Proof of Prophethood #21 – The Quran Perfectly Tells the Future

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Some of the greatest and most convincing testimonies to the truth of the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam are the numerous occasions upon which he correctly foretold future events. This could only come from someone that had access granted to him by God, the All Knowing to the unseen realm of the future. And that is why the great 12th century scholar called Larry owl said that this particular genre of a hadith of prophetic statements are a bottomless ocean and an endless stream. He says because they undeniably establish his prophethood simply through their plethora. There are so many of these occasions, and so many people narrating them to us, they reached us by

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terawatts, or he says meaning abundant concurrence, a multitude of transmitters narrators, all in concordance with each other, which all corroborate the fact that he must have been privy to some aspects of the unseen that only God knows. And so in this episode, and in a few episodes following it, we wish to take a dive into this ocean and explore some of its wonders, all accounts from either Quranic verses, or authentic prophetic statements, all of which came to pass exactly as he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam precisely foretold they would.

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The first example we'll begin with is a photonic prophecy. The Byzantines will rebound the Quran said in the chapter on a room Byzantium or the Byzantine Empire. Consider this to begin with that in a place of seemingly endless deserts that are largely isolated and also unaffected by the power struggles of the superpowers of the world. The Quran boldly foretells about very specific events that will occur between the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire in a few short years. Allah says at the very onset of this surah, this Quranic chapter, the Byzantines have been defeated in the lowest land, and they will be after having been defeated here triumphant and will rebound in three to nine

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years, historically, from the year 613 to 619. The Roman Empire and the Byzantines in particular, were absolutely decimated by the Persians, losing the territories of Antioch, and then Damascus, and then Armenia, and then their most cherished Jerusalem, and then Chelsa don't and then finally Egypt. That is why, in his book, The history of the fall and decline of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon, a non Muslim historian, he writes, at the time when this prediction is said to have been delivered, no prophecy could be more distant from its accomplishment from being imagined to materialize since the first 12 years of Heraclius his reign, we're clearly announcing the beginning of the dissolution,

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the deterioration, the disintegration of this empire. You see, everyone saw at that point Byzantium as being on its deathbed, and that's why even the opponents of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him in Arabia. They laughed and they mocked at this supposedly preposterous prediction, and yet as incredibly unexpected as it was Heraclius takes off, and from six to eight years, he leads the Byzantine crusade like a dagger back into the heart of the Persian Empire, and rebounds and reclaims the territories of this empire or part thereof. Another Quranic prophecy is the abode of Abu Lahab. You see when the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him first went

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public with the call to Islam. The very first person to scoff at him and chastise him was his very own uncle Abu Lahab. In those very tense, hostile moments, Almighty God reveals the following verses in defense of his Prophet Muhammad. He says, in Surah, Al Mehsud ruined are the two hands are reference all his efforts ruined are the two hands of Abu Lahab and he himself will be ruined. Nothing will avail him not his wealth not all he's ever gained in life. He will be admitted to burn in a fire of in

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tents, flames. And so the Quran was saying that Abu Lahab was doomed to the Hellfire nine years before he actually died. what's astonishing is that for those next nine years, despite Abu Lahab, hearing these verses be recited. He never took it as an opportunity to discredit Muhammad message. You see, had he chosen to convert to Islam, even if pretending to do so even disingenuously, this would have called into serious question, the truth of the message. Believers go to paradise. I say I'm a believer, your Quran says I'm going to the fire. But did he do that? Of course he didn't. Because the almighty who revealed these words knew that he would forever be too proud and too

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prideful to do just that.