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In Al Hamdulillah he's gonna start up he wanna stop Pharaoh. When are we learning to ILM and Julian fusina was at our Marina Marina de la Jota. Allah Farah medulla woman up further ahead the Allah wa Chateau a la ilaha illallah wa ecollar version one feminine Abu Dhabi wherever you are also.

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Yeah, you will

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have to hear

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that one too soon. Yeah, you have another suitor for Rebecca Milady follow me. Nevsky Juanita will follow up Amin has a job in Houma. Alija and Kathy are on when he said what Apple law had levied

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on him in a chaotic overachiever. Yeah, you have a Latina and on top of law, who called and said either use lacuna for whatever the law, the Nova, or manual chlorella are so loving for the first fellows and our Lena. Oh Praise and Glory be to Allah and we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we turn to Allah seeking protection from the evil whispers within us and evil consequences of our misdeeds. From wherever Allah die. This is a great gift that no one can take away and whomever Allah leaves without guidance, none can guide them and will testify that no one is worthy of worship of Allah alone, finding partners, the true supreme

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King, the Prophet Muhammad's Allah, Allah, Allah you out he was second was indeed in truth, His Prophet and his surgery that is messenger.

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To begin, we are still in the midst of the eautiful advice of Jabra Instagram to our Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam,

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in which he said to him in a heightened sense in his or her animal, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that up to the

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confit dunya call Allah who you have 100 Reshma cheetahs are in a coma yet oh Mohamed, live, whatever length you like, but know that you will ultimately die.

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Well would have been meant what I did men cheat as

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to who and love whomever you wish, but still know that one day you will be separated from them.

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You will be pulled apart at the entrance of the grave.

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And now for today's football we hear Jabril Ali Salam saying to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to us through him throughout the prophet of God. While mushy, necromancy you will be and do whatever you wish to know that you will be repaid with it you will be repaid for it.

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And so Gibreel Serrano's giving him advice. And that advice. Each of those statements was built on the statement before. We said what is the point of saying live whatever length you like and know that you will die when we all know that we will die. No linger on this because reflection on it is what makes the remembrance of that so impactful, so useful, so fruitful.

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And then he said and love whomever you wish.

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Meaning don't just think that is just some emotionless event. No those that you are emotionally attached to, there will be a pull against that you will be separated from the ones that you love at that moment of death. It's not just the screen turning off, it's not just vanished into thin air, there's going to actually be a separation.

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And so this direct statement will be an extension of the seconds.

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It is built on the statement before it as well. After saying love whenever you wish you will be separating you will move away from them.

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Then he said he said and whatever you do, you will be reunited with it.

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And so when you are leaving your family, when you are answering into the unknown when you are being lowered into your grave, it is not just you're being left alone.

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You are being reunited with what matters most what lasts the longest with those deeds of yours. It's as if God did it Salam is evoking is pulling out of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that conscious memory to be mindful of the fact that as soon as you enter this place, when you enter this room

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called your grave, you are going to encounter another world. A world yes that is so different from the world that you've known. But at the same exact time it is so familiar. It's yours it's what you billings

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interested in the even in the hereafter.

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in Jeddah, the prophets of Allah Allah used to say what led the NF CVAD in LA

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and Telugu Allah. Beatty Phil Gender,

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Women ZD he alleged he can if he told you, on one of you get this agenda, you will know your houses you will know your residents, you will be guided straight to it you'll know its address, you'll recognize what it looks like more so that you can recognize your house here. It's yours, you built it.

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You're just being rejoined with it. And you're going to discover how is it investment that was once you arrive, gentlemen, Mr. Garrison, you there. That's why we are best.

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He spoke about this reunion, you spoke about separation. But now we're speaking about the reunion.

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He said over a mentor aka dunya covenanters, we're better talking about your company and cooler. What are

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the same concept, it's a two way street. Or it's two things happening two separate events that actually go hand in hand at the moment of death. He says congratulations to the person that has the intelligence that has the guidance, to let go of this world, meaning emotion more than anything. And before anything, before it, lets go of him.

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Then he says and furnishes his grave before he enters it. Because if you're going to go to a place that's not ready for you, very unfamiliar, very unprepared, it is a very lonely, very scary, very devastating experience. He says, so glad tidings to the person who lets go of this before it lets go of him. And then furnishes that before he arrives at that and pleases his Lord Subhanallah either, before he meets, and so do whatever you wish, but know that he will come and meet it.

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This is from the Mercy of Allah that it tells you this, because you've been informed, therefore, you've been forewarned, also,

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this place that you're going to see is a very, very familiar place. Because every last detail of the next world, you design with yourself, you're the engineer of this word, Allah gave you a blank check and said, right, he gave you a blank canvas, and he said, draw by drawing through deeds.

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But just because you know what's there, once you get there, don't ever make the mistake of thinking you can imagine how great that world is until you finally arrive.

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So the kind of things you will see are a direct link with what you've done here. But the size and the magnitude of the things in the grave, even before the hereafter are beyond the imagining. But it

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presents a very

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wise exercise to help bring the picture closer for you. Because that's what you've been trying to do us giving in one sentence after another to bring the picture closer and closer. The closer it is, the more you're going to benefit. The more you remember that and its details, the more you're going to benefit. If the client says Allah decree on betul Adam, that you pass through four worlds in your existence, at least your physical existence. He says in the first world can Janine your immune as the fetus in the

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womb of the mother. extremely tight. You can't move your much you can't move your elbows, you can't move your knees, right. But if you were telling this infant that there's a world outside world with so many colors in so many places, and there's things called pizza and bigs called jungles, and he will not be able to imagine something he hasn't experienced yet. You wouldn't believe you. If you would be able to communicate with a child and tell them wait till you get out. Unbelievable order. He wouldn't be able to grasp, you'll just know there's a world but you wouldn't be able to grasp it. He said and then your second world is your world on top of the earth.

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And look how humongous it is compared to that tight quarter, that tight room, the belly of the muffin.

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He said but then you have to move to your third world, your world beneath the earth, the grave. He says and when you get to that third world, you will realize that your world on top of the Earth once you get below here was like a womb of the mother. I couldn't even move my elbows. You see doors opening up in your grave doors to paradise and doors to the Hellfire humongous events taking place and creatures you couldn't imagine every exists

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speed. Once you get there, you and 70 years here 70,000 or 100,000. There, it will make you feel like your entire life in this dunya with its vast roads and its highways and its airplanes and its oceans was like a womb of a mother. Nothing.

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He says, and then he will be moved to your fourth floor when you get pulled out of your grave. And once you get pulled out of your grave, you get pulled out of the earth one more time, you will realize that even your life in the grave was just a sample.

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The example of the Hereafter to the grave is like the example of what of the mothers who be life on this world compared to the mother's womb.

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And so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually gave us many scenes on what this reunion will look like. So that's what

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he tells us what it's going to look like when we suddenly realize how big things are and how tiny this world is. What it will look like when clarity finally arrives and we're able to compare and see the value of things.

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As Allah as diligent says, which at some point, we don't even have the pains of that when they arrive they bring with them what and how reality arrives, that you cannot put them into the heat. This is what you're avoiding. This is the subject that you didn't want to look at it.

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If you don't believe it existing or not wanting to work for it, you want to avoid that subject later on in the later a lot. So this is what the same sort of off la quinta de la flatly mean, however, you're completely heedless and attentive to this. For can Schaffner, ankles HIPAA, and only now did you remove the veils? This whole world that you thought was a world when the curtains are removed? You see the reality of things for buzzer Okay, Leona Hadid. Now you your eyesight is like Hadid, like if you have sharp sights now. Now you see streets.

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When you are repaid with your deeds, do whatever you want, it's going to come

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you will know the value of Tula cars when you meet them in your grave.

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Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the past agreed when he asked the Sahaba called Romana that was great is this called a flan is grave so and so his name is mentioned the Hadith. He said I work at a coffee for example minimum matter to you. What's NFL rule?

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USC do Wilma has a family I have laid him in Bucky and

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he says to light records, the kind that's not even obligatory. And the kind that you may be Lindsay what can this possibly do? Once you get on the receiving end of it. He says we're here to add them to his deeds right now where he met his needs and agreed we're here to add them to his needs right now are more beloved to him than all that remains of your union. Imagine the joy of all of the newborns and weddings and the graduations and the touchdowns and the world. All of that joy all that remains here in the dunya after he saw the rewarded the to the to like the soccer if you would prefer he would be more joy to receive them at that point, you will realize the value of things.

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Even a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and another Hadith that when the people of paradise and you will know whether you are the people of paradise or not by the time you get to your grave. He said that it's a hustle Jannetty Allah che in in that Assad de mer what we him let me Of course Allah to Allah fie. The people of paradise once they know the people of paradise they meet their award, they will not regret anything except the moments that passed in their lives when they were not mindful remembering of hola endemic.

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And the other kinds of needs as well are true, you will know how drastically how dangerous how severe they were. In another Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim, I'll do my best.

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He said that our prophets of Allah or are they to sell and passed by two graves? And he said in no matter you either learn why you are the beneficiary.

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Well, he never He never will the COVID

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for Canada is that humility will follow for Karen I am chief in lesbian Amina, are you to the NASA very silent.

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He said these two are being punished meaning right now in the grave when they met

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Their deeds do what you do, you will meet it. As soon as they met their needs. These two found out that they were being punished and they are not being punished, he said about something big. But it certainly is something.

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Meaning when they got there, they realize how big it is.

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Or some scholars said it is not something big meaning it would not have been so big for you to avoid these, these crimes the since these acts of disobedience, he said one of them, he was not keeping himself pure, he was not keeping himself pure from his own urine.

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You think it's no big deal, a few drops of urine, ego pray.

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Or it would not have been a big deal just to wait 10 More seconds, we know that.

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It's not big in your eyes, it is a big deal of the end result of it and the consequences when you eat it. He said he used to not keep himself from being soiled by his own urine. And the point by the way, here is not to become obsessive compulsive and have more sweats and things like this, but 10 seconds to make sure you're done urinate, it's not a big deal to miss a play in the game or to miss a minute of work. But it wouldn't be a very big deal.

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Once you meet your brain, if this is one of your deeds, he said the other one

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used to spread gossip between the people. You heard what they said You heard what he said You heard what she said they think it's no big deal. The tongue is a very light muscle with no bones inside, you can just flap away as much as you like. You think it's no big deal. But it is in fact a big deal. Or we can say it is it really was no big deal for you to stay away from it because it is a big deal when you get punished for it. Reality will set him here. Remember she does a net MC up do whatever you wish it will come back for you.

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And he said Alan salatu salam to another scene is that I saw a peep a man being whipped in his grave until he fell unconscious until he said out to those that knocked him out and Angela to move the Why are you punishing?

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And it was said to him solid content to suddenly be ready to Ha You were praying without purifying yourself. And he said I decide to set up one more altar beam of looming for Lampton Sue, you came across someone that was oppressed, and you didn't defend it.

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You thought it was no big deal. Just be complacent, turn a blind eye fast forward, scroll down. But there was something you could have done to protect this person to defend this person to support this person and you find it was no big deal. And so you were on the receiving end when you met it in the grief.

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And there are so many scenes by this the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and a hadith perhaps we defer for a later time. He mentioned certain scenes that every time he saw it I mean, he asked you green indicate what is the scene you're showing me this dream that among inspired and mentally can tell us about people being punished in many different ways.

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He said, I saw a man swimming in a river, Kid them like blood red, a Red River as if it's a river of blood. And every time he came to the shelter every time he swam back to the shore.

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Every time he swam back to the shore, there was a man on the shore, you know who the job he would throw stones at him in his mouth, they would land in his mouth and cause him to turn around and soon away from the shore.

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And later, is it a degree who became what was this man? Is it this man who you saw going through this cada aculeata This was the person who consumed interest without an interest Reba

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read looking at his deeds read is like gold, right? Gold is right. So the river that he was drowning in is representative of the money that you couldn't run away from now. You want it to keep adding to your money fast without any risk on the investment. Just give money and get back that and more.

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Now you will not be able to climb out of that Treasury. And every time he wants to come out to be chased back into the Reverend go back to your mother.

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And he said I found a man standing over her land that was blind, deaf and dumb, couldn't hear you screaming couldn't see what's going on. He couldn't respond to you. And he would smash another man's head with a stone that would trickle down that would roll away. When he was grabbed the stone again. He would come back for either a lawsuit or worry that can occur. His head comes back to its full shape and so he smashes it again. And he said what is this and they told me get out of here get out of here they told the province and I'll sell them at the end of the day said that man cannot go to get for the Quran. In the

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photo, this was a man who was given a parameter rejected. The scholar said he met his deeds Allah gave him the greatest gift

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The most honorable give him he rejected it. And so Allah destroyed his most honorable organ his head until the Day of Judgment what can I ramble on so that you'd like to but and he used to sleep through the obligatory prayers he visited his grave you said the head is representative of Sleep Sleep is known from the head we say Sleepyhead even right and so his head was being crushed because he met his D he slept through the prayer and so they're trying to inspire why

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zuv do whatever you wish know that you will come to meet it a little bit we have stuff Aloha.

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100 it was gonna be about

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11 o'clock or

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whatever you want also,

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and to ensure we have the best reunion with our deeds when we meet them, what is it that will guarantee us a good reception in our graves.

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At that moment of repayment the moment of just, of course, the first and greatest thing is the Tawheed of Allah azza wa jal to live your life singling him out in belief and in practice.

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The second thing after though he'd saved we say stone, Toba is to reform to fix all the things that won't get you to receive an awful reception in the grave. Every night before you go to sleep, as you say, as the Prophet SAW Selim taught you for it. I'm sector FC for HANA. If you're going to hold my soul tonight, go above and have mercy on him. This is a great reminder, you don't need to go far for reminders.

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And then when you wake up in the morning, said hamdulillah Dalia, well he praised me to Allah who returned my soul to me we die every night and day and we awaken again and one day we will awaken to the day of judgment

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and so as you're going to sleep as you're thinking about this miniature that make it a time for what have I done how have I improved Alpha have I backtrack what to jeopardize my standing with Allah if I die tonight? It no plan says that way if you die that night, you die forgive you. And if you wake up in the morning, you wake up excited about another opportunity to make up for lost time. So this is the second to erase your past with tell him though he didn't tell him and then the deeds of course, our Prophet alayhi salatu salam we only have two minutes left for the husband. He said that when a person is very his family walks away from him how do you recover how they nevertheless knock

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on your island you can even hear their footsteps then he said for in Canada Mina Gutierrez is selected for jewelry during the offseason if he's a believer Believers do good

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if he's a believer, civilized place that his head and Zechariah is pleased that is right hand fasting is place that is right and so the cat is pleased that he's left and being kind and good to the durations and serving them is placed at his feet. And so the punishment comes from on top and Salah itself says you're going to meet your needs, they're going to materialize they're going to be speaking the deed the salon will say not to buy the medicine, there's no interest here. You're not getting it through me. And so the punishment will come to his right and the soul and then his left is okay. They will say that there's no entrances here. You're not getting it through me. And from

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the feet still no entrance. There's no lowpoly this defense mechanism of good deeds, thumbnail you hard problems are sentences. And that is made to sit up and he will see as if the sun is setting and if you're a believer the sun's about to set you can't remember he made often you don't want to breed. So they will tell him who is this man.

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He will love to hear you we will see their own evil Sunday. I gotta pray Let me pray. I get to pray. And they tell you. You're gonna pray relax, go pray. Who's this man Rasul Allah Jalla be kept in your head. This is the messenger of God, we we believe in everything he brought with him. And so it will be said to him. i They had a heat you lived on. That's why they have it and upon that you die. And with that you will meet Allah in sha Allah wa they have to Baku in sha Allah. And then a door is open for agenda as he sees it. And a door is open to the fire and he sees it and it is said to him this is yours. And this is your alternative seat this would have been yours. So both of those

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increasing enjoy

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and then he's turning to us

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his body and Allah holds his soul in a bird flying around the agenda until the day of difference.

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And then he gave us an opposite seen it saw those that I may Allah so different. Take us

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send you from it. And he told us at least to get another, another Hadith that there is a soul of 30 if that kept by its companion until the walk up to me and I've ended up until it protected him from the punishment of the grace and that sort of arc and let at the end of the point. So these are all of the ways for you to rejoice when you remember that the hubby boy, one time said, while I'm in Washington, I can actually do whatever you wish I know that you will come and eat it. May Allah make our meeting with our needs a joyous meeting, a meeting that reassures us a meeting that makes us so happy that we didn't hold anything back above and then our Hana the love of it the full set as well

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as at the hands of a once again and so what do you have?

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Linda has an analogy 10 our photo and our under

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Events and hear more from me and what Allah Monthsary said I mean, Allah wants me like a shadow boots. Yeah, but I mean, Allah wants to mustafina FEMA shadow

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Allah no suddenly you're sending out detail whenever you can remember. He was talking to get married

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