Finding Peace #04 – Let go or be dragged

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My brothers and sisters in Islam, don't you want to be considered as a person from Jenna while you are still living in this dunya the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam one day was sitting with the companions and he pointed at the gate of the masjid and he said, a man from Jenna will enter right now all the companions directed the faces and eyes toward the gate and Subhanallah simple man entered prey to rock are nothing special. And he left right after that Abdullah hinami Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with him ran after him and he told them I'm a stranger, I wanted you to accommodate me in your place for three days of live nom de they want to be accommodated. He was not

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a stranger. He just wanted to know what is so special about this man. He was invited. He stayed as agreed, and by the end of the period, he confessed the truth to this man, he told him listen, I'm not a stranger. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told us that you are a man from Jenna and I have stayed with you to see what is so special about you but I found nothing. So the man told him perhaps the secret is that I never go to bed meaning I never sleep late at night without forgiving everyone. Let go my brothers and sisters in slam of your grudges have your anger or else you will be dragged these heavy feelings that you carry with you as a result of quarreling with with others will

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be hunting you in your grave will be hunting yonder. They have judgments of Hanalei lobbying let go forgive one of the characteristics of being a believer is to forgive those who wronged you. This is a definition of sn of perfecting your faith and my brothers and sisters Islam let's remember one thing that we too are sinners, we too have done a lot of wrong and we wanted Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us while yeah for a while. Yes, forhow Allah buena and Yasser Allahu Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is telling, telling us to let go to forgive and to overlook to overlook people's shortcoming. Don't you love that Allah subhanaw taala will also turn to you with

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forgiveness and with his mercy, any? Isn't this something we all yearn, we all wanted. But how will that be attained? If we don't want to forgive others as panel I have interacted with so many people who forgave others, even though according to them, they were right. Even though according to them, they have not done anything wrong. Just like the condition of everyone's panela everyone has done right. No one has done the wrong khulumani Adam hapa my brothers and sisters, remember, all the children of Adam are sinners, we all have done something wrong, or hydro hopper in a tower boon. But the best of those who are are those who also turn to Allah and seek forgiveness. Likewise, my

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brothers and sisters in Islam, if somebody have done something wrong to you, don't hold that against him for the rest of your life. Don't go to your grave with grudges and hatred and animosity toward them just because something happened in this dunya. As a result of shutdowns, temptation, says panela those who let go and forgive others will like my brothers and sisters and perhaps you have experienced the same they have experienced that contentment and peace. And that's what we want to achieve in this Ramadan and beyond the child law, forgive and let go called people and reconcile in sha Allah to Allah the Prophet Muhammad Salah lies and said, How eurocom may be Salam. He was

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addressing those who are quarreling with with each other. He said, You shouldn't stay in that condition that state for over three nights over three days. So Pamela, well, how you loco Maya salam, and the best of you in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala would be the one who initiated Salaam peace initiated reconciliation. So get back in shot love to Allah to your perhaps your phone. call those people or send them text messages, even if they rejected you. You have done your part. Forgive Let go. Let go my brothers and sisters or else perhaps you will be dragged with the heaviness of these grudges in your heart may Allah Subhana Allah protect us all. As Salaam Alaikum

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wa rahmatullah.