Zakir Naik – Reasons why the Vedas and the Qur’an should be Read with Understanding

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A man named Monjo Singh is asking a woman about the difference between Islam and girlfriend's language in regards to her language. He explains that the woman should read the Veda with understanding of the scripture and that the woman should submit her will only to God. He also mentions that the woman has no image and must follow the last and final messenger.
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Good evening, sir. My name is Monjo Singh, I would like to ask you one question. First of all that I would like to tell you something and I've seen your videos, that is Hinduism similarities with Islam. So, I would like to ask you that, what is the difference if any non Muslim will read with understand of Vedas or he or she should read with understand of Al Quran so it is necessary that all the non Muslim should go with through that Al Quran. This was asked a very good question that what is the importance of reading the Veda with understanding that how I gave a talk on Al Quran? Should it be an understanding, and the sister has seen my video cassette, the DVD on similarities between

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Islam and Hinduism and sister towards the end of my talk, I told and I requested the Government of India. I said that you should teach Sanskrit or the language. Unfortunately, Sanskrit has become a dead language. Only a handful of people know I requested the government of India that teach Sanskrit so that the Hindus read the Veda. And when they read the way the they will become closer to Almighty God.

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When you read the scriptures, then the Scripture says, if you read the Upanishad, it is mentioned Chandogya Upanishad, chapter number six. section number two was number one, it comes with idiom, God is only one without a second. It's mentioned with us is our Upanishads chapter number six was number nine, not Jessica sedge. Jonathan is the diva of that God. He has got no superior. He has got no parents. Almighty God has got no father. He has got no mother. It's mentioned with us is the Upanishads chapter number four was number 19. Nurture sympathy mustI of that God there is no prathima prathima in Sanskrit means image, photograph, picture, painting, sculpture idol, according

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to synthesiser, Upanishad. Chapter number four was nominated it says not to say but the majesty of that God, there is no image there is no picture. There is no painting. There is no portrait, there is no sculpture, there is no statue, there is no idle. Sending your duvet chapter mortality was the metry necessity but the majesty of that God there is no image. So I'm asking you sister, that if you read your Hindu scripture with understanding, not only chanting the voiceless inshallah you will come closer to God and inshallah you will submit your will to God.

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And if you return your scriptures, it's mentioned into scripture, I can give hundreds of references. It talks about the coming of the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. If you read the provision Parana part of a 303 or day three shlokas five to eight. It speaks about mama Salah Salem, it mentioned in Bucha Purana Apurva 303 Are the three shlokas 10 to 27 about the coming of a masala Salam is mentioned Atharvaveda in contact SEPTA and book number 20 him number 127 Verse number one to 14 He's prophesized in a terrible way. Book number 20. Hint number 21 was number six and only references I can keep on giving in which is mentioned about Muhammad Salah Salem, he's

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mentioned as Amad. Amorth means one who praises and he's mentioned several places. If you read booter check, Mantra number 1500. It speaks about ama mama Salah Salem, if you read Indra chapter number two was the 152 it speaks about ama if you read Yajirobe eight chapter with a demon Muslim 19 It speaks about Emma is also prophesied at NARA shinza na means man Shanaya MySpace Wadi Nara Sansa means a person who's praiseworthy if you translate in Arabic, it is mumble so Mombasa la Salam is mentioned my name is Nora Shankha in several places in brigade book number one, him number 13 Verse number three and brigade book number one him number 18 Plus number nine in brigade book number two

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him number three was number two in Greek with Book number seven him number three was number two in Jeju. read chapter number 20 Verse number 37. Dubai chapter number 20, verse number 57, chapter number 21, verse number 31. July chapter number 28 was summer 19. I can go on quoting only references from the Hindu scriptures about the coming of mama Salah Salem. So sister if you understand Sanskrit, and if you read the Sanskrit scriptures, if you're a script, you will understand that you should submit your will only to God. He has got no image. You have no portrait and you have to follow the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Hope to

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answer the question system. Thank you

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