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In 100 Allah HCA Allah Muhammad Ohana Stein will be here you want to stop federal when I was very lucky to ILM and surely unforeseen I will say Dr. Molina

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de la hooter Allah for LA medulla woman yielded further ahead the Allahu eyeshadow La ilaha illallah wa the hula Shetty Keller who is Shadow Anna Mohammed and Abu who want to be you who are solo. Yeah, you have Latina I'm an otaku. Lahab koutou katoa he while at mo tuna Illa and tombs the moon. Yeah, you have such a cool raga como la the Halacha Kumi nevsun Wahida wahala caminhadas Jaha we're bettering humanity Geralyn Kathy kefir on one he says

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otaku la Halevy Tessa Luna V will or ham

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in Allah Hakuna la kumara feva Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku allah how a Kulu colon sadita Use la kumara Malecon wellfield Lacan Vinoba calm? Well, my new Parilla are Sula who forgot the first fellows and our Lima. We praise Allah azza wa jal, and we thank him we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his protection from from the evil whispers within us and from the consequences of our evil deeds. For whomever Allah azza wa jal guides, no one can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leaves astray. No one can ever offer them guidance.

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And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our love and obedience in the absolute sense of these two words, but Allah and Allah alone, without any partners, the true supreme King, at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi, WA early or seldom was in truth, his prophet, and his servant and His messenger. And after welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal, and reminding myself and even with a tough call of Allah, a life of awareness, consciousness dutifulness consistent love and surrender to Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah terracota Allah commanded His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and commanded us through the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to relate to you a particular story in the Quran. This story is found and sorted out off when Allah azza wa jal said, What's Lu Ali him never Alevi attina Who are ya Tina, and relate to them. The accounts of the person that we gave our idea to

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we don't know this person's name. Some historians try to investigate was evil and raw, this famous scholar who had so much sacred knowledge but gave into bribery, and sold out his religion is it omega w salt, another hypothesis and other theory, a man who was truly devout to Allah until Allah didn't give him what he wanted. And so he about faced on his commitment, but Allah did not tell us the man's name. And that is very valuable of the value in not knowing his name is that you don't get caught up in the name. To think that this is some historical figure that has nothing to do with us. This could be your story, because you will receive the Ayat of Allah yourself less or more

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different, if you are not, you are a recipient. So this could be your account. And so make sure it is not your account.

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May this story not be your story? What's Luciani him relate to them the story the account of the man we gave our IRA to? So how did he respond Fansler caminha and he detached himself separated himself from them from our signs, didn't act on them, walked away from them, ignored them, underestimated them, this believed in them all of those can apply.

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What the eye really does not mean detached from them. If you dig a little deeper the ISS insula he was skinned away from them. And there is a profound indication indication here. You know, when when you when skinning happens, this is separating the flesh from you know, the rest of the body. This is not supposed to be happening. Normally specially with the human being he was not made to be skinned or eaten or otherwise. It's as if Allah azza wa jal is saying these ayat were supposed to be part of your flesh and your blood and you you ripped it apart, you separated what should never be separated, which is acting on believing in and acting on Allah's idea, it's in your life. Also, the scholar

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said, another indication you get something else you infer from in Salah Homina he appealed himself away from our ayat, is that when you skin like when you skin an animal, so you get the meat out, you have to very, very slow and very careful and very gradual so you don't mess up the process. It's a very intricate process.

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It's a very delicate process.

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Likewise, when people fall off of the straight path, many times it happens without you noticing. First the fear of Allah false. And then after that the commitment is false. And then after that the regret falls, it happens very slowly, the heart becomes polluted, becomes compromised. Another indication of insula caminha he was skinned away from them is that our skin serves the function of protecting us. And so when you get skinned, may Allah forbid, spiritually skin, you will become so vulnerable.

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You know, some of you many of you probably have noticed since the beginning of Ramadan, I have a heaviness in my tongue and in my lips, I have a big cuts that happened to me I had a fall and I got cut. This cut has been so interesting. So eye opening for me. Because fresh air hurts. When air gets in, it burns so much. Fresh air is the most valuable thing to a human being we look for fresh air, we're comforted by fresh air. But when your skin is removed, the experience is very different than nicest things can be the most annoying things, the most painful things. And so being skinned also indicates vulnerability. This is the point.

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And we all we get that from the rest of the story Allah says We gave him our sign so he skinned himself away from them without realizing made himself vulnerable by inching away thinking it's no big deal, not realizing how far he's gone for its value. He's vulnerable now for its VA who shaytaan shaitan got hopeful when he saw him like this away from our signs, that's when shaytaan pursued him for can um, you know, Halloween, and he became of the people that were of Halloween became defined. You see shaitan does not come back after Ramadan. Shaitan comes back after you stop doing what you did in Ramadan. But there are people that there shaitan is chained up all year round. Those are the

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people close to Allah yet, those who skinned themselves away from Allah yet shaytaan gets hopeful I have access now. And so when shaitan has access, he assaults them. And they become of the Halloween, the word Halloween also is very special. As Halloween you may find it in the translations as a stray or rebellious or misguided. But lloween is a very specific kind of misguidance. It's not the misguidance. When you don't know what's right, you don't know right from wrong. It's when you know what's right what you can do it. And you know what's wrong with you can't stay away from it. It's not a weakness in your knowledge. It's a corruption, your willpower, your resolve. That is the first

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thing that goes, the first thing that separates from you that fails you is the resolve of your heart.

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You see, because misguidance happens when your heart becomes too weak to act on guidance. And so you become of the Halloween those who are consciously disobeying. And because the heart is so sensitive, that's the first one to go first one to fail. Then after that, if you keep going down this path, then the mind becomes compromised. Because no one wants to wake up in the morning and say I'm a monster. I'm not doing anything from what I believe. And so then they start reformatting their brain, if you will, they start saying those things that I keep doing, who said they're wrong anyway, who said they're that big of a deal. Anyway, there are people that do far worse anyway. And so it

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starts off with the desires weakening the heart. And then it transforms later into the doubts that ruin your beliefs. Who said this is wrong? Who said there's a day of judgment, because you want to justify that state of weakness that you're in. And so the word shaitan caught up with them and made them have the Halloween of Halloween means doing wrong while knowing it's wrong. How many of us fall into this category? How many of us know that Allah does not accept a prayer after its time? How many of us know that Allah did not permit this dress code? How many of us know Allah does not accept neglecting our parents? How much does Allah How much do us know that Allah obligated X, Y and Z in

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our as a cat or towards our society or towards our children? We know what we can get ourselves to do it. This will not stay that way. This could become a state where you say No, I'm alright. I'm okay.

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So you will either start doing what you know is right. Or you will start telling yourself that the amount that you're doing is good enough. That's all right.

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That is what you get from the word Halloween mount Lulla saw Hey, welcome one manpower. alone he was praising the perfect state of the Prophet

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Valley salatu wa sallam, he said he was not mistaken. He didn't have any flaws in his knowledge. One of our he was not of the VA, we didn't have any mistakes in his willpower. He knew what was right and was able to commit to it. This person who peeled himself from our area yet found himself unable after shaitan found an access point to act on them any longer.

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The next idea goes on to say, while I was shooting, a lot of fire now who behalf and if we wanted, we would have raised him with them, we would have raised him with those acts of obedience that are if called, call him to call her to.

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You see, Allah guides whom He wills, what Allah did not guide this person did not elevate this person after he kicked guidance with his foot after he underestimated the responsibility of receiving the ayat and the honor of it. And so the Quran will not raise you acting on it will, Allah azza wa jal will not raise you until you show him that you seek elevation. Many people you hear them they say this Ramadan was different or after Hajj in my life was different, or this has changed my life.

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It's not the Ramadan, it's not the Hajj. It's not the hotbar that changed your life. It's when you decided to act on it starting now. That is why in your head you're saying you know Allah helped me with this and it becomes like a placeholder in your memory. That since that day, I became better because you chose to so Allah chose to help you. You took one step and so he fulfilled his promise and took 10 towards you subhanho wa Taala a call of he has our start from nothing ready welcome.

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Vandana, we have the Chateau La Ilaha illa Allah who had the hola Cherie kala who are shadow and Mohammed Abdullah, who, whenever you who are solo, and if we had wanted, we would have raised him with it with those iPads while I can now who led the ill art but he surrendered to the earth he clung to the earth meaning the offers of this world, the lowly offers of this world that desires remember, it was the desires first.

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Then the doubts came later, he clung to the earth fermata Allahu QMF Anil Kel. And so his example Allah says is like the example of the dog. May this not be your story our brothers and sisters may not be mine. His example is the example of a dog in tashman Alley he L has out at Roku yell has whether you chase him away he pants panting, sticks his tongue out and breathes hard, right? And whether you leave him alone, he pants meaning there's no point he becomes a lost cause he becomes hopeless he becomes pointless. You know, very interestingly, nowadays, we

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scientifically we see why on a deeper level dogs are always panting dogs don't have sweat glands they're always overheating. So the way that they call their body office by opening their mouth sticking their tongue out to try to cool down their body temperature they have almost no sweat glands little bit on their feet and that's it they use their tongue to get you know cool air inside to counter out counteract the heat. So it's almost like Allah did not you know, Miss create, but there's like a malfunction, there's an abnormality in the dog that makes him that way. His system requires this. Likewise, the person who turns away from Allah's idea, there's something wrong inside

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whether you remind him of the if nothing changes hold by a hadith not you leave him alone, nothing changes. But the concept of panting and this will be my last point. You know, throughout the Quran, Allah Azza speaks about lost causes. May Allah protect us and our Tahoma emblem to invade hula, you know, you warn them you don't warn them, they're not going to believe you warn them you don't warn them. They're not going to, you know, reform. But here it says panting does not just about non responsiveness, not just about a dead heart. Allah saying a a tormented heart. You know the dog is who is exhausted right? This person who is not responding to anything, no matter you do or you don't

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it makes no difference. He's not exhausting himself in the surface of Allah as we said to help us ago, changing their lifestyle to align with Allah azza wa jal, his guidance as we spoke about, they will be so exhausted in life, they will have the most miserable life no one should ever assume that the deen what it calls us to is restrictive. It is liberating you from the most shallow form and then will shallow experiences you can have in life.

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And so we ask Allah azza wa jal to help us get past our inadequacies. Help us get past our weakness help.

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was to reverse that story if we are reflected in any part of it. May Allah Allah make us of those that act upon the truth that we know. May he guide us to see truth as truth and enable us to act on it and guide us to see falsehood as falsehood and enable us to avoid it. And may Allah elevate us with his book and make this whole book one of those times that you look back on and say this was a huge leap when I chose to make a difference and look back and say it started today. May Allah Azza

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Ramadan and there are hundreds of the sacred month Allahumma Amin Allah Who made you know, how could How can what is up let's see where we're at in wealthy Levothroid an orphanage Deneb Filipina Zulu hon. Allah means I've got Mina in Atlanta Samuel Alene. Elena in a cantata Webb Rahim are SallAllahu Sallam Avada canovee and Mohammed Ali. He was Sofia Jain