Fathers Change the Nappy!

Mufti Menk


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The speaker encourages parents to sacrifice in marriage and contribute to the society. They highlight the importance of skill and engagement in marriage, but emphasize that one another is okay. The speaker uses wet wipes and encourages parents to love and engage in another way.

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So if you are going to have children, remember,

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you need to sacrifice as parents. I was speaking about the point that the fathers also need to contribute in the marriage.

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The last time I was in Nigeria, in fact, not just the last time but sometime back. I asked a few brothers. Have you ever changed the nappy of your kid? Talking of married?

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nappy, but nappy?

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I'm not saying it's your job. But I challenge you. Have you ever done it? If you haven't?

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Your fatherhood skills are not complete. we're only talking of skills.

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I'm not saying it's your job. My sister's I'm not encouraging you to say Did you hear the talk today? This is the nappy. This is something called wet wipes. This is something else, go for it.

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And when he's done you inspect it and say, four out of 10 try again tomorrow morning.

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And then midnight, you get him up forget about tomorrow morning. It's happened. Do it again. I'm not encouraging you to do that. No, let's not abuse religion. Let's not abuse things. But what I am saying, Let's be conscious of one another. Let's love one another.