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The speakers discuss the negative consequences of the belief in Islam and its negative consequences, including loss of patents, misogyny, and the need for more drugs. They also touch on the trend of "goodness" in modern times where people seek guidance and comfort from Prophet's teachings. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning to trust oneself and finding one's own success, as people in Islam face struggles with money and fear. They also highlight the need for people to overcome obstacles and become more assured of their own success.

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In 111, in the monastery in hoonah, sofiero Monastery, when you know we want to talk Karani, monero, COVID-19, Albanian and surely unforeseen elements a marina de la Mota Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah nucleolin de la jolla and Merci de casa de la de la vida por la sharika

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Nicola hands up when you meet with Jorge on a big hill firewall aqualisa in Kenya, or shawanna Mohammed Abu also wasafi Rosario, Manitoba police Allah tala Sahaja Luma Akasha Thelma whatever canal Mahajan by law they you know how can I howdy hi Lacey horn hyena harvick Polly he have little slides about someone to sneak while Annie he will find me here woman to send me some nifty in a limousine alone Madonna I mean home Amina Nina Mr. amuro. Swanee has also been happy auto also the summary. I mean, never been around. I mean, we're all asleep cool when I've seen the typical lung or called Mr. On average on Atlanta you hola Nina Avenue triple la tokachi. He will attend Morton, a

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low and Muslim on evenness tempura Bakula de la cama Natsu, Masha, Allah amin has Elijah Abbas I mean humare john and Catherine manisa What's up la junta de Tessa I don't wanna be he would not harm in Americana la cumbre Kiba Yeah, you arena Hammond otaku la ku colons Cohen's d, the

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American way of fair elections and Omar Khan. One minute were in la hora Sula, who was 1000 Halima Barrett. We begin by praising Allah subhana wa tada and declaring his perfection and declaring that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him some handholds Allah and we asked him to send his peace and blessings upon his final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and those that follow until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us amongst them alone. I mean, the brothers and sisters, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the end, wamena nassima, Yamamoto Lucha Allah health, that there are people that worship

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Allah subhana wa tada on an edge. They're on a fine line in their worship of Allah subhanho wa sallam, if good things happen to them than they are pleased. And if bad things happen to them, they blame Allah subhanho to Allah and they renounce their faith. It's a very interesting ion. It's an interesting concept because it's one that we see very common in our times in particular, where when one thing happens to you that you don't like you renounce your faith, you put your Eman on pause, you put your faith in Allah subhana wa tada on pause, and then he will only resume once your situation becomes more favorable to you, or once you're more pleased with your circumstances. And

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this attitude is not a new attitude. This is an attitude that even advice on the low end has actually happened in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that there were people that came from all over the world to accept Islam. And when they accepted Islam, and they went back to their homes, and they went back to their countries and they went back to their towns, they expected that everything would become better, that their worldly circumstances would improve. So whenever they returned home after accepting Islam, and they lost a child, or they suffered financial difficulty or hardship, then they started to say, what is this religion? And what good does this

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religion bring to us? that whenever we say la ilaha illa we see bad things happening in our lives and harsh things happening in our lives. And Allah subhana wa tada says that that is a fault that is a flaw in the way that a person thinks, because Allah Subhana Allah says, and if law mean, or has even NASA, Utah coup

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de la Easter known, Allah subhanaw taala says do people think that they will be left alone, that they simply say we believe and then afternoon and they're not going to be tested. And Allah as a justice, while opposite fatten Latina men company him. We tested those that came before you, fella era lemon Allahu La Nina Sadako. When a lemon Academy and through that it is made no one who is being truthful. And who is a liar. In essence, what that means is, why do you believe in Allah subhanho to Allah? Why do you believe in the hereafter? Why do you believe in this religion of yours? Do you believe in this religion of yours? And do you believe in a loss of parents or as your

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Lord because you want something to happen for you in this world? And let's face it, it happens a lot of times, where the only time I will increase in my data and my supplication, the only time I will pray more. The only times I'll find myself more dedicated and devout in the message is when I need something from a

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Last panelist to add in this world when I want something when I've got a big test coming up, when I've got something coming up with my job, when I've got something, you know, I really want to marry somebody. That's when all of a sudden we find ourselves making there. And we find ourselves praying and we find ourselves coming to the messages and we find ourselves becoming more devout. I need something from you or law in this world. As soon as you give it to me, I will go back to my heedlessness, I will go back to my muffler and I'll wait for something else to come up and then when I need something else, I'll come back to you.

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And that's an insincere relationship. That's an insincere attachment to a loss of patent hotel, where the only times you come to a loss when you want something, not that we shouldn't make you out for matters of this dunya we should we should say Rebecca attina Jr has an woodfill an erotic hustler joaquina Davina Allah tells us in this world, that we should ask for the good of this world, the good of the Hereafter, and to be protected from punishment in the hereafter as well. Meaning and this shows us our equation and when you ask Allah subhana wa tada right away this shows us two thirds of your that two thirds of your supplication should revolve around the hereafter. One third

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of it leave it for this world. And what is Hasina in this dunya anyway? What is goodness in this world anyway? Mmm hustler Busey Rahim Allah to add to the great scholars say the tab Barry. He said

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what is compiled Eva Rama moussaka Bella, even goodness in this world is to be understood in this way. It's beneficial knowledge goodness in this world is beneficial knowledge that's number one. This is what you're a part of now is has enough people will go out all over the all over the place tonight it's going to be Friday night tonight people will be will be going all over the place will be going to clubs will be going and drinking alcohol and doing all kinds of things to try to find some meaning of fulfillment to try to find some happiness in this world but they're dead because the prophets I send them says method or the escuela Villa de la escuela mythical highly well, may it be

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example of the one who remembers Allah and the one who doesn't remember Allah subhana wa tada is like one who's alive and one who's dead. They go out trying to find life, in a bottle trying to find life in Xena in fornication and adultery, trying to find life in the music and the party. And when they wake up in the morning, they're miserable, because they realize this did not increase me and happiness one bit, I need more drugs, I need more partying, I need more zinna more fornication. Let me try more, more, more until I realize I'm not getting anywhere with this. That's not how Santa in this world. That's death. Allah Subhana Allah is telling us Illuminati are beneficial knowledge is

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the feeling that you get sitting in a lecture, the feeling of fulfillment and the feeling of purpose that you get sitting in a lecture listening to beneficial beneficial words is greater than the feeling that they get in their heart All

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you feel fulfilled, they feel empty, and manaphy what is on Kiba and Hannah, pure sustenance, the prophets lie Selim. He never used to make your art for Allah Castro for abundance and wealth. Why because having more sometimes is not good for you. Instead having Baraka having goodness, and that which which has been given to you, and you'll see someone who works and honest living who works and who earns in a healthier way. And he makes a fraction of what another person makes but he's happier and he's more fulfilled and those houses smaller, he feels like his house is bigger, and though his car might not be as nice he feels like his car is nicer. He's always content because Allah put

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Baraka a lot that blessing in that which he has given to them. By Salaam sadhana Hadi from Allah Allah Allah also the longtime Muslim God Allah man escena Rosa Park kefan wacana who Wahhabi Mata, Verily, he has succeeded who has become Muslim submitted himself to Allah Subhana Allah was given enough, given enough enough to fulfill himself. Well Connor who lobby Mata and Allah subhanaw taala satisfied him with that which he gave to him. So you're not asking a lot for more, you're asking a lot to make you pleased with what you have. What rather than what's up, I'm Bella, and that your deeds are accepted by Allah Subhana hoods Adam. And this is amazing because these are the three

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things that are within a dunya hasn't. We haven't even got to asking a lot for the good of the hereafter and being protected from hellfire. That is the understanding of our religion, that it's more than just going to a loss of Hannah Montana more than just going to your Creator and going to your religion because you want something and this is the age that we live in today. And the reason why the philosophies and the religions that offer as

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Little commitment as possible. But as much of meditation and delusion as possible, are the popular ones. And these are the popular trends within religions, the mystical traditions, the progressive traditions, the meditations, the you know, don't worry about your dealings in the way that you deal with your finances. Just make sure that you take 10 minutes and you and you pray and you breathe in and breathe out and think about life and, and realize the divinity of the air around you. These are the types of trends that are popular in our day and age. Why? Because they disconnect religion from your actual life. make yourself feel good. They've managed to turn religion into a drug to it's no

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longer about what God wants from you. It's about what you want and what's going to make you happy. Forget about what's true, what's happened. bothan What's truth and falsehood? Islam requires too much. You don't have to do all that. Love your neighbor and be happy. That's all. Religion is more about you than Allah. That's a problem. Because it's supposed to be what God has demands of you. Not what you demand of God, what Allah subhana wa tada has legislated upon you. And the beauty of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that when the Prophet slicin and went up to Mount Hara to the cave of Iraq, to receive guidance and to receive revelation, and to find purpose in this world, the

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prophets lie Selim wasn't having problems with his wife. It wasn't because he was having issues with a deja vu at the low end, he wanted an excuse to get away from home. No, to the contrary, we find that these are the alarm was climbing up that mountain, bringing food to the prophets lie Selim, and comforting the prophets lie Selim and even comforted him when he came back. She didn't tell the prophets I saw them when he came running down from the cave, that you know, maybe you should have stayed home more often. She said, No, lie, you

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know last night disgracing you. You're a good man. She reassures him, which tells us that the prophets lie Selim had no issues in his marriage, the prophets lie Selim was suffering, no financial difficulty. That's not why he went to head off. financially. He was in the best state of his life, I think his thought was, he was married to Hades on the low I know who herself was wealthy and the profit slice of them was succeeding as a merchant, because he earned a reputation due to his honesty and his trustworthiness. So he was good financial, was the profit slice, and I'm going to head off because people were insulting him.

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Because his reputation had suffered. Because people were calling him names. No. When he went up to Iraq, he was a psychological I mean, he was the honest, the truthful, the trustworthy one, he was the most beloved man of his society without having a rich father without having a prominent place in society. He was loved and honored and cherished it his Salatu was salam, meaning when the prophets license them went to Iraq, he went to Allah for Allah.

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He went to a law because he wanted guidance from Allah, no strings attached, no conditions. I'm not coming to you because I need something in this world. I'm coming to you because I need you. It was honest, it was sincere. It wasn't a temporary fix. And the proof of that is that when the prophets lysozyme came down from head off, everything that used to be at ease suffered, his marriage was shaken because her these are the Alolan had died because of the boycott. He lost all of his money. So Larissa, he lost his home, instead of being called Assad, amin being called the honest and the trustworthy one now he's being called sat had mentioned no one can that a crazy sorcerer, liar all

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the things that they used to say about the prophets I send them and a lot as agendas elevated His messengers license above all of those claims. Everything good in this world was represented with was replaced with hardship and trial and tribulation. Did the prophets lie Selim turned back to Allah and say, had I known I wouldn't have gone to hell.

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I would have lived my life at ease and peace. If I knew that I was going to end up in thought and stoned and covered in blood, rejected without a wife to go back to while my family lives in boycott. I would have never done this in the first place. Did the Prophet Sly Stone turn back? No. masuleh sly Selim says in lahmacun, Vika valona la Fela Valley, how beautiful says Oh Allah. As long as this is not a manifestation of your anger, and you're not mad at me. I don't care.

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Keep it coming. Bring it on. I'll face the trials of this world. I'll face the hardship. I'll face the rejecters I'll face financial difficulty. I will bury my children the profits license, I'm married six out of seven of his children. I'll go through it all. As long as none of this means that you're not

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the only thing I care about is that you're still pleased with me. Oh, Allah. Pamela, what a beautiful testimony to the messengers a little warmer it was Sunday. And by the way, this was not if this was this did not go unnoticed even by non Muslim historians. Sir George Bernard Shaw said the testimony of this man's truthfulness was that after his prophethood, after his rise to glory, after his rise to head of state, he became poorer.

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He suffered more. The province I sent him didn't say, Okay, now that I'm the prophet in the messenger, I need a bigger house. I need to live more comfortably. No, he suffered more in this world, meaning he really believed in what he was doing. So a lot of it was set up, he didn't second guess himself, nor did he second guess is created. And the problem is, is that many of us do. We wait for something from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in this world, if we don't get it. Oh Allah, where are you? Why are you doing this to me? Somehow a lot. It's our attitude. You know, because of the brothers and sisters in Gaza today. The brothers and sisters that go out to the masjid and are

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praying Juma, just like us, except in rubble and destroyed massagin and they're still coming out. And I was listening to one of the hotels last week from her husband, because if you want to see a man the province eyes and said, Look to a shop, you want to see faith. Look to those people in Palestine and Syria that are suffering, look at their emails, they don't question their Creator, when they're being asked by the interviewers as their houses or their homes are destroyed and their families are destroyed. You know, how do you feel they're saying and hamdulillah they're saying we will stand firm for our loss of Adam Woods Adam, they're not having faith crisis. He's like, like

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many other like many other people would, many of us if we were in a situation and I was listening to a hot button was

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and the Imam said Alhamdulillah for the rockets that woke us up out of our heedlessness and hamdulillah for the rockets that brought us back to the massager

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and hamdulillah for the losses that caused us to gain more Eman. I said Allahu Akbar. This man is praising Allah for the difficulty in his life, because it made him remember a lot more because it brought them back to a loss of Hannah Montana. And as the amount of time Rahim Allah Allah says, anything in life that you lose, you can find a replacement for it. There's nothing in life. Yes, it's more difficult. Sometimes it's tougher, depending on what or who you're losing, but you will find a replacement. But anyone who has lost a loss of Hannah horchata will not fill that void with anything else in this world. If you don't have a lot in your heart, no amount of money, no drugs, no

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amount of women or men for women, no amount of Xena, nothing can satisfy you. Nothing can fill that void. How many celebrities do we have to see commit suicide by hanging themselves are drowning in bathtubs, to realize the panela that it's not about what you have in this world.

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And Allah Subhana heights Allah will not feed your dunya addictions. Because Allah loves you too much to do that to you. Allah subhana wa tada will not give you everything you asked him for it. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to realize you don't need it. And there's something better for you. And you need to reconnect to your purpose. I want you to imagine if you had someone in front of you, that's about to kill himself, because he wants more drugs. And he says if you really loved me, you'd give me more drugs and you tell him No, it's because I love you. I will not give it to you. And also last week I sent him he says in a very powerful had eaten listening, my heart was

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set up he said sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, in Allah. Yummy. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protects me a hadoken mina dunya kemajuan Mesa tema homina said, Allah subhanho wa Taala holds back the world from you, out of love for you, the way that one of you would withhold water from one who is really sick. Meaning there are some sicknesses, some diseases, some illnesses, some hardships when you have a very hot fever, where drinking water would actually be harmful. But the one who's sick can't realize that at that moment, he can't rationalize that at that moment, he just wants water. Just give me the water Give me that temporary fix. And you have to look them in the eye out of your love

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for them and say No, not now. It's not good for you. And Allah subhana wa tada does that to us a lot. So john never turns down at your app, but allow replaces it with something better when he knows it's not good for us.

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don't connect yourself to fragile things to things that aren't real and make that the source of your happiness and make that the measure

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For whether or not Allah Subhana, which Adam loves, and Allah as he tells us in the ad, Amina nasima Yaki dohmen, Julie La Jolla and

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you have bought a villa. What are the M and o?

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Allah Subhana Allah says from people that I've taken partners besides a loss of Hannah Montana, they've committed schilke not the major cynic that makes you a non Muslim, but it's a form of polytheism why they love things the way they should love Allah subhana wa Tada. You love something, the way you should love Allah subhanho wa Taala when levena Amano I said to her vanilla, but the way those who believe love Allah subhanaw taala is far greater than the way anyone else loves anything or anyone else. Meaning the way a person loves a loss of how to attack a believer loves Allah subhanho wa Taala is far more profound, is far more stable than the way that anyone loves anything

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else in this world. anyone loves anyone else in this world. Why? Because if you love someone for their beauty, when their beauty starts to fade, your love will fade as well. When you love a product, when you love something that gives you some form of fulfillment. When it gets boring and you're no longer getting that fulfillment, the product becomes worthless to you as well. A loss pattern what's added never changes, a loss of patents. Allah never decreases in any of his attributes. Allah subhana wa tada does not become less fulfilling to the believer to the contrary, the more you develop your relationship with Allah, the more you love him, and the more satisfied you

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become in life, the more pleased you become Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he says would mean in common with

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the one who's addicted to hammer to alcohol is like one who worships idols. And they're really mad. They said how is it that also lust lysozyme is saying that because we know that major sins in Islam do not make one a mistake. They don't make you a disbeliever unless you start to justify them. They don't make you a disbeliever what they said is that when you're unwilling to sacrifice since unwilling to sacrifice things of this world, that serve as an obstacle between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala. In essence, you're telling a loss of Hannah woods, Allah, I love this more than I love you.

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I love her more than I love you. I love him more than I love you.

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It's shameful for all of us. When we become consistent. That's why the prophets I said he said he uncommon Mahabharata, even with small sense. When you insist on a small sin, it becomes a major sin, it becomes a Kabira why because you're telling a lot. I don't care that you don't like this, and I don't care that this is an obstacle between me and you. It makes me happy, I will keep on doing it.

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When you're unwilling to remove obstacles, conditions, sins between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala What are you really telling Allah? What do you really want from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and what do you want from your religion? And what do you want from Islam? We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us pleased with him as our Lord, and make us pleased with Islam as our religion and make us pleased with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as our Prophet and Messenger la Ameen Apolo Cody how the stuffs gonna lie to you when I come when he sat in this I mean, first of all Pharaoh in whatever photo he comes in, I mean, when are one in larrondo one I mean when around people to

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dealing with the pain a lot more Sunday assylum about a collab de kado silica Mohammed and Salalah alayhi wa sallam while earning he also can be a southern supplement kathira if the brothers can move forward and Chatelet time to make space for those that have come late. You can try to make space if there are people that are waiting outside and challah ties much appreciated. Your brothers and sisters a loss of Hannah hoods Allah has given us something that is worth praising him for without any conditions. And hamdulillah here in an aromatic Islam or katha be having hamdulillah here limiting the amount or Kapha we have, we should praise and thank Allah subhanaw taala for the

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blessing of Islam, for the blessing of faith, and that is enough to be satisfied with because Allah Subhana Hosanna gave you something to see life with he gave you a lens. He gave you a lens of sugar, a lens of perspective, that everything in life, as long as it takes away from Allah becomes hated to you. And everything in life as long as it brings you to Allah subhana wa tada it becomes beloved to you. He gave you something that you could face the world with, even having less even going through more of hardship that you could face the world with and still be pleased and satisfied. And then he asks you yeah you held in some mouth Ottawa can be an obstacle, carry

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Yeah, you're in San Mateo cabbie, Robbie Kerikeri. Oh forgetful men. What is it that has diluted you in regards to your generous Lord? What is it that's taking you away? What is it? What is it that's causing you that delusion move remove it. Because a loss of hemorrhoids Anna will call you to account one day and a loss of Hannah hoods will bring out the reality of your email, and some handle on certain ankle boots, in which we recited those is where our loss of Hannah hooks Adam says that we test people to see whether or not they are truthful. And that there are people that tie their their worldly conditions to their faith. And if their worldly conditions are good, then they're

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pleased if their worldly conditions are bad, then they blame Allah subhana wa Tada. So Joe says, Well, God Allah Dena cafaro de La Nina Amira. tiberiu, Sabina. Well, Nashville, aka mama home behind me, Nina mencoba. home and she, in the home located the morning allows parents either then talks about he gives this image of missionaries. And we see this happening all the time, right? That missionaries would come to you from other religions. And they'd say, Come to us, come to us, we'll take care of your world we'll give you what you need of this world will give you your food will suffice you and all of your sins and everything else will take that away from you as well. One that

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home behind me and I'm going to buy a home and say a lot of times I says they still have to answer a loss of data for their own sins and they will carry their own sins and the burden of those that they call to delusion as well. The point is, is that aligns with Jeff says, you know, when you're feeling very vulnerable, and you're feeling away from religion, people will come to you and they'll say, Look, just come on over. We'll take care of you. How many people leave their faith because of that.

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How many people give it up because they say well, this way I'll be better off but will lie he will never be better off without Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and you'll never be better off without Islam. readjust your mentality. readjust your priorities and love Allah for Allah love a lot for what he has already given you. Love A love forgiving you existence love a lot for giving you a chance at Jenna for giving you a chance at eternal happiness for no doing of your own not because you will didn't know because Allah subhana wa tada is Generous and Merciful. love Allah because he gave you something that when hardships come to you and trials come to you, you can say 100 Allah

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this mercy but this tragedy is not in regards to my Deen, it's in regards to my dunya it's not in regards to my religion, it's in regards to my world Alhamdulillah my religion is still intact, my Eman is still intact. My my love for Allah subhanaw taala is still intact. You cannot afford to put your faith on hold whenever you go through a crisis and have a faith crisis because your life might be taken at that moment. And no matter what your circumstances are, there are people in this world that have it worse than you and people that have managed to overcome every obstacle known to man financially, physically, issues and health emotionally people that have overcome and made something

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of themselves. With a man you can do that. And with a man you can overcome. But do not question your Creator and be thankful to Allah subhana wa tada for the good and the bad of Divine Decree. Because there's no such thing as absolute bad for the believer, because he recognizes all of it, at the end of the day serves its purpose to bring us back to a loss of private one to Adam and to wake us up and to allow us to gain perspective so that we can handle the issues of this world, the tribulations of this world We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us among those that are pleased we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us amongst those that are pleasing to Him. Amen. Allah to Allah said

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and I want to leave this I want you to leave with this with this thoughts. He said that if you want to know your position with Allah subhanho wa Taala if your concern is, does Allah love me? Then look at a last position with you. And look at how much you love Allah Subhana what's Allah? And the answer is there. The more you love Allah, the more assured you can be that Allah subhanaw taala loves you. The more you remember Allah, the more you can be assured that Allah subhana wa tada remembers you, because he says gurunath Coco, remember me, I will remember you and in your polyester de Bulli, when you don't mean will be there alone. So don't let them answer my call. Let them

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believe in me, and then they will gain success and guidance in this world and in the hereafter as well. So we asked a lot as a gem, to make us pleased with him and to make us amongst those that love him and to make us amongst those that are able to overcome all options.

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Suppose in this world and we ask Allah Subhana Allah not to make us amongst those that worship him on an edge, but rather those who worship him upon a firm foundation and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings. Lama fit in what we need when we not when most of the men and women Muslim out here

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in the case of Miriam for even Mooji but there was a lot more feminine our feminine work for him now what?

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Robin Amara and Susana

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Nana, Nana, Nana Manohar serene Alonso is one of them will still don't have enough. He mosaddek a lot of the almohad ebihara alumna la cabeza de la jolla volume in the blood. I mean, while I was waiting, I'm invading himself. I mean, he by the law in the law a little bit earlier than what he taught. why I'm here and if Russia he wouldn't even carry well does he come to the current federal law his guru was guru. What is it? What a Nicola jacoba

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