Mohammad Elshinawy – He Gave You a Masjid & Another Ramadan

Mohammad Elshinawy
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fusina CIT, Avenida

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da da da da da da from the Navajo whenever you who are sort of, yeah human Latina de la have gone too far to go to

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the moon. Yeah, you and NASA for a backhoe, Lady holla. Hakuna NFC waka waka la familia jaha overcoming humare Jarrah and Kathy around monisha What up Ooh, La La De De

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familia, De La Hoya, our Sudan films and oddly enough

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to begin, oh, praise and glory be to Allah, Lord of the worlds the supreme kings who kind of want to honor we thank Allah.

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And we seek the help of of law and the guidance of Allah and returns will not invoke a law seeking forgiveness for our sins. And we seek protection within from the whispers that incessantly arise within us. And from being haunted by the consequences of our evil actions one day, for whomever our law guides, this is the truth is to give the world these gifts that no one can take away. And whoever lives Elgin keeps the guidance away from none can provide. The whole world cannot provide guidance for such a person. And we justify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our lives, and our love and humility and surrender in the most absolute sense of those words. But

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I'm not alone finding partners, that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was his last and final prophet whom Allah said as a mercy to the words.

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I asked him to make his one of his most blessing homes in the earth, and I asked him not to allow this listenership to remain open until the day of judgment. And I asked him what to make this house of his a reason for the believers to come in and feel welcome and benefited by and I asked a law firm of seven sky Supermen for us to make this a place where people's faith can be nurtured. And it can be an incubator for their conviction and the conviction of their children and the children of their children. I love them. I mean, I asked a lot to make us realize that no one can allow this to happen. And for us to express and show our poverty, our desperation before him, and our gratitude,

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our proper gratitude to him among them that I need.

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So I know Romeo the alone time and he says then when we went out with the prophets, Allah lawani you're setting them in the bachelor

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way Oh, my full name you need

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to come

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around that day when you are so impressed by your numbers so impressed by the accomplishment. So high, you

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can also buttons on the model it will send a message as one that Hemis

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on those on that trip, when the messengers have a low or they do something that would break the use of the whisper like these additional words that we couldn't get what he was saying, I didn't

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leave enough for holding totally valid, he noticed that they notice. And he said did you catch that? You notice what I was doing?

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They said yes, he also long lost corners of a couch with a V and with an MDR I The reason I'm making these whispers is that I remembered one of the previous prophets of God or to Judo that vehicle with me that he was given great warriors a great number of impressive warriors among his nation.

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For a venue kaffee will have

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our menu.

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So he said to himself, he was impressed who can ever contend with these people who can ever stand and fight in the face of these people?

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For our lovely lady at the game,

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and so it was really inspired to him by Allah pick one of three things for your own

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color and loosen their

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own face that we have that their enemy he given the upper hand against them and they finish them off. And we jeweler or the guy of mass starvation,

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kata le movies, or just some

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Southern epidemics something that causes them to die

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And so he went to his people knowing it was their feet.

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And he said to them, which should we do?

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That he knew that he can he lake and Tara viola, they said to him, we'll leave this to you. You are the prophet of God after all.

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God as a foreigner for lab work can do either face to face you're in Uppsala. And so he got up and he prayed, and this was the this was the way of the prophets whenever they were frantic. Whenever they were concerned, they would frantically rush to prayer. And so he said to

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me, man, I do fella. What am a judo fella. When I keep the notes? He said, Oh, I love the enemy No. and starvation, no, let it just be another form of death. A quick death, perhaps is what he intended.

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for Sunday barley, he will go to South Africa to a yummy format, I mean, the moons of Luna alpha.

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And so and that overtook them for three days.

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And 70,000 of them died in that period.

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The province alone Lavoie to you it was said that he commented on this incident and he said

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for him see levy Taro and neiafu Allahumma Vika who, when we can also do what we can party, he says this whispering keep hearing me say I am saying all of love by you, by your help I different a who'd had a very meaning I've uncovered are exposed. I'm vulnerable, even in this army. I'm only protected by you through you I am protected. What we can also do and why you do I advance the defense and the offense and by you to accomplish anything Do I make ground? Do I achieve what because sued by you, I'm able to move forward, what became robotic and only by you only through your help, am I able to stand and fight.

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And so I begin with that incident.

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because very few are those that can notice what the prophets of Allah Vallejo send them notice. And he as Allah wanted them to be in the times of accomplishments.

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You know, for the past three years, they've been trying to expand this machine. The brother is involved in this administration. And they were on course for collecting the amount that this machine was built with in 15 years. That was the extent of the capacity. They could have been money in pendants.

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And there are so many massages that have the money and it's all present and available. And for three, four or five years, they have neighbors that are frantic because of irrational fears around Islam that are scoped by the media and the petition and campaign against them. And they cannot open a building that they own a building that they purchase.

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And some people have no money. And some people have the permits and get into the building. And then this unit, he tears them apart. And sometimes they're all well intended. But because one person wants to do certain things and other they find their head on collision instead of working in parallel, all of them has a different reverse ID on how is the best way to utilize the space to please Allah and it falls apart.

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And so we begin this, this place this space of serving a law by saying it is yours own law. This is no bodies efforts. This is no shame. This is no personality. We lower heads and say if it wasn't for you, it would never be

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more of an energy.

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He says Now let's get to

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the movement. Even Tony I met Alan. Elaborate Hello God Allah left Russia.

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He says I don't find a better figurative way expression to explain an example for a believer, a true believer like someone who feels like he's holding on to a log in the middle of the ocean. You have fuyao we are calling out to his caretaker is his master. His maker is nourisher this providers protector is La la la la mg out

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have hopes that Allah will protect that Allah will defend him that our love will provide for him. So kinda on one side.

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Our prophets have a love wanting to send love when the greatest mystery was opened up for him, after driving him out when he got to Mecca when he entered with his head lowered to say this is not my accomplishment. Though he had done something that had not been done at the conquest of Mecca had not happened in 2000 years. 2000 years The Art of War, they're feuding warring tribes eating each other up. They don't understand law, they didn't understand unity. None of this, he was able to pull it all together the first time in 2000 years and he lowers his head. Some reports say to the point that the hair of his beard was tapping onto the back of the donkey erode out of humility to his Lord

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SOHCAHTOA Dinah humility as a victor is allowed to sell, and also have

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the exact same thing. You don't really want to live above your level either walks up to Hollywood,

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who is his number one general, who is undefeated, and tells him to step down from the army.

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Even some historians didn't understand the hearts of those who have that. They said the woman was jealous of hadik because how can you understand that this man has never lost?

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And you basically demote him to a lesser position? How do you do that? or all of the above answer fluid, he understood it was not content.

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And the biggest problem is for the army with success and victory, so they get caught. Because the moment you start doing that, that's when everything crumbles.

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And this was from the genius and the perceptions of Roma.

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He saw through it, because think about it, Claudia did what he did not defeat the province of solid before he became Muslim, he became Muslim only 40 years before the Prophet died. So where it was under that Islam, he led the armies against this law. And he didn't he was not victorious. And then when no one told him to step down, the Muslims were still victorious, without Hadith of the unknown.

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If we can just stop allowing the tangible, the material, the accomplishments, the worldly hijack, our, our understanding, we our own method is successful when we transcend above that.

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And so we see this message as a pure gift from Allah.

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And we have to be very careful in how we treat that gift, and that we not take its presence for granted, and understand there are no guarantees.

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And then the second point I wish to discuss in the book

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is that there aren't any guarantees regarding our worldly life, not in your normal life.

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Ramadan was not guaranteed for you to live until now. And it still isn't guaranteed that you will make it until

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I remember right after these last presidential elections, when many people were quite a bit unnerved by the outcome. I said in my first book, why are we panicking, it's not the Day of Judgment.

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We can die before the inauguration and we would have much bigger worries once the test of this fight is over.

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And a few hours later,

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a brother in law one of our directors here in the community passed away before the day was out

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last year, so there are no guarantees whatsoever.

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And so if a law allows you to see one more Ramadan, to see till another day, ask yourself why is he doing that? Why me?

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Why am I so privileged?

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What have I done to deserve this? One more robot

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inserted into the imagine the law what the law says that there were two men that became Muslim at the exact same time.

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What can I do Huma, I said he had them in Swahili One of them was much more dedicated to worship than the other one.

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He says about one for us Fs two sheet

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that will be sent out for mental and so that the more series of the two the more devoted of the two went out into battle and he was martyred and his friend

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remained for an entire year and then he died. Wasn't Marjorie died.

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color for a two female young man and when I saw him, I said

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Sleeping dream, get any better generality. As if I'm standing on the gates of gender, either an IV Hema and then suddenly I found the two of them. The two those two men standing with me through mahadasha Holly jumia, Jenna, for Houdini levena for Houdini levy mad at you in Houma, and someone walks out of gender, and the one who died later, was permitted to answer

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some faraja for who the lead is to shoot. And then he comes out again and he permits the one that was martyred that digests need to enter Paradise. So Maha jatiya for all that he and that the two of them came out to me and they said to me, it will check for a number of them yet Nina came back

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and they said to me go back not yet for you.

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He woke up in the morning and he went and told many people about this to the point that music would reach the prophets of Allah

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and so the prophets of Allah body you send them was not amazed like the other people were amazed and he asked them in ha in Dr. Boone, what do you so surprised about?

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Elisa? Mecca who

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did this person live for an entire nother year? But of course he did. Call our ad Docomo bond farmer. And he lived to see it on a bond. And so he faxed it over.

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Canada what Canada said Dayton,

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Western. And when he lived and made so many more prayers in that one year. He said yes. called forever. They never

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ever I don't mean Venus, he would. He said absolutely. For certain. The difference between them is the difference between the sky and the earth.

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Because of one more year.

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The first one worked hard. But for a secret for a reason that Allah knows, he let the second one gets farther, was elevated higher.

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Why is that? Ask yourself about yourself? Because you might know about yourself. And you almost will never know about anybody else.

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And this is not just about getting the higher level agenda for our likes. For people like us. This could be more about survival.

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Why did Allah choose to give me one more? Does he want me to survive?

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Maybe I need this one more than I realize. And so how will I respond to this offering of Allah that was not guarantee and I just might get in a few hours of all of our stuff.

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I want you to picture that you were diagnosed with the disease.

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And you gathered whatever money you could and you gave it to somebody to travel and find your cure.

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And they spent 11 months you spent for 11 months you're awaiting this cure.

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In those 11 months you could have died.

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In those 11 months he could have arrived and the tool wouldn't work.

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What will your eagerness be like for that person to arrive?

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Ramadan is the greatest cure. Ramadan doesn't just come to heal our bodies. Ramadan brings us unfailing medicine, for our body and for our hearts.

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Or picture maybe that you send someone with your life savings to invest it for you. And you're hopeful they don't ruin your capital. Maybe they'll come back with some profit. You're dreaming. What if you fantasize about them bringing a fortune, a fortune that could ruin you. A fortune that can drive you into the Hellfire of fortune that could

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be inherited before you enjoy it. You could die before you actually enjoy it. Is there a greater fortune should there be a greater fortune

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than the forgiveness of a boss soldier on Samana

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God when

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you know the IV

00:20:05 --> 00:20:06

but how do you feel about

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whomever sprays in Ramadan fast in Ramadan located and devotes themselves who feel that they get forgiven? What is that worth to us? It is so easy about so crucial

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the profits of the love audios and dimensions and what has he

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about this season and the seasons life in many levels he definitely he never had. But

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first I had back home and to see Beth who never had to

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min rock meant to be fresh off.

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He says you know on love sense breezes of this mercy, little bursts of His mercy throughout the days of this world that he created for our rubble. So subject yourself to no one wants to go out and just breathe some fresh air, find the cool breeze gets relief, he says to subject yourself to it to these bursts of Allah's mercy, because perhaps a person will be will come in contact with one of these bursts with one of these breezes, and he will never be doomed he will never be miserable never be wretched after it ever again.

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a burst of us forgiveness you know the people on the day of judgment will know the value of us forgiveness we will all know it you know when I was so just says about the scenes and the day of judgment and we need to revisit all of these scenes and understand the meanings of a buzz words and give deep thought to this book in this month. Obama won, he says was so cool Matt and ham even for a thought.

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Let us want you to be perfect. Allah wants you to seek His forgiveness. Those that don't seek it. Those that deprive themselves of it when it's so available, so easy. One scene a month says they are given scalding scorching hot water to drink and it tears apart their intestines. Someone may ask why in the world would someone drink this on the day of judgment? It's because he's been stabbed that she's been standing for 50,000 years. It's because their throat has almost become stone

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from how it dried has become it's because their insides are boiling the trinkets? A lot zolgensma fmap a turkey vizu a big soup and other Yeoman piano is not the believer The one who is guided the one who gets unless forgiveness is he not better than the one that shields with his face. That horrendous punishment on the Day of Judgment.

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You know you shield from your face like you shield when someone's attacking you you shield with your hands you shield with whatever so your face is in hits. Why would someone shield with their face?

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It's because their hands are tied up their feet on chain and so they need it head on.

00:23:18 --> 00:23:20

And our laws so as it says what do

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I mean by that?

00:23:26 --> 00:24:08

In akuna What do you mean and when they are just touched by a breeze. You know the word that's how we just visited Heidi? Left having scores love what you do on the barbecue, Neff hat is the is a nice breeze. So when I was saying that nice breeze of the fire, meaning those who are touched by the least the best case scenario and Jen number one they are just touched by a little bit of the punishment of the Most Merciful he calls himself Robic your caretaker when someone does that to themselves. They scream out hysterically and they say what is with us Oh we wish we could be destroyed we wish that was an option.

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This is the value for difference. This is what's available in Ramadan and before the month of Ramadan

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you know if you want to prepare for Ramadan, right, there are many things to be done. But the most important of them that we can say in one minute in this whole block is for you to be truthful with our with our love in this user. Truthfully Norma is wanting His forgiveness in repenting to him to kind of or die because those people that said what it will do us destruction to us we were a lot I mean a lot of zela jen says there's only two categories where men have yet to bodyboard whoever does not repent. Then they are the wrongdoers they are running

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and so a person needs to be real with a loss.

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You have to be honest with him. Many people they say I can't do this because it's Ramadan. So Ramadan for them is like a pause button, pause button on missing prayers pause button on the music that pollutes our minds and hearts a pause button I'm arguing a pause but you are ignoring our relatives.

00:25:19 --> 00:25:52

It needs to be an eject button you remove the tape, you break it, you throw it in the garbage, it's a new meme. And Ramallah comes to do that gives you a chance helps you lock some shape on brings people you know to for the contagion of good deeds to feed off of each other incur all of that to make it easy for you to unleash your potential and VMU you between a law surgeon and his slave that has no one that will appreciate them like Allah, nor no more that deserves to be loved one on one. So

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we are must subject us to is diversity and protect us from this punishment. I think we are not linked this message a beacon of light for the oneness of law and for the guidance of his messengers have a long running guide us ended up alone nothing in our modern

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world led can execute if the learner has led energy

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00:26:17 --> 00:26:20

this yet and then if you could use like, what's

00:26:22 --> 00:26:22

working and

00:26:30 --> 00:26:31

what should we be used to do?

00:26:35 --> 00:26:36

We need to

00:26:38 --> 00:26:40

be added on the net

Khutbah 5.26.17

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