Do Vaccine Injections Break One’s Fast – What Breaks the Fast

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AI: Summary © The customer is asking if the COVID-19 vaccine will break the fast and if it will not be available during the daytime. The agent explains that the vaccine cannot break the fast and that people who have been vaccinated will not need to get vaccinated until they are comfortable with their behavior. The agent also discusses the potential for nutrition to break the fast and suggests that people who are overweight or have multiple menstrual cycles will not need to get vaccinated.
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The most common question we will probably receive this year about fasting is does the COVID-19 vaccine

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break the fast? They will have been asking this because they're scheduled for their first or their second shots and things like this. And they're probably going to take it during the daytime because the nighttime there Franco Alia for it's not available. So does the COVID 19 vaccine break the fast? Absolutely not. It cannot break the fast. I'm happy the question is being asked because it means more and more people are have decided to get vaccinated

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and are not worried that the vaccine is haram. Now I won't talk about safe I'm not haram. The vaccine is not haram in and of itself. You know,

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that's a closed case. And we can talk about at a later time. But if it's halal would it be halal for a person that's fasting? And it certainly wouldn't be Halloween and would not have any effect on your fast? Why? Because the things that break your fast are what food and drink

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and that which is deliberately ingested. Right, like if you

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smoke, for example, you're sending something deliberately down that passageway. The scholars have made this analogous

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and they would cite the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said be careful when you are irrigating your nose. Don't be He said Be thorough. Well at least in Sheltie lands, hakuna Salima be thorough and irrigating your nose unless you're fasting, meaning you should be protected in this passage. That is why, you know, smoking would break your vessel food and drink. And then whatever is like food and drink, meaning you're ingesting it deliberately, or serves the function of food and drink. Like what, like an injection that is nutritional. Like if you're if you have an IV hooked up to your arm, you know, and it's putting sugar in your blood, you won't need to eat you may

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not even have an appetite because you're just you will feel always fool. Many people that are in the hospital, may Allah azza wa jal are sick. They say this, I don't have an appetite, I don't have an appetite. It's because they constantly have a supply of sugar in their in their blood being replenished in their blood. Or another example is that if you're you know, replenishing your blood, dialysis or otherwise, you're getting fresh blood getting put into you. This would break the fast because it could replace nutrition. But nutritional needles would break your fast

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needles injections that are not nutrition. So like anesthesia, like vaccines, like pain, you know, pain shot a cortisone shot or something. These things will not break your fast, because they are not food and drink. They don't go down the passageway of food and drink. And

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they are injections that are not nutritional. Nutritional injections will break your fast, medicinal medicine injections will not break your fast. Of course there are other things beyond food and drink that break the fast like marital relations, actual marital relations.

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And those which are the things that satisfy desires.

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In the same way, I'm being vague here deliberately. It's always great to hunger to have a bunch of youngsters and fish if I say that seriously.

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And so that if it needs detail, ask me privately. And the last thing would basically be if a woman the onset of her cycle appears that would break her fast if the actual

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not the feelings but the actual blood appears that will break the fast and finally inducing vomit if you throw up it does not break your fast. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Mandara I will title for that light find out called La La heat Minister ca and then for the affably whomever is like overtaken overpowered by his vomit he just regurgitate. It forces itself out. You don't have to make up that day. He said But whoever induces his vomit on purpose must make up.

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So those are the things that break the fast and based on that and because of that something like the very prepare to date Allah Dona Ana,