Curing Our Faith #10 – Engage The Cure

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The speaker discusses their mission to open doors for their brothers and sisters and gives practical advice on the internet to avoid unnecessary legal action. They also ask questions to avoid unnecessary action and give examples of actions taken by Jesus, Jana, and a woman named Jana. The audience is given practical advice and opportunities to ask questions to avoid unnecessary legal action.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was a vegetarian, vegan the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and mais finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family in his companions and all those who adhere to his guidance, may Allah include us among them.

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As we may have said previously, we opened the doors in Ramadan on Saturday nights outside organizations to present their very worthy causes, because we believe that it's part of our duty. And we believe in the baraka of that, that Allah azza wa jal opens doors for us more and more as we open doors for our brothers and sisters, whether institutionally here in the States or relief organizations that work around the world or locally. And so the presenter actually is running a little bit behind and so I will give him those three to five minutes after forecasts. And I will just give my eight minute health data here and now in sha Allah, I'll just reverse for the sake of

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keeping things going.

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So Bismillah on Thursday night, we began speaking about the cure the cure for our hearts, and we said there is nothing like the book of Allah the Quran, whoever holds on to have Lula the rope of Allah, the Quran will never sink too far into the mud of hypocrisy into the mother of neufeldt.

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I want to build on that today because that is the greatest prescription for the greatest cure. But of course, the prescription is not enough that you have to follow the directions on the label the directions on the prescription. So Allah azza wa jal says, Yeah, Johan Natsuko jadco morellato Mirabai como Schiefer only Memphis solidor Oh humankind there has come to you a male wherever a man wherever is basically a wake up call. It's not just an I'll see her an informational piece of advice. It's a wake up call, and a Shiva and a cure for what dwells in the chest. For what is dwelling inside our hearts and surrounding our hearts all that's in there. The Quran cures it, but

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Allah calls in the context of curing the Quran or whatever. And that's important. Why? Because it reminds us of the need to engage it correctly. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in authentic hadith no servant of Allah receives a male river a wake up call from Allah in their religion in their Deen

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except that this is near and dear to me in Allah He see a Kathie Lee except that this is a grant virtue of grant favor, I'm sorry, from Allah that is brought straight to his door like an effortless treasure has been brought to you. He says in Hua Kabila had be shook if he appreciates it correctly. He said and if he does, it remains a neuroma. We're in LA otherwise,

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it becomes a means of torment for that person. Leah's dad that'd be her if mama when he has dad Allahu alayhi wa Sahaba it becomes a Hoja an argument a plea evidence from Allah against that person, I sent that straight to your door, right? This wake up call, it becomes evidence from Allah against that person to cause them to increase in sin and to increase Allah and His anger against them. Okay, so what does it mean now to approach Allah has no wherever his wake up calls because they are many and they are throughout our life even though Whitehair is a wake up call, right? The death of a relative is a wake up call. Financial turbulence is a wake up call, but the greatest

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number ever was what we began in the IEA the Marilla from Allah the Quran itself. So how do we treat this moment ever with proper sugar with proper appreciation? Because some of you heard me saying be serious about the Quran be consistent, even if it's one page grab onto the rope of Allah a page in the morning or a page at night and in the night it's good because there's no distractions. So your focus, but then some of you were wondering and they said like okay, I get it, but what do I do with that page? What do you mean engage the Quran? So let me try to give you something a bit more practical and time will not allow me to a Howard's gonna Salam aleikum, Latin culture and until

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Kalam Allah can Lisa Dakhil masala Baraka lofi Khan

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and some Lunella haha let's see how hola como Hola.

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So, back to how to be practical. I'm not going to be able to get through it I would recommend for you a very good paper published by European Institute called Keys to the bar keys to reflecting on the Quran by Dr. Use of web it was a pleasure working with him on it but he's an expert in the Quranic sciences. So Google the paper on

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You know, some of the ways to engage with the Quran many different ways to do so. But I'll give you just three of them quickly.

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The first of them is that when you're reading Quran, ask questions. Ask yourself questions even, you know with a smile. You know Allah, one of the great scholars, he said, I met the Bedouin man over and over again. And every time he would tell me, can you read to me some Quran? And so in one of those instances, he says, I read to him just one idea. I said, Allah said, Pharaoh Arabi Sama, you will already know who the heck Allah is your provider. I swear, Allah is saying, I swear by the Lord of the heavens and the earth, it's a reality Allah is your provider.

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And so the man stopped me and asked, he said, Allah is swearing, why is Allah swearing? Many let the avoidable gelila had the Halluf who angered Allah who said to Allah, I don't believe you what made Allah swear. So that's the idea. That's the mentality, ask questions. Why is Allah swearing? Allah doesn't need to swear by the swearing that opens many doors, doors of meaning for all of you. Even ask yourself another question, you know, yeah, I have no more either. Razi Rahim Allah one time he read in surah Taha.

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Go to Frauen Musa and Harun because he has transgressed for hola hola, hola. Como la la in La La Jolla taco Yaksha. Go say to him a soft word. Be polite with frown, so that maybe he'll come to his senses. Maybe he'll finally fear God. That's what the ISS so yeah, I have no more I read the AI and he stopped and he asked himself, like, and he actually said, Jana, you're this kind with someone that says enter a book. Malala I'm your lord the most Hi. So how kind are you? He said for kafer Bina, one afternoon of Gulu Subhan, Allah, Allah, Allah, how Kinder you're going to be with us when we say Glorified is our Lord the Most High. We say that institute is not a beautiful question. This

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is how so ask questions. The second one very quickly, is ask Allah stop and make dua, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. If you read how he would pray to emulate, he would never get to a frightening verse except that he would stop and ask Allah to protect him from what causes him to fear and get to a verse of Hope except that he would stop or they fusses would stop and ask Allah to grant him this from His bounty. subhanho wa taala. Make dua when Allah said, we'll call her up, visit the near Ilma and say, My Lord, Increase me a knowledge eponymous road used to say Allahu Madani Iman and ye are clean and we're Fatima, O Allah grant me faith and conviction and knowledge

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and understanding, right? So ask yourself questions, ask Allah at every prompt. Yes, the third and final one.

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Act, find an idea on that page and do something with it. Because that's what Allah said is that je vous respond, Lima, ye come to that which gives you life. The Quran is a reminder that gives life to your heart when you respond to it. Right in action. Like one idea responding to one idea could change your entire life. And I wish I had you know, the time to explain to you, you know, the uterine story of unfolded one of the greatest worshipers in all of Islamic history. He was a road bandit. He was a thief. He was a criminal, right? He's climbing a wall one night, some narration say to steal a house to rob a house, other narrations that was to meet the girl that he was in love

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with. He was and he heard someone on one of the floors reciting the I LM Yeah, Nene Latina Emanuel and Tasha Kaluga, who Michaela has, in the time, come already, hasn't the time come already. For those who believe to be humbled at heart, right to comply already be humbled at heart comply already to the reminder from Allah. And so he found himself saying, because then it really is time. And he responded, right each and and when you take that one step Allah promise to take those 10 steps towards you, but find something to act on. He decided right? And Allah will help you more than you're trying to help yourself. They say that will further aid when he climbed down off that ladder.

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And he went just sat like felt depressed about his past in some alleyway somewhere. He heard a bunch of people saying, hurry up, let's get going quickly before and Fidel robs us, tracks us down and robs us. So Allah caused him to hear that to seal the deal on his repentance. He's helping him along the way. And so ask questions. Ask of Allah and act that's of the ways to engage the Quran until you read the rest of them from the pain paper. Subhana Allah Hamrick shadow Allah Allah Allah and minister Photokina two we like just like a local