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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of testing one's faith and acceptance of the one God in order to become a Muslim. They suggest practicing and praying five times a day to testify to that God. The speaker also advises anyone who is hesitant to become a Muslim to avoid hesitation and delay learning.
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That's a very good question, brother. And may Allah reward you so much for asking that question. The question is to repeat it.

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What what does it actually take to be Muslim? And you know, it's true that there are people who want to become Muslim, but they get scared, because they think that becoming Muslim is going to involve like, some, I don't know, some weird ritual, right, you know, like, I don't know, getting, you know, submerged in water. And I don't know this, and

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I don't know what they think, you know, they might get quite scared thinking about it, right? Okay. But it's actually very, very simple. Okay, becoming a muslim is very simple. You know, being a Muslim, fundamentally, is that you accept something, you accept that there is one God who has created the heavens and the earth, right, and you should only worship the one God. And if you accept that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, simply that is it's right, if that's what you accept, and that's what you believe to be true. Right? Then simply all you do is you testify to that in front of some other Muslims. And you do that simply by repeating in front of some other Muslims, so witnesses

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shall do and La ilaha illallah wa shabu anna Muhammadan rasul Allah. So the most difficult way is trying to say the Arabic right. But apart from that, you're just saying you testify there is nothing worthy of worship except the one God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God. And after you say that you have entered into the fold of Islam. Of course, once you have taken the shahada, you've taken the testimony of faith, right? Then it is recommended that you wash yourself, you put on some clean clothes, and certainly you need to start learning, okay to pray five times a day. Of course, you can't just pray automatically like that and learn everything takes time. But you start to try

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praying five times a day. And that's really it. That's all that it takes. And as you find out and as you learn as you go along, you do your best to practice what you can, you know, as much as you can, as much as Allah Spano, Tala permits you to do. So it's really that simple. You don't think I have to know all of these things and do all of these things you don't you just need to follow the steps. So alhamdulillah does answer the question, Brother, did I do something else? I think that is basically really what it is very, very simple. And, of course, if anyone does feel like becoming Muslim Hamden tonight that would be fantastic as well. Surely Don't feel shy. You know, you never

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know how long your life is gonna be, you know, so don't don't delay