Curing Our Faith #08 – Scared Stiff

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The speakers discuss the concept of "people being weakened or weakened by their actions." They emphasize the importance of trusting one's abilities and faith in order to achieve security. They also mention a book called "The Tamia Rahim that describes how people are held back and punished by the government.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early he was a vegetarian and vegan, the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and maize finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path.

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Two nights ago, we spoke a bit more about the qualities of hypocrisy that should alarm a person and caused them to want to be in more and more serious about rehabbing their faith. And we said that when a person's sense of accountability in front of Allah weakens, when their faith weakens, then they fall into lapses of integrity like lying when they speak and breaking their promises when they make them and breaching trust and confidentiality.

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And we said also that it makes a person either hostile my fajr makes a person very vengeful, right very goes overboard in times of conflict. And we ended by saying, a person of faith understands and lives up to the reality that no one deserves that much real estate in their hearts. This is only for Allah azza wa jal to build on this from a different angle. Allah azza wa jal also tells us Alladhina amanu wollam el de su Imana, whom behold mean Hola, hola, como en, or who moto Dune, those who believe those who have faith and they do not contaminate smear their faith with love and with injustice and we said sins create this thing of hypocrisy, right? That's why you're doing an

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injustice to yourself, right? Those who have faith and don't pollute and contaminate their faith with wrongdoing, for them will be security, full security, and they will be rightly guided. And so people, all people combined, even not having that type of space, occupying that space in your heart, in terms of fear as well is something you want to keep in mind. Not just I'm so vengeful of this person that it consumes me but also I'm so insecure in front of people so frightful afraid in front of people, this is also a dangerous sign. In fact, in Surah, Al munafo In the chapter on the hypocrites in the fourth area, third or fourth area, Allah azza wa jal gives this very vivid

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description of them he says, What either right to whom, right or whom to achieve, okay, just some of whom were desperately holding him. They are the hypocrites those that when you see them, they have pleasant appearances. He's about to say they're just a shell, right? They have pleasant appearances. And when they speak, you're impressed by their eloquence. Remember, we said he doesn't hesitate. He can just string together, eloquent lies, elegant falsehood, no integrity, when they speak, you're impressed by their eloquence. Then he says, Listen, Cana whom who shall boom Musa Netta, but in reality, they're like planks of wood that are leaning on a wall. And this is amazing, because like

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from so many angles, the scholars one said that you a plank of wood is no longer a tree, right? It has no roots, so it can't produce any fruit. And so this person, no matter how many reminders they hear, remember the first sessions on the month 15 that it does not fructify doesn't produce anything. That's one reason why Allah said they're just a plank of wood leaning on the wall. They're useless May Allah forbid. They said also a plank of wood that is not nailed into the wall Moosa net that just leans on the wall means it's dangerous. It's a liability to its surroundings. Just push it over and I'll actually hurt you. It's not helping the wall. It's threatening you. That is the idea

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that these monads are clean because the verse goes on to say it's as if they're planks of wood leaning on the wall. Yes, Eboo and Aquila, say hatin la him. They assume that every cry every Loud Sound is against them. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. Tom's gonna have someone gonna kill me. Someone's out to get me. They're so insecure. That is the idea. They're afraid of everything and everyone, every loud sound makes them want to panic. Then Allah says, Whom will I do forever home? They are the enemy. Oh, Mohammed. So beware of them. Of course. Again, these are the big full blown hypocrites. They're going to sell you out in a second the moment they get afraid. We're just using

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them as a placeholder that them being around you is a liability. So what if now let's let's bring this into some practicality. What if there is not a big full blown our beloved no vagueness. Hello there one of the people pretending to be Muslim around you. It's about the you know backstab you what if there's a baby Manasa hiding inside us. Right? That is the idea. What if we have a soft spot we're not paying attention to call being too anxious about the future.

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Being too insecure in front of people being too fearful of people's threats. And this doesn't just mean like a big bad emperor or king that has a big sword or an executioner or a guillotine. I'm always worried that if I obey Allah, I'm gonna get fired. If I they find out I'm Muslim, I'm gonna get fired. Or like if I if I commit to the dean and start doing this, I'm gonna get divorced. That means people hold too much weight in your heart. That means the man there is not strong enough to offer you em to offer you security. Those who have Iman and don't contaminate their Eman, they have em

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in their lives. May Allah azza wa jal grant us and you abundant them. You know our our brother Sheikh Rahim Javid, I'm not even sure if he's here tonight.

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He has this beautiful poem I heard recently, I guess one of his new write ups about the fact that the believer is superior to the superhero and it's a very nice framing. He says like I don't care if Superman can fly, my door is faster than him. Right? I have a connection with Allah Subhana Allah Tala. I don't care if he has x ray vision. I with my faith, I have European I have certainty to understand the reality of things I see beyond this stuff. And this is way the way the believer should seek His empowerment seeker empowerment. You know, when they threatened, say the mutual aid Rahim Allah and unhedged threatened him. He said to him, like hey, you know, like, watch yourself.

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Dynamo and the hieratic abbiati You need to know that your life is in my hands like I've already arrested you. The Executioner is on his way. You better start you know, like begging you know that your life is in my hands. So sorry Rahim. Allah said to him, law will allow him to that he cannot have to either have a rock. If I actually knew like, if I actually believe that, that my life is in your hands. I would not have worshipped anybody but you. Like don't get it wrong. Don't get it twisted, because I'm certainly not confused. You're not my god. Nobody is our God. That is how faith gives someone security. You know, Scheffel Islam in the Tamia Rahim Allah similarly used to say,

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what can my enemies possibly do to me? If they kill me, I'm a martyr. Right? And if they imprison me this follower, it's like TKF time basically privacy with me and Allah, and if they exile me out of my land, but he so yeah, it's a religious journey. It's kind of like Hajj, forced to go on an uncomfortable journey migrating for Allah's pleasure. In other words, joke's on you, right? You're the one with the short end of the stick. I'm never out of options. So long as hi I have Allah azza wa jal. And the two last things I'll say here quickly, is that this should never be understood to mean you know that your your Eman is in trouble if you have like natural fear, natural fear is fine.

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Like something comes out of the blue and just like, like if you see a bear, you see a wolf or like someone pulls a gun and you're, you're afraid that's totally fine, it's normal. But the idea is that lingering fear that causes you to compromise your faith causes you to disobey Allah or to think twice about obeying Allah, that's a problem. That's you, faltering in internalizing that there is no might or power ultimately except with him. subhanho wa Taala you know, I used to read this thing I used to go around and like chain emails and stuff. That one time a guy came into a masjid with a machine gun, may Allah forbid, but he comes into the masjid with a machine gun. And he says, you

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know, whoever's willing to die for their Allah don't move. And so everybody runs out of the Juma salah. And then there's like six guys left. I'm not sure if the Sheikh was one of them.

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But there's like six guys left, and the guy puts the gun down and says, Chef, oh, yeah, I guess he was there. hamdulillah

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He's a chef. I got rid of all the money. 15 I got rid of all the hypocrites you can start the whole Bunnell. No, you are supposed to. I'm telling you, someone, Allah forbid you get out. Forget them. If he has a knife, a butter knife. You can leave all right, until we tackle him.

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And so the natural fear is not what's meant here, but the fear that compromises your religion. That is the idea. And the second thing is there's a beautiful Hadith to end with that inside al Bukhari and elsewhere. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that people are the people that used to chase the approval of other than Allah Most right? They will keep chasing after these false entities, whoever they be right? Thinking that they have water for them on the Day of Judgment, thinking they will quench their thirst, they will grant them security and they will fall off the cliffs into the fire. And Allah who will go to one final group and say, Why aren't you going with

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everyone else? And they will say yeah, Rob fell rockin and NASA Gemma couldn't lay him. We went our separate ways with the people when we needed them most. We wanted their approval. We were afraid of consequences, but we still stood our ground. And these will be Allah's elite servants.

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they get taken to Janna May Allah azza wa jal make us and you have them who are sufficient with Allah as being enough for us satisfied with Allah being sufficient for us and have full security through our faith forever. Wake up in the morning knowing that Allah is bigger than all of our problems and our fears and go to sleep comfortable at night knowing that Allah is bigger and better and greater than all of our fears and our anxieties. Allahumma Amin. Apolo Holly has our stuff from the Hollywood