Zakir Naik – The Quran says Allah has Set a Seal on their Minds & Hearts, is there any Scientific Proof …

Zakir Naik
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Islamic Wallach was Salama him deliver catalytic doses of origin Quran Malaga noon get the Lodi marqui Mandala the year the month the sushi summit nice electric that the mattress on whether you

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deal with those scientists Briggs reasons they go socialism or Stanley those per model American model they will ask the questions according to the Quran Omni dilla demand primo Lagarde, that fifth translation while quoting the verse of the Quran of Surah Baqarah Chapter number two was no family says that Allah has put a seal on his heart, the Arabic word is called Pulu me heart, we have put a seal on the hearts of those who are counterfeits and the various explanations given for this and if you hear mica said on Quran mod science which I gave a talk in supposedly digital answers given an explanation is that CALB is an Arabic word which has got various meanings, one of the meanings of

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CALB is heart that the organic had one of the meanings of culture is the center center of understanding the center center meaning

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it is a brain you could call so unless put a seal so you're we have to choose sometimes one meaning of Arabic is correct some time all are correct if you choose like a crab Izmir because the colors halacha inside when Allah read recite in the name of the Lord who created who created human means some something which clings Allah means something which clings at least like substance and the kanji code of blood today Sanchez all three are correct. But sometimes only one is correct. So here if you want to take the various meanings, Talbert, one of the meaning is heart Organica. One is the center. So let's put a seal on the center

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that most of the translations that did not answer he says the mark, I haven't come up with the translating the math. But if you translate it, it can mean the mouse.

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And there's one more sensory hijacking brain to that it is not the eyes which are blind, it is the calm in the southern which is blind.

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So now here, it says that the heart in the chest is blind, that's a counter argument these people these Kaffir it is not the eyes which are blind, it is the heart in the southern now one of the meaning of solder to the chest and the other meaning of solder in the center like how we have you know solder of the Josiah head of the Jelsa or the if you go to the Muslim going to Pakistan solder for me it is the center that how we say chalk here in India, but then because other against other means the center. So, it is the demand which is there in the center, it can be taken the other mean this is one of definition, one of the explanation which can be literally we are spending nothing

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literally by lava. The second way of explaining this is that if you analyze that a language develops

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and many things are used in the language, which are not literal. So literally if you take if you want to analyze this one of the answers that I've given you that one of the meaning of culture is center, that Allah sealed the thinking power. The other way if you analyze that many words are used in every language, but the way it's developed literally meaning maybe something else, for example,

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the meaning of disaster means what?

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What is in your disaster,

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a calamity something bad that has happened, but disaster literally means an evil star. This Astra means and even today we know that a calamity and the evil started there are no but did we use his English language disaster? We use these words. And furthermore, we say that today, the timing of Sunset is whatever it is 714 715 timing or Sunrises 602

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We use it or not in a language does the sunrise, the sunrise know many of us don't find we learned in school that the sun is there.

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The other day, the earth keeps on rotating and revolving around the sun. The sun is revolving in the solar system, but the sun is rising and setting. But yet even though we know scientifically the sun does not rise yet we use these terminologies.

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Sunrises, or sunsets we also know a scientist. I mean, we say that, you know, we tell the people we love a mother or a wife that we love you from the bottom of the heart. Even the scientists tells us I love you from the bottom of the heart. Imagine the wife telling that central Love is in the brain, you being us and how come you love me from the bottom of that you should love me from the bottom of the brain. And even that's wrong because that blood centered on the bottom of the brain.

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But yet, as a scientist as a doctor, if I will tell my mother I love you, I love you my heart, beloved, not in the heart. The love centers in the brain, but that is the language that develop when we say that memorizes by heart.

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The center of memory in the heart

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was it in the brain. But yet in English language we say that memory but put a delay

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I've learned by

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Heart, you shouldn't be blunted by brain. So these are languages that develop but yet we don't say, what language are we speaking you're a scientist, you love your mother, you love your wife from the heart, you should love from the brain. So these are languages that develop similarly one is a little mini of an explanation secondaria Kulu Colva girl Bogin like how we say memory, in English books you will find, in literally books in scientific books, it's mentioned, the signs say that

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the memories in the brain, the love within the brain, yet we say by heart, these are language they're developed. Similarly, when we can say that we memorize the heart I don't object to the scientists and the scientists I love you from my heart, you are an object. Similarly, this language is the language for the human beings. How human Adam speak. When we speak in English, we have no problem when they speak, but we have a problem. So Adam will not take out this mistake. And Adam realizes when Allah says, I suppose you don't have heart what he means is he noted understanding

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problems the question

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