Mohammad Elshinawy – Honesty is the Vaccine

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of honesty and truth in Islam is emphasized, as it is the most important word in the language. The speaker also discusses distrust in political and entertainment fronts and the need for everyone to be aware of their actions. In addition, a man refuses to give up his job and refuses to give up his mother, saying he hates them too much. The speaker emphasizes the importance of honesty in the fight against evil behavior and mentions upcoming events in the NFL.
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In Alhamdulillah, Allah and Madonna Stein over here on a stock photo when I was a villa heatall I mean Chateau de fusina sejahtera Marina de la huhtala Fela medela woman your little fella howdy Allah wa Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika was shadow Anna Mohammedan Abba who wanna be you who are solo? Yeah, you're Latina. magnotta por la haka Ducati, while at a moto nylon to Muslim moon. Yeah. yohanna suta hora de como la de la la camino FC wahida holla caminhada webadmin humare Jalan Cathy around manisa de la levita ser aluna be halal or haram in Allah hochanda la cumbre peba Yeah, yo la Vina mano de la kulu polenta de de la cama Morocco, we have philippou become a la hora

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Sula, hufa defassa fellows and alima after praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and recognizing we can never praise Him as He deserves, and after testifying that none is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our love and obedience and the absolute unconditional sense of those two words.

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except Allah and Allah alone without any partners, and after testifying of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a servant and His Prophet and his messenger and after reminding myself a new that's a call of Allah to be conscious and dutiful and cognizant of Allah in public and in private and speech and and actions. And after welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah Zilla, Jen, allow me to begin with this question. What is the weight the value of truth and honesty, integrity in Islam?

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realize that Allah Subhana who Allah chose and have the truth, the ultimate truth, the ultimate reality.

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And the most truthful is of the meanings of this name as one of his own perfect Divine Names one of the names of Allah

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and he said in the foreign woman, Amina Lucha de la and who is more truthful than Allah in his speech subhanho wa Taala.

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And the single most evident quality known by friends and by enemies and admitted about our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was what was his title, a solid, the truthful mean, the trustworthy

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and the single, greatest Muslim to ever walk the earth after the prophets was none other than acidic abubaker who was acidic, which means the most honest and the greatest confirmer, the strongest confirmer of truth.

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All of these remind us in a way that should never be blurred in the worldview in the value system in the lifestyle and conduct of the Muslim. How important and how valuable truth and honesty and integrity are.

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Scholars even talk about the wisdom or one of the wisdoms why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would be sent in Mecca and not Medina, what's the difference?

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Mecca had no hypocrites, Mecca.

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You either were his follower, and were you committed yourself to the truth, you recognize that you would undergo any persecution whatsoever, and still abide by it and be loyal as an adherent to it or your ejector. And if you were rejected, you would not except for yourself to hide that you spoke what you believed in you believe what you spoke, even if it costed you your life, you are not going to get caught dead to facing it. I am your open opponent. And in that sense, there is a benefit that at least you know what you're dealing with, you at least know what is the problem in front of you. And that is why By the way, valuing truth in our communities in our families is so important because

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if we do not celebrate truth and rewards for truth, and discourage this honesty, we won't even know the problems so as to remedy them.

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One parent told me once that yes, Salah is the most important thing in Islam, that you need to keep your children to. But for me, I tell my kids, you being honest, when I tell you that you pray is more important to me than you praying. Right? Because the foundation if you if I don't know that you're not praying, I can't help you. Start praying.

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When trust is lost, you don't know what you're dealing with anymore. It was such a wise method and he would reward for it. He tells you if you tell me you did not pray, I'm going to be upset, but I will not punish you this time. But if you lie

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To me and tell me you prayed, I'm going to be so much more upset, I'm going to be so disappointed.

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Because you need to know what you're dealing with, to be able to engage it.

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So this truth was so important that even the leaders of this oma at a time when there was so much political turmoil, they could not get caught dead stepping outside of it, they held themselves to it, even if they were wicked people on other fronts. And the most iconic example of a butcher, someone who is ruthless, someone who's bloodthirsty is a judge of news of who was a man that was such a blunder. He was Savage, he killed hundreds of 1000s of people. He was a man that killed some of the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But he was a man that was known that all that he thought he was doing the right thing. He would never lie, because we all know as Muslims

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that a Muslim doesn't lie. He is honest, and doesn't say the wrong thing.

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They even mentioned that one time one of his objectors stood up in the hood. And he said to him who was delivering the sermon,

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he said to him, what about the Salah, get down, already stepped down the hook, but it's too long, a solid Latin of the rock or a bucola Abu Salah should not wait for you. And your Lord will not excuse you. So he imprisoned the man and his family came to try to intercede and they pleaded insanity. That guy's insane. Let him go cut him a break. And so he asked the man, Are you insane? He said, I always do. Billa I seek refuge with a law that I claim that Allah made me insane when I'm not insane. So and had judge despite this man offending him, released him

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for his honesty. On another occasion, he arrested two other rebels in his eyes. And one of them said, How can you execute me when I defended your mother for you? He said my people back home in my town when they were fed up with you. They were insulting you left and right on every altar and pulpit every opportunity. And then they began to even curse your mother. And I said to them, leave his mother out of it, say what you want them without hijab, but leave his mother. So when had judge turned to the other men, the two that he had arrested, he turns to the other one and said to him, did you defend my mother? He said no. He said, why not? He said because I hated you too much. I

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couldn't get myself to do it.

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So he released the first one because he owed him a favor defending his mother. And he released the second one for his honesty in the face of death.

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And so I recall these for our need to re centralize them right to revive them amongst us. As the world proceeds towards the Day of Judgment, it will be plagued more and more with distrust this honesty on the political front, on the entertainment front pranksters everywhere with their veto videos all over the place. Also financial instability will get more and more people to give into their greed and try to cut corners and scam others at any opportunity. If we allow ourselves to get desensitized to the value of truth in the eyes of Allah and His Prophet, and this Deen and our heritage, then we have given up our vaccine to that plague, we have given up what Allah gave us to

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protect us no matter what happens in the world. And so we have to be aware of this and we have to be careful the only solution honesty, no matter how much it hurts, you will always come out on top, even if you cannot see how you will come out on top for being honest.

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Use of Ignace valve rahimullah one of the top there and he echoed the sentiment that he said lol they are said koala georgene lebara. If honesty were placed on a wound, like an injury, it would cure it.

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You know, if you put the right thing on an injury, anything you put on injury will hurt. But if you put a right the right thing on the injury, it will hurt to then heal. That is what he's saying the truth might pinch, but it will cure. The truth is so potent, that it fixes whatever it's brought close to it could even be used as medicine. He's saying this as an expression. And Omar rhodiola. And before him echoed the sentiment and he said to the people, for me to be held back for being honest, and that will hardly ever happen. He said that for me to be held back for being honest. And that will hardly ever happen is more beloved to me than for me to be advanced like to gain an

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opportunity by being dishonest, and that will hardly ever happen. It's so momentary, the pain of honesty and the the cost of dishonesty, the plus costs that we assume in this honesty. That is why cabinet pneumonic reviews

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Mohan was one of the three that were forgiven for staying behind the Battle of tabuk. Because they were honest, you should know his story. They said well, we'll catch up with the army will catch up with the army was harvest season and they didn't want to miss out on their their revenues. Few days I'll pull things together and I'll catch up. And they never went out. All of the hypocrites came and lied to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about one excuse or another. And then he called cab. And he said to him, jasola if I was sitting in front of anyone else on Earth, I would have been able to convince him that I had a legitimate excuse local duty to jendela I'm a person that has been

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given a unique ability to persuade, he was a poet, extremely articulate man.

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He said to him, but I fear that if I say something to make you pleased with me, Allah will cause you to be angry with me.

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See, I want to see past the moment he says and I believe that if I am to speak to you truthfully now, this may give me a reason to hope for the outcome. Eventually, it'll be in my favor. While lahemaa can eliminate Earth well, law had no excuse. And that is what saved him about the allowed Cylon, the hypocrites their hearts blackened further they thought they were fine because the Messenger of Allah said Alright, go away knowing they were dishonest, and cab and the other two were eventually forgiven after 50 days of reprimand by Allah azza wa jal

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a whole lot more Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola.

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Al hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala man la vida de la la la la la sharika shadow Anna Mohammed and Aveda who wanna be you who are solo.

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And in order to reinstate this value of truth of honesty, among us Muslims, we should notice in the incident of cap and the the insight we just heard from Omar and that statement, abusiveness belt and all of these gems and wisdoms that it was because they saw past the immediate and they saw past people, they realize that there are outcomes to every decision and there is a law behind his creation. So panna cotta Allah seeing what will you do in this moment at this crossroad. So they had the utmost regard for Allah, not for the people.

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That is the solution. You know, when you read with chlorophyl keytab, he is married and soilless medium and mentioned to them in this scripture, the story of Israel in net who can or Sadiq Khan, while he was a man that was always keeping his promises, truthful, and his promises, what cannot assume an obeah he was a messenger prophet. The historians passed down generation after generation that is married was known of his truthfulness. alayhis salam is that he was known to stay in his place when he missed an appointment. I know that's a difficult example for many of us, our appointments, our timing, he would stay in his place for a full day and night for 24 hours to make

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up for the fact that he didn't keep his appointment. Why nobody comes back at night, especially back before electricity. Because it was regard for Allah to show a loss of a gel, how committed I am in front of you, that I'm going to opt for the less likely chance of the person coming back and make myself available to them. Because I wasn't when I first promised.

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We can become those people known for our surgical honesty. Not to become like pretentious, but that person, if I say it's 10 o'clock, he's gonna be here at 958 I know him. He's a sidecar. I mean, right? to reproduce reflections. 1.5 billion Reflections of a subject I mean, out of his salado setup. The last thing I want to say in this minute and a half. Why do people lie to children? This is known and common in every civilization past and present. Why do people lie to kids? Because they don't have regard for kids. Like it's not a an equal, right? Little kid. So you don't think you need to have that much respect for the child? That is why even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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even in his time, he told the most honest generation, what are you going to give him when a mother said to her child, come here, let me give you something. He said, What are you going to give him call it heavy tomorrow. She said these days. He said were you not going to do that like karate, but he gives back one lie would have been written against you.

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You see, he called their attention back to it's not about the recipient, the audience of the lie. It's about how much regard you have for yourself, your accountability when you're honest. And that is what I want to say. We just need a few doses of honesty to get us started.

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Just be honest with yourself. You know, so many people say I did the wrong thing because I'm having an issue, you know, and they pathologize the issue, they psychologize the issue. And I refer people to therapists all the time, I recognize the importance and the value of mental health, but we cannot turn everything into an excuse that I have an issue. No, maybe we have a moral weakness. Maybe we have, you know, an uncontrolled appetite. Maybe we eat too much. Maybe I'm slacking, right? Be honest with yourself, whatever you commit yourself to. Whatever it is, just be honest with yourself, have regard for yourself. I said, I'm going to pray my five. There's going to be a pinch in the

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beginning, but I'm going to be praying my five I'm going to add which I'm going to add to it. It's going to hurt honesty in the beginning hurts, but then it heals. It is the vaccine as they say. It has a pinch, but the benefits are countless. And that is why the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said and with it I close, I lay combusted stick to honesty for inner Sitka DLL.

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Honesty is what leads you to righteousness while in the right direction and righteousness leads to paradise. We're in our rural areas where to * Ross, Sitka hat activating the lives of deca and a person will begin to be honest and insist notice the word insist on being honest. They just squeeze sometimes and insist on being honest until he is written with Allah as one of the so diffs May Allah grant I send you a pathway, up the staircase of study if they may Allah right this among the so the Athene May Allah forgive us for our sins. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us and our families from every evil. May Allah make us a people known for our honesty known for our integrity, known for

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our punctuality. May Allah zildjian make us people who uphold our trust and have regard for him and regard for his creation and self regard for ourselves and our dignity. Aloma Amin. Aloha masahito, Benjamin NFL cosina terminal caribou Where are you in a nominal Tiana Ahmed laminaria alumina silica SOHCAHTOA coup de la cosa verbeke Allahumma NSL kossuth komak considered Rania Phil poliwhirl Emily Urbana robina Tina dunia Hasina thermophila karate Hasina tonopah robina hablando mean as well Gina with react you know karate Aryan subpoena mama Robin Africa Elena sobre la with a phenom city mean, what's a la la la sala bhadrakali but shooting the D DD Mohammed while early he was like a big money

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