The Quranic Call Juz 20 – Preferring the Desire of Purification Over Our Own

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu me the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. As we hear all the time people say that Islam is a way of life. And that's true. Islam is a way of life individually how we deal with ourselves when we are by ourselves with our families, and in society. And as we know, Islam does address societal issues. It addresses the society, the societal etiquette and how we should act in a society amongst one another. What are the do's and don'ts, if you will? Well, one of the things that a lot of Allah mentions is the whole concept of what we know as homosexuality. Now, it's important for us to understand

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that homosexuality islamically is that which is forbidden, there is no difference of opinion on whether it is permissible for a man to have a relationship with another man to where it leads to sexually that is impermissible and primarily because it does not lead to any offspring. But if someone was to be that that is between them and Allah subhanho wa Tada. But for us as Muslims, we say, generically, homosexuality is impermissible. It is not allowed for a man to try to marry another man or a woman otherwise, and allows the petrodollar dresses this particularly during the time of Prophet loot. Well, last month, Allah says in the 28 Jews chapter number 27, verses 54

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through 58. Allah subhanaw taala gives a brief snippet of what Luke said to the people he says that there will be limitations on our gene will open if all and he called me he attacked tone and fat he shut up well Anton turbo Ceylon in accumulated tuna, Raja min Dune and Isa Bell unto ominto Jihoon. Well, Allah says, my little one is calling they call me a lot when he said to his people, are you verily? A permitting this act? And you all can see, are you all coming to this fat he's a fascist, fascist, fascist, that is a sin or an abominable act. And you all can see you all know what's going on? And then he says exactly what type of fashion it is. You know, there are many things that we see

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in entertainment and movies, whether it's, you know, Zina adultery, a man with a woman is that which is not permissible without marriage. And even worse than that, as we believe, as homosexuality is that which is not permissible. So Allah says, in the loop, as are you verily approaching men, men approaching men shaohua 10 with your desires and not approaching women, but unemployment. Rather you are people that are doing the actions of the people of ignorance that you are going beyond the bounds of what Allah has provided from you for the from the opposite gender, and then Allah subhanaw taala mentions their rebuttal and this is where we want to capitalize on for Matt Kana joab ghomi he

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Illa all who have renew adult immune Korea to come in hoonah Sunita to her own Allah says and they did not answer except that they said a free Jew Anna Luton and let expel the people of loot the people that are following him his family Alan Luton expelled them, get kicked him out, kick them out of our of our locality of the country of whatever area we are in, kick him out. Why will it get their reason? In the whole NASA thing? It's a very they are people that want to purify themselves. Look how they ridicule him. Now think of the names that you as a Muslim, the things that you tried to do and how people in society may make fun of you because you're trying to be moral. You're trying

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to get married, what you're trying to save yourself, you know, these actions of purity that if they were to sit and think about it, and as a matter of fact, if they were honest, they say yes, it's true. It's a good thing. But this is what I want to do. I want to obey my thirst. So they said kick him out For verily they're trying to be pure. You they want to be pure and holy.

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This is what a lawsuit kind of what data mentions that they said. So a lawsuit kind of what the other mentions after that how after he says format Canada call me in their own call of Purdue and a lot email Korea to come in hoonah Sunita Hello. And the last one to Allah says and we have sent upon them a fire I'm pouring rain full of stones. So I'm gonna lay him up on for say, a matar on Monday. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions that we sent upon them plentiful rain of stones, it was actually stones that descended upon them. And it was a painful torment for the ones that were warned. And this is what allows upon Allah mentioned a couple of verses after that because before that last

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month, Allah mentions that he says fine Jay now who I know who elaborate who, but the minimal have been so right after you mentioned is the the answer of the people saying that expel a lot because they're trying to be pure in his family, that Allah Allah makes a very important distinction. He says we saved him

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As people lot

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except his wife, we predestined that she would be from the people that stayed. Why did she stay the scholars mentioned, she didn't practice the act of homosexuality, as some scholars mentioned, but she did not make in car. She did not censure that act that was going on in society. And this is very important for us as Muslims. When we see something in society, it's important for you to have an opinion on it, whether with at least with your in yourself with your family members, and if you are in a position, you have to say it in a manner that is conducive to still calling those people to that which is good. But the punishment of a lawsuit kinda with data came to them in the fashion in

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the way of raining sending a rainstorm of stones, further punishing them as we know as the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. So it's important for us to know brothers and sisters from this chapter from these verses.

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That it's important Yes, Islam does call us to calling to the good but in the same token, one has to prevent the evil, prevent the evil, especially if it's if it is in a society from spreading, and taking that prevention preventative measures, and that which is conducive for yourself, your family in society. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all from any immoral actions to creep into our homes and in our hearts. A Santa Monica rahmatullah wa better cats. Thank you