How do I Rediscover my Love for God

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Khutbah 6.9.2017

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In an

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era ilaha illa bajo una serie cara, Mohammed Abu wherever you also

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want to see more yeah

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and then the follow

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la casa Luna Viva La Pam in Nevada Kiana aliko Viva

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La overland said either

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all praise and glory belongs to a lovely thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure His forgiveness. And we appeal to a lot to protect us from the evil whispers within us. And the awful consequences are evil deeds for whomever on love guides and unfair lead astray and whoever our loved leaves a stranger can guide. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our love and surrendering the most absolute sense of those words of Allah alone without any partners the true supreme King at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a prophet as a surgeon and His messenger

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or you have believed to have the support of a love remain mindful and dutiful to a lot to the extent that he deserves to die. And do not leave this life Do not be caught off guard by that except in a state of complete and total willing, loving, consistent surrender to above the load of Mike's kind of autonomy.

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To begin after welcoming our brothers and sisters to the house of Allah surgeon thanking him for another trip to his home, another trip to his house, another day as a Muslim, another day of Ramadan. We concluded last week discussing

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that the intelligence person is the one that lives their life, knowing where their life came from, and what their life is for, and what their life would lead to.

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And then a Muslim cannibal and the island wishes for every son and daughter rather,

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to seek Him and He has promised that they will find him and then whoever has found him has found everything. And whoever has missed out on him has missed out on everything. And then upon finding him you will realize that he is dearer to you more beloved to you than everything. So kind of with that. And that final promise that final statement is where we want to pick up from where we left off last week. A lot so JT says 1 million definitely don't mean any less he definitely Domingo de la

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buena Villa, when Latina avenue of vanilla, and among humanity are those

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who set up equals or rivals to oma, how, by making sudo to them the way they mix them up, by taking laws from them the way they take laws from Allah, He says, by loving them, capital build that like the love of Allah.

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And so I was so jealous criticizing people for setting up partners with him or rivals to him How? By loving him like the love of God, meaning the love You're supposed to have for God, meaning in place of loving God, most you love them. Or it could mean loving them the same exact way you love God that's still good enough, loving them can be not like identical to your love to God. A lot. So this is this is unbefitting for the believer, and that's why the ayah continues and says when the Athena Meadow I shall open the law. As for the believer, the definition of a believer is that he is someone that is most passionate about their love for a love, are more loving of Allah and he doesn't finish

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the sentence. It's an open ended statement. Because everything here applies. They are more intense in their love for Allah than anything else than everything else. Whatever you put in front of the statement still stands true. And so the believer is someone we said our purpose in life is to recognize God and be mindful of God that he loved me that he's he for us by showing us the universe and telling us about the unseen how everyone else and everything else does recognize him. But the real, that's the core of worship to recognize the core of recognizing is loving. So kinda

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data. That is the super foundation of faith, that is the inner nucleus of your DNA, and so on a person knows that he's supposed to be most intense for their love, in their love of God.

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When he finds quiet time, and he should be seeking this quiet time when he goes in finds that love has been challenged, we've forgotten much after the hope, but after Ramadan after the promises after a dilemma, when you've misplaced this love of God, where do you go looking for it? You ask yourself, why do we love in the first place? What are the factors that generates love in our lives? Well, for anything, love for anyone.

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And perhaps they can be summarized in five. And I doubt that we will be able to race through the five month old book.

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But first and foremost, we love for the sake of something or someone being admirable, being perfect, being beautiful, meaning we love, as the scholars say, lean Can anyone gmN because that object of our love is just so perfect. That object of our love is just so beautiful. And these two are interchangeable only when you perfect the building, you start decorating it, only then you add the beauty elements. And so perfection and beauty, are these two things that we we can't help but love. We can't help but be drawn to perfection. Why is it even viewed and perhaps to many adults, even beyond the youth are so captivated by the impressive athletes? Or by an athletic team that's about

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to break some records, or about to do something that hasn't happened in history as older youth narrow talking about in the NBA Finals or otherwise? Why? Why is it that we love the sunrise? Why is it that we love the sunset? Why are we captivated by these things? Why is it that a car that's new is just so hypnotizing to us, there's no blemish in the leather inside? It's so immaculate on the outside. This is our human nation, a love disposed view. He programmed you to love perfection and to love beauty. And then Allah is

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the Creator of beauty.

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He is the one who is beautiful in everything that can be connected with him beautiful, inherently beautiful for who he is for his qualities for his actions for his decisions. And he is the one that is so perfect, that imperfection is impossible for him. So kind of

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to the point that the province of a law legal system said to hate the slave in the law.

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Whether you're building

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a love does not sleep, that's an imperfection nor is it be fitting of him to sleep. It doesn't even come close. There's no drowsiness that's a horrible scene I don't wanna know, not even drowsiness.

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kissflow our file he says he lowers the scales of justice or injustice, he proportions things in the most fair way. And he removed and he accepts them erases them again, receives them again and those perfectly the deeds and the provisions and all that he says at the end of the day, what I want you to focus he says he Jabu will know his veil. The veil of the most beautiful is light, level cache FL if he would remove this veil, that I have been super hard to achieve. My mentor had he

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if he would remove this veil that is between his creation and him, the glory of His face the grandeur of his beauty, would burn whatever to whatever point his eyesight to kind of what it is, is our eyesight but meaning the eyesight whenever it reaches, whatever his sight can reach would burn out of the beauty to incinerate from his beautiful palette

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of beauty that if a person lingers on as they should, they would forget everything.

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You know that every pain would be endurable is the creator of use of it salon,

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cause the women to be so mesmerized by the beauty of usage. They didn't feel the pain of cutting their hands. So what is it going to be like when people see a vase face in paradise? The creator of busybodies, they will forget every hardship they will forget every pain, they will melt in his beauty. So kind of

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to the point that paradise itself will wane they will forget the agenda itself because

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as amazing as this place will be, may Allah gather us a few safely there, it's still creation if I was the creator.

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And so this is the first reason why we love things. We love everything that's beautiful.

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And so how can any beauty get center attention in our lives more than the beauty of Allah? This is the first step.

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The second is we love people, humans, for their graciousness. They're gracious dealings, their malevolence, even, even if we are not recipients of it, right.

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Like when someone just has exceptional character, just beautiful of love. Someone who has humility, someone has generosity, someone is just so easygoing, they're not stingy with their reputation, they can forgive and let it slide tight. Wow. Even if a mean was forgiven, even as about me who received from his generosity, even if it's about me, he was humble with or she was humble would just find that so beautiful. You can help her love a person like that. That's why politicians and public figures, they buy people's love

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through public relations, why do they hire someone to take a picture of them while they're handling another person's v? Sound such a nice guy, like this guy, I'm gonna vote for this one. Very impressive. The whole public relations campaign is about what you're seeing this person's gracious dealings highlighting his good side. And we all have ugly sides. But still, we love that person. Because of what we know though there was no direct interaction for us. Why do non Muslim historians when you read their works, they kind of lose themselves when writing about the flap of the prophet SAW send them they didn't receive those a flap. He didn't forgive them. They didn't spare them and

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didn't spend on them.

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But sometimes when you read their writings, you start wondering, like, are you sure you're not too slim? They lose themselves in the beauty. They cannot help but see these gracious dealing as a reason to love the person.

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And so belonging to a love course is the highest description. How does a lot of soldiers deal with these sleeves, even if you weren't one of them? Meaning step back for a second, when you want to think and read, reproduce your love from love. You step back for a second and say, let me imagine, I love the human being. I'm not one of the recipients of his dealings, his graciousness. This is a balancing he created before their arrival, a whole world for them, of skies and of Earth, and rivers and streams and colors and variety. And then he didn't make the whole planet Rocky Mountains, which he has. So Buddha, he even cut these mountains and made best planes. He made this earth trackable

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image reversible, he made livable. Imagine it was all for rock climbers only for cliffhangers and nobody else everyone else will die. He made it livable. And then he put inside of it something that we take for granted. He created the oxygen around us now you can breathe. And he created the water and didn't make it all salty. He made an exception. So proud of what now you can drink. And he caused the earth to erupt with vegetation. So now you can be nourished. And he said down four types of animals and out of them all of the different creatures. Now they exist. That's forever. That's what before their arrival.

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And then after their arrival, microscope a little bit on an individual basis, every single one of us a lot to lose delegates care of you inside your mother's womb for nine months, you were swimming in a bucket of water, weren't you in a bucket of water entirely helpless, entirely isolated.

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Not a drop of water in those nine months leak through your ear or through your eyes or down your throat in a way that would undermine these delicate organs of yours that are still developing.

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And then he provided everything you need, including the oxygen you breathe through one roots. You know what the roots of the plant sucks up everything and lets out everything. He provided this one chords for you. And you get nutrients directly and you dispose of waste directly through this one chord down to the breathing would happen through this chord.

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And then he allowed for the body to modify for you and for you to survive through those nine months. Despite the mother waking up and going to sleep and moving about it didn't rupture the brain didn't collapse. It continued developing slowly with gracious care.

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To the point that nowadays, we can look at it at such a higher level. But we're also so much more distracted from it on such a higher level. Like now we know the human eye was developed with 120 million light receptors like rods to pull in light. So you can see how you develop that. And until today, we're trying to produce a camera based on the model of the human eye, a camera without batteries, a camera that goes 70 years without maintenance, a camera that has a self flush system with its series.

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He put it in your eye.

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And then he gave you DNA to program you in a way that nothing on earth can be like, some neurologists would say that if we wanted to produce a computer that could do what the human brain does,

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we would need a computer five times the size of the Empire State Building,

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with 16 million tons of wires to connect it, and the Mississippi River to keep it cool.

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Another neuroscientist said there until today is not a single disk hard disk chip on the planets that can even be compared with your DNA. He says to the point that all the digital data in the world right now what is that? The digital data everywhere, every website and every company and every network and every server, all of that can be reduced to a drop of DNA that weighs eight paperclips. He granted them without a bill without an invoice. He granted them all of that to kind of without his impeccable features. And then we come out into the world some kind of attack from him from his permission, His grace, you come out into the world. And he deals with us in ways that are just

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With blessings that cannot be counted waiting

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to move we're in.

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And this alone should constantly be an anchor for us or return home for us a home plate, he said that he gave you everything you asked of him. And if you try to count the vapors of a love will never come across them all. Meaning if you sat your life and just thought about how he deals with you, from now until the day you die, you will not come across any fraction of it. of the things you know, forget the things you cannot recognize or can recognize, but just don't you just forget.

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And then he says before that he gave you all you asked for. But then he gives you more than that every time you've ever been to up

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every time you felt close to a lot of us. And you asked him

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Did you assume that he's going to give you because you asked him

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the way he deals with his slaves every time you make a deal he has already given you before the door. And then he gave you the inspiration to talk to him, which is another favorite itself. And then he filters your requests and gives you what you asked for it's good for you. What works for you? Who does this? Who can do that he gives you before you ask you didn't, you had to exist to ask to be alive, he gave you life before us.

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And then you ask by his guidance, so I don't want to die. And then he gave you what you asked if it was good for you and withheld it from you. If you knew that withholding, it was better for you. So kinda one time. And all these amazing dealings is the statement of the profits of a mother on a new system when he said that the son of the item is a hammer we have selected for Amita he intends to do a good deed. And if he does it, he gives him 10 good deeds for Australia I'm in

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need of I think at the up to 700 fold for it to so many more.

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He says and when he intends to do a good deed and doesn't do it, I still would reward you one reward for his intention.

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And if he intends to do a bad deed and holds himself from it, I'll give him another rule.

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And only if he intends to do a bad deed, and actually does it. I'll give him just one bad thing.

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What kind of grace is this? who deals with people like that?

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And then he says to kind of without a doubt our heads if you think about how much deals the contract between him and his servants, even if you're not one of them. Keep that in mind. This is all about you not being one of them.

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He said so proud of all of the other men that led the ukoliko

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live without Who is the one is there anyone willing to loan to a law a good loan and so your deeds

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Meaning you need to be alive you need to have a certain something a resource. This life he gave you this resource he gave you whether it's money, time energy, where we take this life and this resource he gave it to you. And then he deals with you as if it's yours. And then when you give him some of the he just gave you

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he accepts it like it's alone.

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And he protects it for you. And he develops it for you

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to the point in the province of aligning yourself in a model where you will

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have less pure bliss. If you only accept that with just pure bliss, it will

00:20:42--> 00:20:49

be readily Tamati mean has been played. And there is no person that donates half the deeds

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out so good pure income, half the deeds

00:20:55--> 00:21:35

in our care a number of our happy Amina right man, except it's as if he placed it in the hands, the right hand of the Most Merciful. And this is this is the most blessing location in existence, there is nothing more than the hand of God, what happens when something is placed in the hands of God, he receives your blessing with his hand, his blessing right hand. And so he says so a lot of what happens to it is that it changes that happen even it changes to a point that the way a monk deals with it is just unimaginable.

00:21:36--> 00:22:09

And when you see it, it will be unrecognizable. He says and saw it right now accepts it with his right hand. For even though he had and he develops it for him, he grows it for him. Kevin will never be a Hulu. fellow who else who had that akuna congestion, the same way that one of you takes care of his horse or takes care of his baby camel until that reward becomes like a mountain. Why? Because it was placed in the hands of the Almighty God.

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So a God that deals with these slaves like this, even if you were not one of them?

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Is it not certainly rightful that he be loved above all else

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wherever you are,

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whenever you find the love of Allah that must always be number one misplaced to go back to five things to them just discussed and three rules the first rule.

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The first of them is that we love all that is perfect, always beautiful.

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And allies the epitome of perfection and beauty and anything contrary to that is impossible for almost

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impossible to be imagined. The second is that we love anyone with exceptional character exceptional dealings, great gracious dealings, and no one will come close to matching a lot in any way shape or form in this regard, the third of them is what he did for you. And we will revisit that. In particular. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, to have

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given gifts you love one another, when someone gives you a gift, even if you hate them, you find that hate misplaced somewhere it changes quickly. Do you have any favor from anyone except that it's from a mom.

00:23:57--> 00:24:10

And the fourth of them after what he did for you is your hope in Him. You know when you're hopeful that someone will do something for you, or that you may need them at one point in time, you can't help but love them

00:24:12--> 00:24:20

and hope that they remain available for you and love them so long as they're available for you. Do we hope for anyone that we would hope for one month

00:24:21--> 00:24:28

the one who makes the medicine work? The one who all the personalities evaporate when the plane shakes.

00:24:29--> 00:24:34

Or when the the machine in the hospital starts falling

00:24:35--> 00:24:42

near the baseline for our relatives. We forget our loved ones we forget the nurses name we just say a lot.

00:24:44--> 00:24:47

And then the fifth of them is the wrong they love their relationship.

00:24:49--> 00:24:59

You can love family members and acquaintances because of your bond with them even if you get nothing out of them. Even if they're not good looking. Even if they don't reveal graciously if they don't have good manners, even if they haven't done anything.

00:25:00--> 00:25:39

For you, even if you're not hopeful they can do anything for you. But this is my relative. So what if I only see him on WhatsApp across the world spy relative, I feel closer to them. And I'd be able to do a random of it. And so these are where you need to search and the evening that if a law permits, we will elaborate on these three to help us survive that love of love. But they will not get into them because of time. And because I have three minutes left and then a subject I cannot get off without speaking about. And that is right before the fire happened in this question. We had began a program called the guardians of the mystery program. And the province of love it goes and

00:25:39--> 00:25:40

themselves was a

00:25:41--> 00:25:45

safeguard on love, meaning his share in your life, he will safeguard you.

00:25:47--> 00:25:50

And then the fire happened. And now we are in a new place with

00:25:52--> 00:26:20

a country now we don't see the end of the opportunities. And the administration of investment has been very ambitious looking at all of the options looking even at the properties next door, and you're right on your left. And we have the capacity in Sharla. To turn this into a mega message. And the remodeling costs I'll talk about later, I'm not going to talk about them now. But we need everyone on board to be a part of this message. This is our place. You know our neighbors next door and valve.

00:26:22--> 00:27:00

The post, they're expensive, I just want you to imagine $8,000 a month. And this is a similar size $8,000 a month for maintenance. For lights, we use these lights, the water, we're using this water, the dumpsters outside, those are not free. When the snow comes in, we need to plow all of these things. And then there's personalities to make sure the machine is open. And one of my biggest pains toward throughout the country is when I see impressive massage, and it gave us a beautiful infrastructure that we will develop the villa and maximize but with nothing happening inside. So what I'm saying is 8000 will not work.

00:27:02--> 00:27:39

We need a steady 12 to $15,000 to place them in a must hands every single month to make sure we have the personnel we have the message open, we have a full time event here. We want to jumpstart the program already that I personally been waiting a year and a half for and my children are waiting for and your children are waiting for as well. We need to serve our community so that they don't go elsewhere. We have marriage counselors here, we need to have a full time youth director here that makes friends with 100 of our children because we keep coming to the ship and expecting the ship is going to do otherwise. After the dilemma has arrived was the ship. He's tied up, he can't do much.

00:27:40--> 00:27:47

But when we open these avenues, it's not so much for our children not so much for our future. And so we have this guardians of domestic program.

00:27:49--> 00:28:06

It is not difficult for almost anyone here to donate $5 a day to domestic and don't say $5 a day actually means $35 a week and $35 a week actually means 130 $140 a month, we don't put that much thinking into other expenses we have

00:28:07--> 00:28:08


00:28:09--> 00:28:50

atmosphere of faith and charging ourselves to go back into the world It has an environment is very conducive. And so as my brother and sisters every single person after the whole book, do not leave take this pledge what we need to know is coming to see what we have to work with. And I've taken a promise from the board of the ministry that this is your money and they will revive what they used to do in the past of posting it every single month. What is coming in what our expenses are because this is your money. This is your services and no one's gonna spend on us with us. And so please dig deep and put something and forget about it. For most of Dallas house for the house of our event. We

00:28:50--> 00:29:06

are lost so just make this possible and help us help you and help us help ourselves. We have ourselves a Vegas of those that serve his house and serve his Dean and help us carry this responsibility properly. A lot of Filipinos have never either lady to let him know a lot Melinda has

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up open

00:29:15--> 00:29:18

up a winner in the Kansas City rally in

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dealing with all these

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webinars Tina tell

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00:29:37--> 00:29:38

in jargon Fei Li

00:29:40--> 00:29:44

once our hammer Rahimi extraordinaria robotic

00:29:46--> 00:29:50

above masala de Mohammed he was talking to Senate