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me at the level of anomaly learner who I mean yodeling further had Yella Why should Allah ilaha illallah wa hola Shadi color or shadow under Mohammed Abu Rosado. sallallahu alayhi wa, early he was the he was the limit the Sleeman kathira Yeah, you are living in harmony with Taka La Habra, Ducati Hola, moto Nila one two Sleeman? Yeah yohannes to Taco Bell como la the Hala Takumi nuptse wahida mahalo amin has o jaha. Babafemi thermen humare Joel and Kathy are on manisa dokkan la let alone me He will not harm in the LA Cana alikoum rocky

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you are living in a multiple la colo Colin said EDA no Stella Carmela como la comunidad y mejor de la hora Sula, hoffa. defesa fosun, Halima and mobilego finance taco How do you think the double litre IRA will head on head the head yo Mohammedan sal Allahu Allah, He will send them we shall move to have a polemic dessutom bedarra local lepidopteran dadada local Nevada Latin for now, a common practice that the companions are the lover and women's Marian and the scholars of the self would have amongst one another, and with each other is that they would offer one another words of advice. They would constantly be advising one another. Be there are times when the metro before they

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departed or sometimes even by writing to one another, if land and seas separated them. It is for example reported that some of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before they departed after meeting with one another would recite surah to Lhasa as a reminder, and a an attempt to refocus and realign our priorities in this life. And from amongst the advices that they would give is what is mentioned by even a bit dunya in some of his works on my other than Him and is attributed to a number of the scholars of the self, such as Mark limini, Ruby, DeLisle, jaziri, and our own and many of the scholars have the setup, that they would say to one another, if they met, or

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they would write to one another, if they were unable to meet and they would advise each other with three things. Manasa Manasa has said irata, who was the holla, who Allah Anita, they would say whosoever works on rectifying the inner self, that Allah subhanaw taala will rectify for them their outer self, while Manasa hammer Vina who were bien en la Cava Hello, Marina who have been a nurse and also ever rectifies their relationship with Allah subhana wa tada strengthens correct and corrects their relationship with Allah, then Allah will correct their relationship with those that are around them. woman cannot have metal who

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woman cannot woman has done maybe ambling euro Kufa, hula hoop dunya. And whosoever focuses on the next life, then Allah azza wa jal will suffice them for this life, those three things they would say to one another. And if you were to spend some time in some moments, and we don't have a great deal of time today, but if you were to take a few moments and focus on them, we will see how amazing they are. Because those three pieces of advice they speak about the three priorities, that each and every single human has Muslim or non Muslim, male or female, ritual, poor, old or young. Number one that we want in a peace, every human strives for inner happiness, and inner peace. And much of what we do

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and what we see is an attempt in one way or another, to attain some of that type of inner tranquility and peace. Number two, we want the love and approval of others. those around us those that we know those that we don't know, we seek, and at some level, crave and want their approval, and their love, and their pleasure. And number three, we want success in this life. No one wants to go through this life without being successful. No one likes the notion that they will live this life without leaving behind some type of legacy, or something that they think that they can have or that they might have achieved before us as Muslims, those three points those three aspects, as we see

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from these words of advice should revolve around the loss of Hannah Watada. Number one when we work on our inner self, and that doesn't just mean our character doesn't just mean the way that I interact with people the way that I behave. It means my inner self as in how I protect my heart and the man within my heart, how I work to strengthen my Eman in Allah subhanho wa Taala How do I work upon my sincerity upon my taqwa upon my consciousness of Allah subhana wa Tada. How do I ensure that I have a greater sense of trust and reliance upon a larger agenda and a certainty in his promise? When I look at myself and my email and I see that it is weak, that there are holes within it, that

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there are times when I fluctuate greatly in terms of my Eman? How do I make myself more steadfast and when I can realize how it is that I strengthen my inner self in terms of my Eman, then Allah subhanaw taala will help me with everything else. That is the outer appearance. We

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Often for many of us, all of us, we have the other way around, we spend more time grooming ourselves, worrying about our outer appearance, looking in the mirror and seeing how others may judge just because of this, now we spend so much time focused on that, that we often forget what's in our hearts. And so we have in our hearts diseases that Chopin brings within them, from arrogance, to pride, to jealousy, to envy, to all sorts of other things and those doubts and those desires that find a nesting place in the heart, then it doesn't matter how much you groom yourself on the outside doesn't matter how hard you try to look good and feel good but within yourself you will always feel

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that sense of bitterness and loss that misery that sadness that is within us. And that's why when Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the people of gender in the Quran, he says in the lilina arm and Wham you know, Sally had those women they do have a man and they do righteous deeds. Yesterday him Rob boom the man in the Lord will guide them through the Eman in this life. Allah azza wa jal through your email He guides you to what is correct and he keeps you on the straight path and he guides you to what is what in what there is goodness for you. And on your multi Amir is that same Eman? The by the will and the mercy of Allah azza wa jal will take us to gentle that is the man that

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will come in the terms of you in the likeness of your actions and your good deeds. And it will be what leads you to the gates of Jenna. So whosoever works on the inner self, you strengthen yourself, you don't have to worry about anything else. Allah subhanaw taala before he looks, how we have our appearance, our outward self the way before he looks at the clothes that we wear, the way that we groom ourselves or how we may appear to others. Allah subhanaw taala looks at our heart and he looks at our taqwa. And he looks at our class and our sincerity, and he looks at the strength or the weakness of our man. And then Allah subhanaw taala judges. The second thing and if you work to

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please Allah subhanaw taala you work to solidify that relationship that you have with Allah, correct your relationship with Allah, Allah will suffice you with the relationship with everyone else. How often do we work to please people, to make them approve of us to make them love us to make them happy with us, even if it means that we make Allah subhanaw taala displeased with us and know that there is a part of our religion that says that you should look after your appearance. And there's a part of our religion that says that you should have good relations with those around your parents, your spouse's your children, but all of that comes under the umbrella of pleasing Allah subhana wa

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Tada. You beautify yourself for the Juma prayer, because it's a part of your religion to please Allah before to please anyone else. You seek the approval of your parents and your loved ones because you know that it is a part of your religion when you do it in accordance to what Allah subhanaw taala has legislated and that's when the hadith of eyeshadow Viola won her in a tournament he the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Michel Temer serie de la Mr. hotness. rhodiola Wang wallbang gunas whosoever seeks the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala even if others are displeased, even if others don't approve, even if others don't like it, then a large xojo will be pleased with

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them, and he will make the others pleased with him. Look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, look at the prophets of Allah in the Quran. Look at the companions or the Allah one match right? Do we need any more examples than those that Allah has already given to us? When you work to please Allah, Allah will be pleased with you. And when Allah is pleased with you, everything else is pleased really. Woman they will tell us a ribbon nurse besotted Allah socket, Allah wa Ali was hopper holiness, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but if you work for the approval of others, and their pleasure, at the expense of a loss, then a large soldier will become angry with

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you and everyone around you will be angry. Even if you work day and night, every moment that you have working for their approval at the expense of a loss pleasure of what allies pleased with, of what Allah wants and what Allah has ordained, then those people will never be happy with you. And every time you think that you bought some of their happiness, then you will find that you need to buy more. And every time you think you've achieved something, you'll be needing more because the people will never be happy. But when Allah is happy, then everyone is happy. woman had done maybe embryol erotic, the third thing that they used to say, and if your focus is the next life, then a

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large soldier will suffice you from this one. But that can only be the case, if we apply the first two parts of this advice. If we work on our internal self, and then we work on pleasing Allah subhanaw taala then we make a large soldier in the next slide our goal, that becomes our priority and therefore everything that I do, from my job for my studies for my relationships that I have with people, for my friendships, everything that I do, revolves around that one single concept and that is attaining Allah subhanaw taala is pleasure. And when you do that, you have such a sense of liberation, you have sent your sense of inner peace, tranquility and happiness, that you don't care

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about the dunya or the people of the dunya and what they may think or do because you have a greater goal and you have a greater

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vision for yourself. And you have a strategy that allows you to take yourself to that vision. And that is that you work for the athlete and when you do so, a large soldier will make this world seem like nothing, and it will become insignificant to you inconsequential to you. It is not something that will have any value for you. And that is why when the prophets of Allah evil salatu salam would be given the choice at the time of their death between either having longevity continuing in this world or choosing what they have with Allah azza wa jal, they would choose what they have with Allah because they knew that this dunya means nothing if you don't have the love of Allah subhana wa tada

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as Allah xojo origin that allows us to be from amongst those people who work on our inner selves, work for the pleasure of a large sojourn and make the after our goal that Allah subhanaw taala may be pleased with us barakallahu li welcome. Ronnie was to know whenever Anyway, you have to be Murphy remember that I had to take my Apollo called Allah hottie Welcome to Germany Muslim Unum equilibrium infrastop feeling no kind of foreign.

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spill out from the de la salatu salam ala rasulillah were early he was talking to hedge marinum about one of the scholars that wrote this advice and he gave it to his friends and it was then spread amongst others as an Imam. Rahim Allah Tada. He has a short book that is called the de salud tubal kiya, when he was travelling to the book, which today is in the northern part of Saudi Arabia. He wrote this advice to his friends back home. And this book is The Tafseer of a verse of the Quran. What are Ireland Where are the bidri with taqwa when a time when we had an IF me one or the one, help one another, cooperate with one another, to attain piety and to attain righteousness, and don't

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cooperate with one another upon sin and upon transgression. And remember, China spends the rest of this book detailing and explaining this in the way that it is. Then he says, from the greatest aspects, the greatest meaning of this verse that you help one another, aspire towards piety and righteousness, is that you help one another to attain the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. There is no greater type of righteousness or piety that I can help you with all that you can help me with. Although you can help one another with then attaining Allah subhanaw taala is pleasure. And after mentioning this with verses and ahaadeeth, and advice that he goes through in great detail at the

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end, he concludes with this advice and he says that everything that I mentioned, could have been encapsulated into these three statements that the self would often advise one another with whosoever works upon the inner self, Allah will rectify for them that ourselves and also strengthens their relationship with Allah Allah suffice them will suffice them with their relationship with others, and whosoever makes their goal the next life Allah xojo will suffice them from this one, ask Allah subhanaw taala that he makes us from amongst those people. And that allows them to show us his mercy and His blessings and forgiveness upon us that Allah subhana wa Tada. Kills those from amongst us

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who are sick has mercy upon those from amongst our deceased and Allah azza wa jal makes our affairs easy for us Subhan Allah because Allah is a thermal Yossi phone, or Santa Monica mousseline Welcome to Lila