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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding hedge's actions and actions in relation to people's behavior and emotions. They also touch on the misogyny of people to their appearance and the importance of being a good person to avoid suffering. The segment emphasizes the need for guidance and personal growth, as well as the importance of finding one's own success and rebuilding one's emotional attachment with Allah. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book called "IT" and a discussion of the holy month.
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In 111, john and i was going to be here

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when we left the island and Julian fusino sejati Marina de la Posada, Fernando de la

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la la la ilaha illAllah

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Muhammadan Abu Dhabi.

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levena de la topologie de una de la wantem. Simone. Yeah, you have NASA for a backhoe, lovely fella coming up soon.

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I mean, humeri, Jilin. caffee around manisa de la levitas gonna be here in Nevada. I can add a coma fever. Yeah, you're Latina ama De La Hoya qu Colin Salida. use regular Kumar mela, silicon, xinova, Romanian,

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Lima, all praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness.

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And we turned to a lot of seeking with him protection from the evil whispers within us. And from the consequences of our evil deeds from whomever Allah guides men can lead us straight. And remember our long leaves without guidance and can provide guidance to that person. And we justify that no one is worthy of our worship

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and our devotion, except Allah alone, Almighty God without any partners, the true supreme king of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed His Prophet, and his servant and His Messenger, whom Allah says as a mercy to the worlds and without law. With him, Allah sealed the revelation before the coming of the hour, and the conclusion of this world.

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Oh, people have imagined you have believed Allah enjoins upon you to live a life of taqwa a life Mark tall marked by the consciousness of Him and do default to this to him, obedience to Him recognition of him, all of him used to kind of watch it, and to not die except in that state, that state of complete and total surrender to a love gender gelada. To begin, after thanking Alonzo church for allowing me to be with my brothers once again and returning us from our journey to

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whether a person has gone off to Hajj or not,

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we would certainly be remiss, it would be too huge of an oversight to allow the hedges season and to allow the Hydra days and to allow the Hydra rituals, the worship of hedge to just set behind us like that, without realizing some of the many profound statements that the hedge itself declares, declares to the Muslims first, and declares to any fair, honest onlooker.

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So the Hajj season and the highjacked of worship. So what does the hedger testify to?

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First and foremost, perhaps the most obvious testimony declaration of the Hij is that had you testified that every single heart of every single human being and jinn is in the hands of about some kind of what's odd. I mean, you just see the waves of people coming from faraway lands from every corner of the world, but to what, to the heat and to the stones into the mountains into the desert. Why?

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It's not a festivity, like you have in some shrines of some people that call upon others besides a lot of syllogistic in certain misguided cultures in the Muslim world, where there's dancing, and there's music, and there's great worship, and there's sweets and it's a festivity. That's not there.

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Nor is there some amazing museum like cathedrals and architecture, like you may have, for example, in the Vatican with people make pilgrimage to about 10,000 of them. If my numbers are updated, you have 234 million people traveling to none of that. Just sweltering heat, and hard rock, and deserts and fatigue and sweats and spending 910 $1,000 perhaps why?

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Because I love to kind of kindled the flame in their heart, he inspired interest inside of them, and he made them love that more than they love anything else of comforts and of Leisure's that have pleasantries that are big agents on this entire planet. It's because 3500 years ago, Ibrahim Ali said all along

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have anybody to hear him said, Oh Allah, I left my Pat family back there, fetch if he that tells me that you're nasty to him we need him. So cause the hearts of the people to gravitate to flow towards them. And look at the hearts come for 3500 years and counting, this dude is bearing its fruits. And it's really the hearts because even those who are incapable of making Hajj despite being eager to their heart is already there, their heart is there and they say inshallah, next year I'm there. So if this says anything at all, it says that Allah is the one

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who directed the pilgrims to project to a sacred house. And he is the ones who kind of with the island, it's in his hand that he turned other people and lock their hearts upon empty desires upon disappointment. It was a law alone who elevated some by inspiring them to serve in servitude to Allah and he dragged others down not out of favoritism not arbitrarily in a perfect justice that may not be known to us right in a perfect justice he pulled others down and this interested them from this. So it tells us just as our profits from above Alejo, send them told us in an Uber vein, a spider man I saw that man you believe will have a fair share. Valuable Calvin arada and up mama

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karma why you can't be Narada us Eva who has all the hearts in reality are right there, between the two fingers of man the most merciful to turn them as he wishes, any heart he wishes to make up right. He's the one that makes it up right. And any heart that he wishes to turn away to divert, he is the one that turns it away. And that is why Allah tells us that we should recognize that of him and see to him, but I'm Ben Atlas kulu bada bada it had a tener will have led me

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in NACA and said what have Oh, our Lord or our master or caretaker, do not turn our hearts away, you turn them away, you're the only one with the ability to do that. If the whole humanity wanted to misguide someone, and I loved it not guided they would not be misguided. So do not turn our hearts away. after You have guided us. Nobody could have provided guidance for us. No one. Had you not given it to us so that we have it's because you gave it to us. Do not turn our hearts away after you've guided us and grant us from you and mercy. That's all we need. We don't need it from anyone else in I can tell what hub indeed for certain you are in your head, you are the giver of HIPAA

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constantly. You are the one that constantly gives gifts gives things we can never earn we can never pay for we can never reimburse you for all law. And so after realizing this seeing Hadji testify to this reality, if you find yourself upon guidance, any degree of guidance, you need to know it's by no virtue of your own, and need to ask Allah to continue to provide guidance for you until the day that you meet him. Are there children that grew up their entire life in the masjid? And then they walked away and were lost?

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Aren't there people even outside of religion that their parents tried so hard to put them in a certain direction, spent a fortune on them. And then it was just one bad friend, one bad relationship, one bad look at the wrong person that dragged him in a completely different direction. So we possess none of this. So we turned to a law recognizing that and asking him to guide our hearts arrived, and the hearts of our loved ones. And we do not think it's a given it will always be there. Don't we always say to Panama, I thought I knew this person. People change so fast. You too can change so fast. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said people can change in the worst

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way so fast. Though this is uncommon. It is uncommon that a person would live their entire life upon guidance and then die upon misguidance those could happen

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and it is much more common that a person will live their life upon misguidance and then a law surgeon will guide them in the final moments because of a good thing he knows inside of him and innocence that you know inside of him a genuine interest that he was trying but failing inside of him. That's what he said to us was set up well enough.

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The gentleman's he had a coup

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d'etat first before they think he Ted

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Buddha, one of you may do the actions of the people of Paradise

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until there's nothing between you and a what an artist like and then what's written to happen is going to happen. This doesn't mean you force them against their will. This doesn't mean at all.

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allowed her to go to ruins when I

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had to marry a cool new beta, where beta vrr female you have to do the nuts Can I call it 700 some narrations. The problem is I'll give an extra clarification. He said it looks like they're an arm's length away from Paradise to people, but a lot of them something about them. He knew what hypocrisy, he knew something that was not addressed, it came back to haunt them. And so they began to act upon the actions of the people of the fire until they ultimately went there. He said, we're not

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gonna lie, I'm gonna be

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hot enough what he loved there are female, you have to do enough to make it easy for her. And one of you will certainly do the actions of the people of the fire, you'll be that person that someone says this guy's finished, there's no chance Allah will never forgive him. He's been doing this over and over again. He keeps falling back reneging into his crimes again, until the people think he's right there at arm's length away from john. And then Allah hasn't written. He has promised to give this person some help when it matters most. And then he takes his life upon that before he falls again before he fails again. And so if you find yourself upon guidance, no, it's from him, not from you,

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and asked him to keep you upon that and be concerned that you ever take it for granted be concerned about being overly confident. So if you're in love, when he was dying, he was around the greatest mountain scholars of his time. They were mountains living legends of

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this year, this year, the teacher learned

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and so they saw him he was catching almost panic attacks as he was dying. For Carlos

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firewalla he left up to

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the taboo. This is relax, pull yourself together as again, great the amount of you slept, he tells him you're about to approach none of them the god you spent your whole life worshiping. He's not going to let you go to ruins. You're a good person assume the best of our law. That's it, relax, relax. And he said well, law heat. I do not fear my sentence. They say you fearing your sins, what sins Do you possibly have? And so he reached down on the ground and he picked up some grass, some dried grass Sydney, like hay basically. And he said what a law he likes you boo.

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And you know, we get heavy. I swear I don't think my sins are they weigh more than this? Well, that can be harmful and receive an email and the notes. But my fear is that just about to die. A man my faith is pulled from me. My fear is there is a thing that I'm not calculating something that I forgot about for years. And when I'm at my weakest point, and shavon is telling all his soldiers now we're never if you lose him now you'll never have them again. You're at your weakest point and they're trying their strongest their hardest, that things go haywire. Though this is uncommon with the believers concerned about this and find security with knowing it's not about me. Allah will keep

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on love will Kiki you submit your love and levena Avenue will pony fabrics if you hire Jean Tonia. Allah is the one that keeps the believer firm with the with the firm word

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in this world is dying, what will appeal and when he's being questioned in his grave here after the onset of the Hereafter, what you will know love will mean pay attention. And a lot turns away the wrongdoers he doesn't just turn them away arbitrarily, those that had things right, those that had inside of them what caused this what made it justified and turns away

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the volume in the wrongdoers, this is the first thing that had to testifies to. And so keep it in mind for yourself. And if you weren't allowed to guide your children of a loved one, you want the love to guide your spouse, you want the love to

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make sure your effort is worth a lot more than anyone else. In the memoirs of the great Indian scholar who has no luck, he mentions one of the great derive the most effective varieties of his time. And his students will tell him how come you give a lecture that's not very exceptional, like you're not clearly more charismatic, more eloquent than everybody else? How can more people get guided with you than with other people? And he will refuse to answer them. until later on. He said to one of his closest students, what law he lowland hedges LMS, I can work not with a need that I see that people start doing this, I will not tell you this. And what did he tell him? He said this

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lecture that you hear from me have a dose? Yes, people who are short. In public finish this lecture I give I recite 10 Jews at night before the time so that Allah will allow my words to penetrate the hearts so that Allah will guide with my words, so I'm speaking to him before I speak to them. We need to do that more often.

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Sometimes we say I've tried everything. Maybe that's your problem. Maybe you think it's up to you to begin that it's up to what you're going to try. It's your attempts. And so this is what Kejriwal testified to even if you didn't go keep that in mind, the hearts are in the hands of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Also, and we'll see how much time we have to speak on this. All What had you testified to is that this oma, this Muslim, oma is truly a single body.

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You have these people coming from every direction, but how are they coming? What do they look like?

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every shape and size and color.

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But they're all wearing the same garment.

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They're all seeking the same objective, aren't they? They're all invoking, calling upon appealing to the same God aren't. They are all following the example of one single man the same profit, aren't they? I thought that was setup.

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And so this echoes to us what we must revive inside of us that the example of the believers our progress also lives it is like the example of a single body out took the opportunity of Hajj to emphasize that point. That's why I'm emphasizing it now. He stood in front of the people 120,000 people and his only 100 he performed after migrating to Medina Allah He slept with salah and he recited to them yeah yohannes in the documentary, which are now

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in a coma covering the mafia.

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Oh people a lot greeted you from a single pair of male and female

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and made you into nations and tribes.

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So that you may get to know one another and the best of you in the sight of a lot of the most pious and of course that is something that only Allah knows part of us immediately ultimately rests in here

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in LA and then that's why he ended by saying in the Mojave Mojave Allah knows best he's the best informed stop judging people stop judging them based on the outward you don't know, even if your great grandfather was a prophet, even if your foot or she even if your Hashimi regarding soul was mine. My great grandfather was a prophet to Adam and he set up in fact all of our great grandfather's were prophets or anything. And so that's why the prophet SAW Selim recited this ayah to them, and then he said in a Lucha Libre article, or be attend Jesse Lee, he was fully happy. He will. Who knows? Look on the

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left foot on the RV. Now let me What are the Jimmy and B? What are the

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what are the

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11 safwa. And that's what you learn me don't carry out fair June levy. He said, Oh, people are ma has done you a great favor. He has done away with the arrogance of jeconiah the arrogance of their pre Islamic culture, that ignorant culture before Islam, they were at each other's throats for reasons that you could not even understand. They were filled with feudal bigotries and, and prejudice and animosity and hostility and pride, arrogance, all of this, they were annihilating each other, eating each other up. A lot of did away with all of that. Nobody has ever been able to do that in human history. By the way, a lot of detail of the headroom homosassa. In that generation

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that was carved under his care, and his hands on a lot was set up a logical way, the arrogance of Jay Z, and it's boastfulness with ancestry, I come from this place, and you come from that place. He says, All of you come from Adam, and Adam was created from this, there is no virtue to an Arab over a non Arab or non Arab over an Arab or to a red man over a black man or a black man over a red man except by piety.

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People are one of two, you're either an honorable believer, you're honorable by virtue of being a believer, or you're a wicked person that is sinister, wicked person that is developed. That is why that is it. And this stuff is beautiful to say, of course. And many of us may say it on the microphone, or in that hour or just in conversation is formality. But is that how we gauge people? Or do we bring someone closer because he's from my family, or from my home country, and move someone a step farther? Because they're not from common origins? or as close origin does this other person even if the other is more qualified, but this one is more related? Don't we do that? in business, in

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marriage, in conversation in managing information with rumors Don't we all do this? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam foretold that this would happen?

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He said outbound Fetal Medicine mean Emory jelly Yeti, layer two coupon there are four things from the matters of jelenia that will never fully disappear. They will not leave the meeting, not leave them all together.

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Allah has done away with it, but it will continue to rear its ugly head, and we have to step on it again and will continue to rear its ugly head, then we will have to step on it the way our prophet SAW Selim stepped on it. The very first, as he says, and first group fil XL, to boast about where you came from, to boast about your status and your lineage and your ancestry.

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To stop seeing the oma as a global community, you know, this is especially interesting in the age of globalization, right? We live in an age now where everyone is trying to get over by spreading their arms as wide as possible. So for company, a Petroleum Company, they're going to develop an intercontinental, you know, reach even countries, even if you're a powerful country, some of the modern countries, even in Europe, they'll still put the European Union, right, they're trying to get together so that they can't be knocked off as easily. Right? How in the world? Can we see it reasonable at this point? At any point? Well, at this point, in particular, when there's hardly a

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Muslim country now, except that it's trying to wake up from its fault, except that it's almost a failed state. How can we see it be fitting to recognize these lines that separated from the ground? If it's not going to be able to fear of a love and out of practicality? How can we continue on focusing on the things that separate us and not the big things that pull us together?

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As a member shefford Okinawa once said to you as a Salafi? He said to me, after they debated on some issues, they went back and forth for a long time. He said to him, is it not appropriate? Can't we stay brothers, even if we don't agree?

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Some of these matters or even not even about the agreement, you're not going to convince a Palestinian to become an addiction, or an Egyptian debunk all sinning, you're not going to convince a black person or a white person to join your skin color, your ethnicity. This is not even about disagreements. These are about matters that are artificial, that we allow ourselves to be the actualization, the realization of what our prophet SAW, Selim said, You will never give this up. So if not, now when exactly

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when someone comes to you, there is a virtue and D.

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and you make it too hard for them to marry as if the options are so many in our time to marry from your family, because they're not from your country, your town, your neighborhood, your family.

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So you gave your daughter or your son one or two options, and it was not based on Diem to begin with, because people are going to be upset at me.

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Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reiterated this at Hajj and we need to reiterate this, we are a single body.

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If we do not feel we are a single body. We should fear that we are not part of the room that we've been amputated. Will I ever build a portfolio?

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Camry la

00:23:11--> 00:23:16

llamada Molina Viva La, la, la, cara,

00:23:17--> 00:23:19

Mohammed Abu wherever you also

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also have the things that had to testify to it testifies to the fact that security only comes from Allah so

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whether personal security, emotional security, or global security, right national security. This only comes from a loss

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of people without a love without reaching out to a love will never be secured. You can be the king of kings, the emperor of an empire, and you will sit there living in fear, living with unease living with paranoia without a law settling you. Can you imagine if Rahim Ali Salaam comes to the place of Hajj and it's nothing but a cold, dead barren desert.

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And he says if you just focus on the words, oh my lord dropping in the scan to mean he was invited. He's already in the Beta Kappa mahalo. Oh my lord I I placed from my family members of my family in a valley that does not have any vintage, there's nothing doesn't have plants in it. Nothing at all. At the place of your sacred house.

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The fear in Mecca

00:24:37--> 00:24:48

was not even from enemies. This sheer silence of Mecca was scary. Like when am I going to see any signs of life? How am I going to survive you?

00:24:50--> 00:24:54

And then he says I'll be john had a better than me that was

00:24:55--> 00:24:59

a lot make this a safe place a safe land and provide

00:25:00--> 00:25:05

gets people from the fruits from produce. There is not a safer place on earth

00:25:07--> 00:25:25

than this place that looks like it's merciless. You look at the mountains and the stones and they eat, you think your finish, right? There is not a safer place on earth. And somehow every single fruit on the planet basically is important to this place accessible, right for purchase.

00:25:27--> 00:25:34

Ibrahima made that derive from love to grant them security and security remains in that place.

00:25:35--> 00:26:02

You know a lot. So Genesis in our amazing movie, Eileen, Nancy, let me be back here. The very first house ever placed for worship is the house in Becca, meaning this place that Ibrahim alayhis salaam built has always been there. But it was called back and in the backend literally means as some of the scholars mentioned, and let's eat a book could be nuts. It's the place that swarming with people. It's constantly lively. If there's truly a city that never sleeps, it's Mecca.

00:26:03--> 00:26:37

If there's a place that is that there's never any vulnerability, it's this home, right? The sanctuary. We're not even the birds are threatening. The plants are not ripped out from their roots that only came from Allah subhana wa Tada. There was not a law or a system or anything that could provide that security that has provided security to any place in the world. But because if Rahim Ali Salaam knew where to request security security was correct. And that's why we say any person suffering from insecurity, and you're not making

00:26:38--> 00:27:11

as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I just would never see let the I just want to drop. The biggest failure. The most incompetent person is the one too incompetent to make your app. Like what does that require of you? It's your greatest resource, how much is it going to cost you to do it? If you can't do that, what can you possibly do for yourself? And it testifies to so much more. And you owe it to yourself to sit there and to with your children with yourself and to think about all that it's Jani. If Zamzam is not a miracle, then what is a miracle?

00:27:12--> 00:27:54

Stand into the truth that Allah wished for this place to be a hub for his ritual for his assemble this ritual is what it's a symbol for his worship to be recognized to build an emotional attachment with Allah He puts them there for people to continue to be able to flock to their didn t. We do rituals all the time to give value to things. The ritual of graduation is what to give value to our accomplishment a lot. Why did he put rituals in our Deen, he wants us to come to him and build an emotional attachment with him and stay close to him for our own good release. And then there is add to that there is the invincibility of Islam, I would have to close. There are so many other things

00:27:54--> 00:27:58

to talk about. Our prophet SAW Selim when he stood at Hajj.

00:27:59--> 00:28:00

And it's amazing.

00:28:01--> 00:28:07

He came and extended non software even part of hatch when you do the salary. And he said that he that ain't no bug.

00:28:08--> 00:28:12

And just when I saw the devil, what hasn't realized

00:28:13--> 00:28:24

this is part of the driver software, none worthy of worship of Allah alone. And it just allowed them to fulfill this promise when I saw the demo, and he gave victory to mislead

00:28:26--> 00:28:26

what has ever left.

00:28:28--> 00:28:41

And he destroyed all of the he defeated all of the Allies by himself the whole world and teamed up against your messages of love on him sending them but we suffer is where Abu Jen had attacked the Prophet saucer.

00:28:42--> 00:28:46

And then he comes back, right? And he says in that same spot

00:28:48--> 00:28:49

of loss promises true.

00:28:51--> 00:29:31

And then he stands at hygine speaks to the people he says to the mother, he recites that the idea and the homework meant to reconvene at home today I perfected for you completed for you the religion of mine. The sentence right before him the same idea that many times we skip out on is what Elio Maja is Ella Vina Kapha woman de Nico Fela talkshow Moksha today, the disbelievers have lost hope in your religion. They've lost hope and ever being able to undermine your religion ever be able to put an end to your religion. And look at it now. Is there a greater religion in the world? Even if you say there's 2 billion people who profess Christianity,

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you have 1.6 billion people who practice Islam.

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They would worship Allah on one day and worship the bank for six other days. Right? You have people that are truly following the prophets, exterior and interior. All of that. This is the religion of God, it will continue to flourish continue to thrive. No one will ever be able to stand in its way. I've had to remember that. How can a man who could not read

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Right cut off from the civilizations surrounded isolated by desert from the civilizations that major civilization of the world from art and philosophy and warfare, all of the skills and produce the greatest religion on the planet after his primary starts professing it after 40 years old. This is the religion of a month. This is the religion that can never be broken. And whoever holds on to it will benefit will thrive with its thriving May Allah make us of those that live a life holding on to Islam, enjoying it being empowered by it and living to serve and empower to love them. Love them I said it's not an answer.

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Medina Divina which is available in Italia Allah

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Allah fill in our hammer Allah

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what's the How will you work

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with me recently Allah romaine lettuce maintenance

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low maintenance and it was it

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was our coolant. We're hoping that will hold for me what inadvertently won't send

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any material Ruben every man

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every man now will be coming to shake your shake when we felt the worship up women soon enough love above masala to send a message to America Mohammed