Mufti Menk – Dhul Hijjah, Best 10 Days #09 – The Joyous Day of Eid

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the day of eating the 10th day of the Greatest Day of the Earth, which is the day of the birth of Jesus. The speaker emphasizes that the day of eating is not about the meat, but rather about the fruit and blood. The speaker also discusses restrictions on gatherings and the importance of staying ahead of the day of eating.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh The day of eat my beloved brothers and sisters, the greeting on the day of EDI still As salam o Alaikum. Remember, a Salaam Alaikum is a greeting of Jannah it's a greeting of Allah. It's a greeting of Adam alayhis salaam. It's a greeting of the angels. It's a greeting of the prophets. It's a greeting of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So remember, never replace it with something, you meet someone, the first thing you do as salaam alaikum. You could add to that what I meant to lie about a cat May peace be upon you and the blessings of Allah and His mercy. That is the greeting even on the day of aid. But after that, after

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that, you may want to add a cultural greeting. You may want to congratulate someone for something you may want to say good morning, or whether it's in Arabic or English or Bible Hey, or good morning in English etc. You may want to say eat Mubarak to someone you know, may Allah bless you on this day, etc. All of that can only come secondary, not as a primary Islamic greeting, just remember that. So my brothers and sisters, we ask Allah to grant every one of us not just a blessed day of aid, but a blessing season, the day of read the 10th day of the hedger amazing day, it's a very intensive day, not just for those in hajj, but even those out of heart. If you can afford it, you

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should be sacrificing an animal for the sake of Allah following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the Sunnah of the Prophet Ibrahim May peace be upon him. And Subhan Allah one thing that is very, very amazing is

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that animal.

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Allah says it's not about the meat. It's not about the blood. It's about the tequila from it. Lying

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while what I cannot

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come, the meat in the blood is not going to get to Allah. The takoma will get to Allah, the God consciousness. What are you ready to sacrifice for a lot? Here's Ibrahim alayhis salam, his life what he sacrificed. What about you? What are you ready to sacrifice. So it's not all about the meat, although Allah wants you to enjoy, because you've made promises to Allah and you've changed your life. So Allah wants you to enjoy the meat and he says, don't enjoy it alone, you must distribute it in a third. So a third for you a third for family and friends and the third for the poor. That's how you should be doing things.

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So Alhamdulillah we thank Allah Almighty for giving us a blessed day of aid. And that will happen after that Salah to eat Salah to eat you're supposed to be coming out for Salah today, the prayer of eat, everyone should be coming out for the prayer of eat. Now, we do know this year there are restrictions perhaps in some places people may not be able to gather the way they used to. But in some places they will either wait. Remember, you put on something good, you smell good, you bave you make sure that you're clean. You're excited you say your tech be allowed the declaration and proclamation of the greatness of Allah, you say that aloud. And you actually enjoy what Allah has

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blessed you. You go for Salah to eat, you have the sacrifice, you meet each other, you congratulate each other, you reach out to the poor and so much more. don't engage in the displeasure of Allah on the day of eight, don't, because that's the day Allah gave you to enjoy. Allah gave you to enjoy the fact that you've worshiped all these days. Now here's a day of happiness and joy, joy and happiness is never achieved through sin. Those who think that I'm going to be happy just by releasing myself into my lusts and desires. They don't ever become happy. It's very short term. You want long term true happiness, engaging the relationship with Allah engage in the beautiful connection with Allah.

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As for those who are in hajj, what will be happening on the day of eat? Well, it's the day of the day of the great sacrifice. That's what it is. And they will move from arafa to two sorry they had moved from arafa to most Delhi for the previous night from was Delhi for they're going to move back to Milan they're going to pelt the shade barn and then they will sacrifice their animal and then they will cut their hair or shave the hair depending they can choose either one for the males or the females. They just clipped their hair from some places. When that is done a lot allows you to

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Come out of harm, come out of the condition that you were in in terms of your clothing and all other restrictions, the restrictive condition, everything has been lifted. But you would still need to go for what is known as of tawaf circumambulation of the house, the office era before all the restrictions are lifted.

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Now, in the meantime, this great day of sacrifice is a day filled with with amazing worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So remember, that is one of the greatest days, one of the greatest days after the day of arafah we have the day of na The day after the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him got up on so many occasions during his pilgrimage, to tell the people to give them words of advice to warn them about their treatment of one another, how they should be treating women, what they should be doing, how they should be following his son and so on. All these pieces of advice were amazing. May Allah help us read through the sermons and practice upon them. inshallah we have another episode. I

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look forward to continuing a cola cola or sallallahu wasallam Allah Nabina Muhammad

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