Tafseer of Surah Al- Qasas #09 Modesty is a Branch of Faith

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The importance of dressing in Islam is discussed, particularly in relation to a woman's desire for presence. The speaker emphasizes the need for strong support systems and helping others, particularly those with substance abuse. The conversation also touches on the difficulties of helping children and the importance of transparency in public situations. A woman named Alistair refuses to be a model until she learns she missed a statement from her father, and she refuses to say she is a model until she learns she missed a statement from her father.

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Well I will

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feed me the hall fee that was early

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on do more ala Yuki was a whole new model setting in

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our villa him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim first UCLA Houma

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Linley football or have been Neelima and delta E I mean hiring for the sort of Allah who loves him. So yes, we concluded, you know left you in suspense left you on a cliff to say what happened from here. We concluded the segment by saying the two girls standing there modestly bashful Syedna Musa asked him the reason why they would stand aside and aloof. And they said that we cannot go in there when the shepherds are there, and the scholars say because obviously they were men and we cannot rub shoulders. This was their modesty and of course the beauty of a woman is more disturbed when Allah describes the damsels of paradise Allah says why no on call zero to tartufi throb and two I do Nelly

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Omen hisab in AHA Allah is gonna Mala whom in wearing the home and the dwellers of Jana May Allah make us from amongst them would have these damsels costs are all too tough, who would be modest in their gaze, and one Tafseer I read is so amazing, and I'm just having a flashback of it now that these woman's gazes will be modest, and the beauty would be so stunning that it would actually make the gazes of their husbands also modest meaning it will drop their gazes down as well. They will be mesmerized by the beauty of these damsels and these spouses, Allah subhanho wa Taala says a muck so rotten filled yum well guarded in their pavilion pavilions. Hassan Hassan Hayato Abdullah Hassan who

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do striking in their character, and striking in their appearance and sublime in their character, lamb yet Miss rune insaan Padilla whom wala John and they will not be deflowered by any human or jinn before that often when the topic comes about of the damsels of Jannah and of course Allah describes it, right, kava riba Taraba they would have well developed chest and breast and there's the verse of the Quran at Raba of equal age. And now Hoonah in sha Allah, we have created them for Johanna Hoonah, Abba Cara, they would be virgins, rural urban athirapally as herbally Amin and naturally commonly often a sister would ask and what is there in Jana? For me? My sister I say this

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year, Allah has promised that you will be happy leave that surprise and wait and see how Allah satisfies you. When a comfy ha my dash D and fosu come and for you in Jana is what you yearn for what you find for what you crave for what you incline for. Well a comfy her muttered their own and in Jannah is whatever you demand and ours so rest assure, there will be no shortage no deficiency, no lack of anything. So I was saying the beauty of a woman of course is modesty. Yeah, or the latter for me and kill him. Ah, Rafa den Demi Sunni Jamar, lucky in erotica, Rama, oh my sister. Do not unveil yourself. May Allah give me modesty. May Allah give you modesty. What is the dress of modesty

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and what is the attitude of modesty? We need both. One is the garb of haram and one is the state of haram, your piece of cloth can fall off. But that doesn't take you out of the state of haram. You could be having the cloth of a haram on you the towel of haram on you, but you could be violating the sanctity of a haram. I could be dressed in a modest garb, but I could be doing the direct opposite. So we need to complement both. We need the dress of modesty and we need the behavior of modesty. And when it comes to dressing when it comes to dressing, then Allah has impressed on a woman in her dress code to be you know very much modest and bashful. And when it comes to restrain

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in the gaze, that Allah has put much more limitations on a man than a woman on a general note. Of course the Quran says palummo Meaning your words don't mean I'm sorry him. Welcome to yahoo.com in apple cider hinda Tell the men to restrain their gaze and tell the woman but if you make the top bar of the news if you make the top bar of the Knossos if you critically

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analyze the text you will realize on the dress code of a woman. She has been told to be much more covered and concealed. And a man who has been told to be much more protective of his gaze, and this is the beauty of Islam. So

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they were standing there modest. Satana Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam out of his kindness and empathy took the flock gave it water for subtle Allahumma he wanted the flock to matawa la isla Ville and he set them off and then he took shelter beneath a shade of a tree and instead rugby in Neelima and delta la Amin hiring for clean Oh my word you know when you see all the scholars unpack each word, it's just mind boggling. Robbie Oh my lord in new verily I Lima and CELTA Ilya, the good that you can send down to me and by the way, and Zoltar doesn't mean the good that you can send down it actually means the good that you have sent down at the RBA Bill Midori, but the little Marvy fee

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is above doesn't mention it in Bulaga. In biannual Quran, said no Musa didn't say, Allah, I desperately need the good that you will send down. He said, I desperately need the good that has come down. So he is used an expression of a past tense, meaning absolutely desperate, I am really down and absolutely begging with my begging bowl. Now this is a very comprehensive supplication of a Nabi and we could analyze all the prayers of the MBR by and large, you would find they are comprehensive prayers are up the aneema Hello, fantastic. Oh my Lord, I am overwhelmed, assist me the prayer of new Hallahan salatu salam ala be a NEMA Sunni adore Allah been afflicted with pain and

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you are the Most Merciful are a bit fiddly, Willie actually, we're at the kill enough erotic, Allah forgive me and my sibling and include us in your mercy and you are the most merciful, and so on and so forth.

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And we often read these two hands, and that's great. But do we ever ponder over the circumstances that preceded the recitation of the supplication? Or do we just want to sell suffice on the recitation of the prayer of Musa alayhis salam, and again, I drive the point and the message, help someone who's more vulnerable than you. And in sha Allah, that prayer will have a different input all together. Okay, so the girls leave, and they get home and Musa alayhis salam is now resting beneath a tree and he has made this dua, Allah, whatever good, whatever good, and I'm saying you help you assist, and then you take shelter on your bed, or retire on your recliner, or sit under

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your tree literally or figuratively, in reality, or metaphorically, and then say, Oh, my Lord, I'm desperate and I've got this year, my son is just relapsing in his issues with substance abuse, Allah, my business is just not opening up. And I'm just not having a breakthrough with my finances. Ally, I'm hoping so desperately for a child. And I'm hoping to reconcile with my sibling, but it's just not happening. So assist, empower someone and then

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turn to Allah. And I must also say a point here, you know, generally when we aid someone and we do it in a voluntary capacity, we feel we don't have to do a thorough job because I'm not being paid for it. Musa Lee salatu salam did something wholesome in an absolute thorough form. And he did it purely voluntarily out of the good nature of his heart. He gave them proper water, adequate water, he attended to everything and dispatch them quickly. And then he took shelter and he cried out to Allah subhanho wa Taala the girls arrive home ahead of the regular schedule. Ma JELA Kuma ja bien de here are my daughter's today your home very early. Yes, indeed. Oh, Dad, there was a very kind

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hearted soul that offered us assistance. Gracious, selfless, what's the English proverb? Help someone in whom you see no remote possibility of reciprocation? Then you have lived life where you know that this person cannot aid you or assist you in any way and you empowering that person? Then then you live in life then you live in life?

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My accent to Maya been there, but Oh, my daughter's you haven't done good. It's a strange man and unknown man, a foreign person has been kind to you, you know, you should be offering him some form of acknowledgement, appreciation and reciprocation. And that's precisely what verse number 25 tells us. So this is all the doing of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Catholic kid Denali use of Metallica kid Denali use of in rugby luckily for Lima Yasha Allah who looked clean from beer, everybody, you must see what the Olden lager explained on the lottery if there's so many translations, and

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explanations given to it. I don't want to digress. How Allah does things in unique ways in a mysterious way.

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For da da da Madame she is still here. So one out of the two girls came to him Jah who came to him a DA Houma one out of the two terms she walk in unless they hear bashfully again we marvel at the adoption of the words of the Quran tongxi Walk in Masha EMC Allah on is modesty, right? So almost given a notion that she was riding a conveyance of modesty to machine Alistair. Enlighten me so Behala What did he have, having covered herself the walk was so modest, was so bashful, I'll hire will show a better mineral eemaan Modesty is a branch of iman, when you've lost modesty first, not mushy, um, gonna be manual hover, then there's nothing to stop you from doing anything. Because

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modesty is that natural detail and which Mother Nature has instilled in us intrinsically, to protect, protect us against wrong and evil. But once you violated and broken that now you're going to do anything, you're going to be, you know what, flamboyant, you're going to be brazen, you're going to be blatant, you're just going to deliberately do things provoke things, because there is no modesty. And one great scholar said, as Muslims, we do everything. We have weddings, we have funerals, we have functions, we have get togethers. The only difference is that we do it with modesty and simplicity. Well, this is how we ought to do it. How often you would see non Muslims

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will be blown away by the funeral of a Muslim ruler king or monarch. Wow, your funerals are so amazing. I've been intrigued. So simple. It's not an expensive affair. You know, elsewhere, the Undertaker's charge, an arm and a leg. The very people who we attract to the beauty of Islam, by the simplicity of our funerals. What do we do to them when it comes to our weddings and our functions? We drive them away from the Dean. Okay, so verse number 25. For da da Houma term, she had a stay at one of them come walking. Alistair here, with modesty with bashfulness Carlat, she says, in a be verily my dad, yet the Ruka is calling you, Li Xia, a German subtitle Anna, to compensate you for

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the kindness of giving our flock water, not again. Let's see what the scholars write. She comes out she addresses in a very modest way there is interaction there is communication, but it is purely respectful, bashful, modders platonic

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in OB Ruka Verily, my dad is calling you Lea dizzy, aka Jeremiah SATA italiana to compensate you

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for the kindness that you have displayed in biannual Quran it is written under Messiah Illa Sulu in Kaboul and it will be BARDELLA Amelie either la mia Cooney la Malou Lin rearwardly la UniFi Nicolas La ilaha IL Allah are you listening? My brother? Are you following my sister? Are you grasping my young man? Are you comprehending my daughter in a caribou level? We will the back della Amelie either la mia Cooney Lamelo Lin Manuel de la unified Eclass to accept compensation for a kind gesture after the action has been done when it was not motivated by compensation does not go against the station of sincerity. It doesn't taint your sincerity No Well you did it so they can give you a

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shout and no you did it for your goodwill out of your kindness tabula rasa li BARDELLA Amelie is ILM your Cooney Lamelo Lila de la Nephele in class when Sedna Musa did it, he didn't hint indicate to them in any way while I'm desperate I'm alone year in case if you know please let me know. No, no, no, he did it purely. Now. Allah is rewarding him and this is not against the station of excellence. You know deen is beautiful as it has been conveyed to us. Don't assume a glance to be what you assume it to be. What has been conveyed to us in the text of the Quran and Sunnah. This is wholesome.

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And of course the daughter knew and doesn't mention also in biannual Quran, that part of the teachings of her father was mocha Mocha is compensation. If somebody is guiding the teachings of Islam is compensate, acknowledge reward, compliment, reciprocate.

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In the Oakley Adze. Again, I'm like my word in Bulaga. It is written when she invited Satan or Musa then us

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Not that

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asked me that duck over to iLab Osney that dogs were too ill up

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what I let her believe jazz up. So she said, My father is calling you. And she didn't say I'm calling you. And she said my father wants to compensate you. So that this transparency in the motive and the communication doesn't leave any room for any unsavory thoughts la isla La ilaha illa. Allah, my word. So yes, there could be communication. It could be respectful, but don't give any indication to you know, any room for people to start thinking otherwise us Neither does he she didn't say I'm calling you. A strange woman telling a strange man I'm calling you come home. I would like to talk. No, no, no, my dad is gone in you keep the air clean. Look at the words. Look at the reflection.

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Who's needed that word to Elon? Well, I let her build Jaza

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and she said the reason my dad is calling he wants to compensate you. So Allah told the woman in Surah Al Ahzab, the spouses of the messenger Salallahu Salam and all the more other woman let's do like I had a minute Nizar you are not like the regular woman. But this privilege doesn't just scan, it needs to be followed up with, with with, you know, certain values and certain practices in it that a tuna any Kaituna provided you display Taqwa provided you display Taqwa. Because Hakeem Aloma writing biannual Quran, that Nisbett Billa takla ah, Nisbett, Villa taqwa, Hage has that been directed to someone or associated with someone, but it is not coupled with piety is meaningless. I'm

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the son of this great scholar, but you don't reflect it like Okay, so your father is so great, but you know, where's it so you can have this association of this being a descendant of a noble family but actually, so Allah told the honorable consult of Muhammad salallahu Salam you are not like regular woman you are a great woman you are amazing woman. And it took a tuna couple it was Taqwa of Allah Akbar Annabelle bowl. When you speak to someone, then do not speak in a soft tone. And I marveled at the words of hacking one OMA and my mind just crosses here. He says Falletta barnable poll, do not speak in a soft Estonia does not mean does not mean that you do not you know what

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sweeten your voice. The prohibition is not on a woman when speaking to a strange man that do not sweet and your voice. He says that's a given. That's obvious. That's when they hear that it is forbidden, unlawful, incorrect, that you shouldn't sweeten your voice, rather the prohibition in the iflr burnable code. Do not speak in a soft tone means do not speak in your natural tone. Because you're very natural, Tony sweet. And who can deny that who can deny that the very natural tone of a woman is sweet. And yes, my sister used that sweet, seductive tone for your spouse. Use that sweet, seductive tone for your husband. Just the call the sweetness the politeness, that itself would be a

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sense of stimulation to your spouse. But look at the qualifying statement of the Quran. This is Quran. This is divine. Let there not be sweetness in your tone, meaning your natural voice. We're calling a Colm rufa so let the tone let the voice be somewhat graph and horse and not sweet. But let the message be polite. Let the message be polite. Let the message be correct cool Nicola Marinova the words must be correct. Shouldn't be vulgar, shouldn't be obscene shouldn't be immoral, but the sweet the tone should not be sweet and attractive. I just hope somebody's appreciating what I'm saying here. Okay, so in Abby Ruka leads Yeah, can we picked up on so many points here right that if

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somebody is affording you compensation accepted, as long as it's not motivated by that it's not against the station of Naboo and then we also spoke about the fact that she kept it clear my dad is calling you asked me that that were too ill as well and let her build Jezza

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fella majha who aka Sir Alan Hill casaus Paula Hofner Joe terminal Tony Vardaman. So he comes along and all the innovations suggest that as they will walk in, he said to her that Oh sister walk in the rear, that would be better for us. And from the rear you can indicate to me and this is how we will make our way to the house. So from the rear this daughter of this elderly man who we will discover as the day

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will unfold a gives her direction and she is the coordinates giving the navigation he is following the instructions. And he arrives at the house of these two girls. He is received by this elderly respectful man of this house, who says to him latter half after her urine his entire story and tale. Don't fear no Jota Meenal co midvalley mean, Allah has granted you protection and deliverance from an oppressive people and nation. That's wait and see. He has barely entered the house of this man to whom he has shown kindness to his daughters. What happens from here and what develops? Wait, keep your ears and eyes connected and see how the tale unfolds in its most amazing form.