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regarding a book that's that came out was not published by me but it's a brilliant text to study the sewers of Makkah it's not a Quran, it's not a must have I have a very high is not probably higher than a lot of the guys out there when it comes to Quran so I've memorized it since I was a child I read it and complete it very often I know it's all the as is starting from Surah to Fatiha to Surah to NAS I've been the Imam of Tarawa and they are full Quran recitals in my voice online that are available, and so on. So to think and to imagine, to even think for a moment I came up with a new Quran is a is devilish. It shows stupidity and ignorance. That's what it shows. So it's not a Quran,

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it's not a must have must have meaning it doesn't even have the Arabic in it. It's not even part of what we would like you to recite for the bad, or for Salah, or for anything of that. It's only a study of how the Quran was revealed. Nothing more than that, and nothing less than that. So basically, for those who have been making a big noise, you know, what happens when there is a popular person, and we have to say this, it would be in the best interests of little guys to actually come out and make a big noise about it. And they haven't even spoken to the person. It goes to show they'll raise things that happened 20 years ago that were clarified 10 years ago, that were

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clarified things that didn't happen that were a confusion, they want to raise it again. And again, it goes to show it's not about the app, it's not about the book, it's about you gaining likes, and perhaps beyond that, earning money through those views. It happens. So therefore, when you see these controversies, take it in your stride, a lot of people will still make a video about this one here. I don't care, it's fine. We are serving the Ummah in the best possible way feasible enough. If anything, we have higher qualifications than they do. By far, we've been serving the Ummah for longer than they have. We have scholars we are connected to that they wouldn't even imagine because

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they don't know. We don't have to make it public and make a big noise and a big thing about it. So Wallahi it's a shame it's a shame for people to make a noise. It's a shame for people to make a noise. And then they say, Oh, this guy's not a Muslim. This guy is now this it's about time we called him a coffee room. What on earth are you talking about? My brother, we've converted more than 10,000 people and and we're not even counting Subhanallah every day in every moment and every other day there's people converting reverting to Islam, Allah Allah Al Hamdulillah Mina, it's okay, it's fine. The thing is, what on earth are you on about you don't even know me, my brother. You don't

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even have a clue who we are. You haven't even bothered to ask first. And you don't even know you want to jump straight into the bandwagon and make your big statements I suggested to the publishers of that study book to say, if perhaps you might choose a better title. It may disallow these noisemakers and these people who forcefully want to find fault to actually find fault in the name. So they have considered it they've taken it on board and each other they will make their announcements if you want to know more about that Quran, translation or the what they call the Quran, which is actually a study of the Sutras of Makkah, and then another volume that studies Surah

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Baqarah. Another one that studies studies, other suitors of Madina Munawwara like I said, it's an amazing piece of work, but but

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if you want to know more about it, go to the website, go to the FAQs and go and check what it's all about. Go and see firsthand, don't just listen to things online and get excited because there's one guy who nobody knows one guy who who's really a hater, a grave worshiper, sometimes a proper, proper proper, and they will come and say This guy is like this. And but do you know who's talking? Do you know who who is talking and who they are. I know a brother who was so frightened to be circumcised after he reverted to Islam, that he has not yet circumcised and, you know, subhanAllah, and no one to judge him, but it's a fact. And he's the guy who makes the most noise online. Wow. And I'm

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thinking if people knew what happened to you, my brother, I promise you, you will be so ashamed of even opening your mouth. So may Allah forgive those guys, I promise you, they have no power and strength to do something that's fitrah that they're supposed to have gotten done. And they want to make a noise and do tech fear of the rest of the Ummah who's working hard day or night. I'm not even supposed to be making this video but Subhan Allah if you see me, it doesn't bother me. We work for Allah the only the only sad part is they're inciting violence. They're inciting hurt and hate and people have already threatened us and Subhan Allah people have tried to hurt us. So that is probably

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a thing we gathering the info one day when we need to use it against you Allah He we will and we will in a big way not to say that I don't forgive you. Forgiveness is something I don't hold against people. What Allah he you know what, where Allah what Allah has given us, he hasn't given them at all at all. So we thank Allah and you know what, if this is the case, it was people like this who are in our equation that Allah has blessed us as a result of so it's fine Alhamdulillah Allah daddy, but we need

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to stop it, because if we don't, they will attack others who are not as strong as I am in terms of thick skinned, they will probably attack others in a bigger way. I I really believe some of them are mentally deranged. That's what I do believe when you watch them. It's clear. I mean,

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people want to argue about things that they don't even know. And they, they think they know. They haven't even been in been in the field of power. They don't have a strategy in power. They don't think they don't serve a specific category. They just swipe everywhere. They want everyone to do exactly what they do and how they understand it or maybe a chef or two they follow understood it