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The upcoming return of Islam to America will bring peace to America, but it will also bring separation from family members and the need to love and hate moderately. The speakers emphasize the importance of not giving up love for loved ones and not giving up love for your own children. The story of a powerful king who married four women and had to die is a metaphor for people who failed to meet their expectations and become the next one.

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either you

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ever seen like on the robot on a regular household level advisor frozen Halima?

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All Praise and Glory be to Allah and we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and its forgiveness. And we turn to him for help from the evil whispers within us and the evil consequences of our misdeeds. forever long guys, no one can lead astray and whoever I love leaves without guidance and and can provide guidance for that person. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship our lives. But Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme king of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa he was and there was indeed in truth. His Prophet and his spirit and his messenger are people of Eman, Old Believers have the Taqwa of Allah. Be consistent

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upon the fear and obedience, love and consciousness, hope and regard from love all times, as this is what he deserves, and do not die except in a state of complete and total, willing, loving surrender to Allah state of Islam.

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We began two weeks ago, our journey through the advice of Gibreel Ali Salatu was Salam to our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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when he came to him and said, Yeah, Muhammad Krishna Sheeta. Inner kava yet, on Hamad live however you wish but know that you will die.

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And we say that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the most mindful person of death.

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And that Allah azza wa jal filled our life with the remembrance of death.

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Through those around us through the white hairs through the brittleness of the bones,

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so many reminders, but you read out at salaam wanted the prophets of Allah wa and you're wishing the very best for him, that highest station which he had, and being the best role model for us which he was to hear it one more time, in an unofficial capacity from his lifelong friends, you read Ali salatu salam.

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Today with the second statement, you've read it salaam went on to see what I did mention it for international infallible

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and love whoever you wish, but also know at the same time you will separate from them, you will be separated from them. And a person may think this is the same advice is the first sentence. Obviously, if I know I'm going to die, then I know I'm going to be separated. But as we said earlier, the usefulness of remembering that is in the details is in sitting there and thinking what it's going to be like on an individual level.

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There's a difference between saying yes, I know I will die and thinking about death. There's a difference between thinking about death in a momentary sense that I'm going to have a Janessa one day

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and between being pulled apart from my loved ones on that day. It adds another important shade to the picture that you need crystal clear.

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Prepare for the separation between you and those you love most. For most of us, that's our family. How will separation happened between us and our family? Not will it how will it happen? What will it look like?

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It will have no one of two ways. Either they will be exiting first. Or you will be exiting first. And only Allah knows. Will it be the young who bury the old or the old who bury the young will be the child who buries the parent or the parent who buries the child. That is how unpredictable this world is.

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You know we see it's very little

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Hear that I'm going to grow up and I'm going to get married and I'm going to have children

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and they're going to grow up and they're going to be successful. And I'm going to make them comfortable and then they're going to bury me after a long happy life. Though we have 1001 Reasons to Believe it doesn't exactly after like that.

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A very good friend of mine

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or good brother that I know from the masjid

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he was the best of his siblings

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on his way to finishing the Quran. Poli polite and accomplished in dunya, indeed

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19 years old, you'd never think it would have been like this. In an instant he slipped his on his head, and fell unconscious and slipped into the pool and nobody was home. And just like that it happened and how many of the stories that are like this. And so at that moment of separation, when it happens from top to bottom or bottom to top child to elder elder to child will, how are you going to react to this, this separation? When it happens? It will it's just a matter of when

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will it

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take you away from Allah?

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Many times we see people that become Muslim, and they struggle a great deal clinging on to some hope that their parents will die

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after having become Muslim, and then they don't and their love for their parents is big season extremely difficult test. One of the most the hardest tests to imagine and that's why I was diligent tells us in the Quran to console us that right before the waves separated between no honey son even the best of people had to go through this sometimes separated between your holiday Sarah and his son for Halloween Element Mode. Right before that he was still had hope. He said yeah, Boulais my son, please write with us in cabana. Well, that's a cool man caffeine. Do not be not with those who drown. Don't be with those with disbelief. Because it's a much more difficult test and to drown in a

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pool or drowning. And see that's just your opinion as over. But so imagine that your son has been separated for good.

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Don't be with the catheter enough to move our theme is an extremely difficult moment in all of our lives. Do you bleed out a set out is selling the province I'll send them love wherever you want. But to make sure you don't forget that you will be separated from this person.

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This doesn't mean to disconnect from people emotionally, it actually would mean the very opposite in reality. It just means love your family, love your loved ones, love them passionately. But do not be controlled by this love of your loved ones, because it will fail you

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if you become controlled by are among the top of the hour, I was reporting about him that he used to say Larry Volker can have fun. Don't be tied down burdened by your loved one I could look at television and do not be destroyed by your hate meaning love and hate moderately a little bits, sometimes even hard to comprehend. I remember very young before I even knew exactly what I was seeing. I was repeating words to a brother that I used to meet with late at night.

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A childhood friend whose mother was in terminal illness and I'm telling him how to prepare as if I know as if it's just talked and I'm telling you just try to realize that Allah created us all don't see it as mom and child see there's all creatures of Allah tried to disconnect somehow so that it doesn't destroy you. Too much love will will destroy you. They will say too much hate will destroy you.

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And then those that you love if they destroy you because of that love you will then hate them on the Day of Judgment because they dragged you down those your fault that you love them a little too much.

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And this is a bit of a course conversation I know it is it may ruffle some feathers what is meant here you know I believe that if olive himself used to say this you would say heavy back at home and man I sat in your corner but he loved hangover man. Love your loved ones mildly not too much. Yes, love passionately. But don't go overboard unless they become less they become your enemies. You're those that you ah one day, because opposites do that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You know people that become overly happy they become overly sad and those

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It becomes too loving, they become so vulnerable by that love that it turns into something very devastating later.

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And at the same exact time, part of what it means to prepare for the separation of your loved ones them leaving you were still in the verse them leaving you them going first is that you help them prepare for that journey that you cannot do for them.

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If your child or your parent goes before you, they've started through that very long, very dark tunnel without you. And you cannot do a deal. parents wish they could die for their kids. Some kids wish they could die instead of their parents, all parents wish they could, they could do it instead of their kids, you will not be able to do that.

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You will not be able to. And so you need to do what's right for your own. So that perhaps they may see this and be prepared for their journey. When they are separated from you. You know are prophets of Allah, Allah, Allah, you will say that he said to us, and while I do match bennettswood

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mebbe Holux Massana tune much Hannah.

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And this is a very

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interesting Hadith and you have to understand the right of all the other I have to say their blessing of this world children and the likes he says but children are image bene they are a source of cowardice, meaning sometimes you may be too afraid to do the right thing because you love your kids so much. So you're not gonna spend in this cause or you're not gonna stand for justice out of fear for your kids. Right. And then he says they are megafauna a reason for stinginess, once again, you would hold out of fear for your children. He says Massena, and they are a source of sadness. If they fall sick or they die before you it is it is a great test. And he says marriage had a source of

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great ignorance, meaning we become very foolish when it comes to our children. Why? Because we don't want to face what I did when cheetahs are in

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love whatever you want with you will be separated. Somebody's gonna go you are them. Someone's going to get off the train first. We do we do that? Do we sit there and imagine

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our child dying?

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Do we imagine our parents easier? Imagine your parents dies, you know, our beloved, God forbid statements like this. You can't sit there and imagine it. But you may need to a little bit for your CD and for their sick

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because they might go before you. This is the first half of act dementia. They have a neck I'm a failure

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so that if they go, you only do as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did when he lost his baby. When he lost Ibrahim Ali, he sat down. He said the eye tears we love Absolutely. The eye tears and the heart is saddening, but to what point to the point that we're going to blurt something out that can cost us our hereafter. He says what are Apolo in them.

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But we only say we don't say anything except that which pleases our Lord and Master Subhana Muthana. That is the capital of love.

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The second half of the equation? How many times have you set and imagine your death? In terms of you being separated from your loved ones? You will leave it to them.

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What will your death be like? If you think about your death, you wonder is it going to be a sudden death? That's not necessarily a bad thing. By the way. It is reported in some idea the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said militant Fujairah it

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that a sudden death. He said it is ease refer to the movement or Raha to the movement. It's an ease for the believer. Allah wishes for him an easy painless exit, as opposed to going through difficulty on the way out. Those who go through the difficulty on the way out Allah perhaps is purify them. So they lean in, they reach him with a polished slate. But that's one imagination. Is it going to be a car wreck? Is it going to be a straight valance? What's it going to be?

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Best case scenario when we imagined our depth and our separation? This is the best case scenario. And it's useful to think about this that's why you get it set up and didn't just leave it with you're gonna die. No, there's going to be extraction separation, there's gonna be a revision bonds. So best case scenario in your imagination is probably you sitting around with your family, bidding them farewell

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And then all being in your presence trying to comfort you crying out of love for you.

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One of the early Muslims had this experience, but look at what he caught. And I want you to catch him as well. He asked them, Why are you crying? What makes you cry? As he was dying, they all began to eat

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the women and to chill everybody.

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So she says, You've been so good to us. And I've never seen a bad day from you, and life will be so putrid without you and who's going to take care of us like you? He was such a good man.

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And his children, he asked him, Why are you crying? He said, Because you were the best father ever. And there's nothing you withheld from us. And you were so protective. And now we're going to go off into a world without our father, Orpheus. He said, All of you are crying for yourselves, who is crying for me today, your crying is you're going to be a widow. And your crying is you're going to miss me. You're going to wish you had a father who's crying for me, that I'm going to get loaded in a grave and be lonely, that is going to be set up by angels and the question that I am going to spend the journey now that will arrive me at deliver me to deal with them. We don't really think

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about it that way. That's the other end of the separation that you need to think about.

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When Allah azza wa jal tells you in the fourth annual it will look like that they're not really as close to you,

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as you may imagine, so I did mention that.

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Allah says and Susan, I know that,

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oh, he captured this image for us so that we can keep revisiting it. No one's reaches the throat, the soul on the way out.

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Well to be in the interview, the family those present at that moment are looking on.

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Yes, it's tragic. Yes, it's devastating, but not as much as it is for that person.

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The moment when they find out when they when the grades are revealed. You just want it to be that even you at that moment alone, you were looking on that he says what? What do you mean? Come What I can let people see rune and we are meeting with our angels. We are closer to him at that moment than you and even the family, but you just don't see it.

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And yes, your family loves you. Absolutely. There's no doubt about it. But do they love you so much to stay inside the grave with you?

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Do they love you enough to not walk away? The province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam says to Manta well no now I'm who had the enamel last no Karanja it

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the first night. The first moments, he says a letter they walk away from him or her and he could hear

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the color, the clipping when it's happening of their feet as it's getting softer. As they're leaving. There's going to be a separation. A very, very very painful separation.

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And here's another question. These people that love you very, very very, very much are they after the Janaza going to not eat food?

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It will be haram for them to starve itself to death you're supposed to eat food, but do you think

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that they're enough for you is going to stop them from eating food even if it wasn't how to starve yourself? Life will go on it's supposed to go on it does not stop for anyone so you need to stop for your own good and sell yourself once it's gonna be like when I get pulled out when I'm separating

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and look at it through the lens of Susan and when Eliza legit says what happened to Munna Florida camera Hello phonetic como word.

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And you have certainly come back to us all the load. Just as we created you the first time around WhatsApp to Mahala NACA WA

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and you left back there.

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All that we gave you for a short period, you left behind your backs lefty back there

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why am I not all Schufa I Kumu Lavina Zam to Allah that says, and I don't see all these parties. intercessors you don't have that I means someone that loves you so much cares about you so much, that they're gonna step in to say Oh ALLAH for me. Let them go out carry their tag. They're good. Allah has and I don't see any of your intercessors that you claimed had an equal right

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To you, no one has a right to you, but Allah and that begins with your love for him. Because if you love Allah, there is no separation there.

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Allah says, I have a echo now that the the bonds of kinship of love of a warm up the soldier they all get ripped apart

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala moana via VA that said, you gotta take a while for them unless you wish to and Mohammed and I will do whatever you also put up God, he said, I'm saying Oh, Muhammad, no live however you want. But know that you will die and love whoever you want, but know that you will be separated from so prepare yourself for the day that you will be separated from them. And also prepare them for the Day when they will be separated from you.

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You know, just mention.

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And this story has been circulated and

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I guess reflected on from many different angles through in many different cultures. Well, there was once a very powerful king who had a very great sized family

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and had married four women.

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And suddenly it's you.

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But of course, like all kings, he had to die. And so we felt that before him.

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He went to the fourth wife, which he loved the most, and would do absolutely anything to police. He was insanely in love with her.

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And he went to her and said, I loved you more than all the rest. Will you be with me in my grave when I die?

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She said Never. Absolutely not. And she ran away.

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He was very hurt by this because he was most invested in his love with her. And so he went to the third wife, oh, he love a great deal, but not as much,

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but not as much. And he said I love you my entire life. I've been with you the longest. And I need a favor. Now. Just one thing, I need you to be very keep me company in the darkness of the grave.

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She said no. This is your death, not mine wife is so beautiful. And she walked away.

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And some went to his next the next wife, which he did spend as much time away. But she was the most loyal. She was a woman that did not treat others the way that others treated her.

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And so he said to her I've ever come to you in a tight squeeze her that you've come through for me.

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And I need you now more than ever, please accept what they've rejected. Please be very with me.

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She said I can't I'm sorry.

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All I can promise you is that delivering to your grave I'll attend your Jeunesse I'll make life easy for you. But that's it. I'm sorry, forgive me. And she walked away.

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There was one more wife in the story that he had neglected for so long that he even forgot he was very observant. He wouldn't even feed through what you spend on her without acknowledge her with a visitor.

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And so he hears a voice saying I will go with you.

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And so he turns around and remembers, oh yeah, there's another woman here in my life. And you're gonna come with me, I should have loved you more than all the rest, I should have to carry more than all the rest. Everybody's true colors come out. And now I know your value. I'm so sorry.

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I wish I could make things better. I wish I could change them. And then he died.

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This story is obviously a metaphor. It's an analogy.

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This fourth wife that he loved the insanely. We all have that wife.

00:24:08--> 00:24:24

That marriage is our marriage to ourself. You love yourself more than anybody and you'll do for yourself which you won't do for anybody. But when the time of death comes the very first thing to betray you is that self of yours that you love so much.

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The third wife

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is your property and your wealth. You love that your entire life. But you know deep down inside a day is gonna come when it's going to be separate. You're going to be separated from it.

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Because it would not have gotten to you until if the person before you and so it has to leave you to get to the person after you life will go on for money not for you.

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And the second wife that you don't really have a good relationship with or your family relationships. You don't really your good friends, your family. You don't really give them what they deserve.

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They're, they're always there to advise you, they're always ready to accept you. That's your family.

00:25:07--> 00:25:14

But at the end of the day, all your family can offer us I'm sorry, I'll free Janessa I'll make dua and I have to go.

00:25:15--> 00:25:16

Like festival on.

00:25:18--> 00:25:27

And that last one that is weak, that is frail, that is malnourished, that is ignored. These are your good deeds.

00:25:28--> 00:25:40

These are your good deeds. And the ones we should have focused on for so much. They're what last they want to remain. They are the only ones that will accept will agree to enter your grateful future.

00:25:42--> 00:25:45

And so love whoever you wish would know you'll be separated from

00:25:46--> 00:26:07

if you love Allah and serving Him, you will never be devastated. You will never be disappointed Allah azza wa jal will make it up for you and then some, just be for him at his expectations, and he will be for you. Above anything you expect of him. And that's why the advice will this i close up Juniata he said

00:26:08--> 00:26:31

it one is built on the other. He says live however you wish but no, you will die. Then he says Wait, that is not just some screen turning off. love whomever you want, know that you're going to be separated from them. And then what's the next statement which we will leave to our next course in sha Allah and do whatever you want of deeds, know that you will come to meet them.

00:26:33--> 00:26:38

Each statement is built on the one prior so don't lose your step in this life.

00:26:39--> 00:26:42

Allah Allah Allah Allah have enough now

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that has

00:26:48--> 00:26:49

a long enough Lana has learned

00:26:52--> 00:27:07

Allah will network Asana, Allah will not handoff enter Allah Alonso is Wilander Allah Allah Shimoga Anna what Hello Tana, why people Telangana Allah Halina isness MKVs Madigan personnel was the fat to get through that.

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We have to do Vina one who was Selena Polina was Allah Allah who was telling them about

00:27:15--> 00:27:17

why the alley he was up here tonight.