Becoming Romantic with the ‘Right’ People

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses the prophets of Islam and how they can be romantic with the right people. They also talk about the importance of having a good man for good man. The conversation ends with a discussion about the importance of staying for a good man.

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that's our role model. The professor seldom

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has played games sometimes, or recreation, he has actually taken his spouse out in order to do certain things I shall the Allahu Allah makes mention of the racing. Now, although this didn't happen every day, and it might not have been so regular, but it did happen. I mean, once in a while you going on vacation, you can have a little bit of fun here. And then that is an ibadah. People think why is this guy doing it, especially when you're a chef, or especially when you're a religious person, but you should, in fact, the more religious you are, one of the characteristics is you become romantic with the right people.

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Notice the last words, the right people, because when you're not religious, and when you're not conscious of Allah, you're romantic, but with the wrong people. When you're conscious, you become romantic with the right people.

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And this love and affection is felt. And this connection is felt so deep. It's just amazing. So this is the prophets of Salaam. He raised without a shadow of Allah one Hmm. They were on the horses mentioned is made of how there was a time when he one of his wife said, I don't want to ride on this horse because it's too slow. I need a fast horse. So he stopped the caravan and put her onto the fastest horse. And then are you happy? Yes. Now I'm very happy. Imagine you got two or three cars and your wife says no, I want to go in the fastest car. Would you ever think that if the processor was there, he would stop everything and say, Okay, come come. Let's take you in the festival. Why

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not? That's what's gonna make you happy. What are you losing? That doesn't mean he was not the Emir of the whole. He was not the leader of the he was the leader. He called the shots. He made the decisions but he always considered what was said he protected his family SallAllahu Sallam he provided for them and they were happy with whatever he provided. You know what I shall the Allah one has is something amazing. Because people think, oh, that's the prophets of salaam he must have been. He was the best of creation, the most noble of all prophets of Allah he is but

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materially, there was a stage when the processor didn't have that much. So when we talk, some people say he didn't have much some people say he had everything. Those were different stages in his life Salalah Alesana. But the eyeshadow Viola one has is in LA Mohammadi.

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You know, that means, even though we were the family of the Prophet, so she's about to say something that you wouldn't have expected because she's saying even though we were the family of the Prophet of Allah, we had no food in our home. We saw the moon, we saw another moon, we saw a third one which means three months in a row. And you know what? The only thing we had was a TomorrowWorld Ma, dates and water.

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Did they complain? The answer is no. Did they say my husband can provide look at him we just eating dates and water they were happy because you know what? There are days when you may not have and there are days when you will have a man's test is when he has everything. And a woman's test is when she a woman's test is when he has nothing.

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Have you thought of that? Okay, that's not something Islamic but it's just something from from what we've seen on Earth. A woman is tested. In fact, even from an Islamic perspective, a woman is tested when the husband doesn't have much or loses things, then that's your test. Are you going to stay? Are you going you may you have a right beyond a certain point to ask out if really your rights are being affected. But if you're patient, perhaps that man might get so much more. You've had so many years of goodness now there will be years of a little time of tough perhaps years, and then you will have a lot of goodness again. Are you prepared to stay for a good man for good man?

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The answer should be yes I would for a good man. I will. It is not a good man. It's another thing