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In 100 He left Ireland on a start up he was a federal what are we learning Toronto surely unforeseen. I will say yes yeah Marina many of the levels Allah for La La La Oma. Euclid further ahead. Yeah LA or should or La ilaha illa la more than we would have said he could go I should go and I'm available whenever you have a lot of sort of Euclidean amounts of love. I happen to party he Walter Moto 911 to see Moon Uranus it's a full robot qumola developer come in FCW why? Well hello come in has a jacket. Well that's I mean, like Kathy you know when he said What up was law her lady Tessa and will be he will have ham in a law. How can they come? rafidah Yeah, you can Latina I'm an

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Akula voodoo bowl and said either use the black magma the Commonwealth feed like the Nova, OMA uterine la hora Sula, who for the first fills around Lima.

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All Praise and Glory be to Allah, we thank him and seek His help and his guidance and displeasure and his forgiveness. And we asked about to shelter us from the evil whispers within our souls and the bad consequences of our misdeeds or whoever our loved guides and then can lead astray and whomever our one leaves the street and can guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion but Allah Almighty God alone with our partners, that rule supreme King and the creator and maintainer and Guardian and provider of the heavens and the earth, and everything in them and everything between them and everything we know and everything we don't.

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And we justify the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed in truth, His Prophet and his servant and his messenger who taught us to live the life of Taqwa and commanded us as all the prophets commanded their people to remain abiding by that Teflon mindfulness of Allah, that obedience to Allah. And he was the perfect model and perfect example and perfect roadmap to it.

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To begin after welcoming my brothers and sisters, back to Allah Azza wa gence meeting for the believers the prayer for more on the Juma prayer, we continue with this special seven, that Allah azza wa jal will set aside on the day of judgment, and shelter them in his sheet, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us the first of them will be him. And when I did I just leader I just rule the

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the second of them which we discussed last week was shampoo Nash if you regard that to be a young man or woman, of course, a youth that spent their earliest, most valuable years in the worship in dedication to their Lord in servitude to Allah, the Exalted and glorified.

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He said, The third of them are the Salatu was Salam. He said that they're the man who heart remains hanging inside the houses of God. Why don't you don't call Google one Leconfield massage

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and a man who sheltered himself and sheltered his heart and developed an attachment to the house of Allah Subhana Allah type

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of love will shelter him from the heat on the day of judgments.

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What does it mean to have your heart hanging in the house of God?

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Some of the scholars they said it's just like any lamp lantern that hangs in the masjid. Will you ever come into the masjid and find that lantern missing? No, it's always there. It's a permanent part of that message. Likewise, this person you will always find them in the masjid. This person cannot help but to be in the masjid. And so when you show up, he's there before you or she's there before him. When you leave. They leave after you. If there's any reason to be in the masjid for a class, it decaf season to be secluded at the end of Ramadan or otherwise, they'll jump on it, like the lantern that is always available in that place. There's another narration and this hadith

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narrated by magic Allah who said originally called Boomerang upon feed misogyny, we could be

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either Harada men who had their own ad.

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This is a man whose heart is attached to the masjid does not mean he's always in the message. It this is talking about an emotional state out of love for it when he exits it. And these meanings obviously go hand in hand. If you have a love for the message. You'll be there all the time. And when you leave, it'll be heavy hearted. You'll feel heavy hearted when you leave. And so his heart is attached to the masjid meaning he's saddened when he has to leave the Masjid. So this gives another layer of meaning. It goes hand in hand. Of course. They're not used

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To the exclusive he said by exiting he's upset when he's kept from the message that he cannot attend or she cannot attend but something else another factor kept them from coming.

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But why is this the case like what is the secret behind massage and like is this comprehensible? This is where I want to take the discussion this afternoon. The reality behind the system of the message being so central in Islam Why is it rationalized double? Can we understand that or can we not like why is it that our requirements for guidance or continued guidance you can find guidance outside the message but you can hardly be able to find guidance

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after you know you're supposed to be at the mercy that you ignore it so continued guidance a sign of the believer a sign of EMA and is that your frequently regular of Lois house? Because Allah said this in Mar MUMA Sajida one human earn. Those who populate the houses of Allah are those who believe I'm gonna be lazy when young and ask him to leave in Allah and the Last Day we'll have Thomas swallowtail ad is a Caterham yes che la la and those who established the prayer correctly and pay there's a cap properly and they fear none but Allah subhanho wa Taala he says for us, hula aka Kudo, Muna, butadiene, these are the ones expected to be among those who are guided. Why? Why is it so

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sensual? Why is it so huge? Why did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say Cleome in light of the message to her worship Ruby Laurie has the best plots of land on Earth are the message the mosques and the worst of them are the marketplaces.

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Though it may not necessarily be mandatory on you to be in the masjid or definitely not all the time at least. And it may not be haram on you to be in the market. But there's a secret here. We need to dig after it. Why is it that Allah subhanho wa Taala had his prophets themselves first and build them essentially? Well, you're probably

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embracing the pillars of the house, the other I am not here all day to you and your son also clean this house, purify it make it welcoming. Why firsthand, why did he honor the prophets themselves do this? Why the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam begin with the masjid when he first came to Medina and he salatu salam? Why that?

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Why of all the names and all the activities and all the even postures of Salah.

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The messaging took its name from suju Masjid place of frustration. So Judas prostration why that name?

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Because your sujood and the rest. This is the place where you humble yourself the most. And the Muslim knows that the only way up is down. And so this is the point of ascension for the believer. This is the point where you climb as an individual as a society. If it's not going to be from the Masjid. It's not going to be period.

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You know and so to know, Allah azza wa jal says, Allah Who knows some Allah to love Allah he's the light he created the Light of the heavens and the earth subhanho wa Taala he's the reason for there being lights method eluding him and he gives a beautiful parable that time will not accommodate in this football about the example of his lights mean the light of guidance shining in the hearts of the believers. He says yet delightfully due to hearing a sharp he guides to despite his light whoever he wishes, and then the next is as what feeble utin attina Loveland so far in houses that Allah commands be erected be risen

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why youth cut off why youth cut off he has when his name is mentioned there in you said the hula hoop we have you know who do we want outside where his praises are celebrated by nights and by day Regina led to him to gelatin whenever your victory lie he will eponymous Salah

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in it who is making these phrases men that are not distracted by any sale or any business from the establishment of the Salah

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he says Yahoo that they fear a date the current level feasible, Ebola bizarre that will overturn that will flip that will

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that will put in shock the hearts and the eyes.

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And then he says to kind of what the island Leah Jizya love black cinema I mean well yeah see that woman fugly he will love we have a supplement and shampoo. The lady said all this why these? Allah erected these houses and has people go inside of them and they are fearful of Allah's judgment so that he may reward them for the very best of their deeds.

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See, and increase them from His bounty give him extra they don't expect.

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And our love provides without limits Allah provides without permission.

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And so this award, the scholar said about this idea, and it's relevant very much to this topic trying to understand what's behind the message. What is so important about a messaging system that Islam was so keen on reinforcing the message. It is not an ordinary house. It's a house that Allah commanded for us to rise. So factories up, raise up, how does raising the masjid meeting make it really high in ornaments and things like this? Absolutely not. That's actually one of the signs of the day of Gentry to decorate so ornament, the misogyny and extravagance ways. That's why some of the stuff that Allah means raising the misogyny, meaning raising their worth, in our eyes, to write

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to cause to rise, the role of the messages, to venerate the message the way the prophets did, you will not rise until you raise the role of the masjid until you are of those people that causes the messages role to be elevated in your life, to not treat it like a temple, meaning not an ordinary house, not a place where you give insensitive gestures to not a place that you dedicate an hour a week to, and you keep it moving as if you weren't even there for the remainder of your week. This is not an ordinary house. That's the recurrent message.

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This is the place on earth where the Light of the heavens shines as if the Earth is darkness. And this is where the vital Roman lands. It's the site with the site the landing site for the Mercy of Allah for his Luma Nina is reassuring to the hearts, his psyche and his tranquility, all of that it's in the masjid where his angels that are created from light that's where their presence.

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This is the meaning this is the secret behind the massage and it's the place where the purest foreheads lower their heads in the utmost humility to their makers kind of Madonna.

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You know, the contemporary writer, Rahim Allah Mohammed of offering in a very beautiful book he has a way of further the inspiration of the pen. He has a chapter in there about understanding the meaning of the masjid or a passage their understanding the masjid for the first time, because he's been Muslim like us his whole life right or for years on end, at least. He says and I finally understood the concept of the masjid like never before. And when that happened, I entered it as if I've never been inside a masjid before.

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He said, I realized that MSG was not an ordinary place. He says what rather the message was not cement and architecture. He said it was a shelter for restoring reforming

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the outside world, it starts here, and the chaos inside this as you go outside in the world. He said, there's so much confusion, so much misguidance so much competition, so many lines, so much hate so much enmity.

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And the message it serves to be the eraser of all of that. He said people come into the misogyny the mouth masajid command you to come in so many times every single day. It's as if to wash away the effects of all of this to undo this meddling that the world had done to you the contamination. He said, I noticed I entered the masjid and I washed up even if my hands are clean. So it's as if I'm washing off the contamination, the effects of the world on my legs on my body on my personality. Returning us back to our innocence state our pure state our humaneness.

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He says that after I wash up, I realized why we're aligning, perfectly aligning with one another.

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All humbling ourselves in the exact same way, and then all falling on our faces in the exact same way. Then he says, he says it's as if

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Allah wants no head to stand higher than any other head. There goes the power struggle there goes to me and I have you with the hard feelings. He says In fact, our heads are not on their backs like you your back of the head is wandering the masjid making suju he says Allah insists that we all put our faces on the ground. So forget the head being higher than anybody else's head. A mess is a place where you can't even distinguish people's faces. Sometimes you don't know who's who anymore. No distinguishment whatsoever. He says so I realized that this messaging is the one solution for all of our problems, all of humanity's problems, the temptations, the greed, all of it is solved in that

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one place. He says that those that enter the masajid they're the ones that are able to stop the

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Flood that's happening beyond its walls, the message is what stops it.

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And then those that are not interested in regular regular in the masajid

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he says they are the ones that the flood overtakes them. This is when the invasion happens when you start gravitating away from a bus house, away from the stations where you regain your lights, that little light you have in the store of your little torch.

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This is the meaning of the message and he says,

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And subhanAllah how true is this that a person when they graduated away from a mother's house, they go on very different paths in life, and sometimes they get to a point they don't even recognize themselves anymore like they don't know who am I what happened? Can I ever really go back to being the most householder that Masjid go or can I be? As Allah azza wa jal said nestled law they forgot about Allah to altogether for and Saddleman Fusa. He calls them to forget about themselves, who they are, what they are. All the problems just buried them. And perhaps all of you know Malcolm X and I hate on Allah when he finally went to a real Masjid the greatest Masjid when he went to Mecca. He

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said, Man, I realized that America before anybody needs Islam in their life, because the only system that effectively does away with the racism problem, I realized that in the masjid, when I saw it, all the colors, all the shapes, all the sizes, the rich and the board reduced to what they are their humaneness. They're purity, but they're humans, they're equality. But when a person forgets Allah, they forget themselves. And you know how it starts, it starts by you.

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Giving it the leftovers, thinking an hour a week is enough. That's how it starts. And then when push comes to shove, when your life becomes demanding, when your schedule gets a little bit more unbearable, what are you naturally going to do? You're going to have to cut off the less important things from your life, you will start trimming away index. And this is why the prophets of Allah or Aliko seldom reinforce this concept so much he resituated the masajid as the central place and Muslims life. You don't tell him why he says this isn't me and elsewhere. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us a little thick, a little Juma and another narration a tender the

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remembrance attend the Friday prayer. What do you do? I'm in an email and come close to the email come right in early get a front row seat. be keen on this. He says we're in Module ly as Alouettes I bet I had you asked how often Jannetty when in the holla. He says because a person will continue deferring or delaying coming later, later later. Until he is delayed. He's left behind that paradise, even if he enters it. I mean, if he makes it by the seat of his seat into Paradise, he will not accept for himself the last seat in this world be the bottom of the totem pole in his community. So he's telling you you should not accept that agenda either. And that's if you answered

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where Adam Allah and the prophets of Allah have already said it also said to us that at the end of time, people will become more and more dismissive of the message.

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He said he hated Miss Ruth mean how shall we say it and your move of what you do? Feel message they're feeling question, Phil Masjid What are you suddenly feel like it?

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What are you selling the module Illa Allah money if this is a very interesting Hadith, one of the signs of the hours that a man will pass through the masjid, how many times has happened? You find someone driving up to the masjid dropping off his child and so on.

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Or picking them up and we'll get to the car. It's already there. And he'll still be

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passing through the message. And still not even stopping to get to lockouts, anything from it. What about the obligatory, make the five prayers. And then he says and from the signs also is that a man does not greet other human beings except those that he knows. And these are not separate by the way. When you don't fix what's between you and Allah, What's between you and the people once again it unravels and falls apart.

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Our beloved notes but he says I asked I show their love to Allah and the wife of the prophets of Allah Allah he will sell them.

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And that's who had the Fenian Monaldi. Also, Linda, can you please inform me what the final sickness of our prophets of Allah Vallejo center looks like? She said all right. Lemma tarpaulin Levy, when the Prophet SAW Selim became heavy, he couldn't stand anymore and he saw those. We became the weakest. He's turned that said a solid and as the people outside next door in the masjid, did they pray all at Union Sunday, Rona Council Allah they're waiting for Yaroslava

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he says so Bucha Lee, man, filmmaker, this is poor for me a vessel that I can make gold

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and so they pour it for him she says, And he made the bid he evades himself and he makes will do. And then when he tried to stand up with me it he passed out and he sort of said he couldn't

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firm up when he woke up. He said, our Salah nurse, the people pray yet welcome they said homeopaths have their own counselor. They're waiting for go so

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and so he repeats the process and he tries to get up a second time for open the eyelid and he passes out he falls unconscious he thinks on his auto setup

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he wakes up asks for the water a third time Upon asking did they pray no he washes up tries to get up for over me early on. He saw those set up and then when he got up a fourth time did they pray they still haven't prayed they're still waiting for you to pray reshot it also Rama the last prayer he led the OMA in Osaka, Melbourne on that Friday

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And so he made who would not go out and he said tell them what mu of a maximum value Salah evenness. Look how keen he was to get out

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to the mystery. And then I actually have the one one that says philam legit that

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mean Neff see if when he found himself a bit lighter able to carry himself a bit more

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calm a beta virtually he got up you had that being supported between two men

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and ibis and Alia was one of my colleagues. How can any um guru either for the mediator for one minute and assess if I can still see his legs I can still imagine the scene is just saying I don't wanna as they're being dragged through the ground in his house because of how much it hurt for him to stand. And I saw the other one who says we're in about a month bout in epidemic here and I could see the bottom of his feet. He was being dragged on the on the instead of his feet and going on a slope was set up where people miss automobiles.

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This is how keen he was as the as our example. And for him his own self to be in the masjid with the believers even when it hurts.

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And inside Muslim within our family love to Allah I know he said to us that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, man Salah and Anisha

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fie gemera Tin Can NEMA comments when they this is a treasure he said whomever prays that he shall pray. In congregation it says if he has stood in prayer for half of the Niners on solid super heavy Gemma it can NEMA solid calm and later Good luck. And whoever prays the for the next three are fetching in general also it says if he has prayed the whole night without sleeping for the blink of an eye. That's why we also have our beloved neuroma movie with mystery shopping in general, he would pray the remainder of the night you would get home and make Russia and keep praying to veggie.

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And the early Muslims when a person would miss a prayer in congregation, they would give him condolences for seven days. In fact, if he would miss the first Allahu Akbar to be able to haram they will give him condolences for three days. And remember musetti Rahima hula and this is not necessarily to say you must do this because the correctness of this one is debatable, but taking the inspiration from it, see the vigor see the ambition. This is what you should be ambitious about. And Musa Allah when he would miss a lot in gemera. He would make that solid 25 times because they're avoiding generics to receive their order, bring it home 25 times.

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And as she allows, you know, let's see, if you don't find me in Gemma, you want to ask me a question. If you don't find them in July, then check for him in the graveyards. Maybe I've died. That's where you'll find me.

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And so many of the early Muslims mentioned that they did not miss gemera Except when their mother had passed away and they were washing her when they did not miss Gemma for 40 years knowing that they look up in gym I will say you've said this for 40 years. And we are not saying that you must pray every prayer in general. Let's be practical here. The massages are farther apart as a Muslim minority. But let us start with Felicia. Find your closest Masjid wherever that is and build on this he'll have la semana. I know Allah He used this and he said when I missed prayer gemera Nobody sent me his condolences, but that was half from Bihar.

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And when my child died, then another nourish if my child would have died 10,000 People would have come to my home asking their you know, they're courtesy their condolences to me. He says you know why that is odd at the end normalcy but at the hearing then us as well mostly but it Donia because we flip the scales.

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We couldn't give we gave it the end of the priority list. He said because of calamity and our religious commitment has become smaller, more insignificant in our eyes than a calamity

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in our worldly affairs in our life, our wealth our provision to the likes

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of one of our volleyball football

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and handling at Apple Cider salam ala ala ilaha illAllah

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Muhammad Abdul whenever you go also

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Romanenko Fatah missed the amount of veggies One morning he didn't see him so he sent someone to go ask about him. And so the man came and he said Samina couldn't worry. Is everything. Okay? What happened? He says going to Maria Manuel Avila and Nora Sulekha attorney Maharaj I was sick. And we're not for the fact that your messenger your ambassador came to me is the head of state, I would not have left my house for any other reason. He says to him in Quinta in Quinta

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Tahoe to eat I had him for fruitless Salah if you're physically capable of coming out for anyone, even head of state that come out to the masjid.

00:26:28--> 00:26:33

Let that be your take home. If you had to go pick up some milk tonight,

00:26:34--> 00:26:43

just to avoid problems because you forgot that she texted you and said get the milk. If you had to come out and get some medicine for your child, right.

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I didn't ever thought that would help people do this personally. He would walk out and he was killed to doing this he was killed outside in the dark before veggie because he when he was head of state, he understood what leadership meant leadership indeed above anything else sustaining people's contact with Allah, their contact point he would walk through the streets of Kufa and tell the people a solid, solid, wake up everybody solid. And I'll be wandering through this well, you want to go further elsewhere he will tell the people if you want to meet Allah tomorrow Muslim, your prophet has sent for you a roadmap. You respond to the prayer from the place you hear the cold meaning that

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when you hear I then respond to that. He says it I remember a day when no one would stay back from hearing the other except someone who was known to be a hypocrite openly. And a man would be carried between two men until he is propped up in this off.

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And it isn't number one with this I will close. I just didn't want one back in the whole lot. He had a Sunday drummer

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who he sent to Medina to the city of the prophets of Allah Allah he will send them to you and to be refined to learn the character to to learn really, the religiosity from the great scholars of Medina and these early years. And so he was placed under the tutelage and tutoring of solid communication, Rahim Allah and He will tell them the first thing you need to do is be consistent in the masjid first row next to me always. And so one day he missed the slot altogether. And he said to him what happened he said, I got caught up I was combing my hair and it was said that he had exceptionally nice hair. This young man this kid

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and he says to him, your hair has become more important like the listener switched on you it became more important to you to the point and negative few while Salah that you prefer to prioritize over prayer. And so he sent this letter his reports God, he sent it to his father, who's from the house of the whoever. And so his father sent back to bring my son. And when his son came home, he refused to speak to his son until his son shaved his head. This is what keeps you from Allah, we remove it from your life that must be understood in context. And positive reinforcement is far more beneficial than negative reinforcement. But at the end of the day, this was out of care for his son. He

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understands that I will fail you if I connect you cause you to be dependent on me. I need to connect you with Allah, I need to set you right before the arrow goes that you are my arrow I'm sending you off into the world and I will die most likely I will die before you. And so the prophets of Allah who taught us to laugh at you in Bermuda out of love there are three people that have a guarantee from Allah in Aisha Rusev our goofy so long as he lives he will be taken care of you will be suffice. We're in metal Hello lagenda and if he dies, Allah admits him into paradise. One of them woman holiday enough solidarity for waldameer Allah whoever works out to the prayer this person has

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a guarantee from Allah and this person has a security policy of Allah sending the angels around them avoid on their loved one will tell the Muslims in that in misogyny outside and that I close regarding the texture to the message in that in my surgery, the Altair

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And then whom else had to her there are healers in the masjid that never leave? It's like as if you're wondering part of the infrastructure, he's talking about people that are regular. He says leveling Julissa melodica these people, the angel sits with them wherever they are, for him of Abu Salah do I know we're in Maria Maria do one candle he had jet in Iran. Whenever these people are absent, they asked about them. They asked other angels what happened? Where do we go? What do we need to do for him, and when they are sick, they visit them.

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And when they are a need, they help them.

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And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Tada taught us the same thing. He said to us that whenever a person is in the masjid, making salah, or awaiting the next slider, so long as he's in the masjid, he's written as someone making salah and the angels continue ceaselessly tirelessly saying Allah Houma Fila, Allah Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. The level of love more humble, it's a treasure. Oh ALLAH forgive so and so oh Allah have mercy. Oh ALLAH forgive so and so Allah have mercy on him. And this applies to the women as much as the men simply by the women praying at the beginning of their time, the prayer time even if not in the masjid

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Allah who don't have enough well you know Lady can execute in love from a Filipina and after them no

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woman's are gonna be given once and after once Allah conditioning Kadir

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