Quran Tafseer al-Baqarah – Sulayman (AS) Did Not Disbelieve

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One cafardo Sudima mark

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the area is amazing because it takes you through these stations okay and mentions things in such a way as if it is all connected

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and you will see the benefits and the fruits of it. First of all when a cappella Sulaiman

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Suleiman has not disbelieved.

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Who said anything about Khufu?

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Did anyone say something about Cofer

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America for us with a man? Yes, they practically accused him of Kufa.

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You will find this before that, you will find this in the Bible as well.

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So in First Kings, you will find that King Solomon

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loved many foreign women.

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And he went after many of the women

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that God is Lord forbade for him and for Benissa because they will lead them away from God.

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But Suleiman, according to them, loved many of these women. And he had 700 wives

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700 wives, princesses

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and 300 concubines. Yeah, Allah. Is that even humanly possible?

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Even in Jana, there's no talk about 1000 wives, okay.

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But this is what it mentions, and those wives and his love for them, let them away, lead him away from God, so that his heart was then away from God, towards their gods.

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And God became angry with him.

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And he was not like his father David.

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His heart was away from God. The Bible mentions he went away from God, he went towards those gods What is this, this is confirmed this belief.

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And thus Allah punished him according to them.

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Allah punished him by the Division of his kingdom

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and how eventually, his son would have part of the kingdom but the kingdom was divided as we know in history, that was part of the punishment of Allah for him. According to the Bible, the Quran clarifies what Makka

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Suleiman is exonerated of all of this garbage.

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This is corruption at its best. We absolved the prophets of Allah, please be upon them on of such acts. And the Quran says Wolmar Kasara. Suleiman

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Suleiman did not disbelieve.

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crux of the iron is focusing on sessions focusing on magic. One marker for us will Amen Well I can assure you, Trina Cafaro, your honeymoon unnecessary.

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So, the idea is concentrating on the magic, the lies the demons, the shayateen, the demons, okay? The kuffaar of the jinn, spread in the name of Sulaiman as a seller. So we also understand from one that covers will a man with a kinder che Athena Cafaro, that Sulaiman did not.

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disbelieve, by practicing magic, your accusation that he did magic, and thus committed cover is unacceptable one camphorous with a man when I came to share Tina CAFA the shayateen are the ones who disbelieved through the magic that they were doing. So they man did not. And therefore, this idea, and this particular part will not cover Sulaiman even though it's not necessarily talking about cover. It's

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Talking about magic is connecting making the connection between magic and Cofer and thus,

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this idea is the cornerstone

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evidence for anyone who wants to say that

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practicing magic or learning it for that matter is Cofer.

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And many of the scholars of Islam, who maintained that learning magic and practicing it is Cofer

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will depend on this idea and uses it as evidence.

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And this is why

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Al Imam Al Bukhari mentions it first, when he talks about magic in his site, and even hudgell

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connects that and deduces from that that vocabulary is of that opinion,

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that learning magic and practicing it is Cofer.

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On the other hand, there is some difference of opinion between scholars

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is learning magic and practicing it covered or not.

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Interestingly, depending on the sources you consult, some will maintain that the majority of scholars

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say that it is not covered.

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One of them's that says that is Le Imam an nawawi

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Okay, and he is referring to the Shafi opinion whereby an imam is shot at a cent, we would ask the magician describe this magic that you are doing, and if we find things that are that we can ascribe to closer to this belief, then we will say that this is Kufa

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meaning to say that not all magic

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is covered. Okay. So, imagine that when we mentioned this, and other scholars that the majority say that and that the Hanafis the Shafia is and the humble is

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give that opinion and nuanced opinion that it is not all covered. It depends on what is being done there.

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And Imam Malik and Malik here, were very harsh against the issue of magic. So the opinion of Imam Malik was that any or all magic is Cofer. It is disbelief

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because they view that the only way to do real magic

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is by magnifying someone other than Allah, namely the shayateen.

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And it seems Allahu Allah, they are referring to the worst kind of magic, what we call black magic.

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In which, or which cannot be practiced except by subjecting oneself when you do belong to the shayateen.

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To the devil's,

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that's what we're talking about when we talk about black magic, other types of magic, where they talk about mixing certain things, and substances and saying certain things at certain times. This seems to be on a lower level. But if you talk about that worst kind of magic, this is the way the Maliki's looked at it. That necessarily you have to say and do things, God forbid, that

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are covered.

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How do you subject yourself to the shayateen? Well, you have to be loved. You have to do cover.

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And they will ask you to do things that are blatant cover actions that are covered, such as disrespecting the Quran,

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and things that I don't want to even mention that are the worst when it comes to how one may treat the Quran.

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So they would get people to do things like this in order to practice that kind of magic, so that's why the Maliki's were very harsh, and they said that it is Cofer and they are not the only ones. So Madonna. Madonna is a humbling but he also finds that doing magic is Cofer. He bases it on this idea, as we said before most of them will base it on. This is

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one that Kapha Salima

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will actually

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Nichelle Tina Cafaro so the man did not disbelieve by practicing magic. He did not practice magic.

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Even though Subhanallah This is what

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a lot of the Jews taught about Suleiman Alehissalaam.

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They accused him of being a magician.

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And indeed, if you look at some of the research, and works that have been written about

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the way that perception was developed over time, that's very interesting. In the beginning, he was just looked at as a king, king today, man, of course, we know he was a king, he was a king and a prophet.

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But one author traces that development from King Solomon.

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To Solomon, The Exorcist, what is the Exorcist, the one who kicks out the demons, right? The Shayateen from people

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then from exorcist to astrologer,

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astrology, the science of the stars, and predicting the future through the stars and doing stuff like that, and eventually to magician, eventually King Solomon the magician. So you will find these titles, King Solomon, the omegas,

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meaning the

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ultimate magician.

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And indeed,

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you will trace that back to some of the sources of what the Jews used to write about Sulaiman Allen center, back to the second and third century CE.

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So some three to four centuries before the time of Islam before the advent of Islam.

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How did this all develop? Yes, with time because of these books, wanna cover us with a man when I can I say Athena Cafaro, because of these books,

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you it started spreading, that this is the work of Sulaiman, the magician, and the spread amongst the Jews, and the Jews taught it to people, and then it was taken by the Christians. So the Christian astrologers and magicians attributed it to Sulaiman and you have books.

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And I will not say if you want to go after it, because you should never go after you have books attributed to saliva and the magician. The magic of saliva.

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Advice that he is giving to his son, Raha

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and then it's a handbook. It's a handbook of magic, attributed to Suleiman on Instagram Wanaka Rasulullah.

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He didn't disbelieve

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as you accused him of he didn't disbelieve by practicing magic. This is the work of the shayateen. So we may very well trace

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these sources and these lies about Sulaiman being a magician all the way back to what Allah is telling us in this area with tobacco method to shelter you know, high level kiss with a man back to the lies of the shayateen

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at his time, I celeb right after he died.

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One marker for us will a man

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with Kin Sharia tweener. Kapha CAFO it is