you to the almighty lord. We praise Him we seek is aimed, we beseech forgiveness to him. We seek refuge of Allah to Allah from our evil souls and actions. Hey him Allah Allah, Blaine's ease royalty,

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and he will love to Allah misguides will law he will never ever find a protect or a guardian, I hope to ever go out into the straight path. I bear witness and testify without any compulsion

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that there is no,

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there is no one worthy of worship except the almighty Lord Allah hold to Allah. And I bear witness that he's the only one who has the power to create the entities. for India, he's Allahu taala. He's a rough man who has plenty of mercy for his preaches in the life of this world, and for the believing service on the Day of Resurrection, hey, is Allah Malik.

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He's al Malik, the king, the Sovereign,

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the monarch, the one to whom belongs to complete dominion. Indeed, he is alko DOS, the Holy One,

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the one who's free,

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pure from all imperfections, and he's clean from children and adversaries. Likewise, he's clean from his payments that bless him his payments of the Jews. The lesson is payments of the Christians. They will estimate statements of the pagan Arabs. Those Swain said that Allah Allah has a son and

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the son of Allah, as for the worshipers, they said that an ISA

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is the Son of God, the son of Allah, Allah. As for the pagan Arabs, they said that the angels are the daughter is the daughters of Allah, Allah. Let him in here the COO, this is nothing less than this disaster. Indeed a lot. There is no need of a partner is a no need of a child is a no need of any creation.

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He's independent, for indeed he is. I mean, who is the vigilant? The supporter, the protector protector, we are in need of him. He is in need of no one.

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He watches the slaves deeds and actions. He's animal so we're the session. The organizer, the designer, who found his preaches in different pictures, black, red and white, with different tongues, Arabic, Asian, English and so forth. And he is

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the most generous, the giver. There is Noah he gives what he preaches in gives and gives and gives without asking for a return. And he's far from those last statements clear from this. He was famous of the swines who said the aloes hands are tied.

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Who said the hands are stingy?

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Indeed, their hands be tied, and they'd be a curse for this evil statements. instead. Allah Subhana who wants to add his hands is widely stretched. He gives that of his bounty to him he pleases. He is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. He's

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the most generous, and he is Eileen rezac the provider the Sustainer. He knows our actions the brothers and sisters. Yes, we can all hide from each other.

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You want to consume knowledge you can conceal it to each other. I can prevent someone from knowing that which I intend.

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The brothers and sisters, you can never ever consume the knowledge from Allah Allah. No matter where you hide. No matter how much you try.

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You will never ever consider that which you are intending from the one that created your intention.

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For one day, he is bossier. He's the CEO of all things. No matter where you go. You want to go to the tallest building the furthest cave underground

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You want to hide yourself from people's eyes, but Allah to Allah, you can never ever hide from him.

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If you think you can commit sin, without your relatives, your family, your cousin's your friends witnessing you so I can commit the sin, Allah Allah is witnessing

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and you can never hide from him.

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The black end on a Black Mountain on a dark night he sees it better than the and sees itself.

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The Almighty Lord said in his glorious, uncreated word, yeah, and you

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know, and you know, Billa he wore a suit he was Nikita Billa de la Sol de Waal. Kita.

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Believe me, if you believe Open your ears, for Indeed Allah, Allah is talking to you. It's a communication.

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Oh, you believe believe in Allah, believe in His Messenger, and that which was revealed to His Messenger, and that which has revealed the scriptures before the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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as Muslims,

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we believe

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everything that the almighty Lord has placed in his books, everything. The revelations that have come from our Creator,

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are all the words. Oh, he's the very word of Allah. Allah Himself

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is the very word of Allah to Allah Himself. He sent on to his messengers, for the purpose of conveying His laws, his religion, to the people.

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The greatest of these books, as we all know, is the Glorious Quran, which was revealed to our beloved Prophet Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then add in jail,

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which was revealed to no other than he saved the money on his salon, then a toe rot, which was revealed to Prophet Musa alayhis salam, then the Sams of David which is known as the Buddha, revealed to profit there was a lady salon. But the greatest of these books is no other than the uncreated word of the Almighty Lord, the greatest miracle that was ever descended on this earth.

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