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Adnan Rajeh
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he needed to do more later to now the mountain mobile like it will send a Fiat accelerometer Salah to Allah so you do hola yo Rasulillah while early he also happy woman Voila hoomin cuyama la Sol has native Java and submissive name is a beautiful night. The Sunnah is to increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, every good deed, Yahweh, ha ha and FEMA, Taka Li. And even Yeah, bursts are the Allahu Anhu call. Hadith tonight is a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim right to us by Ibn Abbas. And, again, it's maybe not a hadith. It's more of an authority. But I but most scholars qualify it to a hadith because it's very, it's very important, actually. And I you may be surprised

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that it's actually in the collection of both Bukhari and Muslim you may not, but I'll tell you this story anyways, is what he says. And it's still within the theme, not understanding Him. And this is our 17th Hadith. This is probably the longest I've done any theme.

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Every other theme, I usually do tend to Hadith and move on to something different. I purposefully given the concept understanding a lot of time they really think is central, or is is an extremely important aspect of understanding Islam altogether. If you don't know what Eman is, and if you don't understand what it's supposed to be for you and you're not working towards achieving that then there's a big chunk missing of what it means to be Muslim. This is what I busted up about Ronnie Abu Sufian.

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And hirato Oh Allah, Allah Who. So he's saying that I was. I mean, I was just saying I was if Ian told me was if he also could have been have lived longer than the Prophet alayhi salatu salam did and just saying you know, it was if you could have been older than the Prophet Allah you saw someone age in with that he still ended up living the Prophet Allah, you still have to assume by quite a quite some time. So I mean, I bet it was a bit older, he was quite young with the rough out of yourselves and passed away. He remembers certain things, but he wasn't around for very long. But by the time I was a fan, he was a bit older. So he he gathered a lot of knowledge and also have a bit

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of an ibis, I was in LA when he was a very, very,

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very strong mind. He was very good at memorizing and he was you asked all the right questions, and he spent time with all the right people. He was blessed that way. And he asked him was a Fianna about this incident. You're not the is the name of the

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place of Rome, meaning the leader or the king of the Roman Empire was his name was he often at the time. And there's a famous incident that occurred just around just after that for Davia.

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Where he

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heard about the practicality of salatu salam, he was visiting Damascus, and he heard that there's this guy in Arabia that's causing a fuss. So he's like, What is this? Yeah, he's claiming prophecy. Like, Oh, really? Yeah. And he's, you know, he's fought and a couple of wars, and he's won, and he beat these people. He's beat that. So he's interested like you like, Okay.

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Who knows him? If they will, no one knows him here like, Well, are there any merchants from Arabia that are around, like, we can go to the market and see as they come to the market and just happens to be able to, you know, his, his lucky day, he's actually in now I was appeared to have left Mecca, specifically because he despised the Treaty of Davia. He hated the fact that this happened, he could see through it, he knew that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had won. In the longer he knew that he had won. So he got upset, and he left and they had they had put him aside after his job. So he left and he went to Damascus, as a businessman, was what he did. But he spent much more time in Damascus

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than he ever did before, because he didn't want to go back to Mecca and face what they had done. And it's like, he's running away from a problem that follows him right to Damascus. Allah was at the end. And it took a lot for him to accept Islam. He was young, he was throwing a lot of curveballs before he fully woke up. But this was one of them. Like he just didn't seem it didn't seem to get it for so long. I can never understand him. Yeah, it just took him so long to get it. But he was in Damascus. And they come say asking who knows? This person and Mohammed or the person who's claiming so Allah and Muhammad said, I'm claiming prophecy to everyone in his caravan point.

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He doesn't want to be pointed out he doesn't want to act like you know, I don't know. I don't know. Whatever is pointing at him. Also, you know them. Yeah. Who well is he who was most related to him, and everyone points out, it was again, because also it was a feeling was the closest related person to him. So now he has no choice he is taken to the castle or to where the rocket is staying. So he goes and they take the caravan with him, like all of the people were all the people were working under him go with him. And he goes, and he stands in front of the lapel. And this is a little sleight of hand I'm taking for you this just a piece of the Hadith. The hadith is very, very long.

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I'm just taking the piece of it. And he tells him he doesn't you know, Mohammed, yes, I know. Mohamed Salah Mohammed. I mean, are you related to him? Yes, I'm related to him. That now I'm gonna ask you questions. And I'm gonna put behind you everyone who works with you. Now he tells them if he lies. Yes, give me a sign that he lies and the swordsman will have your high head flying and even into the air. You'll be dead before you know it. Mo Sofia will say and the only reason I didn't lie that day is I knew that the people behind me would love nothing more than to see my head.

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flying in the court of Iraq, I like that. So I could not lie. I couldn't because they don't like me. He wasn't a great employer. So the people behind him hated him. They were waiting for him to lie just to point it out. So he would die. So he couldn't lie. And there's a it's a long story. So a lot of questions. I'm gonna just quote for you in understanding him and what an ibis tells us about EMA and specifically, so he's got a an AVR Bhaskara Barani, Abu Sufian and Hiraki and now who said Allah Who that he asked him Elia Z Doom, at about Oh, who am young persones when he was saying was that it took a * yes he do about oh, I mean, I was when I asked me I was with him because he asked him

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all these questions. I was with you and answered honestly. And then hirako gave a conclusion at the end. Right. And then what I see is giving the illusion this what he's saying saying I asked you because if you do his followers increase or decrease about attorney and the home years are you doing and you told me that the increased or not decreasing were Cavalli can Eman. Tim, and that is the way Eman is it's always increasing until it comes to a point where it's fulfilled was the old Touka Haley yellowtail do a hudon and D so totally Dini Heba and yet hula fee, the only use his followers leave his Deen out of a hatred for it. Or dissatisfaction with it after they enter it by the MTA and

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learn you said no, that's not very common worker that he can Iman pain to hire you to buy shampoo lube, yes How to who had and that is how Iman is when says beauty but Sha Sha two who in the beauty of it, once it touches the hearts, it is not something that you'll ever hate ever again.

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This is what hirako is saying.

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This is what you're not the king of a different embracing. That's how Iman is the man is always on the increase until it comes to a point where it's full, where it's fulfilled within a within society. And that's how it is when you accept it was it truly touches your heart. When the beauty of it when you get a sense of the beauty of Eman, you can't let it go. You'll never hate it, you'll never walk away from it again. And the reason people walk away from Islam is because that piece isn't happening. Those who walk away from Islam is because Iman did not touch their hearts the way that it should have. Because once you taste you can't you can't get enough. And that's the reason is

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because we're not designing our Islamic experience for Muslims in a way where they get a sense of that. First. They get a taste of the beauty of what Eman can do for you of how happy how satisfied how fulfilled how close how much serenity and tranquility and peace you can find how much love will exist in your heart when you actually understand and take within your internalize Iman, because we're not doing that people contemplate leaving, they would never This is not what he's saying out of his talk to us. This was some foreign guys saying he's not even a prophet but that's it but he understands it. This is this is this is a

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self evident fact that people all across the board know once you taste the beauty of email, you'll never walk away from it. But if you don't then yeah, it becomes an issue of do's and don'ts and at some point you may end up losing your your attachment to it but the beauty of it when it's there and saw that's it, you'll never walk away from it again. At the end of this long Hadith Hirata will end up saying in kinda cannot assume if he is as you are claiming him to be. Well, I am leakin moldy I had to cut them a year hurting He's going to rule the land that I'm standing on right now. Well only if any ice lockable to cut me and if I knew I could make it to him, I would kiss his feet. I could

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make it to him but I can't because he's the king he can't do this stuff. dollars for ages have differed and debated whether this man

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accepted Islam internally or didn't for ages to debate it he actually by doing that is that qualify

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that quality because you said in going to the Alamo and Rana de Cristo Neha region I can go into a new vehicle. I know that the time for the last prophet of the property at the end of time it was coming. I didn't think it was gonna be one of you.

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I don't blame him. If you look back then and you saw how the Arabs function you like them out of them? Why?

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What what's the advantage? That what's what's the angle? Like if Allah Subhan Allah is choosing from this group of people? What's his angle? Let's have an angle. What's the angle? Why them there's nothing what do they got the pot alone? I think there are reasons obviously there's good reason I'm not gonna waste your time tonight with that I'll end with before that but it's something that they felt that he was able to actually see that and really that long Hadith you can go and read it if you want to become a Muslim and see and hear it but I think this piece is very, very meaningful. The idea of iman that they had an understanding of it even someone like that he understood, if you allow

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email if the beauty of email and touches your heart, you'll never walk away. You will never turn your back on it ever again to

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issues are feelings in your heart that I'm not sure it's because you haven't allowed that to happen because you have not internalized the concept of Eman

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pasted the the sweet nectar of it and lived it and allowed it to allow yourself to enjoy it because once you do there's no turning back and you'll never you'll never that's why you know people to the industry always put people to enjoy Ramadan because once you're joining Madonna and that's the best time to do it you'll never you can never imagine your life without it because that's and hopefully if you work hard you can you can attain attain a certain amount of that beauty outside of Ramadan to keep you going. Hope that was a benefit on Yello ha ha ha Mustafa Ali he and even Yeah, best and fun to abahlali gustavian and hirako coil Allahu Puckett Sal Touka and atterberry he Halia Z Duna o Yun

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persona first about attorney and the homie as you do in fact, the legal

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team was able to come Halle Alta dua Don Porter Lee de paz

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fee he was the AMTA Allah what are their legal Iman Hina to Holly to Basha Chateau Hulu? Yes couple who had sort of Rasulullah sallallahu and who also have you know, Allah him and to solo people to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Yunus, which means I can block him but I'll see you tomorrow in sha Allah for July 230 With the light items and I'm Good

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