Mohammad Elshinawy – Curing Our Faith #07 – Flimsy Integrity

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of not acknowledging advice and words like "has been" and "has been" to indicate actions or words is emphasized. The four qualities of a Muslim, belief in the Lord, faith in the Lord, and trusting the Lord are also discussed. It is advised to be cautious with promises and to be careful with what is promised. There is also advice on removing oneself from certain areas and finding one's own happiness, and to be cautious with one's promises.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy to join.

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First of all, it would be inappropriate of me to remind yesterday of the pain points and then not commend today, the relief hamdulillah the masala was was clear of bottles last night, mashallah Hotevilla and the noise levels are considerably down to Vadik Allah and So may Allah reward you for protecting his sacred house. And let us make this the new normal in sha Allah and forever keep us a family and a community that is committed to not 10 Also, so hearing and being receptive to advice, mutual advice from one another in sha Allah to Allah.

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So we are now resuming our discussion on rehabbing our hearts and curing our faith from the NIF after the hypocrisy that can spread and hide in the, you know, the hidden crevices of our hearts, and what that looks like and how to rid ourselves of it.

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So I want to actually begin with a hadith there's a hadith and sunnah to me the where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in an HIA Well, there iya sure Batan immunol Iman, that hire having shame

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and not finding the right words there is to be like dumbfounded or speechless for a moment that these are two branches of faith.

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He says, Well, whether Oh,

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well barrier new shooter by tournament Antifa. And being vulgar in your speech. And being eloquent in your speech, like a smooth talker are two branches of hypocrisy. Say like, how does that match up? How does that add up? I mean, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had great ban. Right. He was very eloquent, the most eloquent alayhi salatu salam. So how is that a part of hypocrisy? What's meant here in the hadith is that when a person has a man that naturally creates in them a conscience, right, they're ashamed of doing the wrong thing. And so sometimes they're caught stuttering because they want to say something, but no, that's unethical. Allah doesn't like that. Right? And likewise,

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sometimes of the signs of an effect is that a person is vulgar, or a person is just shameless, like they can string together lies without hesitation smoothly, right? That could be a sign of hypocrisy, right? That a person doesn't flinch as they say, no matter what they do and what they say.

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And so this honest dealings, unethical behavior, you know, being extra hostile and your disputes. These are signs of hypocrisy. You know, your dealings with certain people. There's a famous Hadith in the collections, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said are barren therefore qualities men couldn't Nephi he can and Moon African Hollis or whoever has these qualities found in him. He's a pure mon FL.

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And obviously, this does not mean a full blown non Muslim will FL hiding his disbelief while he pretends to be Muslim No. Meaning he fully resembles the mafia outwardly speaking, right? Because at the end of the day, these four are sins by scholarly agreement. They are not. They are not like means of apostates from Islam. But these four qualities, the more you have of them, he's saying, the more the fact is ingrained in you, the more your faith is nearly gone. The more that even if you pray, you're clearly not realizing what you're saying when you say Malik el Medina, I'm, I believe in the Owner of the Day of repayment, there is no getting away with anything. You know, that idea

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that it's okay, if you don't get caught. If you actually believe that as a Muslim. There's a big problem with your Eman because there's always the possibility the like the surety that you will get caught unless you repent. Accountability is there for every Muslim who prays. So what are these four qualities very quickly. He said when he speaks he lies. When he promises he breaks it. When he's trusted, he betrays. And when he gets into a dispute a quarrel, he becomes obscene. And of course, he and she both can be here, right? And so when he speaks, he lies pretty straightforward. A believer is not a liar. But our Prophet alayhi salatu salam did call our attention to certain modes

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of lying that we may not pay too much attention to like exaggerating. Like he gave the example and the advice out of his concern.

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For the women, he said, Be careful of your husband being good to you forever. Then the moment you see a bad day from him, you say, I've never seen any good from you. I've always seen bad days from you. This is this is a lie. Right? You gotta be careful in moments of, you know, emotional flaring. You exaggerate, that could be a lie. And he also told us Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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telling the child here and gesturing to them that you're going to give them something and you don't. He said to the mother, this will be written as a lie for you. So be careful. So that's one he said if he promises he breaks it okay.

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Part of promising are the appointments we give people. I'm sorry.

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I cannot stand the Muslim standard timeline. Right. They asked Al Imam Muhammad Rahima hola que fatality full can there be an all female or add him I know Liars by their appointments by their promises whether they keep them or they don't.

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And you know a person who is always over promising will always under deliver as they say that could be written as broken promises because you know, you can't keep up this many promises. So just be careful be reserved with what you promise. Be careful with over promising one of you know, my shields, Dr. Muhammad Samaritan, macadam, Hatfield, Hola, great author and Chef, one of the few times I got to visit him in Alexandria, Egypt, he had over his door, I may have said this before, a sign that says, Here are two places that you will never escape lying if you fall into too many appointments. And she said that to their DEVAR apologizing intensely I'm really really really,

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really sorry. No, you're not. Right. Usually you're not. So beware of exaggeration, beware of over promising because these could call in fall into qualities of any fell that you're just unethical. You're just saying things you don't mean and otherwise. The third one he said what he that to me in a Han and when he is trusted or she is trusted, they betray.

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And this is not just

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you know, let me try to highlight an overlooked element here as well. This is not just when you say I except to be trusted with your $100,000 till you come back from, you know, Honolulu, no, there are certain things we are trusted with whether we like it or not, such as confidentiality and conversations. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when a person speaks to you felt effort, he looks over his shoulder for here Amana, it's automatically a trust. If you just get a hint from the person that they don't want anyone else to hear it, then you're automatically entrusted with making sure nobody else hears it. Of course, if they're gonna go blow up a train

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station or they're gonna go kill somebody or that's different, right. But the idea is the norm is that this will be an Amana without him saying it's an Amana, you cannot betray that. You don't just take it easy and say to your spouse at home, right? You can just take it easy and say to another brother or sister over Table Talk. And he even told us Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam when we are walking that fine line, not in this world. The result of it on the Day of Judgment sharper than a sword, right that bridge over the hellfire. He said on its two sides will be LM Anna, how much integrity you had. And r Rahim your family relations. In other words, depending on how well you

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upheld these two will be how well you cross this path. Otherwise, these will be the hooks that pull you off. May Allah protect us and you I only have two minutes left. And the last one is where the hustle manager and the person when he gets into disputes, he becomes obscene. He becomes vulgar. She becomes you know overboard. And that's like the first Hadith right branches of hypocrisy and the seller for extremely intelligent about this. They knew that if you just get into disputes a lot, it will generate this behavior. They used to say er Komal hos OMA beware of getting into fights with people like altercations disputes because this generates hypocrisy. You'll just become you know,

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thinner and thinner skinned and you'll become more and more hostile. So you need to remove yourself from these places, or else you will not be able to prevent your Eman from bleeding. And you will become that person that hostile disputant which is very dangerous for anyone to allow people to have that kind of real estate in your heart where you're just contemptible and hateful and focused on them. And so distance yourself from these people and cleanse your heart from whatever faith is in there. And if you can pray for the people that you hate, right, so that it doesn't corrode and corrupt that heart of yours. And that Eman and if you

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You can do that. As the scholars say you have found the Jana twice. What does that mean? You found Jenna twice. They said because Allah subhanho wa Taala said that Jenna is basically made enjoyable when is that Anna Matthew so duty him in written by removing any ill feelings for each other from their hearts. It's as if Jana itself was a beautiful as it is, will not be good enough until everything is clear the air is clear. And so likewise this world will be intolerable until you build that somehow. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Asana had terminal Iman, this tolerance is from our faith. It is from faith. So you will find the agenda of this world. Then on the Day of Judgment.

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Allah will say Who do I owe anything to? And you'll say yeah, Allah, I forgive that person. I didn't get hostile with that person. And he will say nobody will be more forgiving than me today. Go to my gen. May Allah make us any of those people. A holy holy has our stuff for lolly. Welcome.

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