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In 111 Todd and I are going to start over he want to stop throw minerals we love it I mean surely unforeseen I will see it our Marina de la Huhtala family Bella women include further ahead direct worship to Allah EDA in La La La devilishly Cara was shadow anna Muhammad and Aveda who want to be you who are sort of yeah you will Edina mn tabula aka topology. What are the Munna Illa to Simone Jonas example of Baku lady fella comin FC ma Hello Come in has Jaha with me who were injured and Kathy Romani

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what type of water lady I do not be me he will have had in Nevada can add a guru or a fever. Yeah, you're Latina Amendola. Our Guru Colin said either you slept like an animal feed like the Roomba or my uterus. Our solar roof of the first fills and Halima

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will breathe Praise and Glory be to Allah the Most High. We praise Him and we seek His help and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we ask Allah to protect us from the evil whispers within us. And from the sinfulness of our actions from never Allah guides, no one can lead astray and whoever Allah leaves without guidance and can guide them and will testify that no one is worthy of our worship, and our devotion and our unconditional obedience and love with Allah Subhana Allah Allah without any partners, the true supreme King at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was certainly his final messenger and the best of his creation and the seal of his revelation, and the most

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beloved of the slaves of Allah to Allah, O people of iman, oh, you will have believed, keep mindful of Allah, keep your duty to Him subhanho wa Taala in the manner that he deserves, as is his entitlements kind of what are the glorified and exalted and do not die. Do not let this life expire, or death catch you off guard except while you are in that state of complete and total surrender to Allah surrender to His laws by submitting to them and trying your best to comply with them and surrendering to his product and his destiny, by believing in it, and being patient with its and being grateful for the good and patient through the bad and content throughout.

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To begin,

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I wish to ask my brothers and sisters a question that I hope to remember to repeat at the end of the hotbar as well.

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And that is how often

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do you go to your local Masjid?

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How often do you visit Allah's house?

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And now Joomla is not enough. How much do you invest? How much do you invest in inspiring yourself and strengthening your religious commitment and informing yourself and sitting with Allah's book routinely subjecting yourself to the verse of Allah's mercy that are in those words that are in those pages? How often do you sit with the lives of the prophets on the Sahaba and take from the draw from them and inspiration and guidance and wisdom for your journey here in this dunya?

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I was reflecting on the words of Allah azza wa jal himself the shrimps when he said Subhana Allah when FC Why am I so wha ha for Al Hamra? Hafele jewel Raha Toccoa de F la Hammonds Akia ha ha Berman this

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and Allah swears by the neffs by the human self, by the human spirit, and by the one who fashioned SubhanaHu

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Firle hammer hat for Jura Howard's acquire her part of the way that he fashioned did is that he inspired it with good and evil. Human being generally speaking, has the ability to recognize and to lead to good

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and he knows evil as well in the general sense originally, even a vaguely what this is the preset, state of the human beings but then he says he has exceeded the one who purifies it purifies that self that has the recognition of good has some sort of regulation of good and evil. The success is not based on knowing good and evil. The success is in the one who purifies who literally is a Gavin's enhances that self of face. Well for the harbor many the sad and he

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has failed the one who buried it.

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And so you're inclined to good and evil and you can recognize good and evil. But your success requires that you enhance it. And your failure

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happens when you bury it. And so it's as if there's no neutral. It's either up or down, you don't stay there, you cannot stay there. You're not allowed to stay there, nor will you in reality.

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You know, I want to go above or the Allah Heinrich was reported about him that he used to say, you will either do what you know is right. Like the good that you recognize, you're either going to embrace it, you're gonna climb, you're gonna enhance yourself, improve yourself, invest yourself in that effort, you will either do what you know is right. Or you will start believing that what you do is right.

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Again, you will either start doing what you know is right, for you will start believing what you're already doing is what's right.

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And so you have a recognition, you're either going to embrace it, and climb the elevated or you're going to ignore it and that will bury it, you will not know it anymore, you will not recognize it anymore. And this concept is reiterated throughout the Quran and Sunnah in what is known as Pfitzner. Fits as like a trial or tribulation or a challenge. But basically what's fitna is, is your life. It is an uninterrupted chain, an endless chain

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of opportunities, not necessarily evil, not necessarily, but something that requires your alertness. It's like a crossroads. And you're either going to elevate because of it, or you're going to get demoted as a result of it. That is the nature of Pfitzner. When Allah Subhana Allah was a NEMA and why the Kumala to convince your wealth and your children are only Pfitzner.

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Think of what what does an adult think about besides his income and his family? How much he's invested in that he says that is a fitna? Is it evil? No, it's not the case. Not necessarily No, don't look at it like that. Malachor internal engine or lean it's a trial and with Allah is a great reward. It's an opportunity as a reward. There's not good in and of itself, nor is it evil in and of itself, but need to be alerted to it. You could fall because of it.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for example, who semanas aid and plenty of Muslim, he said matter of Tibet, it fits in a tent here a dog who allegedly died in a desert. I have not left after me.

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Behind on this planet, any Pfitzner any trial, any crossroad that is more dangerous to the men of my ummah, than women.

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Because imagine sanitation for the woman susceptibility to the woman weakness in the front of a woman and some scholars added to that his her vulnerability in front of him he'll take advantage of her just because he feels like he can dominate her. So so many will fall into that either in terms of shefa lust or in terms of the volume of the oppression that he will do to her.

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But it's a Pfitzner the woman is considered a fitna

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the hadith of I was studied by the Allah one, he said in the dunya will what will hollyrock in Allahu stiffly for confy her for for young okay for Darla dama loon for Topo dunya batelco Nisa in now well, if it's not of any sorrow Eva can it's been Nisa, this dunya it's nice, it's pleasant, it's green, it's lush, it's attractive meaning

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and Allah placed you in it to see what you're going to do.

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So be aware of it, be alert to it to this world and be alert again he's addressing the men in particular be alert to women, because the very first fall of when we saw in the Israelites was with regards to women.

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And in the hadith of Kabaneri, considered its enemy, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in an equilibrium method fitna were in efforts Netta emetine. Man, every nation had its fitna and its challenge, right and it's trial here means a trial, they failed that

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and the Pfitzner of my MO as wealth will be wealth. So the most dangerous wit's end when he was addressing the men would be the women, but the most dangerous Pfitzner for the Ummah at large, will be worth

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all the worldly possessions.

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These feats and though that we just described are only one kind of Pfitzner

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back to the issue of you will do what you know is right or else it will become obscure after a while these fits are called fit and who share what fits and have desires. You desire to dominate you desire, you know, the other gender you desire to possess, these are all desires fit and shadow, the attractiveness, temptation, temptations, if you will. There's a whole nother category of fitten called Shubha a doubt a confusion. When you become confused about something regarding a law regarding his religion, these two, the more dangerous of them is which one they should have. Because that's what's going to affect what you believe. When we say confused, we're talking about you your

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belief what you believe about something.

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Whereas the Shashwat affects your practice your actions.

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But this issue is not very relevant.

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Today, so long as I'm falling in terms of or I'm not to awaken regarding my desires. I don't know what where my weaknesses are. Microsoft is not dangerous. They're connected.

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So long as I know, Allah knows messenger, I understand the deen, I'm fine. You cannot separate the desires from the doubts.

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It will even other scholars they say because it starts as a shadow.

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When someone falls apart, it begins as a desire that he doesn't curb he doesn't keep in check through metal Alibaba, and then it transforms into a confusion as Varanasi

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he says in the proof of that is in the book of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala said yeah, you know, intertap Allah Ah, I love him for honor. Oh, you have believed if you fear Allah,

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He will make for you. A foregone the ability to discern, he'll give you a piercing insight, he'll give you a sword. To separate truth from falsehood. Crystal clear, no confusions. If you fear or love you curb your desire, you will not be doubtful, you will have certainty. But if you don't curb your desires, if you become obsessed with this dunya or its desires, you don't pay attention to where your weakness is, your certainty will leak your certainty will bleed you will become doubtful.

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And this happens all the time. A person wants desires so badly to only house and so he'll say but some there's a difference of opinion among the scholars regarding conventional loans in the Vegas because he just wants any he wants it so bad. He'll it'll become blurry. But you know, you know that just because scholars have disagreed over it doesn't make it automatically permissible. You know that you know that Allah did not allow you to just take any scholars words or any lecturers words and just consider them Deen. That's it. You know that Allah commanded you when there's a discrepancy to go back to the Quran and Sunnah. So Allah and His Messenger, but still he becomes confused. What

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should I do? Maybe it's not really haram because he wants it so bad. Likewise, when a person commits sin after sin after sin, he keeps falling time and time again. He starts getting confused about very clear things like Allah's mercy, Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will never forgive me. I'm going to hell anyway. And how many people see this as if the firt the surah of every sort of the Quran doesn't begin with in the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful a Ramadan right.

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And as if he doesn't know that Allah's Mercy has overtaken his anger, and as if Allah has not said, I forgive all sins, he starts becoming confused regarding these things. And so a person needs to become alert to themselves. You need to make time to understand yourself

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to understand your biases to understand your family, because as time goes on in this world fits and can become very vicious.

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Especially at the end of time, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaks about some of the most difficult challenges some of those difficult feature like at the Jet

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and we'll speak about the jet Unlimited, but at the Jet despite how difficult it will not fall beyond either a desire or a doubt it will still fall into this category the science of fitness still applies.

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But first let's set the scene.

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In Hitman Rahim Allah, He narrates are for they have no say though the Allah Allah who said that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Young, the Gen at the JAD will emerge at the judge is the false messiah or the Antichrist. He will emerge when Natsu futility minute duniya worried contributed Dean Wafaa Sadie that he be in the journal will emerge and these will be history

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circumstances, people will be at a material mode,

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financial problems, economic, you know, full meltdown, it will they will be at a material low.

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And they will be very weak in their religion as well. But it cuts immunity in their religions, very fragile, it cannot handle much warfare, sadly, that's in vain. And the family relationships will be a wreckage, they'll just be horrible. And so imagine this challenge is going to be so vicious. Why? Because people are going to be poor, dead poor.

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And there's going to be no, not much faith to brace them, to keep them in line. And these two things when they come together, they are disastrous. And that's why the Prophet SAW Selim used to pair between them, and C were all who became an gouffre will * I seek protection you Oh ALLAH from disbelief, McAfee and aqua and poverty.

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Because that's it. There's no morals once you don't believe in Allah. And Allah is the distributor of provisions and resources, and he's the source of everything. So people will be poor, and weak in their religion. And then there's no support system, forget finding encouragement in the messages, people's families don't even care about them. People are falling apart, and no one knows. And if someone knows, no one cares. And so in this atmosphere at the jet will emerge, and he will come with the biggest lie ever.

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He will first say I'm a prophet, and he will say I'm God.

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And then he will say I'm God, he'll have your destiny to speak a lie that is so obvious.

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He will have one bad eye the Prophet SAW Selim said and know that your Lord does not have one bad eye.

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And so the issue is just like how would someone would someone actually fall for this? I mean, he could not even fix his eye. How could he fix the universe? How can you be the creator of the heavens and the earth? Would someone actually fall for this?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, people will fall for him, like know that like nothing has ever caused people to fold before and slightly loosen him, he said, he thought was certain Hussein laser being the holy Adam, he left the army, Omran Akbar, I mean,

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there is nothing since the moment Adam was created, until the hour is established, that is bigger.

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A bigger trial a more difficult trial a more consequential, a more chaotic time. That is bigger than at the gym. So people will fall for him. Absolutely. But why will they fall for him? What will cause the confusion? What will cause the sugar the doubt? It will be the shower it will be the design.

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They will not look they will look at the duniya he brings.

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You know the prophets of Allah why he was upset, the JAD will come and Allah will permit for him to perform great feats like the feats you read about the people of all Allah will not let the Day of Judgment happen until these things come back.

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He said he will come

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and with him will be a paradise and a hellfire.

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Whomever accepted his Paradise will go to the hellfire. There'll be a fake imposter, this will be the scam. And whoever enters his paradise whoever the jet kills, whoever enters his fire, whoever the jet kills will find themselves in Paradise, he said and the province of southern continues to describe him until we thought can know one another if you'd like but enough, we thought he was right behind us in the palm trees on the side that might otherwise the Prophet SAW Selim said he kept describing how huge this was going to be that we would cry at night because of what he was talking about worried or that the jet worried that their faith was not strong enough. They haven't invested

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And so he said ally salatu salam he will come out and he will call people to his call but he'd be that he's got failed me know there be ways that you can do that. Therefore they will believe him because they'll respond to his call. He says and He will come in via mobile semi automatic, he will command the skies and they will read

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well out of buffer tune bit and the earth and it will sprout

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but are all do it himself. It offset the Hatoum out awkward mechanics drawn and then their animals that they let go to graze their camels will come back higher than ever was built who had the rule

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I grew up and there are others where they carry milk will be filled. What I met do who house it and they will be lean body.

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He says through my hefty home and then he will come to some people

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fed the room he will call them to his proposition. Fire will do nothing with owner and they will reject this proposition we will refuse to believe in you.

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In some narrations, they will say to him, lace up your abena HOFA

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Our Lord is not unclear to us we know who our God is. Lisa gerpisa He says fine sorry for I'm home mama Halleen nacba de him che Amin and wily and then he will walk away from them with all he comes with all his opportunities all his offers, and they will become skin on bones they will begin starving because of it. They will be stripped of everything that was in their hands.

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He says were Monroeville heard about hurry by he will pass by dumps were kulula of Nietzsche Kulusuk ruins a ruin town or a GM and He will say to it, break out your treasures

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further to better who knows who her and then all of the treasures will emerge and follow him.

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Kay I see benign as if he were a drone of bees good will swarm around him. riches will swarm around him. This will be the test. And so the people it's not that will they fall it's what will make them fall. Why will they fall? Because they're not interested in truth. They're not interested in inspecting and analyzing the evidence is Can he really be a God or not? They're not looking at his eye. They're looking at the mountain of bread he will come with and the mountain of meat he will come up with

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this is what will attract them. This is what they will be focused on. You know nowadays people follow the news and they call the arrow of post truth and like alternative fact, you would say how in the world can someone believe this? No people will believe things crazier than this.

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They will believe that a deformed human being an impaired human being that pulls off a few feats is the Lord of the worlds subhanho wa taala.

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And a person would say But listen, no matter what, even if I'm starving, I would never fall for this. Let's have a look cry. First of all, fearing they might. Fearing their image is not complete enough. Their faith was not strong enough. And also keep in mind, we fall for things much less than this already. without starving.

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We turn to our dunya at the expense of our deen

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we miss our solid for work.

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We prioritize our careers over our children and our children see that and we didn't do that except as an extension of our education's was a precursor to our careers we do the same thing.

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And so certainly it would happen

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and may Allah still didn't protect us and you and our families are full of all the hard stuff about all the money work.

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100 signs are set up about actually don't let you know that you know block that will actually occur. Why should I know how am I going to be will also

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said

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well obeying the head is that Jamuna cathedral, and between the hands of the hour soon before the hour, many the jazz world will arrive.

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What does that mean? The Jed means a liar. Basically, the agenda needs to cover something safe one digit, obviously safe one with agendas when there's a story that's covered with like jewels and silicone fanciness. Right? A lie or smells that Jen does he covers truth, right? It presents an alternative reality or tries to push it as a reality. And so he says, At the end of time, many professional liars will arise, many imposters will arrive. And certainly among them. So many of them in our modern day, in our very materialistic world are people that say if you want dunya if you want to progress like the rest of us, you have to leave your deen at the door.

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This is here and this is in Muslim country. This is a globalized phenomenon now. Right. It's a trend. It's a dominant culture everywhere. I remember in the city, where my parents are from to me out of Egypt. There was a famous philosopher a few decades back, his name was Zeki and he moved that the Jean Michel Jean Muhammad, the philosopher, and he used to say, and I look at the world

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Men in Asia what he said the woman in a club covering her face. He says and I say, how can we ever advance? How can we advance if we insist on this backwardness? And of course the people that are just addicted to this concept, overly admiring technological advancement, industrial advancement, though it is warranted, though it is sucked.

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They will parrot this Yes, parallel, we got to move on, we have to get up the program.

00:25:32--> 00:25:40

And then they'll never stop to ask, for example, what in the world as the jab or niqab even have to do with becoming an astronaut?

00:25:43--> 00:25:48

Or what did the women in those countries do when they took off the jet? Did they become astronauts?

00:25:49--> 00:25:55

Where's the connection? To think critically and look for evidence of the men don't wear a jet? They become astronauts?

00:25:56--> 00:26:40

No, we took the worst of qualities from some of the advanced things like shamelessness, and otherwise, and we left the stuff that they had the actual elements that that bettered the world in certain respects. Absolutely. We left because we were just looking for an argument, looking for any justification, any explanation to walk away because we had that champion, we had a desire to do that. The believer, the one who reinforces his beliefs, he sees much clearer. There's no, I can't just limitlessly pursue progress at the expense of other things. It's not my primary goal. My primary goal is Allah and Allah, Allah and the hereafter. My Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:26:40--> 00:26:48

says that dunya essential movement agenda to Catherine, that this this life, this world is the prison I'm handcuffed here, there's only so much I can do.

00:26:49--> 00:27:29

There, there's a wife there. There's this dunya. And he said, He's the prison of the believer and the paradise of the disbeliever. Part of what that means is there's a certain code I have to live by, it's not in my heads. And part of that, of course, is to know that if you abide by this, if you do this, you will better the world anyway, you will advance you will better humanity. But But while your garden, by His guidance, by Allah's guidance, so that when you advance so that when you prosper, you know, prospering is one of the aspects of our life. Success is a part of our life, power and success are parts of our life. And our life is Pfitzner. So it's just another fifth

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So you don't you're not driven by this.

00:27:36--> 00:27:43

Where are you going to learn that? Where are you going to teach that to your children, if you don't make time for it, people don't plan to fail.

00:27:46--> 00:27:54

They see people don't plan to fail. But they fail to plan. They don't take proper preparations building up to these events.

00:27:56--> 00:27:58

One brother came to me,

00:27:59--> 00:28:02

a father, his son, his son,

00:28:03--> 00:28:04

needed someone to sit with

00:28:06--> 00:28:07

because he had left Islam.

00:28:10--> 00:28:33

After much investigation, I went past his father to his brother, I heard it from his wife or about, someone told me the story of his wife. This is a person that became very successful coming out of college. And he became in a in a corporate firm, he became very, very well off very fast. He succeeded overnight. He made it big.

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In an accounting firm in Manhattan in New York City, of course, to keep climbing that ladder, though he was hijacked by his own success. To keep climbing that ladder, you have to behave a certain way. You have to attend certain gatherings, you have to go to certain parties, hang out with certain circles, bring your family along with you. They dance with your wife knew that there's you drink certain beverages. And his wife were very traditional clothing. She were very modest clothing and he would be the, you know, the sore thumb and together he would be an eyesore. You looked weird. This doesn't match.

00:29:10--> 00:29:13

And so he kept pressing his wife because of a shareholder.

00:29:14--> 00:29:16

He pressed his wife take off the hijab.

00:29:17--> 00:29:23

And she refused. Two months down the line. He moved out from the house he walked away from her he left three strategies.

00:29:25--> 00:29:39

A short while later, he told them listen, I've had enough with Islam. Islam has so many fantasies in its book and a score and says X, Y and Z and these things are scientifically impossible to the end of the long story.

00:29:42--> 00:29:46

This young man memorized 22 Jews of Quran

00:29:49--> 00:29:51

in Brooklyn in Bayridge, and I know his chef,

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

but it wasn't enough. He didn't know what he was reading. He did not see from those around

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him role models. He did not see people doing what they know his rights.

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He did not come to the masjid regularly at least provision or at least for Asia once or twice a week to hear the words of Allah and His messenger. You don't know how much is enough. I will close with this. And we'll continue the subject later and draw parallels between the jet and the fitsum before the jet and they are identical shuba Shehu, a tug of war.

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You will not know until the quiz comes here and do you know when everyone says we've studied for the exam at school, no one knows who's really studying until the teacher says pop quiz.

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Unless you're really sure of what you know, unless you're studying every single night and up the night before the exam. You the fear of pop quiz can cause you to forget all the things you thought you knew.

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But when the quiz comes, and you are ready for it beforehand,

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you're shocked. Just protective caution, you're extra careful because you care that much about your grade. But you take a deep breath, deep breath you say, let's go. I'm ready for it. You will not know until it's all over whether you were ready for it or not.

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That is to say

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Cetara even Jelena hobo a photosynthetic me came out a very beautiful expression regarding how well you can compete here how well you can stand. He says You will only know after the dust clears. If you were riding a horse or riding a donkey. In the middle of it, no one could realize what's going on. There's so

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passionately involved in the moment and more beautiful and that is our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said to us to have mercy for Raha don't wait for it. Get to know Allah in times of ease, he will know you VRF efficient he will know you in terms of there is no way you're going to invest in a way that is significant. Allah is going to let you down let you just fall off impossible that is not the Allah we worship that is not the most merciful surprise

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but get to know Him in times of ease he'll be there for you in times of difficulty

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or else you will be selling yourself a lie and you will begin to believe it after a while do what you know is right. And may Allah protect us from thinking that what we are doing is right to love man

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love manana said okay, who do I want to call? Well I fell in love from Avon and I said okay, who's our to our assets? Oh Lina love me knows who they were to call when I first fell in love them it

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was like he had to hide once again. And so when he you home Hola. Yeah, when he slapped me well, actually he was sitting on his lap I had done a POC Ali three love America. similans Mr. Mohammed was me Now honestly, Matt, when you need are looking at a well known Saudi mustafina If he could leave again. Allah for months already bad they couldn't wash it enough equal immigrant or Salalah Huzzah. Salim Omar carabiner Mohammed Ali. He was