Don’t Just Say It’s Me When Knocking

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love walking alone so I began to walk in the dark in the shadows basically. So he turned around and he saw me so he said Who is it? Madhava? Who is that in the dark? For I said with our I named myself once again, he named himself an Omaha Radi Allahu Anhu said I came to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was bathing and felt the mat was curtain and came off. This was in fact a mecca. She came to him in Raqqa, the day of the conquest, and she entered the house. And she

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Can I answer they said, Who is it at the door? She said, Anna, it is me. Omar Hannah. She didn't stop there. She said, Oh, Muhammad, so he used these three Hadith before mentioning the hadith of Jabba which is the fourth and last where he said I'd say to Nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam further cough tool Baba and so I knocked on the door for call so he said men has who is that? Who is there for call to enter? So I said it's me i screen

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for call Anna Anna. Can who carry hair. So the Hadith says the narrator says so he said, Who Anna Anna? Like he just repeated it in a way to express disapproval. Like what is Anna? What is its me? What is its me? Like, what's that supposed to mean?

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That's not enough. That is what he's trying to say. Why is it wrong to say Anna? Some people may think that the word enter

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by itself is wrong. Like to say I? Or it's me. You know, like they say, Oh, the bIllahi min Anna, the word I, it's me or me? Could be arrogant, but it's not by itself wrong. You know, because like Yusuf Ali said, I've said we're gonna be here sorry, I am the guarantor of your price. I will give you a camels load if you come back with your brother. Right? And even in this hadith, just the fourth Oh, man, it said what? No, man, it's me. Oh, man. The problem is when in the other of knocking on the door? Who is it to say it's me and to stop there? That's a little bit arrogant. Right? Like you're supposed to know, it's me. You know, you're supposed to know. So from the Edit of

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Islam, this is like what religion what law? Right? What guidance in the world is going to tell you how to knock on a door and how to what to say and how to respond, right? The ideal way to respond that are Asuna taught us is to name yourself and not expect that every person automatically knows who you are, or is supposed to know who you are. Right? And that's why Subhanallah now we are himolla actually said here and identifying himself in a way that would be obvious. Because if you say a generic name, that could almost be the same as enter sometimes right? I don't know Muhammad or something and you're not very well known to the person Muhammad was.

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Right? So that's the idea to expect to be known is not something a Muslim should

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necessarily be expressing

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that expectation. And so when someone knocks or you're knocking and someone asks who is there say it is me so and so and identify yourself in a way that would clarify it. Don't just say it's me. Okay. BarakAllahu li when it comes to product alone, we have Victor to Allah in our head and this the photocurrents

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Yes, sir.